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Jonette channels ‘MARK’ answers to questions on ‘Time’


“Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.”

– Physicist John Wheeler



Question: If there is no time and all is happening at the same time, why does it have to happen now? It is the same thing that is happening all over again? Why?

Time is much like the zeros that were invented in your number system. The zeros are place holders. They make the difference between one cent and a trillion dollars. Without the zero your number system would be meaningless. Time is like the spacers that allow you to experience events, so they are not all crushed into ‘Allness’.  In Allness there can be no experience. When there is no time, there is also no YOU outside of time. When there is no time there is no space. There is only condensed existence. In that condensed existence there is no experience. There is no experiencer. There is no observer. There is no event. So in order to have an experience of existence, the zeros were put in. Time was put in as a dimension for you to understand. But beyond the dimension that includes time,  everything IS happening now. Since humans can´t unravel everything happening at once, the spacers are put in so you can actually experience it.

The second part of your question is: Does the same thing happen over and over again? And why?  Think about that question.

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If there is no time, there is no over and over again. There is only IT. Whatever happened is happening now ….  forever.  All that CAN happen is happening now, forever in the higher dimensions. Your world is limited by the senses you have. You have 5 senses so you have a very flat world. As you open up more senses—  which are unlimited, your world becomes more unlimited and richer. So when we invite you to multidimensional awareness, we are opening up your ability to see and know and experience things that were always existent but you didn’t have the faculty to know before. You are becoming more comfortable being in time and knowing that it is all timeless.

Sometimes when you have a meditative journey you feel expanded. When you come back to your body you feel different, because that essence of timelessness stays with you and will always be with you even as you re-enter time. So as you expand your consciousness, you can have both sides. It is not the duality of  “I am in time’, or “I am out of time.” You are all of it. It can´t be understood easily from your linear mind. This is why we are working hard to update your linear mind.

tic_toc_a_space_time_clock_by_cdesignz2k optSo much happens in meditation that your small selves can´t understand. The purpose of most of our meditations is to get you so you are NOT your small selves. This is because your small self cannot understand more. Your small self isn’t great enough to create the world that you envision. So our goal is to take you beyond understanding so your small self has to evolve into a larger version of itself, and into a large and an extra large version of itself. Then you will see some of what happens in these meditations. What happens is you change in ways you couldn’t imagine. Your small-self cannot design a change that is bigger than your small self— no matter how smart you are. So we try to help you gain in consciousness so the change you can create is bigger than your small self. Then the small self becomes that change and so on and so on and so on…. So the things that happen can NEVER be explained to the you who begins the meditation. And who you are at the end of the meditation doesn’t need explanations. Thank you for your very philosophical question. This is ‘MARK’.

Channeled by Jonette Crowley at ‘MARK’ weekend workshop in Stockholm, Sweden Copyright 2015


About Jonette

jcrowley-turquoise 22Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

On one of my recent trips I met a woman who had been a New York City detective specializing in cults and the occult…. we’ll call her ‘Rhonda’. She mentioned that in her special crime investigations she would interview people…particularly those with mind control and memory loss symptoms, who would sometimes mention being in a secret facility in Long Island (read Peter Moon’s book, The Montauk Project, Experiments in Time.) Some individuals, especially those with a military background, talked about ‘jump rooms.’ When I asked Rhonda what a jump room is, she said it is like an elevator that takes people to other times or places, or even to Mars.

One man she met talked about the technology of such jump rooms …coils, transducers, etc. (Note from Jonette: My internet search indicates that one teleportation technology was based on Tesla’s work. In popular fiction and movies these rooms are sometimes called ‘jump gates.’)

Since I’ve read how science/military has been able to open portals in time/space, and spiritual adepts have certainly been doing this, Rhonda’s story wasn’t so much of a surprise. The surprise is that you could ‘jump’ or teleport to Mars or the moon. However, upon reflection, such a journey shouldn’t really be too much different than popping around the Earth. Do take some time to Google “jump rooms” or “jump room teleportation.” It is truly mind-boggling what has been done, and that some of it was happening as early as the late 1960’s …in secret of course. There have certainly been stories and photographs of underground bases on Mars.

The main ‘whistle blowers’ about this technology only came out to the public in 2011. (See Project Pegasus and Andrew D. Basiago). Rhonda had a conversation with a ex-soldier she called ‘John’ in the early 1990’s. John was part of a group of kids who was trained in a special program that included teleportation to Mars and to other time / places.  A traumatic part of the training  included learning to breath a thick liquid. (If you read Dan Brown’s latest book, The Lost Symbol, it features a ‘coffin’ filled with breathable thick liquid that the hero was submerged into.)

According to John, another part of the training, which seemed to be grooming these children for their future work, was to go through a shimmering wall like a heat wave arising from hot pavement, to meet his  or her future self. The future version of the kid would hand the child-version some papers or a file to bring back to the present. Papers that an adult would immediately take from him or her upon his/her arrival back into the present time.

Rhonda said John was clearly at wit’s end, distressed by flashes of memories, nightmares of being drowned, and probes stuck into his body.

Who knew that a casual, after dinner conversation with Rhonda, an ex-cop from the Big Apple, would bring to light such interesting stories? I have no idea what any of it means. However, I do know that it is urgent that we do what we can to increase the light and vibration of human consciousness so that secrets can come to the open and all technology can be used for the good of humanity.

Later I will BLOG about some of Rhonda’s own experiences with remote viewing and time / space translation.