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“2015 is the time for the Crucible of the Middle East to become the Grail.”  

JonetteYou were all part of our journey in May to Israel and Jordan. Are you feeling some tectonic personal shifts? We are all becoming stronger channels for immense light— living pillars of Light. We are beginning to hold forgotten keys and complex codes of higher dimensional frequencies. They restructure our DNA, reprogram the Earth’s crystalline grid and help bring deep peace to ourselves and humanity.

Whenever you feel expanded or in need of expansion do a small ceremony or meditation acknowledging the Earth, the sun, the cosmos and your personal interconnection to all. In your meditation envision a golden spiral staircase going up and one going down…as if our DNA is becoming golden. This begins to access doorways to a frequency field that some have called the New Earth. Ask to connect to your star roots and stellar Families of Light. Then ask to connect to the inner Earth beings, the Nature kingdoms and the guardians of Earth’s power places. Feel yourself stable and grounded. 

Continue this by spending 5-minutes a day radiating your divine essence into all dimensions and all times. (Do this simply by intention and visualization.) I’ve been doing this 5-minute connection daily for months and now I’m hooked. It has been part of the fastest period of personal and spiritual growth that I’ve ever experienced!

Israel 18 sunsetSeveral months ago I ‘saw’ what I thought was one of the 12 Sun Discs of Lemuria under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Later I channeled: 
“What you saw was the birth of the original Sun Disc. It is from the beginning of time on Earth and holds an imprint of spectacular mastery—the vibration so high that it has been fought over. No one or no religion has been able to hold the vibrations.  Your group is to access some of these vibrations, the outer layer of codes, that are ready to be released now. Some of the primary energies from the stars first came to the area around Israel, Jordan and Iraq. Those original templates have been misused, mis-coded and misguided. These areas hold much potential for peace on the planet, yet they hold so much dysfunction. It appears that darkness has won, but IT NEVER HAS. Below all the manipulation is the purity that was meant to be the footprint of the gods.”

This time is about alchemy. It is about the grail and very much about the goddess—not a singular goddess but the whole energy of goddess-hood and god-hood. The 12 Sun Discs, which are mirrored in our 12-chakra system — are exploding into the Great 13th — the 12 that become the One.

Our journey this spring to Israel was the completion of a triangle of awakening journeys— the first two to Crete and Turkey— that created a vortex of upliftment. The essence of the Mystery Schools is hidden in the energies and encoding of the eastern Mediterranean area. Our journey was about awakening treasures of knowledge and the energetic potentials of these mysteries.

JC with Dr. Shraga

Dr. Shraga activating Jonette as a “pillar of light” Notice HIS light!

Before arriving in Israel I had an unusual channeling session in which neither Mark nor White Eagle came through. The beings identified themselves as coming from the White Brotherhood, thereby letting me know that it was the highest wisdom of light and love. At the end of the session they called themselves ‘The Speakers.’ (An internet search revealed that they are ‘The Speakers of the Sirian High Council.’) They talked about the Annunaki stargate in Jerusalem and about the golden Codes of Life accessible there. (Read the channeling in my blog ‘Israel Sacred Journey: Annunaki, Stone Circle, and Codes of Life’) 

We did receive these golden codes in a most synchronistic encounter with a Jerusalem scholar— Dr. Shimon Shagra, who works with the Kabbala and activates the healing Codes of the Temple.

I’ve never seen so much power in one human being. Jonette is giving so much light to the world now.   Dr. Shimon Shagra, Israel

So that you can share in our experience and get ‘upgraded’ at every level you can purchase the audio of our special Blue Moon initiation and Activation Transmission tele-seminar. On this special day I transmitted the codes and initiations that I have been receiving— especially in Israel.  Click here for more information.

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Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,  

A Message From White Eagle…

Quantum Consciousness & the 8 th Dimension – Part 3, Class 5, January 4, 2010

White Eagle, channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2010

White Eagle – Questions and Answers

QUESTION:  You’ve talked about swirling energy, spiraling energy, and where we position ourselves so that energy makes a lot of difference. I wonder if there’s another dimension too, that represents potentially a decision on our part, and I’m wondering if there’s a spiral toward the light, a spiral away from the light, and that that itself is a really significant decision, and that’s a question. That’s sort of a belief I’ve had, but I ask you to comment about that.

