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“You fear to give because you might not receive back. You fear to receive because you might not give back.” – ‘MARK’

In the many thousands of years of your history you have put your awareness much more in the outside world and your trust in the outside world than within you; and so you are more comfortable giving— which happens outside, than receiving— which happens inside. In order to receive you must trust. You must powerfully stand in yourself in this moment, not greater than anything else, but certainly not less than anything else, but interconnected to all else. As you receive without pause, without objection or resistance, you move into a flow of manifestation that is extraordinarily magnetic; but you cannot receive in order to be magnetic, simply receive because you are.

clouds over DCThere has been a great cloud over humanity— the fear of receiving because of the fear of indebtedness. It was a stroke of evil to put receiving and indebtedness together. Receiving is as natural as breathing in the air but when you feel you are indebted and must pay for what you receive, the entire flow of this system is shut down. Right now your culture, your banking and financial systems reflect this. It is a system of indebtedness. It is a system of monetary slavery. The service in this Creation class will work with the energies of freedom, receiving without indebtedness, sending new vibrations radiating through the cosmos to unhook the cloud over humanity that have been getting progressively worse— the cloud of indebtedness.

The energies of Creation in Service unhook indebtedness that has become institutionalized in the world. There is no longer pure creation. There is no longer purity and innocence in giving and receiving. There is fear at every step of those transactions. You fear to give because you might not receive back. You fear to receive because you might not give back.

radiating clarity through earthWe would like you as a group (for this takes more than an individual) to imagine placing a network—a continuously radiating network of piercing clarity and truth through the Earth, her people, your institutions, your banks, your governments, the past and the future so that however fear has clouded Creation, however indebtedness has stopped flow; it is henceforth unsupported and replaced by clarity. Trust yourself. We are unhooking fear from the cycle of giving and receiving— Creation.

Don’t focus so much on the fear that you are erasing but the clarity and truth that you are emitting. Feel the group of helpers who are also transmitting this growing from thousands to millions… and not all of them are incarnated right now. Feel the swell of energy, truth, and piercing clarity replacing all the cloudiness that has occluded the flow.

By the way, this is helping to remove some of the underpinnings of greed and corruption, because they are based in the same level of fear of flow. So this is a cleansing vibration of great potency moving around the planet now.

Feel how supported you are because you are easily receiving. None of this is happening on your own—this is bringing receiving in service to the planet. Nothing is effortful, nothing is difficult. It simply lifts you to a new level of receiving and radiating so much goodness, so much support. With all this, feel triumphant— know yourself as endlessly triumphant!

In your personal life see fear being replaced by clarity and truth. Fear of abundance and fear of lack of abundance go away. Fear of giving, fear of receiving, fear of not deserving—doesn’t exist in the reality you are seeding now. Allow yourself to go to your life feeling the differences, toppling the fear, bringing in the clarity and the truth, asking for insights.

Feel yourself free from the bonds that are not you, or yours, or useful simply by being in this space of clarity, of flow, of truth.

Your part in initiating this process has been appreciated. You can leave the space knowing that the intention has been planted, that clarity and truth will lift the cloud that has kept true creation from the hearts and souls of humans—creation in service that is not oppressive but is magnificent. Remember what this space feels like and whenever you feel the world spinning a little out of control with greed and corruption, with unfairness and indebtedness, just send a blast of this energy out, knowing that it will be picked up and magnified by many, many others.

There is nothing in this world so dark or so entrenched that it cannot be changed by groups who hold intentions and high frequencies of Creation based on love, based on wisdom, and based on true power.

From Mark’s Creation in Service — Part 3, Class 1.  Click here to purchase ‘MARK’s Creation Series


Playing in the Unified Field 1 CDcoverJonette has been channeling ‘MARK’— a cosmic energy source who only exists in relationship to our need for knowledge, for nearly 30 years.  His teachings are extraordinary, experiential and always, always on the leading edge of expanded consciousness.   ‘MARK’ is so powerful that he can only be channeled with a group present.   Jonette channels a weekly ‘MARK’ course to followers worldwide.  Beginning in July 2016, the current course The 9th Dimension: Playing in the Unified Field -Part I- Multi-dimensional Awareness will be available via live video stream.

