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viet-womanWho is an Enemy?

Reflections from the Killing Fields

Last month Jonette led a Spiritual Adventure Tour to Vietnam and Cambodia. Her next trip will be to Australia and New Zealand in October/November 2017. These are her thoughts after visiting the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ prison in Vietnam and the Killing Fields in Cambodia.


Vietnam and its beautiful people welcomed our chef-in-vietnamgroup of spiritual adventurers with ready smiles. Young people whose parents would have been our North Vietnamese enemies in the 1970s were our waiters, our chefs, hotel clerks and guides. How could they be so nice to us after we Americans mined their fields, bombed their villages, killed their friends and relatives? Yet they smiled. They spoke to us in English. They quoted the prices of the souvenirs they sold in US dollars.

Who is an enemy?

People we declare as being different enough from us that we justify our disavowal of their right to happiness, to life. We disavow their very humanity.


Hanoi Hilton’ — The Prison


I was drawn to visit the prison known in the Vietnam era as the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ where American prisoners of war were held. Before that, it was the place where the French imprisoned and tortured ‘insurgents’— Vietnamese fighting against France’s colonial rule. One of our group’s spiritual missions on this trip was to help clear the betrayal, terror, war and loss from the energy field of Vietnam, Cambodia, and the world. This memorial/museum prison in the center of Hanoi was the place I chose to begin this work. It was reminiscent of the feeling I had when I visited the site of a Nazi concentration camp years ago. The heaviness of human cruelty hit me like a cold blade. Gray representations of skeletal Vietnamese political prisoners from times past gave rise to ghosts in my imagination. “I have to get through here quickly, then I have to find a place to pray,” I told my boyfriend Mark, almost as soon as I saw the first cells and shackles.
hanoi-hiltonOn the side of the prison was a tasteful outdoor memorial area—bonsai trees, an altar, flowers, and incense. Standing before it I allowed the pain of feeling my heart break. I prayed. Tears poured down my face. Endless unanswerable questions: Why do we do this to each other? How much suffering can humans take? Will we ever learn? How can we stop this? What is the point? What happened to our humanity?

I prayed. Even with prayer, I was overwhelmed with pain; not able to find peace. I nearly ran out of the place, my body in emotional shock.


The Killing Fields Cambodia

Outside Phnom Penh, our group visited the ‘Killing Fields’ —one of the many places where the Khmer Rouge executed over 1 million fellow Cambodians in the 1970’s. The victims were most often beat in the head with an iron bar or bamboo stick, in order not to waste ammunition. Acres of grass fields, shallow pits that were once mass graves, a memorial stupa with shelves of skulls.

Who is an enemy?


In this case, it was the Pol Pot Communist regime killing the old ones, the educated ones, the ones who wore spectacles or couldn’t work the fields.

img_6112We went to the Killing Fields as a group, committed to helping the souls of victims and executioners alike who still remained tied to the horror of this place. Like the Hanoi Hilton the energy was thick and dark—terror and death. I gave the group the assignment to walk around, absorb the feelings and find a way to transmute them, not just to neutral, not just to peaceful; but all the way to joy….and we wouldn’t leave until everyone had made the shift into joy for themselves, shifting the energy of the place along with us.

cambodia-treecambodian-butterflyWe did we achieve this momentous shift in one of the world’s darkest places? A few of our group connected lovingly to the trees that had “seen it all.” Some focused on the butterflies, some did Soul Body Fusion. Others meditated and prayed until they felt the shift in their hearts. Many cried, grieved and came through the other side.

We gathered together to say the Ho’oponopono prayer: I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

We left the place lighthearted, knowing that there is nothing that can’t be transmuted through love to joy. Nothing.



May we always remember that WAR stands for: We Are Right…

…and the last word in enemy is ‘ME.’



About Jonette

jonette-monument-valley-tnJonette is a spiritual adventurer and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness. www,

Guest blog by Stuart Gedrim and Audrey Spronk


“We are sharing about our amazing experiences in Namibia as we are in awe about what has happened.” 