WHITE EAGLE:  In the past where polarity was more entrenched, humans might have experienced a spiraling toward the light, and a spiraling away from the light, because that fits the polarity belief, the belief of opposition. In the trans-dimensional world that you all are gaining your wings in, the spiraling is the light, and there is no spiraling toward it or away from it. The spiral is actually the mechanism by which light is created.

In the 8th dimension the threshold of quantum consciousness, the threshold of black hole, white hole, this reality that you know, and the un-physical, un-manifest, un-timed reality, when that non-manifest, non-time, bound reality extrudes itself into your platform where there’s time and space, the extrusion through that black hole into that white hole of that force, spirals, so the spiraling energy is the energy of creation. When it comes through from the unseen worlds, it spirals. When your spirit leaves this planet, you see a tunnel of light. That is your concept of the spiral.

QUESTION:  Of course I want to go further into this discussion. Mark may come in to help. When I heard you describe the three different levels, the center, the middle, or the outer part, you elaborated and said that it would have different effects on your being, but you didn’t go into what those were. This is a two part question. First, can you address that? What effect would that have if you’re in the center versus the outside or in the center.

WHITE EAGLE:  Because you’re multi-dimensional, and you are not limited to any kind of opposition, you can choose because it’s fun to be swirling in the outside of the merry-go-round and seeing all the changes going by quickly.  Maybe that dizziness is fun for you for a while, and then you can say, ah, that’s too much. I’m going to retreat to the middle of the spiral. I want a bit of change, but I don’t need so much, because I know the change is there. I don’t need proof of it, or I’m going to go into the very center, which is expanded. You know, a ballerina or an ice skater who’s spinning on the top of their skate, or on the top of their toes, they’re spinning very, very quickly in the center so it’s more concentrated, and, but there’s still the movement.  You all have a choice at every second, in a linear way whether you want to be on the outside, whether you’re going to be in the middle or the inside, but in a non-linear way, you all can be in all of them at once, because you are learning to be the spiral, and not the point, yes. You are the movement. See the spiral is mostly uncomfortable if you are in a stationary vantage point, and you as trans-dimensional humans become non-stationary, then the spiral is who you are, and it’s not uncomfortable at all. Spirals only make you sick if you are looking at them.

QUESTION:  In other words, if we in human consciousness can move with the spiral, it’ll be more comfortable and will be an expansion of the light.

WHITE EAGLE:  And then you’ll realize that you are the spiral, that the vortex that you think is something else, some other energy, the vortex of change is you, that you are change, you aren’t just experiencing change, you’re not just surviving change, you are the energy of change, you are the energy of the wave moving through the ocean, you’re not the water itself.

QUESTION:  I’ve had several near death experiences and gone into the light, and when I come into this group, and we go to these huge areas and dimensions, as you talked about the swirling of the light, it felt to me like, as a group oneness in this energy source we’re in, we are taking the light, and we are not in the swirl, but we are expanding the light to larger dimensions so that it’s shared by larger masses.

WHITE EAGLE:  You all are creating what you traditionally believe are near death experiences. We prefer to call them near life experiences, and you all are creating the portals of those near life experiences as a group, and so, in a near death experience, you experience some movement, you experience a letting go of the old, you experience the opening up of wisdom and light. Well, imagine, if you as a group creating an experience in the structure of human consciousness so that you don’t have knowingness, that people report, so you are creating that consciousness.

Thank you.

A Message From White Eagle…

Quantum Consciousness & the 8 th Dimension – Part 3, Class 5, January 4, 2010

White Eagle, channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2010

White Eagle – Questions and Answers

QUESTION:  How can we best contribute to the world peace?

