Who is White Eagle?

This gentle guide is a Master of the White Brotherhood or Brotherhood of Light, a group of spirit beings dedicated to serving mankind’s spiritual awakening. White Eagle works as a speaker of wisdom and light. He first appeared to Jonette in meditation in 1986 when she was living in Sydney, Australia. He brings messages of empowerment, hope and inspiration. The words of White Eagle are filled with the love of the Masters and have aided many in their pursuits of greater understanding and balance in their lives. (Jonette is not in any way associated with the White Eagle Lodge or the work of Grace Cooke.)

White Eagle readings are available by telephone, by appointment. The taped sessions provide a goldmine of insight, answers and clarity on personal, spiritual and even business matters. Click here if you are interested in a White Eagle reading.

One response to Who is White Eagle?


    Messages of White Eagle’s have been truly, truly helpful. To me, it is like I have been offered a complete roadmap of the new level I have entered, as well as having received it entirely in this
    moment. Even though I use “me”, it feels more like us, every particle in all universes. So very empowering. Thank you. Thank you, White Eagle.


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