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Friday, July 31st, a Tele-Seminar

Blue moon“Behold, I am Ashtatara, a keeper of the Golden Codes, bringing with you a remembrance from your future when the gods and goddesses know themselves – as you. You are awakening at more amazing levels than could ever have been predicted. Mother Earth is awakening and supports the God and Goddess in each of you. There are incipient codes in your DNA that are waiting to be claimed. But you must hold yourselves as worthy!”  
Ashtatara, Goddess of Atlantis, channeled by Jonette, June 2015 

So much has happened energetically for all of us over the past few months, so many opportunities for growth are rapidly opening up—that it is time for a massive upgrade. Jonette will be using this powerful day to transmit the energies, codes and activations that can be embodied by us as a collective group of Light-holders.

Join Jonette for a special Tele-seminar on the July 31st full moon. On this special day Jonette will transmit the Codes of Life, and the Activation of Deborah bringing whatever activations need to come through to each of us.  Click here for details.

The Codes of Life (Channeled from MARK)

“The Codes of Life are golden fire symbols….The treasure is the golden Codes of Life accessed through this stargate. (In Jerusalem). These Golden Codes impart much power. The power must be claimed again by humans and taken out of the hands of greed. This is done by pure hearts, powerfully standing together. It is a clearing in all dimensions and times that impact human welfare…The geometric overlay is a universal template of energy—continual energy source. The group is supported. The time is now! Compassion and that which is righteous replaces the false stories.”

The Activation of Deborah, Tiberious, Israel by Jarla Ahlers

HANDS IN THE AIR blueAt a historical synagogue important to followers of the Kabbalah in Tsfat, Israel, Jonette was invited to sit in the Chair of Elijah and speak to the group. Next to it was a small crib for infant boys to be placed in prior to their ceremonial circumcision. (Elijah is the prophet who was taken to heaven by a whirlwind.)  After a moment of sitting in the chair Jonette unexpectedly moved into a high spiritual ‘trance’ space. At one point, she was visibly moved and tears streamed down her face. As she rose, she said she would share the information later.  She was quite shaken and required assistance to return to the bus.  As we walked, she heard a loud voice in her head, urgently saying ‘Deborah, Deborah’ many times. On the bus ride to Tiberius, she asked Sarah, our Israeli travel guide, ‘Who is Deborah?’  Sarah explained that Deborah was a prophetess written about in the book of Judges in the Old Testament, a powerful presence.  At that, Jonette burst into tears. After dinner an initiation ceremony was planned at our hotel on the Sea of Galilee.

Deborah, channeled by Jonette

“The codes you wear are Cosmic Codes, connecting you to a greater highway of Truth.  You are initiated as cosmic citizens, walking a golden spiral from this Earth to other realms.  The other realms are aware of you.  You will be receiving new teachers.  The aliveness of humanity comes through these codes.  Humanity has been walking dead.  The reawakening must happen first in your heart and in the way you live your life.  

Golden mandula“You are asked to be of extraordinary service.  You are asked to step outside the realms of that which is ordinary.  If you do not step, you will not keep being asked.  The Golden Ring moves on to someone who will step boldly.  This is a time for change.  It is a time for action.  It is a time to step into a higher flow.  It is only the first few steps that are needed.  The flow will carry you beyond that.  DO NOT look over your shoulder for yesterday’s answers.  Do not look side to side for other people’s permission.  Follow your nose, your inspiration vibrates in you, creating pathways of support, pathways of miraculous opening.  Do not require reason for confirmation. Get confirmation in that which is miraculous and sometimes move without confirmation.  

“The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Flow. One cannot hold on and flow.  These days have been planned at a higher level —for you to witness, to release, to clear, to accept, to behold, to BE.  In your being you carry a rod of lightning.  Speak that which vibrates to a Golden Heart, and you will be led true.  Heaven is here; it arrived when you were busy.  Notice it now.  Notice it in the clarity of your gaze, as you walk through nature’s fields.  Notice it in the beauty of your friends and notice it in the mirror.  Notice it. Holy.  Holy.  Holy.  Shalom.  We are complete.“ 

Location:  On your phone or computer (via Skype credits)
Date: July 31st, Friday
Time: 12:00PM (noon) MDT to 1:30PM, 20:00 CEST to 21:30
Price:  $44.  Once you sign up, you will get the call in information.  It will be a phone call.  You can call from a landline or Skype.  The recording will be available for a week.   Click here to sign up.