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Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her cosmic guide ‘Mark’ she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of  consciousness.

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A ‘MARK’ Meditation Channeled by Jonette Crowley

more love, less hateThe day after the nightclub shooting in Orlando we had our weekly ‘MARK’ class. The channeled meditation was a profound experience in being multi-dimensional and supporting humanity from this state. It was one of the most moving processes I’ve ever felt. We left with the innate knowledge that the world too shifted toward good. I share this channeled meditation with you as an experiment. I would love to know if you too can have a transcendent experience of expansion and service simply by reading these words. ‘MARK’ said that the space that was created is magnetic and perpetual. My hope is that you too can join the breakthrough in the greater opening of the crystalline grid of consciousness that surrounds all of us.

“Welcome Wonderful Ones! You have accomplished what you have accomplished because you are full of wonder. You question, you test, you observe, and you change. These are qualities that you take for granted because they are the qualities that have brought you here, but not all humans have these qualities in such wonderful measure.

There has been a tragedy, a terrorist attack in Florida. What happens when there are tragedies is that humans back away from wonderful and move into their bunkers of old beliefs, old racism, old fears. Our meditation journey is a journey of deliverance for your human brothers and sisters. It is a journey of healing for those who suffer from tragedy and terror and for those who suffer from fear and hatred.”

Breaking Through the grid


A Meditation from ‘MARK’

“Please put your wonderful attention into the grand crystalline grid of consciousness, the wisdom that surrounds the Earth. Notice that you are spreading out in all directions as if you’re becoming the grid, as if you’re becoming that embracing cloud around the entire Earth.

The qualities you feel are your own wonderfulness and the wonderfulness of all humanity, no matter how broken or afraid they are. So feel as if your heart, your love, has expanded to be as big as it needs to be; and it’s embracing collectively and individually all humans who’ve asked for help, all humans who seek higher ground.

Notice that without disturbing your peacefulness you are working collectively and individually. You may sense that part of your awareness, your multi-dimensional beingness is ministering in very individual, precise ways to thousands or hundreds of thousands of people.There is a beautiful, intimate sense of sharing. You are not so much fixing people or their fears as sharing your peacefulness, sharing your wonderfulness, your light.

spirit-mastersAs you hold open the place of sharing and ministering to your human family, the grid that you are opens up to those higher beings who can channel through the grid. They can channel through your compassion and your ministering to give even more amplitude, even more love to the service you are being. You are being service from yourself, and you are being channels from that which is so much beyond your scope.

Notice how multidimensional you are. Some of the people who are asking for your help, asking for a step up to their next level, or asking for comfort in times of sadness or fear or tragedy— are becoming stronger to you. It’s your tribe. You may find some are drawn closer to the magnetic space you are holding. Just love them and embrace them. Again, you can’t sense them individually except you know that they are individuals.

You can sense that the people are moving up in their frequency because there’s more energy released into the grid that you’re holding. Every time they let go of their lower spaces and move to these higher spaces, energy is released. Light becomes more abundant in this gridwork.

Do you notice that in your service you’re not giving advice? You’re simply sharing yourself in an intimate and open way and in that way offering solace, comfort, healing. Can you feel the field getting stronger and stronger? Wonderfulness and love are being generated.

What’s happening now is such a strengthening of this grid of help, ministering, and support that you will move past this time and space and helping in this particular tragedy, to the past where other wars and other tragedies and other cataclysms are somehow healed and supported also. You may have flashbacks of something else happening. Trust it as we move beyond time in this great way of service.

Let there be no limits to what you can touch functioning in this way—embracing, loving, connecting through all time with the help of this grid channeling from even higher beings, healing things that have been left unhealed throughout time.

You might notice that your awareness is growing. It has to grow as you take on this greater service. It gives back to you a greater you.

You’re not limited by the past or the present. This healing grid opening can also move to the future to heal and support tragedies, fear, calamities that have not happened yet in your timeline. Keep stretching. You’re doing great.

higher-frequencyObviously, so many more are doing this than just you. The space you’ve created is magnetic and beings from the past, high masters from the future and from the present, beings from other worlds are drawn into this funnel, into this vortex of support. Hearts open. War becomes disempowered. Feel this.