-Stuart and Audrey




in-spirit-tourStuart and I take groups to sacred places in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia. This May we took a group of 6 ‘MARK’ followers to Namibia.   Jonette teaches regular courses in the U.S. and Europe channeled from her cosmic spirit guide ‘MARK’. This country is, it seems open for change and healing to take place.. .

While in the plane en route to Windhoek, I suddenly connected with a grand spirit being of Namibia and felt that our group was being welcomed and would be fully supported during our stay. During a group meditation we received a frequency from ‘MARK’ to tune in to, so that we could flow easily and be in line with each other while on this journey.

cheetahs-on-ant-hillWhile we were in Sossusvlei on a sand dune in the desert, we were called to assist many beings who were stuck in the astral due to the horrific treatment they received in the German military genocide in 1904. They were chased into the desert and over 60,000 killed. Their hearts were in shock and could not understand what had happened to them. They were frozen in the experience. As this shifted we experienced a portal opening. Actually it felt like a totally new potential becoming available and possible in this country that can spread further.

obi-at-mowanaLater, when talking to our Herero guide/driver Obi, we asked him how he personally came to “reconciliation”. He answered that we are all part of the “Creator” and LOVE. You can choose to move on and love. As he said that, in such simplicity and authenticity, there was a transmission and exchange of love.  He explained that their tribal belief is that they have to connect to their ancestors for wisdom and access to Source. That only the ancestors can connect with the “Creator/God” directly.

The last two days of our group meditations brought us to the most beautiful closure we could imagine and MORE.

We were working energetically with the ancestors of Obi and his people in regards to having “direct connection to Source”. We realized that the Ancestors too are stuck. They experience separation from the other races (white) as well as “all there is”.

sossusAt first there was much confusion, chaos and at the same time curiosity, hope, excitement and longing for freedom amongst the ancestors we connected with… A lot of communication and connectivity took place. I was communicating: “You can still have your intimate connectedness amongst your race, but also all our connections and connectivity. You can have it ALL. All separations can go.” We showed them that amongst themselves there were enlightened beings, especially in the children now being born, who know and choose this freedom and truth. Again, there was a huge response of joy and even more separation could be released as well as letting go of inferiority and suffering, if they so choose. They did.

The next day, we experienced again the portal opening to Source and the opening for NEW life, new potential. Jonette, the ‘MARK’ group, the inner Earth beings (the Sidhe), the Blue Beings (called Blue Flame Beings by one of our group) and many, many other beings were present. A huge chalice of golden light was brought forth from which all could receive love, blessings, admiration and each could feel their highest potential and connection to Source. The ancestors and people were receiving this directly and fully. Then the Chief of the Ancestors came around with the chalice to each one of us and we each had our own experience. At our closure, our guide Obi shared how much he had longed for a group like this!

For me it was very moving. As a child living in South Africa I did not understand the separation between races, and often later when talking to the people I would perceive the thoughts of: “YOU CAN HAVE IT, BUT NOT US.” The Chief came to me, looked me in the eye and showed me that there no longer was a veil in between. The veils had been taken away/he chose to let go of them. This Chief was now willing to let go of his power over these souls and celebrate and move into his true grandness. My dream has come true and I feel tremendous relief, joy and gratitude for what we can create and accomplish together!

As you may be aware, there is a rift right from the pyramids down to the south of Africa, along the Nilotic Meridian, where the two earth plates meet. All along this rift, there is a history of wars, strife and fragmentation amongst the peoples. For many years now my partner Stuart and I take groups around southern Africa. Much work has been done in an attempt to shift these energies. Many other Light Workers have been shifting these energies too, but NOW there is more  readiness to allow the potential of Unity to establish itself. Of course the bigger picture is to allow the veils of illusion and separation to lift.

I thank all of you who participated for uniting in this very grand potential for transformation for these races, this country and throughout Africa.


