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Israel tour with Jonette Crowley

Ceremony at the Goddess archeological site of Megiddo, May 6, 2015 

Channeling from the Atlantean Goddess: Ashtatara

JC with Palm treejpegWe call in the Goddess as we begin our journey— bringing in the Divine Feminine.  I channeled recently that until the Divine Feminine stands strong, the Divine Masculine has no counterpart.  Without the divine Feminine standing strong, the default of the Divine Masculine, instead of support (his normal role), is survival.  And so we have seen thousands of years where the masculine, in default, had been operating in survival, conflict and competition.

So no matter what our gender, we first must bring the Divine Feminine power back— the Divine Mother Earth, the Mother Stars… leaving room for the Divine Masculine to match her power.  Our entire journey in Israel is part of the balancing.  One of the reasons there is conflict here and throughout the world is that there isn’t the balance between stars and Earth; between male and female; or between Masculine and Feminine energies— beyond male and female.

Scenery Ashtatara is waiting here to come in. (Ashtatara is a goddess/queen of Atlantis. She held the ‘Grail Codes’ that she released to Jonette and a group in Malta in 2007.  These codes or energies became the basis of the DNA activations that led to Soul Body Fusion®. She is a powerful being, whose very presence touches people. Jonette channels her from time to time… always on Ashtatara’s terms.)


Channeling  Ashtatara:

Golden Flame“Beloved Ones, welcome to the womb of the Goddess, the birthplace of humankind.  Welcome to the birthplace of you, rebirthing you in balance and in light.  Welcome to the Codes of Life that are waiting.  Welcome to the fire of transmutation, the fire of transfiguration, the fire of alchemy —that which is lead —leaden and heavy, transmuting to that which is golden.  Begin to see within yourselves the Golden Truth, the Golden Flame.  As you find that resonance, you will find the energies of the Golden Tablets on our journey.  You will find the hidden Gold in the hearts of mankind and in your heart.  So find now the golden light of your essence within you.  Let it be supported by the Mother Goddess.”  

“When the resonant field within you begins to build, your heart becomes a Golden Disc.  Each of you has codes inscribed upon that disc that are your unique patterns, your unique soul-song. Feel now the clarity of your codes, your song.”  

“Feel the vibration shift in your solar plexus, quickening you, lifting you to a higher resonant field.  It may be uncomfortable.  Lift into this quickening.  Be settled strongly on Mother Earth, feeling support and connection from the stones upon which you sit.  The quickening that you feel is not individual.  It begins to vibrate as a chorus with each other and with the stones.  Begin to be lifted now in the chorus of the quickening of light.  (pause)  You will know you have reached the intended level of this intended harmony, this new found grace of higher, more complex, frequencies because the entire field— the disc within you and the disc of this entire group begins to sprout wings and becomes the winged disc.  Feel that now.  The Winged Disc is about resurrection of the Christ within.  Feel every part of the energy field and your unique codes, the feathers on the wings, feel everything now.”  

“It is this higher level of truth that is to be your base for the flights that we will take together on this journey.  I— Ashtatara— am your guide.  I stand for all Goddesses and Gods. Beyond the polarity there is just goodness. I ask as you move through this site to pick up a stone and infuse it with your energies and then put it back down somewhere on this site.  You are welcomed!  Shalom.”

Jonette:  And so our journey begins already on a high level of light, already on a high level of frequencies dancing together.  The winged disc is an ancient symbol of a major initiation in the mystery schools.  Welcome.

Golden wings

The mysteries are the mysteries only because they are unknown, not because they are unknowable.  We open up our knowing by letting go of what we think we know.  We walk as holy pilgrims in this holy land, reflecting back the divinity and grace that this land has given birth to, asking for Peace to be seen here again.  Peace has never left this land, it has been covered over.  Our job is to find that peace— first within ourselves, with our own unique codes. Then vibrate it collectively so peace can be programmed in the crystals here.  It is important that we remember that we are uncovering peace, not bringing it, not creating it anew— simply uncovering it. In our cells as well, we uncover it.  In your own way feel the Gods and Goddesses welcome you and welcome us.  Feel the doors open and feel the softness of our welcome.  Tenderness and innocence are the lost keys of grace; striving, struggling are not the keys of grace.  So let us walk in tenderness and innocence.  Kadoish, kadoish.  Adonai Saybayoth.