You might notice how many beings throughout past, present and future you’ve helped. They are now joining this grid. They’re joining this momentum. It’s so tender and so strong, so intimate. Again, the support is collective but it’s also individual. You are finding people in their darkest hour and shining light on them.

Please continue doing this for many more minutes because it’s building a permanent support system. So even in the future when you forget all about this, it is permanently, exponentially growing. You’re building it to be solid and operate through time.

Everything you’re giving, everything you’re transmitting is supporting you through time. It’s supporting you in all your past lives, you now, you in all your future lives. As you understand it, giving and receiving are exactly the same thing.

The momentum is getting very strong. We talked about the complicated energies here. It’s very complex but this is what you’ve been trained to be—multidimensionally aware—not drawn into any particular dimension but holding all dimensions simultaneously. Open your inner ears. You might feel tones. Hear many tones as if you could hear transformation taking place.

If you’re feeling a great deal of tension because so much is exploding everywhere, let your experience become softer now as if you’re relaxing into this space. It’s very much as if it’s a bottle of champagne that’s been shook up. We want it to settle down before we bring you all the way back so there’s no explosions here. There’s still the intensity but it softens as if the bubbles are settling back down.

Noticing how global you are, how cosmic, how magical your support and ministering and help has been. There’s a light here in this grid. It’s as if a beautiful glaze has come over the space you’re in, over you—a beautiful, shiny glaze. It’s as if each of you is encased in diamonds. This space gets softer and easier to be with. Perhaps now you can feel the individual explosions of love, individual explosions of gratitude, of opening.

multidimensional-lightThis space you’ve created is intensely magnetic. It will persist throughout time; and it will continue to grow, drawing more beings to this purpose of support and healing, kindness and love. Its energy is perpetual, self generating. Please don’t try to stuff yourself back into the container you thought was you. Maintain this cosmic wonderfulness. It’s the new you, the new look.

In the past you’ve done other missions of support; but as you can sense, this far exceeds in scope and in power anything that this group has been able to do before. You’re blasting open limits that had been placed around humanity before.

You are awakening, and more than that you are awakeners. You are awakeners.”

Thank you, wonderful ones!

MARK’ channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2016. 

This meditation is an excerpt from the ‘MARK’ channeled course: The 9th Dimension: Treasures From Beyond, Part III – Awakening!; Class 5 – Wonderfulness! You Are Awakeners! & Energizing Wishes, Dreams, Prayers. Click here to order the course on audio, CD, or transcript.

About Jonette

jcrowley-turquoise 22Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

“The foundation of being of service is being served. The foundation of being loving is being loved. The foundation of giving is receiving.

“The foundation of being of service is being served. The foundation of being loving is being loved. The foundation of giving is receiving. Service is so much more than giving. It is radiantly expressing your beingness without effort, without cost to you of any kind. But as we look at the human condition over the last few thousand years, there has been a shortage of receiving that has dried up the wells of giving. We want you to bust down all doors, all your hesitancy, resistance and deep karmic guilt to receiving and to being served.

Let a stillness come over you—a stillness that supports, that nourishes and nurtures, that you just can’t get enough of. This stillness feels like the quantum or the eighth dimension. There is creation and potential here but it’s all invisible. It is the stillness of the unmanifest world that you are aware of now. Feel how this stillness nourishes you. If you cannot receive stillness, you cannot receive. Disappear all resistance as you become the stillness.

Day 12 JC meditatingNow, with the same grace and finesse that you received stillness, we invite you to receive everything—grace, gifts, love, wisdom, power, abundance, creation—so much that there is no need to identify being served. Receive endlessly—and see what changes you have to make in yourself in order to endlessly receive infinity—everything being served. Let this transform you.

Lose yourself so there is no longer an inflow— you are that which you receive. There is no difference. You have changed. There is no movement from something outside yourself to yourself. There’s a presence, a beingness that has shifted. It is awesome, expanded, huge…Allow yourself to know yourself without needs, wants or desires, to be satisfied, to be sated, to not be yearning, seeking, trying—a triumphant sense of presence and completion in this moment.

