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The Keystone Dialogues 2016 – Part I

‘MARK’ Channeled by Jonette Crowley


Channeled Answers to Questions on Imagination, Evolution of Consciousness, and Miracles…



The first subject is imagination. When the word imagine is spelled out loud: IMAGINE, it sounds like ‘I am a genie!’

‘Imagine’ is truly the doorway to magic. Genie, of course, is the name for spirit. Imagination is the bridge between the human mind and human senses and what we’ll call the ultra-human or higher human. Imagination opens the portals to realities that are not bounded by logic. As such, imagination is the portal, is the bridge to manifestation, to creation, to re-creation, and to uncreate things that you don’t want in your life. So what is it? It is a sacred doorway.

Where is it? Everywhere that humans leave logic and use their God-given strengths to create something that isn’t in front of them. The brain fires imagination. The brain is a transducer of mind. Mind is not a product of brain but is a product of consciousness. Imagination is more in the realm of mind and transduced or translated by brain.

Imagination expands as we evolve because imagination is always the next horizon…and the next horizon. You who are evolving can imagine worlds that 20 years ago you couldn’t imagine imagining.


Spirit Entities and Imagination

Spirit entities live in imagination because they don’t have the boundaries of logic. Your imaginary friends are imaginary to you but they’re also imaginary to themselves because they live in the nonsensical world— this doesn’t mean they’re nonsense, it means they are beyond senses.

We/MARK —as a spirit guide—imagined you, and here you are. You are a product of our imagination, and we are a product of yours. There is co-imagination in the world of mind because mind is not individualized. It is sensed individually. Your brain senses mind or consciousness differently than somebody else’s brain does; but mind/consciousness itself is not fragmented. We all share the same mind or consciousness. When someone says “I’ve changed my mind,” they haven’t changed consciousness. They’ve changed their perspective on consciousness and therefore, see it in a different way. We/MARK are imaginary in your mind, and we are imaginary in that we imagine.


Levels of Consciousness

Imagination is always the next horizon. When you use 100% of your brain, the next horizon is to be consciousness that doesn’t need to be translated by brain at all. Consciousness interacting with consciousness is the higher level.

Your brain is a translator for— we’re using the terms mind and consciousness. Mind is your self-determined subset of consciousness. Really consciousness is not reducible but it’s translatable from different perspectives by different brains.

There aren’t strong boundaries between subconscious, unconscious and conscious. Your conscious mind is that which you are currently aware. Our goal is to help people increase in consciousness, which means be aware of more. Subconscious is that which you could be conscious of but it is pushed into the shadows because you can’t be conscious of everything at the same time. It might be old and traumatic so that is what we call subconscious. Unconscious in our definition is that vast area that has not had much human awareness at all. In our definition, unconscious is a deeper place, a more hidden place than is subconscious. The unconscious mind transcends linear time and is linked to the memories of the cosmic mind. It’s in the unconscious field because most humans have never been conscious of it. Consciousness is all of this. As we talk about expanding consciousness, we mean expanding awareness through all those levels.

People have a big job just to integrate the subconscious. It’s important to clean and clear it because that which is not conscious is not known, knowable, or changable. There’s no change possible in anything that is sub- or under your consciousness. We’ve been helping you clean and clear your subconscious with your conscious or light mind. That allows you to go into the collective subconscious and begin to clean and clear traumas and patterns that keep repeating themselves in the human experience. This will have to happen first before the realms of collective unconscious have a clear pathway into conscious awareness. The subconscious is between what you’re conscious of and that mystical area of the unconscious which is cosmic. We might call cosmic consciousness an element of the unconscious. It’s not dark. It’s just not known.

The greater consciousness is in itself complete. The only activation required is your awakening to know that which is complete. Your work is to remember how to reconnect to the highest level possible for yourself and with the greater conscious mind. It is the work of all of you who are drawn to this because it is your urging. That evolutionary nudge is born within you and can only be denied for so long.

We want you to understand that evolution as seen from the human perspective is along a timeline where things appear to move to greater peace or greater coherence from chaos; but evolution as seen from outside time is not sequential. Therefore, we remind you to hold the space for miracles that have no precedent. Hold in your mind the possibility of unprecedented miracles, unprecedented cosmic openings.

Human beings are some of the most amazing, spiritualized machines in the Universe. You are immensely powerful in how you were designed and even more immensely powerful when you bring spirit into that unique and fantastic design. We are always overwhelmed by the potentiality that humans show, especially when humans show up in the collective and hold a space for unconditional love.

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Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her cosmic guide ‘Mark’ she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of  consciousness.