Transcribed by Jarla Ahlers 5/29/15

CopyRight 2015

Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,  

Recordings now available

(Note: This was recorded in Denver, Colorado on March 20th, 21st & 22nd, During the Energies of the Equinox and Solar Eclipse.)

Making the Most of Your Life NOW!

I now know how magnificent the Universe and we all are. 

Betina1This is a time of Mastery. The energies of 2015 support creation and true personal transformation. We are supported by the cosmos to move into our power as Creators — designing our life free from the limitations of the collective and our own past. You will experience an Initiation that opens the newest Solar Codes within your DNA. From this your own Spiritual Illumination will be heightened. A Soul Body Fusion® will align you with your full power and destiny as you journey to understand your Soul’s priorities for you. To purchase the audio download of Making the Most of Your Life NOW, click here.

In the Making the Most of Your Life Now course you will:

  • Experience a Soul Body Fusion®
  • Discover the Map of Awakening
  • Experience a Shamanic Journey to your soul

Here is what a few people said about the workshop:

Was a great experience to answer the questions and discover the difference between myself and my soul’s answers. I experienced my development and then I can travel more easily in the higher dimensions.

Be ready to expand, find more love and peace within and all around!

Very uplifting and expanding courses with high-energy. It set me free in so many ways. Thank you.

The Space Beyond…

‘MARK’ channelled by Jonette

The meditations and channelings from Mark are so clarifying. I feel that I’m back on the right road! 

This weekend workshop recording easily takes you to experience Quantum Consciousness — the zero point of all unmanifest potential. From here your awareness is beyond duality and all choices become possible— irrespective of the past. Non-sequential quantum leaps in your skills, abilities and vision spring into reality from these higher spaces. You become integrated with the vast field of quantum potential which then guides your growth through intuition and synchronicity. Alt_image

You will play with changing time lines, ‘quantum jumping,’ enter the ‘Dreamtime’ world and experience the incredible world of multiple simultaneous realities. Grow faster by beginning from where you want to be, not starting from where you are now. Dream big and know that the Universe supports your Mastery. MARK takes you to the edge of structured consciousness and beyond. To purchase the audio download of the Space Beyond, click here.

In the Space Beyond course you will:

  • Experience Quantum Reality and Divine Neutrality
  • Learn more about the Multidimensional You
  • Connect to Venus through a guided mediation

Here are a few more testimonials:

You and Mark truly know how to open the right “doors” and together, it feels safe to go through. The last few years I have had the same visions over and over in meditations and travels, showing me that I stand in the front and inspire others to find their path. And I have ignored it. But never has it been as clear to me as it was this weekend. It overwhelmed me!  To find out that “My planet / My home” is a holy place even to Venus. Can that really be true?  It feels too big and at the same time a blessing. Thank You.  

I received tools to connect to the higher dimensions, to use and access through my heart. I felt changes in my thinking, feelings and body. I received confirmation of me as a Master!

Three days in heaven! I found my way now. My tinnitus has been with me for more than 20 years and now I have experienced during the workshop that it has left my body. Thanks for three wonderful days in your light.

The Mark course has lifted my energy level in a way that makes me more confident and trusting to work spiritually in my life I am very grateful.

It has been another fantastic weekend! Working with higher dimensions gives me an inner freedom. I feel more alive and in tune with myself and my life purpose. I have let go of fears and belief systems that I haven’t been able to reach with other techniques. I’m so joyful!

This workshop allowed me to step into the space that you create with Mark, which really helps me to stay on track in my life and gradually lifts me up. What a power!