For the last 20 years, Stuart and I have a shared passion for bringing people to this amazing land. In the early days, we were inspired by Credo Mutwa (the recognized authority on African Spirituality and tribal wisdom keeper of Umlando – The Great Knowledge), who shared many ancient stories, African Wisdom and places held sacred by the indigenous people of Africa. We have conducted many tours with visitors from all over the world and we would always rejoice in the magic and synchronicity that took place. Many experienced it as “Coming Home”.

Should you be interested in re-connecting with your ancient roots in Africa, you are welcome to visit our website and join us at some time.

Playing in the Unified Field 1 CDcoverJonette will be back in the U.S. in November and will resume her weekly ‘MARK’ classes.   Click below to find information on ‘MARK’s current series.

The 9th Dimension: Playing in the Unified Field: Part II Multidimensional Service

or go to her website

“These journeys will be transformational beyond time and space and of great service to humanity because you will be unlocking doors that have waited for a group of conscious travelers to know where the doors are, how to find them, and how to unlock them. It’s been waiting for so many thousands of years.”   ‘MARK’

spiritual-tours-16-18Jonette is leading an international spiritual group to Vietnam and Cambodia in November 2016. This is the first part of a 3-country mission of strengthening gridlines, doing energy work at power places, and reconnecting with our Lemurian core. In 2017 the journey will be to Australia and New Zealand, and in 2018 to Tibet.  Go to to learn more.  

This message was channeled from ‘MARK’ in order to help the group prepare. We ask all of you to join in this mission by connecting to our group from Nov. 2-12 with the intention of light, peace and healing at all levels. We will include you in our work at the energy spots and you can intend to be joined in the meditations and downloads. Jonette will be posting on her Jonette Crowley page on Facebook. (

A Message From ‘MARK’ – channeled by Jonette

imageMany times when you think about awakening, you think about the losses, the hard times, the changes. One of the things that is awakening now is that humanity is reaching such a level of awareness that you are restructuring joy. It’s as if humans have had a very small structure in which to hold joy— like holding an ocean in a thimble. Now those of you who are consciousness explorers are co-creating a larger structure, a different, more dynamic structure for human joy. This is so humans can feel a deep joy of inner enlightenment and feel part of the Cosmos.

This journey to Vietnam and Cambodia is very important at three levels:

First Level

The first level for both of these countries is, as you can imagine, a deep healing of war scars and scars of betrayal where people have been betrayed by their own governments or regimes of their own people. You may find that your issues of betrayal, your issues of war and terror come up emotionally. Welcome them so they can be cleansed in the energy of Holy Spirit. The great Feminine Holy Sophia/Wisdom is so riding with you in this journey. There will be a cleansing of betrayal, terror, war, loss in both of these countries… and a cleansing in you. That’s the first level.

Second Level

The second level is an alignment between all of you as light holders and the light-holding capacity of the land and particularly of the temples. In some of the temples the energy and the frequencies are still pristine. They may hold a higher energy than the frequencies that you hold. In those cases, the temple energies or the Earth energies in those sacred places or stargates will download into you and upgrade you. In some cases the energies of the temples and the holy places have been broken from their higher frequencies, and your group holds those higher frequencies in harmony. In those cases, you will download and reactivate the temples and the holy places or the places that had been holy. There will be a mutual downloading always to the highest and best to the land, its people and the power place, and, of course to you and the people associated with you. That’s the second level.

Third Level

The third level is much more cosmic. There is a strong connection between Southeast Asia and the energies of the Draco system and the Draconian infiltration on Earth in epochs past. There will be an activation that is equivalent to when Jonette activated the Sun Disk in Peru and the Grail in Malta. This will be what you might call a Star Disk or Star Portal, Stargate. The Stargate of Angkor Wat is connected through the center of the Milky Way to the great universal center that Jonette sees as swirling lights. It is a place of time travel. However the time travel in the portal at Angkor Wat has been manipulated or infiltrated so it’s not always bringing in the highest potentials from beyond space, beyond time, and from the greater parts of the Cosmos.

“Your group will feel an urge and will know where to go and when to do a clearing of this gate to better serve the human perspective. Obviously, it has to also be cleansed and aligned from the higher perspectives.It is important from the human perspective to clean and clear this pipeline that has been open from ancient times and has been manipulated to no longer carry the higher frequencies.

