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“The foundation of being of service is being served. The foundation of being loving is being loved. The foundation of giving is receiving.

“The foundation of being of service is being served. The foundation of being loving is being loved. The foundation of giving is receiving. Service is so much more than giving. It is radiantly expressing your beingness without effort, without cost to you of any kind. But as we look at the human condition over the last few thousand years, there has been a shortage of receiving that has dried up the wells of giving. We want you to bust down all doors, all your hesitancy, resistance and deep karmic guilt to receiving and to being served.

Let a stillness come over you—a stillness that supports, that nourishes and nurtures, that you just can’t get enough of. This stillness feels like the quantum or the eighth dimension. There is creation and potential here but it’s all invisible. It is the stillness of the unmanifest world that you are aware of now. Feel how this stillness nourishes you. If you cannot receive stillness, you cannot receive. Disappear all resistance as you become the stillness.

Day 12 JC meditatingNow, with the same grace and finesse that you received stillness, we invite you to receive everything—grace, gifts, love, wisdom, power, abundance, creation—so much that there is no need to identify being served. Receive endlessly—and see what changes you have to make in yourself in order to endlessly receive infinity—everything being served. Let this transform you.

Lose yourself so there is no longer an inflow— you are that which you receive. There is no difference. You have changed. There is no movement from something outside yourself to yourself. There’s a presence, a beingness that has shifted. It is awesome, expanded, huge…Allow yourself to know yourself without needs, wants or desires, to be satisfied, to be sated, to not be yearning, seeking, trying—a triumphant sense of presence and completion in this moment.

Service without needs is the greatest service of all. The greatest creation is for you to have no need to create. You have no need to serve. There are no needs being met. There is simply the overflowing of your creation— that itself is of service.

Our objective is to help you close down the old initiators of being of service— which were usually guilt, or a need for acceptance, approval or appreciation.

In the quantum dimension giving and receiving are one thing. There is no movement from something to something else. Service is not giving something to someone else. It is something quite different. It is a radiant combustion of existence. It is endless creation experienced. Allow yourself to feel endless creation experienced. What’s created isn’t important. It’s the power of endless creation, and you are there… Creator, creation—you are endless. You are all of that!

25512078622650E2FA822650E2F827When your heart and your being is so full that it continually explodes with you across the dimensions of the universe, then you are a true giver and a true receiver. When charity is no longer a decision but is simply an outflow of you, then you are a creator. When you pause not in your thinking whether to receive or to give, then you are living in the moment of power. Our objective is to reset your ability to receive for it is flow that underlies creation, not giving. Flow is inflow and radiance out.

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Treasures-2-CD-cover-600x600This is excerpted from MARK’s channeled class: “Creation Part 3, Class 1“.  You can join Jonette on select Monday evenings for ‘MARK’s current series “The 9th Dimension of Multiple Realties”

‘MARK’ is a cosmic being channeled by Jonette since 1989. His goal is to lift humanity above the structures of our 3-D consciousness. “Your reality is a reflection of your level of consciousness.” He leads weekly recorded courses introducing us experientially to the higher dimensions of awakening. This is exploration at the very edges of human spiritual awareness. There is nothing like these on-going courses for expansion and transformation. To get a taste of ‘MARK’ for free, go to our ‘Listening and Viewing Room.’ Click here to order current or past ‘MARK’ courses as audio links, CD’s, or simply get the transcripts.

Welcome “Atlases.” This is ‘MARK’

Awakening the new world

“Awakening is not the difficult task. The difficult task is staying awake.”

It is being mindful of the opportunities that you’ve opened up your multidimensional nature. It is forever being mindful of the small, almost silent voices that suggest,  support, and remind you of right action or thought.

You are taking over leadership of yourself?  Yes, there are guides and angels more than ever before but you are steering now. They are simply helping you navigate in the world that you choose, that you command. The New Earth is a celebration of humanity’s coming of age.