Simply amazing how much you can grow and heal in just one weekend!

To purchase audio download of the whole weekend, click here. To purchase the audio download of Making the Most of Your Life NOW, click here.  To purchase the audio download of the Space Beyond, click here.  If you are interested in the CD set, please visit the store at for more information.

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Jonette in PolandJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

Danish nurse and Soul Body Fusion® practitioner volunteers at an Ebola clinic.

Follow her story, share it with others

Guest Blog by Tine Dideriksen

(The blog is taken from emails from Tine to Jonette)

Tine Final 1I have left Sierra Leone and have returned home. Actually I returned home while being in Sierra Leone. Home to my soul. I have found a deep connection and understanding for my spirit and my life. I am not sure what precisely happened in Africa, I just know I found my way home. I have changed both in the way I think and the way I handle things. People around me say I seem grounded and at peace. And powerful in a quiet way. My way, I guess. My spirit and I. I now know, that my mission there had more than one purpose. To follow a dream, to do important work as a nurse, to be a spiritual guide (I did Soul Body Fusion® while telling about it, not just by intention without asking, and it made me feel proud and happy.) I made a difference for the patients and I have never seen so much spirit, light and sparkles. Even though most of them were dying, I truly believe the Soul Body Fusion® made a difference for them and made their passing light and filled with love.

Tine Final 3On the last day we visited the third burial site of Port Loko. The first two only have graves, but no inscription of any kind. This one was different. Every grave had a small plaque with name and date of death. It was placed in a peaceful countryside. The energy there was heavy but not sad. I felt ringing in my ears and as if my body was floating around. The silence was deep. I instantly and without considering, did a Soul Body Fusion® on the entire place and for every person there. To help them find peace. I saw light and love around me. My colleagues were crying and talking about how unfair the world is. I did not feel it in that way. Ebola is a terrible disease with  horrible consequences for the people who get sick and/or their families. But what struck me most while being in Sierra Leone, was the connection of love, that ties everyone together. Tine Final 2The people help each other, no one is alone, and even if they have little, they always share. Of course it made me sad to see so many patients die and to see the sadness. But the love and affection was always more clear to me. As if the universe was trying to say: even in hardship you can choose to seek and find love. Because love is everywhere and never lost. The true heroes are the Sierra Leonens who fight every day and risk their lives to keep their fellow countrymen safe. That is an aspect of love, that is so touching and beautiful and that will always make me shed a tear. I am sure that love is what will make Sierra Leone and everyone involved with Ebola come around. Stronger and happier.

(CopyRight 2015

Danish nurse and Soul Body Fusion® practitioner volunteers at an Ebola clinic.

Follow her story, share it with others

Guest Blog by Tine Dideriksen

(The blog is taken from emails from Tine to Jonette)

I am off for a night shift today, which means, I have time now, to sit down, think and write. So much has happened. Mostly inside myself. In my last email, I wrote that I was at peace. I still am. After letting go of fear and deciding to give in and let my soul take the lead, beautiful things happened around me.  Here my soul does not whisper. My soul speaks loud and clear.

Tine1In the Ebola Treatment Center a boy was admitted 14 days ago. No one thought he would live. I stood by his bed every day doing SBF and praying for him. He nearly died. I stood there and saw his energy fade away. I prayed his soul would do what was right for him. Then the next day he woke up. Started to eat and drink. Slowly recovering. Four days ago we discharged him. Well! He has no one left. His entire family died in our ETC. I just know he is meant for something huge here. Perhaps a new Mandela?! While looking into his eyes I saw a glimpse of his soul. It nearly took my breath away. He is a miracle.

A pink butterfly just landed here next to me. I will send the picture of it to you. I think the universe just sent me love.

I thank my soul for this. I am falling in love with life and myself.

(CopyRight 2015

These workshops are now to take advantage of the energies of the Equinox and total Solar Eclipse on March 20th

    2015 is known as ‘The Year of Manifestation.’ It has been decades since the potential for physical manifestation has been as strong as it is NOW!