Service without needs is the greatest service of all. The greatest creation is for you to have no need to create. You have no need to serve. There are no needs being met. There is simply the overflowing of your creation— that itself is of service.

Our objective is to help you close down the old initiators of being of service— which were usually guilt, or a need for acceptance, approval or appreciation.

In the quantum dimension giving and receiving are one thing. There is no movement from something to something else. Service is not giving something to someone else. It is something quite different. It is a radiant combustion of existence. It is endless creation experienced. Allow yourself to feel endless creation experienced. What’s created isn’t important. It’s the power of endless creation, and you are there… Creator, creation—you are endless. You are all of that!

25512078622650E2FA822650E2F827When your heart and your being is so full that it continually explodes with you across the dimensions of the universe, then you are a true giver and a true receiver. When charity is no longer a decision but is simply an outflow of you, then you are a creator. When you pause not in your thinking whether to receive or to give, then you are living in the moment of power. Our objective is to reset your ability to receive for it is flow that underlies creation, not giving. Flow is inflow and radiance out.

CopyRight 2016

Treasures-2-CD-cover-600x600This is excerpted from MARK’s channeled class: “Creation Part 3, Class 1“.  You can join Jonette on select Monday evenings for ‘MARK’s current series “The 9th Dimension of Multiple Realties”

‘MARK’ is a cosmic being channeled by Jonette since 1989. His goal is to lift humanity above the structures of our 3-D consciousness. “Your reality is a reflection of your level of consciousness.” He leads weekly recorded courses introducing us experientially to the higher dimensions of awakening. This is exploration at the very edges of human spiritual awareness. There is nothing like these on-going courses for expansion and transformation. To get a taste of ‘MARK’ for free, go to our ‘Listening and Viewing Room.’ Click here to order current or past ‘MARK’ courses as audio links, CD’s, or simply get the transcripts.

Welcome “Atlases.” This is ‘MARK’

Awakening the new world

“Awakening is not the difficult task. The difficult task is staying awake.”

It is being mindful of the opportunities that you’ve opened up your multidimensional nature. It is forever being mindful of the small, almost silent voices that suggest,  support, and remind you of right action or thought.

You are taking over leadership of yourself?  Yes, there are guides and angels more than ever before but you are steering now. They are simply helping you navigate in the world that you choose, that you command. The New Earth is a celebration of humanity’s coming of age.

Every coming-of-age ceremony in every native culture and every religion has tests and challenges. You are in those and they will continue.  You cannot become a man or a woman in any meaningful way without challenges, without being the wisdom that opens to you. Multidimensionality brings with it the challenge of choosing from infinitely more choices than you’ve ever had before. By having more choices, you have less rules to follow, less algorithms set up by past patterns. There is much more freedom than you’ve been used to. Some people hide from freedom because its parameters are just too broad for comfort. Remember that freedom and comfort do not walk hand in hand.

Let Go of Judgement

You are asked during these times of change to be flexibly strong. Strength in the past came from dogmatically strong. We ask you not to believe what you’ve always believed. We ask you not to act how you acted yesterday in order to maintain consistency. Consistency is not the hallmark of this New Earth.  Spontaneity is—listening with every ounce of your being to all the wisdom of the universe as it tries to communicate to you.

One of the things that will rock you most is the belief in good and bad. The belief in right and wrong—those duality beliefs must be made inclusive. Your justice systems and your religions are based on right and wrong, good and bad. We ask you to bridge that gap by holding possible all rights and all wrongs as perfect. This enables you to let go of guilt and it compels you to let go of blame. Guilt, blame, and the judgment that precedes them are heavy burdensshout-joy around the neck of society. They are handy places to hide. Notice when you are hiding. Judgment requires a meter, a standard to compare against. In the multidimensional world, comparisons are moot. They do not operate. Everything is inclusive and infinite. When you hurt or suffer in these new times, it is probably because you are burdened by a judgment, a right or wrong, a should or should not. Let pain—whether it’s emotional pain, a moment of depression, a moment of fear—take you to your feet, not your knees— so you can feel your flexible strength, for you to shout joyously at the upcoming and unknowable future!