“The cosmic work will probably take place three different times. The first two will be by the group. The third one will be diverse in that each of you will find a unique place to do your own ceremony that becomes an individual clearing, cleaning and opening. The breakthroughs on this trip will be individual and collective. Emotionally, once the energies of betrayal and war and terror get cleared from you, there will be the imprinting of Sophia or the energies of wisdom. You will walk more clearly in wisdom. Your emotional reactions in many ways, especially as regard to betrayal will be cleansed significantly.

“The energies you carry as a group and all your interactions with the local people will be sending healing out at a very human, light, compassionate level. You’ll be touched in many places by the presence of Buddha. Many times you’ll be in the Buddhist sanctuaries and will feel the living presence of Buddha and the living presence of Buddha within yourself.

“Emotionally, you’ll come back clearer, more in wisdom and much more capable of joy.

Cambodia, Australia and Tibet

“We would also like to speak about the three trips that Jonette has been guided to do where Cambodia is the first one, Australia (especially the center of Australia) is the second, and the third one is Tibet. This particular triangle is about anchoring timelessness into Earth processes. The Earth has been sidelined from the cosmic brotherhood. Earth is off in a side pool, and humans have forgotten the ability to travel in timelessness. These are three power places where timelessness and cosmic connection were remembered and are still remembered by the land in Cambodia and Tibet and in Uluru. There will be many more cosmic openings here It’s really about re-energizing the Earth as a part of the galactic and cosmic community. It starts with a sense of timelessness.

“These journeys will be transformational beyond time and space and of great service to humanity because you will be unlocking doors that have waited for a group of conscious travelers to know where the doors are, how to find them, and how to unlock them. It’s been waiting for so many thousands of years.”

About Jonette

Jonette profile in hat copyJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness. www,

This was from Jonette channeling her cosmic guide MARK during a regular course on “CREATION in Service” on July 14, 2014

We are aware of several other spiritual groups besides Jonette’s that are drawn to Israel next year. Right now Israel is kind of exploding. Can you speak to that? 

temple_mountMARK:  One of the reasons Jonette’s groups were guided to go to Crete in 2013 was to reverse portals that have allowed alien energies into this universe — energies that have compromised humanity’s growth. One of the reasons her groups were guided to Turkey this year, was to consciously uncreate or unwelcome energies of conflict, the programming of manipulation, and programming of tribalism and territoriality that’s embedded in the Middle East… but is programmed throughout the planet. The purpose of the journey to Israel (in May 2015) will be to use consciousness to dig beyond the energy of conflict and fighting.

The reason the energy of conflict and fighting is so strong in the Middle East is because the energy of the treasures there, the energy of the goodness and power there is so strong. These spiritual groups are guided to see their way through these traditional enmities and to find the source of goodness, light, love, universal guidance, treasure, and wisdom that has been covered over by the overlay of war. The warring tribalism is based on both feudal and futile belief of lack. The belief of lack has been programmed into the human DNA as a way of manipulation. Below that programming is overwhelming abundance. The seeds of that program can be consciously excavated below the temples in Jerusalem—consciously excavated not excavated in terms of  moving dirt. The greatest darkness hides the greatest light in this case.

Fire in the skyThere is a great deal of energy of revenge. Energy of revenge is one of the lowest forms of human interaction. There are few emotions lower than that of revenge. We ask all of you in your hearts to clear the energy of revenge that you hold. Each of you holds some. Create a place of neutrality where the seeds of abundance and hope can once again flourish. Look within yourself for jealousy and revenge. They are related. Love those emotions until they can be transformed. These are times of great opportunity. The worn out tools of the past are not the tools of humanity’s salvation. Humanity cannot be solved by religion and doctrine that is based on any exclusion whatsoever. Thank you.

To listen to the audios or purchase the transcripts of the entire course: CREATION Part III: Creation in Service click here. Jonette will be leading a spiritual trip to Israel in May 2015.

JC with turbanJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to  power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,