Friday, March 20: Making the Most of Your Life NOW! 

Click here to register. Click here to order audio. Click here to order Live-Stream.

We are ready and supported by the cosmos to move into our power as Creators — designing our life free from the limitations of the collective and our own past. We are asked to make the most of our life NOW!

UntitledJonette will use her gifts as an Oracle, her skills as a shaman, and her cosmic knowledge as a Kumara to bring through an Initiation that opens the newest Solar Codes within your DNA. From this your own Spiritual Illumination will be heightened and we can address the fear, anger, grief and victimhood consciousness that has kept us all small.

This 1-day course will include Soul Body Fusion® in order to align you with your Soul’s power and destiny. You will journey with your Soul to understand your Soul’s priorities for the next year.

This power packed 1-day workshop is brand new. As always, it will flow spontaneously depending on the energies that are available and the specific needs of the participants. Our time together will bring you to know more clearly the next steps in manifesting your potential.

We will do this through:

  • an Initiation,
  • energetic DNA activation,
  • Soul Body Fusion®
  • a guided soul journey,
  • ‘channeled’ meditations and exercises,
  • all using the field of Quantum Consciousness and the higher dimensions

Saturday & Sunday, March 21 & 22: The Space Beyond… 

Using Multi-Dimensional Awareness to Claim Your Mastery

Channeled from ‘MARK’ 

Click here to register. Click here to order audio. Click here to order Live-Stream.

“For the most rapid breakthroughs, focus not on your limitations but on The Space Beyond.” Jonette

This is a time of Mastery. The energies of 2015 support creation, manifestation and true personal transformation.

Alt_imageJonette, channeling MARK leads a weekend workshop that easily takes you to experience Quantum Consciousness — the zero point of all unmanifest potential, known as the 8th Dimension. From here your awareness is beyond duality and all choices become possible— irrespective of the past. Non-sequential quantum leaps in your skills, abilities and vision spring into reality from these higher spaces. You become integrated with the vast field of quantum potential which then guides your growth through intuition and synchronicity.

For the first time in a weekend workshop MARK introduces the 9th Dimension —the incredible world of multiple simultaneous realities. We will play with changing time lines, practice ‘quantum jumping’ and enter the ‘Dreamtime’ world known to Aboriginals and shaman.

The premise of our weekend is that we can grow faster by beginning from where we want to be, not starting from where we are now. We then work backward to lift our current self to this expanded state of awareness. From this space you will be able to have knowledge from the greater cosmos answering questions such as:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What is my Soul’s mission?

More than that, you will experience the bliss beyond those questions, and indeed beyond all words and need of explanation. These quantum fields are so powerful that they can at first only be accessed in a group. We will use the potent group energy to engage in processes that unmask your Divinity. It is time we stand strong as Illuminated beings. This weekend is for those who want to dream big and know that the Universe supports your Mastery. You are alive now because you have been called to be part of the bridging of humanity into the next realms of Light. You may have felt in the past that you didn’t really belong. Now we have the opportunity to create the world we’ve been waiting for!

We never know what this weekend will bring as it is unscripted, using the energies available at the moment and making the most of the needs and abilities of those who attend. No matter what your experience is, MARK takes you to the edge of structured consciousness and beyond!

We encourage all participants to attend both courses if possible. 

Click here to register for BOTH workshops.

NOTE: We will be LIVE-STREAMING this event! We will broadcast the AUDIO live from Denver, Colorado on March 20th, 21 & 22, during the Energies of the Equinox and Solar Eclipse.  This is perfect if you couldn’t attend the workshop live but still want to listen via computer LIVE!  Click here for details.

PLUS, we will have the CD’s and audio downloads of this 3-Day Course available for purchase shortly after the event.  Pre-order yours today!  Click here for more information.