You are Ready

You have all the hallmarks of change agents.  You’re curious. You’re loving. You seek kindness. There’s not much else. It doesn’t require money or intelligence. It requires simply that you be you. The support these days is profound. Open up in your mediation to the presence of your guides and angels. Again, they won’t be pushing you but they’ll be present. Let your prayers be commands rather than pleas. Let your prayers be acts of power rather than requests. This New Earth is built on the very strong shoulders of very powerful gods and goddesses— YOU!  Atlas was only a beginning.

The New Earth isn’t a given. It isn’t sailing in from new-earthsome outer galaxy. It is created. Feel now the embrace of the New Earth throughout humanity, in your cognizance of nature as alive and important. Feel the combining in the New Age with the aliveness of rocks and trees and fish and birds and animals—everything that makes up Mother Earth. Feel its aliveness, its importance, its integrity. Include the atmosphere and the jet stream in this connection.

Imagine that you sense Nature and Earth and all her elements in this same space and open your heart and your mind to feel every human here too. Imagine that this isn’t waiting a hundred years or a thousand years or a hundred-thousand years. Imagine all humanity standing in its power. See it as so. Command it as done.

Feel that your gifts are with you, available on a need-to-know basis and feel that everyone’s gifts are with them, available when they need them, when they’re ready to see them.

Who am I really?

From this space ask yourself, “Who am I really?” Then expand to find that answer. Perhaps it’s not in words but a feeling. “Who am I really?” Please don’t require the answer to that to be in words or even pictures. Perhaps it’s more a dimension or a feeling or a sense of grand expansion. “Who am I really?”

You no longer live in one world or the other. You bring the world of soul and body together, and you bring the world of Old Earth and New Earth together without going anywhere.

The New Earth has many doors and many opportunities. You will make your choices by feeling, discerning what choice is right, not by anything in the past but how it feels at this moment. Compare each choice to the highest possible you. Know what you feel like when you’re fully embodied, fully divine; and when you have to make a choice, choose the one that most resonates, most complements your full divinity. Learn to discern without thinking so that your decisions are more divinely instinctual.

It is in the quiet, soft stillness that your strength is most formidable. When doing and moving gives way to silence, find yourself here.

quiet-stillnessThank you, precious ones. This is’ MARK’ Channeled by Jonette Crowley.

Excerpt taken from our current course series, The 9th Dimension – Part III – The New World, Class 4 – New Earth Avatar & Compassionate Neutrality. June 15, 2015.  Click above to see get the full recordings.

‘MARK’ channeled by Jonette, copyright 2015. (303) 689-9318

Channeled from MARK

 “All of you who are reading this have been called to be alive at this time…”

CherryBlossom“You came not to address personal karma— although there still is some of that. You came because you answered the call of service during this time of transition to a Golden Age. You have come because somewhere deep inside, you remember what has been forgotten. You don’t remember what it is. You simply remember that there was forgetting. You came out of dedication to spirit. In your being born, even though each of you has a very different path and it hasn’t always been clearly shown, each of you holds a rainbow torch of light that lights the way for millions.”

“Please don’t spend your time wishing to be in someone else’s shoes, wishing to do it someone else’s way. We remind you that your way isn’t always well defined but it is always the most powerful path. You sense your path by the energy, the electricity and the power that you feel. If you wake up in the morning feeling powerless, you have somehow lost your path. Your path is not what you do in life. Your path is the attitude or quality of radiance that you project. When you are hopeful and courageous—even if you are also confused—you project an energy of change. When you are resistant, fearful, victimized or suffering, your projections are feeble and your impact is small. We remind you that you do not serve as a savior serves. Being a savior is a very difficult mission because you are forever tied to sufferers. You serve as a bi-product of you being radiantly, fully you.  Your intent to serve supports you being you; however, service should never come before self growth. You serve the world by your own evolution in your own way, in your own time. Some of you feel, ah, I’m not evolving fast enough; but as you accept your pace, you are serving those who walk along with you at that pace.”

“Service always serves truth. Creation is always supported. The ultimate of Creation is not needing to create because everything is.”

Creation 3 CD Label“This reality, this transformation, this space is what has been called the I AM. Few people grasp that I AM is bigger than I. You must lose yourself to be I AM. Yet, your self is exponentially multiplied throughout all universes. We remind you again that Creation isn’t something you do; it is who you are—Creator. Service is not something you give away; it is something you are—server. Receiver is not something you get; it is something you are—receiver.”

