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Recent words from MARK:   “We’re thinking about this 2012 Solstice. We are so grateful that you are going to be working on your “Power” before the 2012 December Solstice. This quantum power that you hold, begins to vibrate throughout the collective, because you are now good at expanding into the collective. It begins to dissipate all structures, fears, emotions that aren’t in alignment with this quantum, authentic personal power. It begins to support the free flow of everything; actions, societies, and education- ideals that support the resonance of this sort of field.  As you intend that the collective is impacted, you’re acting as Gods would act. You are acting to hold a space of infinite good, wisdom, love, and power. It is making changes. God doesn’t deal in the details. You don’t have to deal in the details. You deal in the creation energies that support this love, wisdom, power sort of state, and the universe will take it from there. How will it support the great shift? Immensely, making it smoother, because the dark parts will be harmonized by you whenever you think about it.

 Everything you are doing is helping this shift and beyond. It’s supporting the new children. It’s supporting the people who are awakening. It’s also supporting the people who refuse to awaken, so that they have a gentle time too. It is those who hold the most power that afford themselves to be the most kind, compassionate, and gentle. The old power was about being tough and strong. This sort of power based on love and wisdom, is immensely graceful, gentle, some might say feminine, and it fits into the small corners where the old, hard kind of power could never go.

 You’ve been given a gift of yourself, and we will only continue to build upon this, for you, for all of who you are, and have been, and for the world.   We acknowledge the beauty, the beauty of your power.”

Note from Jonette:  Give yourself a fabulous gift of a lifetime by joining Light Workers from around the World to celebrate The Great Shift: The December Solstice 2012…We will be enjoying luxury, fellowship and amazing energies in the land of the Maya.

“Your self is becoming more a collection of impressions, of portals, of gateways, of wormholes, of geometries, of spaces. What you think is you, is changing its definition. It can’t be placed in time or space, but is a continual active interaction with the cosmos. In the past you had to see yourself as fairly static in order to see yourself, but with these changes in consciousness that are being imbued into you now, you’ll know yourself without the requirement of stasis, or of being static. You’re moving to a dimension where there’s much more movement that you can follow and know; yet you’re still calm. In the past this would be chaotic, but now it’s just different.

“This is actually the introduction to the 9th dimension, quantum consciousness with the awareness of movement, of non-linearity, of multi-dimensions at the same time and each dimension interacting with every other dimension, every other world, every other aspect of yourself.”

Exquisite Transcendence

This Monday in our weekly class, something happened beyond words and explanation. It was a pivotal breakthrough in our very essence. Mark first worked with our personality, helping us be more fluid and less rigid in who we think we are. Then, during a meditation he suggested we imagine a laser going into our 3rd eye, piercing and resetting our pineal gland. This resulted in a cascading of hormonal, cellular and electromagnetic changes throughout our body. One person said, “The electricity in my body was so intense that I could taste the fillings in my teeth.”  I felt as though I had been flipped into another intense yet peaceful reality, where I was a different being … a golden transcendence. The best description I could come up with was ‘exquisite’… me, the space, reality. The experience was of being released from the confines of this world and given an energetic body that fit the new reality. What is most spectacular is that it didn’t seem like a one-time experience, but rather entering the threshold of a permanent new way of being.

In the past I have been hesitant to write too much about Mark because his style of experiential consciousness exploration is quite advanced and didn’t always appeal to beginners on the spiritual path. I just hoped that the people who were drawn to this accelerated work would feel it and come along and listen to the on-going Mark. And they have. There are groups all over the world who meet and listen to the Mark courses together on a regular basis.

But with the openings of 2012 I see that the entire game has changed. How Mark teaches — by guiding you … even if you have never meditated before … on journeys that actually take you to expanded states of consciousness and higher dimensions, is exactly what we need right now. We can no longer just talk or think our way into higher states. We need to be taken there, having our own experience, and then have it explained. That is how Mark teaches. You don’t have to study what he says … in fact you can’t. You feel it and you change. Right then and there.

How worried should we be about pollution, and how could we fix it?

The answer is, don’t worry about it, because worry is just emotional pollution.  However, take action.  Pollution is like having an aura that’s filled with smoke.  It is very difficult to connect to the light when there are irritants in your field.  Let us share something that we have taught before about pollution, and about your ability to change it.  It is certainly possibly to use frequencies to change that which is disharmonious.  The way you do it is to find yourself expanded and stable. You then ask to have your frequencies connect to, say, a certain kind of pollution.  Maybe you’re looking for chemicals that are in the water—because to do all pollution is a big job.  From your expanded, centered space, ask to connect to the frequency of chemical water pollution.  Maybe you’ll feel it, like it clicks in, or maybe you’ll just assume that because you asked, you got it.  Be with the frequency of the pollution—not out of fear, not out of worry, not out of “it’s my enemy”—but as compassion, because the chemicals themselves aren’t bad.  They’re just where they don’t belong.  Encompass the chemicals with this grounded, expanded compassion you feel.  That will change the chemistry of the chemicals.  Maybe the chemicals will stay the same, but they will become inert, meaning perhaps they cannot poison the water anymore, or they will not poison the fish.  Mother Nature will take care of how it needs to be.  Your job is to find the frequency, love it or be compassionate with it, be a companion with it, and expand, be grounded, be joyful, feel graceful.  Frequencies can change the world.  After all, a miracle is just changed frequencies that happen in a very compressed time.  You have read about changing the molecules of water.  You can change the molecules of everything.  You can change the molecules of nuclear radiation.  Go to the energy.  Do not make it bad or wrong.  Surround it with compassion, and it will find its own balance.  In some cases, if it’s nuclear radiation, that love, that compassion, will move this nuclear material through time sequences so its half-life comes much faster, so it becomes non-radioactive, but it’s still the same element, because the nature of that radioactivity must be honored.  Honor the nature of the pollutants; do not make them wrong—the same as viruses, or organisms or parasites in your body—find their frequency.  Be compassionate.  Do not make them wrong.  The parasite is doing its job.  The microbe or the bacteria is doing its job: it’s being a bacteria.  Sending it love and compassion without judgment enables it to move to these quantum spaces, because your energy—not your worry—moves everything to a quantum place.  Never, ever worry, but do take action.