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untitled-6132 26Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,  

Greeting from Europe!  Magic is everywhere!  The response to the Introduction to Modern Shamanism Class and the Soul Body Fusion Workshops  in Germany and Denmark has been just incredible!   There is still time to join us here in Oslo, Norway and I look forward to the wonders that await us.

A recent email that I received from Marjolein in Holland illustrates that wonder and magic are indeed everywhere!  This is an amazing story of premonition that involves Malta’s underground Hypogeum Temple and my book Soul Body Fusion. Enjoy the magic. It will leave you with goosebumps!

            “I am a woman from Holland. I have a special story for you. Last February I made a drawing. I ‘saw’ the picture in my head. That’s the way I always paint my drawings/paintings. This time I saw a kind of ‘home’ in a rock or cave. I painted the picture that was in my head.

In March, I was in a bookstore and your book was flirting with me. But when I read the short writing on the back, I thought, ‘no’ this is a book is another healing method, and I know a lot of them. So I let it be. After that, a friend of mine suggested the book as exactly something for me. I, again decided to let it go.

A week later, an online bookshop e-mailed me that a new book was selected for me, and again, your book came along. This time, three times in a row, I decided to buy it.

On a rainy Sunday I began reading your book. I was moved by the first page, so I read on. Just following your journey and story how you came to do Soul Body Fusion. In chapter 3, I was shocked when I saw the photo of the Hypogeum at Malta! It was exactly the picture I had seen in my head and painted earlier! I didn’t believe it. ‘Is it true?’

So I searched for the painting. I was shocked. THE SAME!!

I threw the book on the ground. I looked at my painting. It wasn’t the ‘cave’ I thought it was… it was an EXACT copy of the photo of the Hypogeum!

I began reading at the beginning again, asking myself ‘What was the meaning of this?  Should I go to Malta? Should I do Soul Body Fusion?’

Your words from the Goddess were present energetically when I read them. The meaning of the junk DNA is something I was thinking about… so everything you were writing was resonating with me. But the feeling I had when I turned the page and saw the Hypogeum….. shocking! I know that heaven can talk to you in this language. But this was so clear!

I am reading the book again, and doing the Soul Body Fusion. Although I have done a lot of energetic work, I feel what was happening. So, I am very enthusiastic about the Fusion too. Thanks!  But the most magical thing is my drawing and the picture in the book!”

Are you ready to be truly amazed by how the Universe communicates?

Take a look at the photo of the Hypogeum in Malta,

and Marjolein’s painting that she had done months before seeing the photo in my Soul Body Fusion book.

 It shocked me so I gasped, startling Ed, who was driving us to the airport for our recent spiritual adventure trip to Romania. ‘Smoke’ seemed to be billowing around in front of me. “Oh my god, the car must be on fire,” I thought. Only thing is, after 3 seconds the white mist disappeared as suddenly as it appeared….and… it didn’t smell like smoke.

“That was weird,” I told Ed. “I can still taste it.” Ed didn’t see it, but Ev, our friend in the back seat, admitted to seeing the ‘smoke’ out of the corner of her eye.

“So what just happened?” I pondered. I kidded that “If I die suddenly, it was the mysterious white mist,” though it didn’t feel like a foreign spirit or energy.

Later, while leading a Soul Body Fusion Teacher’s Certification course in Sweden, I asked the class if anyone had any idea what the white vapor could have been. “Ectoplasm,” was the immediate response. “Isn’t ectoplasm the green slime in Ghost Busters?” I mused. But the answer seemed intuitively correct.

Wikipedia says that ectoplasm is a white substance — gelatinous, stringy or vaporous — that sometimes emanates from mediums during trance. It comes out of their mouth, nose, ears, or skin… especially in the chest or solar plexus area. It disappears quickly when exposed to light.

Bingo. The white vapor was swirling in front of my chest. It disappeared quickly. And, I could ‘taste’ it. But… I wasn’t in a trance, channeling or even thinking of spiritual things when it happened.