“Creation is a code word for a greater reality of existence. We entice you into creation because you all want things— but both wanting and things are limitations. You are fledglings in this universe of creator, yet it will seep into your daily life. The way you will notice the shift is that you are clear without consideration. You may also notice moments of disorientation where who you thought you used to be isn’t at that address anymore. You will also find strength without support. You will feel more empowered. Rather than waiting for power to be bestowed upon you by something outside yourself, you are All. You intimately are the Universe. It knows you. It recognizes you. It is you. It is a vast change to become the Universe rather than a cog within a universe.”

“Imagine being so comfortable in your own skin that you no longer have to use so much energy to define what is you and what is not you. Imagine that you know the Universe, that you are the Universe.  It is this major shift in perspective that changes all things. When you are the Universe, everything is done. There are no needs. There is no evolutionary path. There is no ascension. There is no Golden Era. All of those things that your teachers talked to you about are enticements. They help move you in the direction until there is no direction. Your knowing I AM re-sets everything. There is no such thing as us and them, have or have-nots, there is not even I AM— It is We Are. Once you understand the “are” or the “being” even the “we” disappears.”

MARK, as channeled by Jonette. Copyright 2014 Jonette Crowley. Taken from CREATION Part 3, class 3. To purchase the audio courses or the complete set of transcripts click here

sphinx Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

Part I:

Soul Body Fusion® and a War Veteran’s Post Traumatic Stress:

An Amazing Story of a Life Reclaimed


by Jonette Crowley copyright 2012,

“I’m told you can help me. I know things I shouldn’t know and I write a language I don’t understand.” So said the voicemail that enticed me to return the call to Anthony, a veteran of the U.S. Army’s Special Forces, an ex-POW (Prisoner of War).

“Two weeks ago I blacked out, lost three days, went back to memories of 1983 and woke up on the floor of a hospital room. I don’t know what is happening to me and hope you can help,” Anthony told me when I phoned him back.

“Come on over. We can talk and I’ll do a healing process on you –Soul Body Fusion. It will help you regain your balance,” I responded.

It was December 23rd when I picked Anthony up at the light rail station. A big guy, African-American, 47 years old with five kids and eleven grandchildren. My heart melted when he answered my questions with a crisp military “Yes, Ma’am.” I was both spell-bound and horrified by his story. “I joined the army at 17 and was put into a special program. Ever heard of MK Ultra? It’s a secret program using mind control and drugs to make us into super soldiers. I’ve always had special psychic gifts. I could look at a map and just know where the enemy was. I was a POW somewhere, can’t remember where or when, just remember being tortured. Now I have seizures every night, always waking up around 3am. My head hurts all the time. I’ve had to have unusual brain tumors removed. I feel like a broken arrow, unstable and confused. Pounding sounds get me agitated. I’m afraid to go out in case I get triggered with Post Traumatic Stress.”

He explained that he has at least five microchips implanted in him that sometime ‘go off’ and cause pain and other reactions. He is programmed and most of his memories are gone. Even in everyday life he easily forgets things. He feels physically and emotionally unbalanced, sometimes stumbling around. He feels the military still watches him and believes his phone is bugged. As I listened to his story I was impressed by his strength of character. He has every reason to be depressed, or an addict or alcoholic. He is none of these. In addition to what I call the military programming voices in his head, he can hear the voice of a higher being, or perhaps it is his higher self. He calls it ‘UR.’ Anthony was so grateful for my spiritual perspective on his extraordinary experiences. I guess the psychiatrists don’t help explain or affirm what he has been going through since he was a teenager in the Army. He keeps notebooks of the random things that come to him in the night: strange symbols and their meaning, complex geometric shapes, coordinates for a hidden ‘Golden City,’ a cure for some cancers…

After listening to Anthony for several hours I said, “OK, let’s do a Soul Body Fusion session on you. It will anchor your own higher frequencies of wholeness into your body and help you get stabilized and balanced.” I added, “My goal is to strengthen your own vibration enough that you render those controlling microchips ineffective.” The whole idea that our government has implanted soldiers with controlling chips without their knowledge is shocking to me. However, I searched the internet for MK Ultra and stories of such ‘Manchurian Candidate’ programmed killers and found lots of evidence and examples. This poor man. My heart went out to him and the cost he has been required to pay in his life.