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 The journey of truth is straighter than you imagine, yet the call of truth and wisdom is not for everyone. There is a sense of courage required and a sense of responsibility.  Each bit of wisdom that is known requires a reassessment of the habit patterns that you’ve become comfortable with. You must be flexible and willing to reassess. The ability to reassess will determine the immensity of the wisdom that comes your way. If you shun making changes in your belief systems and in your actions, you will not be given the keys.  If you are willing to question, to change action, to get rid of sacred cows, then the doors will be opened for you.

 You can connect with wisdom when you lay down at night.  First clear your mind so it is not filled with all of the things about the day and all of the things about the next day. Get as clear, neutral and heart centered as you can. Ask to receive a word. Perhaps it’s a thought. Perhaps it’s a quality. Perhaps it’s a feeling and no word at all. Ask to receive it rather than thinking of it. Say you get a word like “transcendence”.  Just be with that word. Connect to it. Spend a moment so that you really connect to “transcendence” and it’s opened all of its doors. Then go to sleep. In the morning, try to remember what your dreams were, what insights you had.  Perhaps there are no dreams that you remember, or there are no insights.  However, during that day, the energy of transcendence seems to be present for you and some insights and wisdom come. Your dreamtime is an important time to work with wisdom.

The most important element of wisdom is perspective.  When you work with the holographic universe, and  the quantum energies beyond the 8th dimension, your perspective  becomes greater than a singular you. Your perspective is now interconnected with the hologram of All That Is.  Not that you can process it yet. The perspective of the quantum space, the 8th dimensional space beyond the black hole is a still sort of wisdom. It is wisdom with no information, just connection.

 As you train yourselves to connect to true wisdom or knowledge, you will find that it is so much more than data. The energy of true knowledge has a power to it, so that the knowledge and the power that the knowledge requires are intertwined.  From these high levels, if you are clear to take an action, then the energy, the connection, and the requirements that that action will need are in place.  This is because the wisdom or the knowledge is in accordance with the entire Universe.  Wisdom will be an important part of having your life be easier, because you will make the right choices at the right time and the universe is set up to support that.  

Mastering this will require some vigilance in noticing what it is you notice; and paying attention to your intuition and your thinking.  Also paying attention to your habits and when you break out of them. There’s no going back when these doors open.  When wisdom or knowing is provided and action is called for, you must be willing to take the action that aligns with that knowing. It may not be difficult action, but it may be action that is not your habit. The channels that will be opened are precisely for you.

 Imagine there is a realm, and it is actually stored holographically, but we’ll use metaphors of temples and libraries because all wisdom is actually embedded everywhere in the universe.  Imagine there’s a grand city of libraries and temples and that all of your beacons are somehow focused there and received. Imagine there are great librarians or wisdom keepers and they can feel the strength of your locator beam. Imagine there is, in these temples or libraries, wisdom that perfectly fits your frequency.  It ultimately contains wisdom about your soul, your soul’s journey, your soul’s past, your soul’s power, your soul’s gifts, and maybe information about souls that are close to you.

 Imagine now that your locator beam is somehow finding the frequency of where knowledge and wisdom that is personally interesting to you is stored. Maybe it’s a library room. Maybe it’s a room with holographic CD’s or DVD’s, whatever it is. Use your imagination here because it’s all a metaphor that somehow your locator beam is connecting to a treasure chest, to the place where most of your records are kept. You don’t have to see anything. Just make it up with your imagination.

 Imagine that when your locator beam hits the area where there are records that are of interest to you, then a connection is made. There’s a little vibration that’s sent back to you that says, “Ah, we got it,” and a response e-mail says “ah, you’ve connected.” Wait and feel, and work with your energies and your guides until there’s a sense that you’ve connected.

 Imagine that this place where your personal records are, that the energy of this knowledge, this wisdom has its own special frequency, its own special sound waves, its own special signature. Imagine that these frequencies, perhaps move down the locator beam into your body, into your mind, into your awareness so that you are opening up to pulses, frequencies, communications really that are energetic. You’re opening them up into your body, into your mind, into your brain. Some of you may sense this and others may just assume it and use your imagination. What we want is communication through this beam; through this connection,  from the place of your records into the place where you normally live; your body, and your world. They feel like codes, frequencies, communications, nothing.

Be expanded. Be true to your core frequency. Feel clear.

Q:  I want to ask you are the E. T.s coming to the Earth?

 A:  The E.T.s are coming.  Many of them are already here, and they look like you.  [laughter]  They’re not going to come to the ordinary people, because the ordinary people aren’t ready, but they will come more and more to groups who are ready to see them, and to experience them.  They don’t need to be seen.  You can connect to them more in consciousness.  The involvement of the E.T.s and the inner-Earth beings is greater now than it has been in a long time, but they’re smarter than to show themselves too much. They have figured out that as soon as they show many of themselves, the governments of the world will have an excuse to become more controlling.  It is not a good thing for governments to have excuses for more military, more laws, more control.  The E.T.s will come interdimensionally; they’ll come to groups who are ready, but they have changed their plans.  There’s not going to be mass landings, because it would actually hurt humanity’s path right now, because your governments are too afraid, and there would be too much darkness created by it.  That is not the E.T.s’ intention, so they will find other ways to be of service. 

