The Eagle and the Condor


The Eagle & The Condor, A True Story of an Unexpected Mystical Journey

 An ancient prophecy, says

“When the Eagle of North America and the Condor of South America unite, the spirit of peace will awaken on Earth. After waiting for millennial, many native peoples believe the time is now.”

“This story gives you the keys and inspiration to illuminate your own soul’s path.”eagle-and-condor_Okladka_3_148x210_FRONT


“If I had known I was supposed to write a book, I would have taken some notes.

So went the dialogue with my inner voice that insisted I write a book about my
spiritual adventures in the Andes. I was back home from South America for just two days, and writing a book was nowhere on my to do list. What you’re reading is proof that the inner voice prevailed.

I’m an accidental mystic, a normal person with extraordinary curiosity. I’m a wife, a sister, a businesswoman who has stumbled along a path of spiritual awakening, discovering truths that are clamoring to be released from the mostly inaccessible vaults of ancient mysticism.

  While this is a very personal story, every paragraph urges you to   consider, what is your story? Trust your truth. Your story, your

destiny is unfolding in the subtle play and patterns of   synchronicity, of insights discounted then discarded, and of little scraps of truth that whisper just below the surface of what you

think is your ordinary life. There is no ordinary life. You aren’t ordinary! You may discover that there is a bigger pattern and a purpose in your life if you look closely.

When I wanted to back off from some aspect of this story for fear of what others would think of me, I remembered my commitment to being a leader. As far as I can tell, there is no other way to lead than by example. I hope this story entertains you, makes you laugh and cry, challenges you, and awakens you. The meditations, ceremonies, and spiritual initiations included here can carry you along into the energies and wisdom of ancient mysteries. They are a gift of light to you.”

The Eagle and the Condor is published 12 Languages  NOW available in Chinese

Eagle & Condor Chinese EditionAlso available in English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Finish, Portuguese, Polish, Danish and Romanian

Winner of the 2007 COVR Book Award!

Finalist in the National BEST BOOKS 2007 Award!

2 responses to The Eagle and the Condor


    Cool site, love the info.



    Dear Jonette,

    Some weeks ago i met somebody who gave me a healing, and she said she works with White Eagle. Experiencing her healing i said in myself, White Eagle is much powerfull, as if i knew it. Checking the list of participants on the Event last weekend my attention was drawn to your name and White Eagle again. I simply knew i had to be at your channeling. Being at your channeling yesterday in the Hague, where i also bought your book the eagle and the condor. The synchronicity is amazing, when i read your book and the experiences you have. I am a sr. software consultant, always wondering what the value would be for me to work in IT and teach people about software. Inside myself i know consulting can have more sides than only the software consultancy.

    The other amazing experience will explain to you that i know i am at the beginning of a big change. A very good friend of mine is very creative, she created a drawing saturday of my true soul. She called it apprentice, and i saw a young me, coming from the stars with a mission.

    Your book, the initiation yesterday i received and the knowing i am a apprentice now at the school of the white brotherhood gives me the confirmation that i am on the right sacred path. Thank you Jonette writing your book, thank you White Eagle that i may be part of the White Brotherhood. And it is true once you start reading the book its like you dont want to stop reading.

    i feel very blessed, and thank you for your being and the Whit Brotherhood for my awakening.


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