It is still a mystery to me. White Eagle explained that ectoplasm is a materialization between this world and other dimensions. In April, Mark channeled that one of our next advanced steps would be the process of manifesting beings — real creation. The Buddhists call such beings ‘Yidams.’ Mark used a popular word, we would be practicing with creating our own ‘avatar.’

In the Keystone Dialogues, channeled from Mark in July, he led us in a meditation to create a ‘Blue Being Avatar.’

Perhaps the appearance of this ectoplasm is reminding me that we are creators and we do have the ability to manifest into this physical world. I will certainly keep you posted on this new phenomena!

It had been a hard night, as all of us were cold and wet from our long hike. Most slept crammed into a bunk room with 30 other hikers. I slept poorly, experiencing a dream vision that lasers from a massive American military vehicle were pointed at my head, causing pain and strange sensations that seemed to be scrambling my brain. In the dream I tried to hide behind boulders to stay away from the destructive laser beams. The feeling that I had been ‘messed with’ was with me for weeks. It seems that my concentration and memory were affected.

It was clear to me that the dream vision was about frequencies being beamed from a huge, rather sinister looking, red and white antennae that was positioned on a peak not far from our hut and the Romanian Sphinx. (This photo doesn’t indicate how massive the antennae is.)

Others in the group felt negative energies, that they also assumed was from the tower. A small group of us did what energy work we could to try to mute the harmful frequencies.

We meditated in the bunk room of the hut, high atop one of Romania’s sacred mountains, asking White Eagle what our spiritual tasks were for that day. Following his channeled guidance, we began with a meditation to bring the 12 Solar Discs of Illumination into this reality.

Then we hiked to a nearby peak where the ancient Dacian people built altars of white rocks to honor the Divine and the nature spirits. We constructed a 5-pointed star, connecting with Venus; and updated the 6-pointed star…the sign of the Great White Brotherhood…that I had made there on a visit two years before. It was a movement of energies between heaven and earth as well as a rededication to the principals of the Goddess.

During our early morning channeling in the bunk room, I asked White Eagle how we would know if we were doing the work that was needed of us. “Nature will give you a sign,” was his reply. Through the cold, and rain and mist we didn’t so much as see a bird to let us know we were on the right track. Speaking of being on the right track, as you can see from the photos, the fog could easily swallow us up as we walked on rocky tracks, traversing high mountain peaks. More than one time I was grateful that Cosmin, our guide, had suggested that we each bring a whistle. Several times the whistles signaling to each other was the only way we knew where others of the group were, as they were all but invisible in the clouds.

Years ago, young Cosmin first told me of the legends of a huge cavern buried under this mountain…the mountain itself marked by a sphinx. According to Radu Cinamar, a journalist who was allowed to visit this rediscovered secret, the complex had 3 tunnels — to Egypt, Tibet and the inner Earth, and a ‘projection room’ containing ancient high technology and holographic records some 50,000 years old. All of it now a top secret facility operated jointly between the U.S. and Romanian military. (Hence the nasty-feeling transmitting tower nearby.)*

At that time I was unable to physically travel to the mountain, so instead, with Cosmin’s assistance,  I did a shamanic, inner journey into the top secret facility. Using my inner site, I met with a group of goddesses who seemed able to bring light and lightning to clear the negative energies I noticed in these underground tunnels and caves. On that journey, as a symbol that our mission had been accomplished and that I was protected in that underworld, a female white wolf journeyed with me. We emerged together from the cave. In my vision, shared also by Cosmin, the white wolf was always beside me, just to my left. Her presence through the years as a power animal to me has given me confidence that I am protected even when I enter hostile spiritual territory. (You can read about these stories in my Soul Body Fusion book.)

In this trip, Cosmin directed our group to a rock, below which he intuited was a ‘library crystal,’ a library that held information important to many stellar civilizations. At this crystal power place Nature did indeed give us the sign that we were accomplishing our spiritual mission. Nature couldn’t actually produce a white wolf, so She did the next best thing…. out of the fog appeared a large, white, female dog! I ask you, how ofter do you see pure white dogs anyway?