WHITE EAGLE:  The Miss America question. We’ve always liked that tiara, but it doesn’t go well with our feathered bonnet. The best and only significant contribution you can make to world peace is what you do now when you gather, and what you do when you don’t gather, but you gather virtually. When you bring your soul, your spirit, your wisdom, your uncertainty to these higher dimensions, you are opening the gateways for peace. Peace is the nature and essence of God. Peace is the nature and essence of the Universe. It’s just been obstructed in its clear flow to the human experience, so as you open the gateways of your own soul, you are opening the clear and unending flow of peace to humanity. You are not just light workers, you are peace holders, and you are not just opening the gateways to peace, you are creating the structure of peace in a human body that then becomes communicated to human bodies everywhere. You know genes change. They are not just a genetic imprint that stays the same from the moment you are conceived, and you are through the peacefulness of your developed spirit, creating an actual DNA genetic change in the peacefulness quotient of mankind.

QUESTION:  One time I got, in a fortune cookie, a little piece of paper, and I’m making this comment to Jonette’s question about peace, and how we can be part of the peace.  It said, “Be the change you want to see”, and maybe that’s what we need to do is be the peace. Start with ourselves, be the peace that we want to see, or hold a space for, for the planet, for all of us.

WHITE EAGLE:  That is the same thing as what we said earlier, which is, act as if.  Act as if you’re peaceful, act as if you are a Master, act as if you are already one with the earth, and you wouldn’t worry about waves under the continental shelves that way. It is very dissonant to worry, because you cannot be the peace or the change you wish if you worry, because who would wish for worry.

QUESTION:  On that note of “be the peace” and “be the change” you want to be, can you give us another hint, exercise, or something where we can “be the wealth”? We’re just so programmed for thinking work, money, hourly, and all that stuff.  I just want to break away from that.

WHITE EAGLE:  Very good question. The work, hourly, money thing still is the address of humanity’s consciousness right now.  Mark has used the concept, if you have this old shack, and you have this new mansion, but while the new mansion is being built, you’re moving your furniture from the old shack.  At the higher levels, money, hourly, work, effort, is not the way of spirit. It is the way of the earth to some extent, so we’re saying the la-la land is ok, but it’s not 100% at your best address right now. It is always important for humans to see wealth in all its aspects, not just financial. That helps break out of the financial fear, that the wealth of friendship, the wealth of health, the wealth of beauty, that is probably the best heart opening that will allow the wealth of freedom, the wealth of money to come in. Focusing on money has never really worked. Focusing on the purpose and the feeling for the money is much more leveraged. Doing too much work on your abundance issues is counterproductive. We want to say that again, because we think you all have so many books, and so many things where you’re working on your abundance issues. It is counterproductive.

A degree of discipline that is required by human beings, the discipline that says, eat well, exercise, pay your debts, and not just your financial debts, but your friendship and emotional debts.  All of you might look at reclaiming and clearing up your relationship to discipline, because for many of you have determined that discipline equals punishment.  Discipline, and we’re not talking about discipline as punishment, we’re talking about discipline as in, ok, I know I have to get this done. I’ll do it by noon. Some sort of holding yourself accountable, and because many of you have connected that kind of discipline and holding yourself accountable to punishment, you’ve a very sad and unhealthy relationship to discipline. If you see discipline as a way to organize time, space, and effort, to receive what you want, it will be a much healthier relationship, and the flow for abundance and ease will be there.  Look at your relationship to accountability, all of you. Look at your relationship to discipline, and make sure that it’s not a negative.  If it feels negative to make yourself do something, or to hold yourself accountable, then use different words. Say, I’m choosing to be responsible because this is my goal. That is an underlying relationship that’s often broken to some extent in all of you, no matter how prosperous and abundant you think you are, so take a look at that relationship, and make sure it’s not negative or heavy.

Thank you.

A Message From White Eagle…

Quantum Consciousness & the 8 th Dimension – Part 3, Class 5, January 4, 2010

White Eagle, channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2010

White Eagle – Questions and Answers

QUESTION:  White Eagle, what do we need to understand, looking back at these past 10 years?