 Q:  So Obama is not going to do work with them?

 A:  He already does, but he doesn’t think it’s an E.T.  [laughter]  He actually has quite a strong spirit guide, but he doesn’t think it’s a spirit guide, either.  You know, this is one part of his African roots that is important:  He feels the Earth more than if there was another African-American president who’d been away from Africa for generations and lost their touch, but he is only one generation removed from the land, and so he has a sense of Earth connection that colors everything he does, but he wouldn’t necessarily know where it comes from.

10 Steps/Guidelines for Channeling

Jonette CrowleyBy Jonette Crowley

 Copyright 2010 Jonette Crowley

 Jonette Crowley is an internationally known channel of White Eagle and Mark – both are high Masters from the White Brotherhood.  She has been channeling since the late 1980’s and has taught hundreds of people how to connect with their own guidance.  She gives talks and private readings with White Eagle.  She teaches regular courses in being a multi-dimensional human with her guide Mark.  For more information go to

 In order to encourage you and support you in strengthening your own guidance Jonette is providing these steps/guidelines for channeling.  There is so much more that can be said, but this can begin to help you along your way.

 Jonette is author of The Eagle and The Condor: A True Story of An Unexpected Mystical

1.  Create an Inner “Meeting Space”

Create a neutral, beautiful, clear and high vibrational meeting place in your mind/imagination in which to invite your guide(s) or highest self.  In the beginning it may be easiest to do this at a regular time and place in your day.

2.  Call in Your Guidance

Relax in this space until you feel aligned with its high energy field.  With intention call your highest and best guide (or aspect of your highest self) into this meeting place.  Ask that it makes its presence strong enough that you can “see” or otherwise sense it easily.

3.  Feel/Sense the Connection

Gently wait, without trying too hard, for an energy shift, a sense or an inner vision that indicates your guidance has entered the space.  Remember the feelings may be very subtle and you may feel that “it is just my imagination”, or “I am making it up”.  Your guidance will generally communicate to you through your random thoughts and flashes of pictures, in your own voice.  Be open and patient.  Play and trust.  Struggle and self-doubt will take you out of the high space you have established.  Guides often feel light with a good sense of humor. 

4.  Learn More About Your Guidance

When you do sense something ask it to come closer, connect more, get stronger.  Notice what you feel.  Do you feel expanded?  Open hearted?  A warm sense of reconnection?  Goosebumps?  Lighter?  Smiling?  With open minded curiosity observe/examine this being.  Remember it may be a separate entity, or a higher aspect of your greater self.  Neither matters because ultimately we are all one.  Ask inner questions.  Does it feel male?  Female?  Does it matter?  (Not all guides have a gender.)  What is its nature?  Is it angelic?   An earth/nature spirit?  Galactic/ET?  Part of you?  A Native or ancient Wise One?  Another kind of helping being?  What is its purpose working with you?  Have you known/worked with this guide before?  If more than one guide shows up, ask to work with the best communicator.

 5.  Is It The Highest and Best?

Once you’ve established a sense of connection test that it is the highest and best guide for you at this time.  Simply ask the question telepathically.  Feel/sense/listen:  is the answer yes or no?  Does the presence stay strong or shrink with this question?  Because you’ve established a high vibrational meeting place only the Truth can be communicated.  No being can lie to you here.  If the answer is no, thank this entity and go back to step 2.  (Sometimes the beings are testing you.)

 6.  Guide’s Name or Identifier

Ask the entity what its name is, or in what way you can identify it.  Sometimes no name pops in but you see a color, or sense a tickle or other sensation in your body.  That is its identifier to you.  If you just hear a sound or a part of a word, play with it until it feels like the right one for now.  Note:  You can’t get the wrong name.  Guides are energy fields and they don’t really have names.  It is as if you and it jointly agree to call it something.  Consider it a nickname established for comfort and convenience.  Don’t doubt or worry too much about this step.  If you don’t get anything simple, ask, “Can I call you ‘High Guide’ for now?”  Sense if you get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response.