I jumped for joy as this was such a personal and clear signal that we were doing what needed to be done and that the Universe was taking notice and supporting our spiritual endeavors!

As 40 of us gathered in a circle at the Sphinx to clear the energies that were buried in the underground caverns below, our ‘white wolf’ took up her position. She put herself directly to my left, between Cosmin and me. This again was a striking confirmation  that we were well guided, protected and doing what the Universe was asking of us!

*For more information read “Transylvania Sunrise” by Radu Cinamar and Peter Moon, )

Part I:

Soul Body Fusion® and a War Veteran’s Post Traumatic Stress:

An Amazing Story of a Life Reclaimed


by Jonette Crowley copyright 2012,

“I’m told you can help me. I know things I shouldn’t know and I write a language I don’t understand.” So said the voicemail that enticed me to return the call to Anthony, a veteran of the U.S. Army’s Special Forces, an ex-POW (Prisoner of War).

“Two weeks ago I blacked out, lost three days, went back to memories of 1983 and woke up on the floor of a hospital room. I don’t know what is happening to me and hope you can help,” Anthony told me when I phoned him back.

“Come on over. We can talk and I’ll do a healing process on you –Soul Body Fusion. It will help you regain your balance,” I responded.

It was December 23rd when I picked Anthony up at the light rail station. A big guy, African-American, 47 years old with five kids and eleven grandchildren. My heart melted when he answered my questions with a crisp military “Yes, Ma’am.” I was both spell-bound and horrified by his story. “I joined the army at 17 and was put into a special program. Ever heard of MK Ultra? It’s a secret program using mind control and drugs to make us into super soldiers. I’ve always had special psychic gifts. I could look at a map and just know where the enemy was. I was a POW somewhere, can’t remember where or when, just remember being tortured. Now I have seizures every night, always waking up around 3am. My head hurts all the time. I’ve had to have unusual brain tumors removed. I feel like a broken arrow, unstable and confused. Pounding sounds get me agitated. I’m afraid to go out in case I get triggered with Post Traumatic Stress.”

He explained that he has at least five microchips implanted in him that sometime ‘go off’ and cause pain and other reactions. He is programmed and most of his memories are gone. Even in everyday life he easily forgets things. He feels physically and emotionally unbalanced, sometimes stumbling around. He feels the military still watches him and believes his phone is bugged. As I listened to his story I was impressed by his strength of character. He has every reason to be depressed, or an addict or alcoholic. He is none of these. In addition to what I call the military programming voices in his head, he can hear the voice of a higher being, or perhaps it is his higher self. He calls it ‘UR.’ Anthony was so grateful for my spiritual perspective on his extraordinary experiences. I guess the psychiatrists don’t help explain or affirm what he has been going through since he was a teenager in the Army. He keeps notebooks of the random things that come to him in the night: strange symbols and their meaning, complex geometric shapes, coordinates for a hidden ‘Golden City,’ a cure for some cancers…

After listening to Anthony for several hours I said, “OK, let’s do a Soul Body Fusion session on you. It will anchor your own higher frequencies of wholeness into your body and help you get stabilized and balanced.” I added, “My goal is to strengthen your own vibration enough that you render those controlling microchips ineffective.” The whole idea that our government has implanted soldiers with controlling chips without their knowledge is shocking to me. However, I searched the internet for MK Ultra and stories of such ‘Manchurian Candidate’ programmed killers and found lots of evidence and examples. This poor man. My heart went out to him and the cost he has been required to pay in his life.

“I trust you Ma’am. I know I was meant to meet you. Maybe this is why I felt compelled to move to Colorado from New Jersey last year,” he told me. “Aren’t you afraid of me?” he queried, almost as an after thought.

“Why should I be afraid of you?” Then I shared an insight with him. “I bet the drugs and torture have created multiple personalities. One of your personalities when it is triggered has probably done some very frightening things, especially in the military. You can’t remember the details but part of you knows that people should be afraid of you and what you can do.”

