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I listened to the souls fusion 1 on the archives with world puja.  the first session i felt great flow in my body which reached and lit up parts of me  was almost like i never felt them befor  i also felt what seemed like a larger self of me perfectly overlapping my body   –

The seconnd blast  i felt that one person took my right hand and another took my left and there was a huge circle created, but also that alot of fear was shifted with specific visualisations  – i tried to just acknowledge the movement of them.   am very exhausted but peaceful right now  and please include me in your thoughts for the August 17 session as i am unable to make it (on the day at least – world puja will help out with that post event).  it falls just after the lunar eclispse so the veils will be even thinner and all worlds accessible. 
a warm smile from all of me to all of you for your work  and for the joy of jonettes  book – which i just finished.

Good morning and thank you for the first fusion experience over the airwaves. It works! Your grand experiment works! The process began in tears,as if I were experiencing someone/something lost to me. Work was done on my nose and throat so that openings and space were created. I felt as if I could breathe and that the tears and energy washed away stuff clogging my throat. I remember my hands tingling.  My shoulders relaxed which was bliss. Later as the energy moved down my legs, more effort was placed on the right leg and knee so I attempted to move the energy over to include my left leg too. At that point I was admonished to let it happen and give up the need to control the process. I was also shown the importance of surrender and reminded that I had yet to fully surrender even in bed. Surrender and control as my issues……I had my doubts about that until this morning. Also, a song played in my head over and over. The words were “please come to Denver”. (I know the tune,just not the rest of the words.) Interesting because I have been drawn to Denver,but afraid to take the leap and move. So then I became lost in trying to decide if coming to Denver was for your workshop, a visit or relocation. Sometimes I think the guides have given me little things to distract me, just  so I do not interfere with their work.
The second session allows me to shut my eyes and see/feel a pillar of light in and around me. I feel “I am” in my body at least the top half that sits upon the chair. During the second session I was receiving the idea to email you. What a surprise to hear that from you at the end.
The angel cards predicted healing and forgiveness today also suggesting gratitude. THANK YOU!

I felt the energy first at my feet that raised and stopped at my base
chakra- then was aware of energy pouring into my hands that went to the top
of my shoulders and then stopped there.  The energy  at the base went up the
back of my spine, joined the energy from my shoulders and when it came to my
heart chakra – I gave several deep breaths – the energy then moving up to my
throat/head.  Interesting my mind was telling me this was a load of Cxxp!!

I then felt the energy again raising this time up the front of my body and
again into my heart ( expansive breaths) and washed around my head for quite
a while then into my aura.

From this – and my body was internally trembling (like the sensation after
you have a shock and are recovering from this)

The second 10 minutes

I dont remember much except i decided to join you in this high space.  I saw
you, but i was hanging on to a rope above you swinging back and forth.
You asked me whether i wanted to really do this (as the swinging was my
undecidedness).  You challenged me with my fear of change, as this soul
fusion meant i would change.  I decided my desire was truly for my higher
self to embody my physical self, and I would accept whatever changes came my
way and believe they could only ever be for my best.  The rope then came
down and i was on the ground with you.

initially, i felt a subtle flow of tingling energy through my body, starting at the head, then quickly & easily going down through my feet…no obstracles. then just sitting there…thoughts going on…then in a few more minutes a more substantial energy began in the head, more viscous, went slowly down the body, stopping briefly at the hips, then continuing on through the feet…
the 2nd part…the energy still in body, tingling…felt a pressure on head, then on hands, then on feet…like a force of gravity. then the body felt light with litle prickly feelings in both arms…with lesser prickly in feet.
it was expansive…that’s it.