Presented by Jonette Crowley and the Center for Creative Consciousness

(CopyRight 2015

MARK Channels about Underground Cities in Turkey,  

and the Bosnian Pyramids

by Jonette Crowley

Copyright 2014 

There is a great awakening of the Golden Plasma Grid. This brings a new realignment, an opening with inner earth beings, inner dimensional beings and external stellar beings.  This is a huge realigning that manifests itself in a much more fluid, feminine sort of grid for Earth that is less hierarchal, less conflictual.”   Mark, channeled by Jonette


Derinkuyu, ancient underground city in Turkey

Question: Are the incredible underground cities in Turkey connected to the Martian past? Please tell us a little more about the true information regarding those cities and regarding more about when the Martians were here so long ago?

Mark: Those cities and tunnels and the cities that are being found everywhere under the planet had a tremendously old stellar influence that was not just Martian but from far afield civilizations.  It is advanced technology that built these tunnels and caverns. The tunnels, cities and caves were used for many things.  They were used for civilizations that were hybrid Martian / humans. At first the external environment—the atmosphere, was not so conducive to humanity and to growth, and also there was a time where there was a great many of huge animals that roamed the surface of the Earth— it wasn’t very safe for these new races of humans. You are all star born, all of you are. So people went underground for protection.  

Many of these caves and tunnels were built even before that by much more ancient settlers from beyond your solar system.  When we say Mars, those colonies are more recent in the evolution of humanity, and Earth was an outpost. Many planets in your solar system were outposts for beings from much further away then Mars.  So those cities were built for one purpose by even more ancient people. Yes they were connected to Martians and yes they were connected to humans who later used them.  You are unable to tell how old they are but they have been in use for more millennium then your archeologists can imagine.  

Question: I would love to ask you about the real secrets of the Bosnian pyramids and the energy that they are producing?


Artist’s concept of energy beam from the Bosnian Sun pyramid

Mark: The Bosnian pyramids are in many ways  cosmic time pieces— cosmic clock /  calendar / no time no space energy.  So they were a portal of not just energy of what you would call the sun and the moon, they were very much a calibration instrument for time and no time as it relates to Earth.  People who spend time there may find that they lose time, that time has strange characteristics or qualities around those pyramids.  So it is much more than a star gate. It is much more than a place to anchor energies for the entire Earth grid. Those pyramids have strong connections off-planet and other dimensions as a time keeper, calendar keeper, gateway of the time / space world.  

Question: Do you think that all these scared node points of which there are pyramids are actually truly coming alive energetically again?

Mark: Not all of them.  Some of them are, not all of them were placed with the energy of beneficence.  Some of them were placed with the energy of control.  They were, highjacked.  So they were great temples that in the beginning were beneficial.  The pyramids were about aligning and anchoring the planet.  But there have been many races who have ulterior motives that are not always of the highest. Some pyramids that will be found are not necessarily helpful.   Their energies are not necessarily good because they have been highjacked.  So, yes there is an awakening of the good ones. 

What we are hoping for is that groups such as you and Jonette lead, and others groups will begin to open up the pyramids that need to be opened up. These will open when their resonate fields connect to the open hearts of humans— because humanity’s heart energy frequency is vital to the opening of these places, these places are inner connected to the human heart.  When you talk about the sun pyramid and the moon pyramid in Bosnia it’s not necessarily the sun and the moon astronomically, it is the energy of the gold and silver that runs within a human’s energy field and the heart.  The heart energy of these more beneficial structures and the humans that are awakening will create a resonate field of its own like a tsunami that will knock some of the lower portals and frequencies offline.

Bosnia rock

Man-made blocks on the Bosnian ‘Sun’ Pyramid

Question: In our life time will the archeologists really be able to rewrite our true history?

Mark:  They will rewrite parts of it but the ones who create the textbooks of history keep everything sanitized, so they will not let historical revision happen too easily.  Your entire history is totally sanitized at such levels that your intuition is a much better adjudicator of history then anything you read about.  So we thank you, this is Mark.

For information about Jonette’s September 2015 trip to the Bosnian Pyramids and Croatian coast click here. Or go to