Who Is Mark?



We feel that the best thing for you to know right now is the unlimited nature of your spirit or soul; that you are not limited by physical existence, personalities or your history. You can each as individuals operate in very multi-faceted dimensions beyond understanding. We want you to begin to believe in miracles, magic, the impossible, the unbelievable, the not-understandable, the improbably. We want mankind as much as possible to break through any barriers of thought.”   ~MARK~


Since 1989 Jonette has been channeling the cosmic energy source known as Mark. He (isn’t really a ‘he’) is a member of the Great White Brotherhood and is a Master at creating experiences in which you instantly know through your own senses the answers to vast universal truths. Mark is so powerful that he can only be channeled with a group present. Mark has gained a following in the US and Europe with individuals and groups who listen regularly to weekly courses that are recorded live at Monday night sessions at Jonette’s home. Each one is filled with experiential consciousness processes and often questions and answers. Your soul will be expanded and your learning integrated. His focus currently is to train you and rewire your consciousness so you can understand and navigate through to the 8th dimension or Quantum Consciousness, truly gaining skills in being multi-dimensional. These are skill-building courses.

Here are his first words when he came through Jonette in 1989:

“I am MARK. I have traveled a great distance in terms of energy. I come to bridge a gap between dimensions unknown. My world is on the other side of time, the other side of matter as you know it. I have come to birth new ideas. I have come in response to the thought requests of the world. I am a teacher and a student of the cosmos.”

White Eagle added:

You must begin awakening to different realities in order to activate the expansion of consciousness that will allow you to know God. The ultimate goal of Mark’s work is to help mankind evolve to states of harmony, oneness, and the creative, infinite energy that you call God. The experiences will be powerful. Imagine having a tremendous, mystical encounter in which you feel joy, bliss, oneness and harmony beyond description. When you come back from that, you will know that a supreme change has taken place. Though you may discount the experience with your words and logic, you are not the same person and cannot be.”


We have several classes on audio that you can listen to for free to check it out Click Here!

If you want to grow faster than your current spiritual tools can take you; If you want a path where there is guidance and signposts, but no teacher or dogma; If you yearn for spontaneous breakthroughs, but don’t know how to get going….. Then working with MARK’s classes on CD or Digital Download may be just the answer!  ~MARK~ is not for everyone, but if you resonate to his way of teaching you by transmitting spaces and encouraging you to come along on the journey, then you will find a home with the rest of us committed ~MARK~ groupies.

Please go to my website www.JonetteCrowley.com to learn more about ~MARK~


5 responses to Who Is Mark?

    pernilla edberg August 23, 2016 at 9:19 am


    KRAM in Swedish means hug and if you read the word KRAM as you read arabic text you will read MARK. And you also kan make a stair of the letters, a stair to…


    …I Think it’s so Beautiful ❤

    Love pernilla



    I have a Mark class in Stockholm, Old Town. Sundays 14-17. So far we have been around 5-10 people coming and going. I have room for up to 30 people so;

    I Set the intention that, I will have 20 members or somthing greater soon, to the Univers to work through me and do it for me on my behalf. As I am now. And So it is!



    The Mark Experience group in Oslo is not very big yet (8-10 members) but we have occacional visitors, and from the new year expecting at least 3 more regular members. The group is a strong one, we are very regular, allmost addicted :-)) The 21.dec we will have a special gathering to have a sun-equinox event, partly shamanic, partly for joy and celebration!


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