I pulled together two chairs and instructed Anthony to sit with his hands palms up. Following the Soul Body Fusion protocol, I placed my fingers on his and sat in silence. Both of us holding the intention of permanent healing, wholeness and spiritual fusion. “I feel so much light in my body,” he explained. A sweet smile broke over his face, the winter sun streamed in at an oblique angle that illuminated the side of his face. Looking at him glowing and relaxed brought such a feeling of deep joy to my heart. It was an infinite moment of beauty. “The light is like a sun, going into my cells,” he continued. “Now it’s doing something in my bones.” He stretched with the power of a bear waking up from hibernation. “I feel so much happening but I don’t have the words. I just want to sit here and enjoy the space.”

After a few more minutes of silence his head dropped down and he spoke in a deep, resonate tone: “I am UR. You are Kumara (he used my soul name in addressing me.) You are both exactly where you need to be.”

Anthony’s head lifted and he looked at me with intense eyes that weren’t his. I addressed UR. “Can you help Anthony and me do what we can to reverse war and hatred?”

“It’s happening,” UR responded. I felt as if I were gazing into the deep, wise eyes of a cosmic brother. He raised his palm to me, transmitting energy that I could feel pulsing in my heart. Tears streamed down my face.

We continued the Soul Body Fusion for another 10 minutes as Anthony described the sensations from his head down to his feet. When we were done he sat guzzling water and grinning. “I feel so completely different! I feel safe and unafraid. I think I’ll even go out tonight for our Christmas party! Usually I am withdrawn and keep to myself. I’ve been afraid because of the lights and noises.” I told Anthony about UR coming through and what he said. “Really?! I don’t remember that happening at all. Really?!” Anthony repeated, incredulously.

Anthony practically danced around the room. “I feel so balanced! I can’t even make myself become unstable. Everything is changed!” At that moment I felt that all the time and effort I’ve put into developing Soul Body Fusion and writing the book about it so readers can do this on themselves and others has been worth it! I literally watched a man’s life change before me…in just 20 minutes!

The Soul Body Fusion process calls for a second session a week later — which can be done remotely. So on December 29th I phoned Anthony to learn what had happened since our first Fusion. “You can’t believe it….or maybe you can. Everything is different! I’m not afraid! I don’t fear ‘them’ anymore. I’m so balanced I can even do upside down pushups against the wall! You should see me!” he laughed. “And some memories are coming back. I’m not forgetting day to day things. The headaches and noises in my head are gone. After 27 years of not sleeping, I’m sleeping through the night now. I stayed up talking to my wife about things that are coming back to me. I can feel UR tell me that everything is going to be OK. I just don’t have words to tell you what’s happening! It’s all good!! I’m ready to see what my gifts are and to do my special mission. I can’t thank you enough Miss Jonette.”

My face wasn’t big enough to hold my smile as I listened to Anthony’s experience. After hanging up I sat for 20 minutes and did a second Soul Body Fusion on him remotely, by intention. I can’t wait to call him in a week or so to see what else is changing after two Fusions.

I recently read your book  after I receved your three activations from yourSolstice show on World Puja.

    I did not catch your show live last Sunday, but did listen on Monday morning  from the archives to recieve the Soul-Body Fusion part 1.
    This was an absolutely amazing experience for me!  Thank you immensely for sharing with us at ths level!
   During the first ten minutes I experienced a crackling, sort of electrical energy in the back of my head, neck, and heart areas.  In the seceond ten minute portion, the electricity was in my legs.  Then my entire body felt as if it were filling up with LIGHT!!!  I felt so full of light that I am sure if someone would have cut me with a knife, that I would have bled light along with the blood! 
   Jonette, the book Eagle and the Condor was so personally empowering for me as well!  We are the ones we have been waiting for!   Bless you in all that you are, and the gifts you give to each one who comes into contact with you, even over the airwaves!  I would love to meet you sometime.