Every coming-of-age ceremony in every native culture and every religion has tests and challenges. You are in those and they will continue.  You cannot become a man or a woman in any meaningful way without challenges, without being the wisdom that opens to you. Multidimensionality brings with it the challenge of choosing from infinitely more choices than you’ve ever had before. By having more choices, you have less rules to follow, less algorithms set up by past patterns. There is much more freedom than you’ve been used to. Some people hide from freedom because its parameters are just too broad for comfort. Remember that freedom and comfort do not walk hand in hand.

Let Go of Judgement

You are asked during these times of change to be flexibly strong. Strength in the past came from dogmatically strong. We ask you not to believe what you’ve always believed. We ask you not to act how you acted yesterday in order to maintain consistency. Consistency is not the hallmark of this New Earth.  Spontaneity is—listening with every ounce of your being to all the wisdom of the universe as it tries to communicate to you.

One of the things that will rock you most is the belief in good and bad. The belief in right and wrong—those duality beliefs must be made inclusive. Your justice systems and your religions are based on right and wrong, good and bad. We ask you to bridge that gap by holding possible all rights and all wrongs as perfect. This enables you to let go of guilt and it compels you to let go of blame. Guilt, blame, and the judgment that precedes them are heavy burdensshout-joy around the neck of society. They are handy places to hide. Notice when you are hiding. Judgment requires a meter, a standard to compare against. In the multidimensional world, comparisons are moot. They do not operate. Everything is inclusive and infinite. When you hurt or suffer in these new times, it is probably because you are burdened by a judgment, a right or wrong, a should or should not. Let pain—whether it’s emotional pain, a moment of depression, a moment of fear—take you to your feet, not your knees— so you can feel your flexible strength, for you to shout joyously at the upcoming and unknowable future!

You are Ready

You have all the hallmarks of change agents.  You’re curious. You’re loving. You seek kindness. There’s not much else. It doesn’t require money or intelligence. It requires simply that you be you. The support these days is profound. Open up in your mediation to the presence of your guides and angels. Again, they won’t be pushing you but they’ll be present. Let your prayers be commands rather than pleas. Let your prayers be acts of power rather than requests. This New Earth is built on the very strong shoulders of very powerful gods and goddesses— YOU!  Atlas was only a beginning.

The New Earth isn’t a given. It isn’t sailing in from new-earthsome outer galaxy. It is created. Feel now the embrace of the New Earth throughout humanity, in your cognizance of nature as alive and important. Feel the combining in the New Age with the aliveness of rocks and trees and fish and birds and animals—everything that makes up Mother Earth. Feel its aliveness, its importance, its integrity. Include the atmosphere and the jet stream in this connection.

Imagine that you sense Nature and Earth and all her elements in this same space and open your heart and your mind to feel every human here too. Imagine that this isn’t waiting a hundred years or a thousand years or a hundred-thousand years. Imagine all humanity standing in its power. See it as so. Command it as done.

Feel that your gifts are with you, available on a need-to-know basis and feel that everyone’s gifts are with them, available when they need them, when they’re ready to see them.

Who am I really?

From this space ask yourself, “Who am I really?” Then expand to find that answer. Perhaps it’s not in words but a feeling. “Who am I really?” Please don’t require the answer to that to be in words or even pictures. Perhaps it’s more a dimension or a feeling or a sense of grand expansion. “Who am I really?”

You no longer live in one world or the other. You bring the world of soul and body together, and you bring the world of Old Earth and New Earth together without going anywhere.

The New Earth has many doors and many opportunities. You will make your choices by feeling, discerning what choice is right, not by anything in the past but how it feels at this moment. Compare each choice to the highest possible you. Know what you feel like when you’re fully embodied, fully divine; and when you have to make a choice, choose the one that most resonates, most complements your full divinity. Learn to discern without thinking so that your decisions are more divinely instinctual.

It is in the quiet, soft stillness that your strength is most formidable. When doing and moving gives way to silence, find yourself here.

quiet-stillnessThank you, precious ones. This is’ MARK’ Channeled by Jonette Crowley.

Excerpt taken from our current course series, The 9th Dimension – Part III – The New World, Class 4 – New Earth Avatar & Compassionate Neutrality. June 15, 2015.  Click above to see get the full recordings.

‘MARK’ channeled by Jonette, copyright 2015. (303) 689-9318