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Twas the night before Christmasmouse

and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring,

except for my mouse.


It was clicking and scrolling,

I only could stare.

It was shopping and ordering

like a madman was there!



computerOn-line shopping carts were filling.

The purchases thrilling.

The keys kept on clacking.

The FedEx boxes stacking

I wondered out-loud “Who is doing this hacking?”


But no one could be seen as my computer popped.

Opening more websites, it couldn’t be stopped

As I was spying,

The orders were flying.

There was no limit to what my computer was buying!


credit-cardsI yelled into the night “Enough is enough!”

“What ever will I do with all of this stuff?”

Then the truth hit me hard,

As I thought of my card.

But alas, it was too late, my MasterCard was maxed,

My Visa and AmEx were next.


ups-truckThis has to stop and it has to stop soon.

At the rate it is going, I’ll be broke by noon!

So I raced all around, going room after room,

unplugging my iPad, my iPod, my phone.

But the boxes kept coming, by van, by truck and by drone;

And men in brown shorts were lined up at my home!




I needed to hustle and I needed to hurry,

So I turned on my phone and said, “Hey Siri”!

“Is it you who’s been doing the shopping online?”

She replied, “The weather today in Sheboygan is fine.”


echoArrgh! What man or machine is controlling my mouse?

What demonic Bluetooth is loose in my house?

And just then I saw it, a blue circle of light…

It was Alexa on my Amazon Echo all right!


crowley-christmasSo please heed my warning, if just for one day!

Unplug your devices and put them away!

Shut down the internet, your gaming, your Mac’s.

Talk to real people or just sit and relax!

Refrain from your Facebook, from Twitter;

Don’t text and don’t call,

Just bask in your Blessings —

Merry Christmas to All!

Q&A Session With ‘Mark’
From The Gathering 2010
Solothurn, Switzerland

Mark, Channeled by Jonette Crowley

Copyright 2010 Jonette Crowley

Question: What exciting things are coming in the future in the area of technology?

Mark: We’ll talk about two of the most exciting things that may be unknown to you. One is the use of mathematical principles that prove that time goes backwards. Sensing machines are being developed that know that something will happen a nanosecond before it happens. It’s perfectly logical given the physics of time. Right now it’s only a nanosecond, but that’s enough to have a pacemaker fix itself before it fails. As more research money is put into this, the time of knowing something before it happens will increase. In this way your machines are actually going to mirror consciousness intelligence. You don’t have to fear what you’ve seen in the movies that the machines will take over. Experiments with time have been done before, to the detriment of the time space continuum that softly envelops earth. There is much knowledge already that can use time for healing and well being.

The other major area that we would talk about is the crystalline cellular structure of physicality. You all know that crystals are the secret that make computers, telephones and radios work, and perhaps your TV has a liquid crystal display. Liquid crystal is crystalline in structure but plasma in feeling. Crystals are important because they amplify and store energies, and they can be programmed. The reason crystal healing works is because your cell walls are actually “liquid crystal displays”. The crystals of your cells are now operating at lower megahertz than will give you the threshold for enlightenment. That’s why your cells have been unable until now to hold the vast frequencies that you encounter in consciousness. There is a critical mass being reached – of you all, where you are transcending the old programming that keeps you small. Your actual crystalline structure in your cells will respond to the higher frequencies. Again, there is not so much money put into this research because we spend all our money on cancer. The way you can help is by aligning the crystalline structure of your cells, not just your DNA, with the highest crystalline structure you can reach in your meditation so you lift above the programming of the current operating system. In the beginning this creates much chaos. Just to remind you, chaos always precedes growth. With all this chaos and restructuring there begins to emerge a new operating system (WindowsInfinity.Infinity). You are doing it now. Thank you.