7.  Gate Keeper Guide

I strongly advocate establishing this highest and best guide as your ‘Gate Keeper’.  White Eagle is my Gate Keeper, my main man.  No random entity, or passed-over-spirit can come to me except through White Eagle’s agreement and his high energy field.  This establishes strong, safe borders between you and the spirit world.  It prevents spirits from using you just because you’re open.  A Gate Keeper will keep you from dropping into a trance or open space when it isn’t safe or appropriate.  Ask the guide that you have established contact with, “Will you please be my Gate Keeper?”  Wait until you sense a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.  If it is ‘no’, thank the guide and state clearly that you are seeking the highest and best guide who can also be your Gate Keeper for now.  Go back to step 2.

 I have only channeled 2 other energies.  Mark, a cosmic being who has never been on Earth, and Ashtatara, the Queen of Atlantis.  Both came in while or immediately after I channeled White Eagle.  When I teach a channeling class, or when you follow these guidelines, White Eagle also serves as your Gate Keeper…until you establish your own.  Use this Gate Keeper.  You tell it how you want it to work with you and keep you safe.

8.  Dialogue

Now start asking easy, perhaps yes/no questions and listening or feeling the answers.  Once this is going well move to questions with more complex answers.  Wait, sense the answers.  Often the answers will come in a flash of a picture, an association, a sudden remembering of something you’ve read.  Very rarely will the answer be a clear voice in your head.  Asking clear, concrete questions is the key.  The answers may come later. 

 9.  Multiple Guides or No Clear Guide

–         If several guides come in acknowledge them, ask them what their roles are but establish the strongest or best communicator as your key, Gate Keeper guide.  Not all guides are good talkers.  Some may be there just to heal you or love you.

–         If you don’t get a clear sense of a guide act as if you did, or address your questions to God or the Universe.  Everyone has access to guidance or wisdom even if you don’t find you can channel.

–         Changing of the guard:  Sometimes you will first get a ‘training guide’.  This is a guide whose energy fits you better in the beginning.  Their job is to prepare your physical body and energy field for a higher guide later.  My first guide was Red Feather.  He prepared me to hold the hugeness of White Eagle.  Both Red Feather and White Eagle are there to help you.  Feel free to call on them – they’ve done a great job for me.

–         Keep practicing and trusting.  Remember, this is all part of a bigger path of spiritual growth.

10.  Your Responsibility

–         You are always in charge.  These beings are guides, not directors or leaders of your life.  Do not make them into gods.  Do not give your power away.  They will always be there when you ask but they should not be running your life.  Ultimately the goal is for them to teach you how to find the love, wisdom and guidance on your own so you won’t need to rely on them.  Channeling is only a stepping-stone to not needing to channel.

–         Be careful giving others unsolicited guidance or messages.  Generally people do not want to hear what you have to say unless they’ve asked you.  The way I work with White Eagle is that he never tells things unless he is asked.  That way the person receiving the ‘reading’ is actively participating in the knowledge transfer.  They want to know the answers.

If this is helpful please let me know on Facebook or email  If I get good response I will consider creating a professionally produced video class on DVD: “The Channeling Course”.  What do you think?  Please feel free to share this with friends or use it in your own newsletters, however always keep my copyright, website and phone number.  Copyright 2010 Jonette Crowley,,


Channeling isn’t new, nor just “New Age”.

At his trial, Socrates spoke of a guide or ‘sign’ who talks to him.

“A surprising thing has happened to me, judges…at all previous times my usual mantic ‘sign’ frequently opposes me, even in small matters, when I was about to wrong…In other talks it often held me back in the middle of speaking.”

Carl Jung had a spirit guide with wings called Philemon who was a source of information.

“Philemon represented a force which was not myself. In my fantasies I held conversations with him, and he said things which I had not consciously thought.”*

Kahlil Gibran, the author of The Prophet, channeled most of his work. His book Jesus the Son of Man was a series of ‘channeled’ reports from people who actually knew Jesus. Gibran would go into a trance like state and dictate interviews from unseen spirits.

For years, Napoleon Hill author of Think and Grow Rich visualized nine famous men from the past sitting around a table as his “advisers.” These nine men were Ralph W. Emerson, Thomas Paine, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Burbank, Napoleon Bonaparte, Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie.

“Every night… I held an imaginary council meeting with this group whom I called my ‘Invisible Counselors’. In these imaginary council meetings I called on my cabinet members for the knowledge I wished each to contribute, addressing myself to each member… they have led me into glorious paths of adventure … [and] I have been miraculously guided past [scores] of difficulties….I now go to my imaginary counselors with every difficult problem which confronts me and my clients. The results are often astonishing.”

*1 This and the information on Socrates are from a wonderful book called “Punk Science” byDr. Manjir Samanat-Laughton

*2  Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone, Success through a Positive Mental Attitude (Pocket Books, 1977), p. 44. Napoleon Hill, Grow Rich with Peace of Mind (Fawcett Crest, 1967), pp. 215-19, 159)