WHITE EAGLE:  That they’re over. We know this channel watched the news, and some broadcaster called it the decade from hell. Well, in America it didn’t start that well. 2001 was a rather rocky year, but to call it that, snuffs away its light, and it serves no one except the people who will write books about it.  The last 10 years are over. They created a marvelous shift because the unraveling began to happen in earnest, and the re-knitting of consciousness cannot take place until the old knitting is unraveled.  It was a wonderful time of unraveling, never comfortable, never easy, but it helps you not personalize your life. You can’t take things personally if you’re laid off with 90 other people.  So that’s a good thing to not be so attached to the dramas of your life, so it wasn’t a decade from hell. It was a decade that precedes rapid growth.

This decade will be one of rapid growth that actually can be seen. Rapid growth that can be seen in the direction you wish it to be, in the direction that you’ve been pushing for. There has been created, a solid state in consciousness that pokes its head up in this group and other groups, and in acts of heroic kindness and unselfishness, but it hasn’t been overwhelming.

The tipping point will be reached, and it’s not just a point, we’ll call it, it’s a slide rather, a tipping slide, and you slide into changes. It’s not going to go slow, so hold on to your hats. Hold on to your heads, or rather, let go of your heads. Hold on to your hearts. Have plans, but don’t be too wedded if those plans change. Keep coming back to your emotional, spiritual, essence truth.

More than ever before, others will actually look at you as an example. Now in the last few years perhaps, they weren’t looking at you as an example. They were looking at you as weird, too different from them, therefore you couldn’t be an example to them, but what’s happening is the bulk of mass consciousness is actually moving closer to the raw edges that you represent.  Now more of them can sense who you are, and they will claim you less as weird, and more as, perhaps you know something that I don’t, and so, at a more personality level, at a more apparent level, you will find yourself being a role model, being asked questions like, what do you think about that, or what are your thoughts on this. More than before, there’s going to be a tentative opening up to the values and beliefs that you have come to embody.

At the end of this decade, there is going to be a tremendous resurrection of community and village sort of consciousness. Those people who are ages 10-20 now, will be 20-30, and they will represent a big shake up to the individualized, selfish, greedy sort of paradigm that has run the last decade.  You all are building the consciousness that will help enable that, because you are building the energetic infrastructure that these young people will make manifest, and will ride upon.

A Message From White Eagle…

Quantum Consciousness & the 8 th Dimension – Part 3, Class 5, January 4, 2010

White Eagle, channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2010

White Eagle – Questions and Answers

Blessings great ones, this is White Eagle.

We are so pleased to be invited to christen you at the beginning of this decade. We’d like to say a few words about these times now, and about you. You have been prepared like a crystal vessel, a crystal bowl. The crystal bowl is not just a vessel for the light that’s within it, or the sound that comes from it. It is in itself a matrix of perfection. The crystalline energies of Earth have been radicalized in a way that has moved humanity quite far from the harmony that humanity was born to carry. There will be, and is being a refurbishing, or a recreation of the crystalline structure in your cells and in your light body. You are truly on the nexus of a rebirth into a trans-dimensional human. The energies of 2010, for many will feel swirling, but the thing about the energies of swirling, or rotating, or spiraling, is that there’s always a place of centeredness, there’s always a place of stillness.  You can choose to be out on the outer edges of the swirl, or of the vortex, where there’s a great deal of movement and change, like being on a roller coaster, or you can come in to the tighter more concentrated circles or spirals of the swirl, where the change doesn’t seem so great, the movement doesn’t seem so drastic, but the changes are indeed as fast. They are more concentrated and less visible, or you can be in the center of the swirl. The changes don’t seem like they’re happening at all, yet the concentration of the change is so strong in the center that there is no experience of change or growth.

In many of the exercises you do with Mark, you have an experience of not much, and you may think, well nothing changes. My life is the same. The world is the same, but the fastest growth is in the eye of the storm, in the center of the swirl, in the center of the vortex.  2010 is a very spiraling year. You can choose your position, whether it’s the outer lanes of the racetrack, the inner lanes or the center.  Just remember that you have that choice, and there are pros and cons about any of the positions you take up.