“I trust you Ma’am. I know I was meant to meet you. Maybe this is why I felt compelled to move to Colorado from New Jersey last year,” he told me. “Aren’t you afraid of me?” he queried, almost as an after thought.

“Why should I be afraid of you?” Then I shared an insight with him. “I bet the drugs and torture have created multiple personalities. One of your personalities when it is triggered has probably done some very frightening things, especially in the military. You can’t remember the details but part of you knows that people should be afraid of you and what you can do.”

I pulled together two chairs and instructed Anthony to sit with his hands palms up. Following the Soul Body Fusion protocol, I placed my fingers on his and sat in silence. Both of us holding the intention of permanent healing, wholeness and spiritual fusion. “I feel so much light in my body,” he explained. A sweet smile broke over his face, the winter sun streamed in at an oblique angle that illuminated the side of his face. Looking at him glowing and relaxed brought such a feeling of deep joy to my heart. It was an infinite moment of beauty. “The light is like a sun, going into my cells,” he continued. “Now it’s doing something in my bones.” He stretched with the power of a bear waking up from hibernation. “I feel so much happening but I don’t have the words. I just want to sit here and enjoy the space.”

After a few more minutes of silence his head dropped down and he spoke in a deep, resonate tone: “I am UR. You are Kumara (he used my soul name in addressing me.) You are both exactly where you need to be.”

Anthony’s head lifted and he looked at me with intense eyes that weren’t his. I addressed UR. “Can you help Anthony and me do what we can to reverse war and hatred?”

“It’s happening,” UR responded. I felt as if I were gazing into the deep, wise eyes of a cosmic brother. He raised his palm to me, transmitting energy that I could feel pulsing in my heart. Tears streamed down my face.

We continued the Soul Body Fusion for another 10 minutes as Anthony described the sensations from his head down to his feet. When we were done he sat guzzling water and grinning. “I feel so completely different! I feel safe and unafraid. I think I’ll even go out tonight for our Christmas party! Usually I am withdrawn and keep to myself. I’ve been afraid because of the lights and noises.” I told Anthony about UR coming through and what he said. “Really?! I don’t remember that happening at all. Really?!” Anthony repeated, incredulously.

Anthony practically danced around the room. “I feel so balanced! I can’t even make myself become unstable. Everything is changed!” At that moment I felt that all the time and effort I’ve put into developing Soul Body Fusion and writing the book about it so readers can do this on themselves and others has been worth it! I literally watched a man’s life change before me…in just 20 minutes!

The Soul Body Fusion process calls for a second session a week later — which can be done remotely. So on December 29th I phoned Anthony to learn what had happened since our first Fusion. “You can’t believe it….or maybe you can. Everything is different! I’m not afraid! I don’t fear ‘them’ anymore. I’m so balanced I can even do upside down pushups against the wall! You should see me!” he laughed. “And some memories are coming back. I’m not forgetting day to day things. The headaches and noises in my head are gone. After 27 years of not sleeping, I’m sleeping through the night now. I stayed up talking to my wife about things that are coming back to me. I can feel UR tell me that everything is going to be OK. I just don’t have words to tell you what’s happening! It’s all good!! I’m ready to see what my gifts are and to do my special mission. I can’t thank you enough Miss Jonette.”

My face wasn’t big enough to hold my smile as I listened to Anthony’s experience. After hanging up I sat for 20 minutes and did a second Soul Body Fusion on him remotely, by intention. I can’t wait to call him in a week or so to see what else is changing after two Fusions.

Q:  I want to ask you are the E. T.s coming to the Earth?

