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2012 is a marker.  It’s not precise.  It’s a period Earth is going through and that humanity is going through.  Humanity is actually guiding Earth’s consciousness.  Earth does have consciousness, but humanity’s consciousness is more fluid.  Humanity can create changes.  Human consciousness can reprogram crystals.  The Earth can’t reprogram her own crystals.  How humanity is, and its consciousness, is how Earth is.  Earth will respond to the critical mass of humanity.  You’re moving into a period where more possibilities are open for more people.  For those who are not open to those possibilities, the world will still look exactly the same.  For those of you who are open to those possibilities, the world will look the same, yet, different, higher, more free; because you are different. 

The 2012 ascension is not like a train—you either get on, or you can miss it.  This is not possible.  Those scenarios are linear.  “You are either with the good guys or the guys left behind.”  This is all a linear, black-and-white perspective.  How can you have a linear black-and-white perspective to a quantum event?  That’s why it’s not going to happen in 2012, because how can you have a quantum event that has a time on your calendar?  It is more like there’s isn’t a train, and if there is, you are the train.  You can’t miss it; it is you.  No one will miss it.  Enlightenment is a collective, and anything less than collective enlightenment is not enlightenment.  Some beings are fairly enlightened; they are Buddha- or Christ-like, but there will not be true enlightenment until all are enlightened, because there is only the collective, so how could it be that some people get on the train and some people cannot?  That is impossible.  If you are reading these websites, don’t—because then your worry makes the linear world more the world you subscribe to.  The more you say, “I don’t know what is, but my truth is oneness and love,” then it doesn’t matter, and you’re not worried.   Worry and fear is what we’re going to work with next.  It’s the next opportunity for the biggest growth.  Let those people who are still addicted to worry, worry.  Do not worry about them, because you will then have the frequency of a worry addiction.  It is your job, because you can, because you care to, remember to be as one and loving and powerful as you can, and love them.  Love all the trains, and all the people who think they’re missing the trains.

Q:  They’re killing the white elephants in India because they were killing some villagers there.  I wonder if you could comment on that.

 A:  When humans lose your connection of partnership with the animals and the animals become things to you, then the wildness shows itself in terror rather than kindness.  In those villages, there had been a disregard for the families of the elephants.  Elephants have very strong family ties.  They are very emotional if an elephant baby is hurt or killed.  These elephants were particularly upset because someone had killed them or separated them.  They do not kill villagers for fun.  Again, instead of being mad at either the elephants or the humans, make sure you do not approach nature with either guilt or possessiveness.  Approach nature as a brother and sister, as a partner in this world.  Be sure you don’t go back to your old habits of being mad at humans for polluting, being mad at humans for killing the seals, being mad at humans for driving cars that melt the ice, because that viewpoint is as poisonous as the pollution.  Make sure that every thought is based on compassion.  You will find the things that used to worry you when you read the newspaper don’t worry you anymore.  A master spends no time worried, regretful, angry, or guilty.  On your path to mastery, be sure you get rid of those emotions fast.  [laughter] 

 Q:  Could you give some insight to the relationship between the Japanese whale industry and the whales, and how this change came about, why they actually stopped whaling.  Was it compassion?

 A:  Sometimes compassion must work through financial means.  [laughter]  There were bigger things happening than the whales or the whaling industry.  Above the world of form that you can see, there are all kinds of spirits who move and create synchronicities and tip the scale toward goodness, or tip the scale toward wisdom coming in, or scientific breakthroughs.  Sometimes the work has gone on a long time in those invisible realms, and then there becomes an action that you see in form.  In reality, it was probably neither financial nor compassion, though ultimately it’s always compassion.  There is much work happening in the nature realm and the kingdoms of the nature Earth beings and the kingdoms of the beings who live in different dimensions on the Earth—the devas, the spirits, the gnomes, the fairies.  They are much more active now, trying to balance what humans have created because humans lost their connection.  The best thing you can do for pollution, or for aggression against nature, is compassion and balance in yourself.  Connection, compassion—see them in yourself, so when you see something you do not like in terms of how people treat nature, go back to yourself, because not liking it is not a helpful emotion.

by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2011

Walking on a white sand Florida beach this week, I smiled at other walkers…adults, every one… stopping mid-stride to pick up sea shells glinting in the sun. A black haired woman with a beach bag comes over to ask earnestly: “Have you found any starfish yet?” Another woman cradles a fragile but remarkably whole sand dollar in her palm. As she hands the treasure to her husband, her excitement at the find imbues the shell with value. It becomes a precious gift because it is appreciated. Their shared joy creates an exchange of positive energy, escalating the sand dollar’s worth.

 A paper dollar–you know, the one that will buy you a third of a cup of coffee– might not be as positively valued as the sand dollar made of shell. When we hand it over in payment– in any denomination, we might feel begrudging, angry or victimized, rather than the emotion of joy. I ponder how the exchange might be improved if both the giving and receiving of the money were acts of gratitude?

 One of my favorite sayings from White Eagle is, “ What you use to get there is what you get once you’re there.” In other words: the currency of the journey is the currency of the outcome. I read this to mean that if I make my way to my goal with anxiety and overwork, once I “make it,” I’ll still have anxiety and overwork. If I constantly have the feeling of lack as I travel along life’s path, the outcome…no matter how much money I have…will continue the feeling of lack. Conversely, if joy kindness and generosity are the qualities of my journey, the outcome will surely contain joy, kindness and generosity.

 So next time you hand over a dollar bill, feel that it’s a treasure you are sharing. Sand dollar or paper dollar. You choose.


Transforming Worry

Copyright 2008 Jonette Crowley


“How can I get rid of worry?” was the question that was asked of White Eagle last month in Amsterdam.


“You humans are very bad at getting rid of things. Once you create a void by removing an emotion it gets filled up by an emotion of a similar frequency. Trying to get rid of worry leaves a space that is filled up by more worry, or similar emotions – guilt, doubt, etc. What you always must do is replace the worry with something else—a positive emotion. So please close your eyes and feel the energy of worry in your body. What do you want to replace it with?”


“Trust,” was the student’s answer.


“Okay, feel the energy of trust solidly in your body. Notice that you feel more quiet and more clear, yet ‘trust’ is a passive energy. To replace worry you need a more active energy…such as GRATITUDE. Close your eyes and feel worry replaced with the energy of Gratitude in your body,” White Eagle responded.


“Oh,” said the student. “This feels much stronger as a replacement for worry. Thanks!”


“Remember that worry cannot be removed but must be replaced with a higher energy. When you replace worry with GRATITUDE, the result is TRUST!” was White Eagle’s answer.



Several months ago, I visited the largest Buddhist stupa temple outside of Asia.  It is in, of all places, Red Feather Lakes in the mountains of northern Colorado.  I was with my sister, Erin, on a sunny, winter Sunday.  Much to our delight and surprise, we were the only visitors, save for a grazing buck.  Erin and I meditated, sitting on small cushions on the exquisite inlaid marble floor at the foot of the tiant, yet friendly looking golden Buddha.  I haven’t experienced inner peace for many months due to my concern about our finances following the near collapse of the leadership consulting firm that my husband and I own.

I prayed to the spirits of the holy place for help in lightening the load that has weighed so heavily on my well-being.  Immediately I saw a vision of myself walking on a gently inclining path, burdened by cares and worries represented by a huge, unwieldy load of firewood.  Pieces were falling everywhere as I struggled to carry them.  The pile in my arms was too high to see clearly where I was going.  Not able to see in front of me, I glanced to my side.  Quietly walking next to me, waiting for me to glance her way, was an angel easily pushing an empty wheelbarrow.  I smiled.