The crystalline energy of 2010 is more magnetic than has ever been seen before. The magnetic crystalline nature of 2010 is like a wireless internet. The magnetic nature is a continuous download and upload of data, knowledge, wisdom, but silently, so the magnetic nature of the crystalline structure opens up to more accessibility.  In today’s experience with Mark, you felt that open, cosmic, quantum accessibility. That’s going to be a hallmark of this year for those of you who notice such things.

Your world in particular will have less polarity in it this year, less black and white, and many more shades of gray. The beauty of that is that you cannot make decisions on preconceived notions of, this is what I do when it’s black, this is what I do when it’s white. There needs to be more consciousness, conscientiousness, and awareness applied by you to the things that you used to be oblivious to, the things where you didn’t apply any awareness, because if it was black you did this, if it was white, you didn’t. Well, those strategies of unconsciousness will not work anymore, and will backfire more often. The value of it is that in the shades of gray, is the unfolding of the wealth and richness of the Universe that you couldn’t see when you were stuck in polarity, so polarity in its rigidity makes things easy, because you don’t have to be so awake.  As you awaken, polarity will make your awakened life very uncomfortable.

Choose to be conscious of the small things that you ignored before. Apply consciousness, which is just awareness. It is awareness, to those habits, those beliefs that before, you just skimmed over those thoughts, so that you are more aware about the little choices, the little decisions in your life.

You have gained great skills and awareness in your travels with Mark, and 2010 is a time to apply those awakened skills, those lights, to the breaking down of polarity, and the opening up of conscious awareness in all the little spaces of your life. When you do this, you will notice it’s so much easier to walk in other people’s shoes. It will be so much more natural to be compassionate, because the boundaries between you and other people are more fluid. There’s not the polarity of this is me, this is you. It is more fluid, so it will be easier without effort to be compassionate, because you will not think as if you are you. You will think as if you are them.

This first quarter of this year will be a good time for you.  We’re not going to use the word rethink, we’re going to say un-think your strategies for life.  This is where you take off the mental overlay, the linear, rational, reasonable overlay that you have, the filter that you have, in all your decisions, communications, and thinking.  When you un-think that, you release that mental structure, and allow the much more baby fresh, spontaneous, emotional, spiritual structure to be the surface, to be that, where you meet the rest of the world.  It’s a challenge to be less mental, structured, thinking, reasonable, but we invite you to calmly step below that mental structure, and the safety it brings.  Say, “What’s my spirit’s say, what’s my spirit’s truth”.  Your mental structure is your societal programs, your cultural norms, but below that, in what you feel, what your spirit says, that can’t be programmed, because it’s much more in the moment.  You will build yourself, your own personal trust, and your own personal strength by going to that soft, fresh, underlying layer of the emotional, spiritual, now part of you, because that cannot be programmed or influenced by others.

Quantum Consciousness and the 8th Dimension,
 “Mark” channeled by Jonette Crowley
April 2009Ó
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This is an excerpt from class #4 of the Quantum Consciousness series
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This world is meant to be a creating vortex, an open door of endless possibilities.  Not just a moving around of furniture on the Titanic, but actually more and more energy building into this world…more form, more possibilities, more realities.  You might think of humans as an experiment gone wrong, but wrong in a good sense.  Humans in many ways were an experiment in slavery, but humans had this determination, this sense of something bigger, this sense of emotion, this sense of power, this sense of compassion. Humans outgrew a slavish sort of role and began to create a destiny outside the test tube, a destiny that wasn’t in the cards.  The rest of the universe is watching you create this destiny.  They don’t know where you’re going.  It is not predetermined.  You are not following a cookie-cutter approach to the evolution of the species. You are creating it as you go.  The rest of the world is in awe of your struggles and your breakthroughs.  The possibilities of what you can become as a race are unwritten.  There is a threshold that when humanity crosses it, it is a sort of tipping point, and more power, wisdom, light, miracles, more of what you can’t even understand, will burst into this reality, transforming it.  Not more of what you have, but a totally different reality than you can even appreciate.