 A:  The E.T.s are coming.  Many of them are already here, and they look like you.  [laughter]  They’re not going to come to the ordinary people, because the ordinary people aren’t ready, but they will come more and more to groups who are ready to see them, and to experience them.  They don’t need to be seen.  You can connect to them more in consciousness.  The involvement of the E.T.s and the inner-Earth beings is greater now than it has been in a long time, but they’re smarter than to show themselves too much. They have figured out that as soon as they show many of themselves, the governments of the world will have an excuse to become more controlling.  It is not a good thing for governments to have excuses for more military, more laws, more control.  The E.T.s will come interdimensionally; they’ll come to groups who are ready, but they have changed their plans.  There’s not going to be mass landings, because it would actually hurt humanity’s path right now, because your governments are too afraid, and there would be too much darkness created by it.  That is not the E.T.s’ intention, so they will find other ways to be of service. 

 Q:  So Obama is not going to do work with them?

 A:  He already does, but he doesn’t think it’s an E.T.  [laughter]  He actually has quite a strong spirit guide, but he doesn’t think it’s a spirit guide, either.  You know, this is one part of his African roots that is important:  He feels the Earth more than if there was another African-American president who’d been away from Africa for generations and lost their touch, but he is only one generation removed from the land, and so he has a sense of Earth connection that colors everything he does, but he wouldn’t necessarily know where it comes from.

You serve the world best by focusing on your own growth and then offering it to the world, giving and receiving it at the higher dimensions.  You serve least well by filling your minds with logs of different beliefs, because they’re interesting.  It is fine, but don’t let all the different beliefs take you off the track of your own energy.  Use your rational mind as a collector, but it doesn’t organize, it just takes things in.  Let your spirit organize what your mind collects.

White Eagle on Service:

“You serve the world best by focusing on your own growth and then offering it to the world, giving and receiving it at the higher dimensions. You serve least well by filling your minds with lots of different beliefs, because they’re interesting. It is fine, but don’t let all the different beliefs take you off the track of your own energy. Use your rational mind as a collector, but it doesn’t organize, it just takes things in. Let your spirit organize what your mind collects.”


White Eagle on Censorship, the day after the US Presidential Election:

“None of you do well censored. Whether you’re censored because you believe it is safer, or out of habit, or for fear of your own greatness, this is time for all censorship to be thrown aside. It doesn’t matter if the censorship is self- or other- imposed. The greater is self-imposed censorship. Humans have been their own jailors and have disenabled themselves to dream big.


“It is a historic time now with the new US president-elect. It will give permission for ordinary people all over the world to cast their eyes higher. People have been looking at the ground for too long. Energetically a great deal happened yesterday. Hope opened up. And it’s much beyond this man. It is not that he can change the world, but if the world believes it can be changed, then one man can be a symbol of it. There are many people stepping up to an uncensored leadership.

This is a time of POWER! In the outside world of finance and materialism things look fragile and perhaps frightening. However, when we get worried as we read the headlines, White Eagle reminds us to say: “This is not my reality.”


   A group of us just returned from 16 days in Peru where we hiked the Inca Trail, faced many fears – including doing a fire walk, and allowed love and support to be present everywhere. The theme of our trip, which is also the theme for October, is POWER. For us in Peru, it was to walk with the power of the Puma – an animal sacred in the Andes. As we sat at Machu Picchu on the equinox, White Eagle told us that there are 3 pillars for us. The first is LOVE. When LOVE is enough, we are given the second pillar, which is WISDOM. When we hold LOVE and WISDOM we are given the third pillar—POWER. Now is the opportunity for mankind to reclaim our power. We are asked to be different than we’ve been, but the same as who we are. With the triangular base of LOVE, WISDOM and POWER – a fourth and top point is enabled, creating a 3-sided pyramid. The top point that is supported by LOVE, WISDOM and POWER is SERVICE.


   White Eagle said: “You are missionaries. We invite you to be great and humble. The Unity Grid or Master’s Matrix needs those powerful enough to hold mastery and humble enough to keep your feet on the ground. Hold a vision of peace. Be co-creators and dreamers of a world that knows no limitations. When you ask for help it is there. When you ask for knowledge it is there. Do the work that masters do upon this planet.”


   Later, as we meditated by the river in the Sacred Valley of Peru, White Eagle told us: “The primer of power can only be love. Stop praying for abundance. Use that time being in power. Abundance is directional – it either comes or goes. It is linear. Power transcends linearity. Power IS. Power brings compassion, honoring, joy and lightness. Power never worries. Move into that non-dimensional place of power.”