 Feel the goodness of your heart and soul unfettered, that there are no limitations to the goodness you can be and have and hold and receive. There is no dark voice in your head saying, oh no, you can’t have this. You can’t be this. There is only goodness, only the intention of goodness, only the expectation of goodness, only the receiving of goodness, only the sending of goodness.

 As you step into this place there has to be a smile on your face.

 Feel liberated, liberated from achieving goodness and happiness, liberated from having to change, liberated from all the things you think you need to do. In this moment be liberated. If you insist on picking up your burdens, they will be at the door. Notice how you seem to weigh less. The stress moves out of your cells. If you are in the forest, you hear the sounds, the crickets, the little scurrying animals, the birds, perhaps the wind in the tops of the trees, perhaps a creek.

 Imagine now that just like you can hear in the forest, you can hear or sense the sounds of the universe, that you can open up to know that all of the galaxies are communicating all the time, not to you but between themselves, and yet you can feel it. You can sense this huge body of communication, connection and wisdom. We’ll call it galactic knowledge. It’s intrinsic in the universe itself.

 With the feeling of liberation, the feeling of goodness in this now moment, feel that you are in the center of all communication. There is no giver. There is no receiver. There is no great reservoir of something moving to a great expanse of nothing, but everything is everywhere and that you are somehow opening up to know that, to sense it in your consciousness.

 You are in touch with a vast expanse of wisdom, of knowledge, of presence, of spirit, and yet some of this is so transcendental that it is difficult to communicate it to earth because the way humans see things and need to believe things are so prepackaged, that this vast brilliance of the universe cannot be beheld by most humans. That’s why goodness and liberation are the first steps.

 To that vast goodness, that vast knowledge, add your human dimension, the human dimension of sparkling happiness, the human dimension of human love, the kind of love you feel when you look at a baby, play with a dog, play with a kitten, the kind of love that has no expectations, that is just adorable, cherishing, transcendent love. Bring that sort of human love to the vastness and unstructured galactic quantum space.

 What this will set up is a transit point, a portal where, almost as in weather when a high pressure follows a low pressure, there is one pressure cell in this world and a high pressure cell and it just naturally moves from the vastness of the universe through you with this exuberant human love space. It becomes amplified. Why does it become amplified? Because you are packaging what you are receiving into frequencies that humans have been trained to pick up. You are receiving from frequencies that most humans can’t find. You are adding this human element of pure, crystalline, smiling, giggling love. That will transform it so that it can be received by humans in the frequencies they are used to.

 Trust your heart and the kaleidoscope of the moment. When this is set up, when you open yourself as a portal, the energies that move through you are magnetized through you by the human matrix or the human structure. It just pulls it through. You don’t have to do anything but be a gateway. The sensation that you may have is that you’re expanding.

 In actuality, frequencies that are not very common in the human collective consciousness are being transmitted through you, through your experience from the higher realms. You might also feel like there are codes or frequencies, or you may not feel anything at all.

 It’s as if through you, much needed water is raining on your human brothers and sisters, bringing them experiences and frequencies of hope, of love, of wisdom, of guidance at higher levels than they have been able to reach before, higher levels than you have been able to reach before.

 If you had to put words to this energy, notice that it’s honoring, it’s loving, it’s appreciative, it’s accepting, it’s healing, it’s considerate, it’s kind. It’s hope where there isn’t hope. It’s nourishment where there is no nourishment. It’s light when there is darkness. It’s answers when there’s confusion. It’s manna from heaven pouring collectively and individually into humans. It’s supportive, clarifying.

 Feel through your intention, your love, these transcendental frequencies that don’t feel very human are being moved into a very human context, a very individualized human context, that what humans need, it’s transferring into their needs. Where there’s pain there is relief. Feel it at an individual level for billions of people that somehow this gift of quantum frequencies is moving personally and individually to the humans on this planet.

 You feel that in this way you are the answer. You are a portal. You are a partner with what you call God, the guides, the angels, the Holy Spirit.

 Look inside yourself now. What gifts are you collecting? What support, what nurturing, what wisdom, what love are you taking in? It’s there for you. It’s always there for you.

 When you feel the want in the world, remind yourself that you are a portal to all the answers, all the grace, and all the frequencies that supply what the want needs. You don’t just pray, but you are a doorway. You’re a capable translator of cosmic frequencies and transcendent spaces into the human matrix. In that way perhaps, you are one who answers prayers.

 The beauty of being part of this portal of mastery is that whatever the needs are that come cascading out of the human condition, it is always met by its fulfillment. If there’s a great need now for hope, then there is always enough hope. If there is a great sense of grief and loss, then there is always consolation. There is never too much want, that it is answered from this quantum world. Remember that and never fall into hopelessness yourself. We want you not to take our word for it, but feel yourself, that everything that’s needed is answered. It’s not just a saying. Feel that because you’re at the gateway. You’re a supply depot.

 Use your imagination now to look over the human condition, the collective consciousness and see that it’s a little brighter, a little looser, a little less structured, a little less worried, as if you could see hope, as if you could see changes of vibration. Look. Sense.

 This is a time of many changes on the earth, a time of economic changes, a time of solar flares, a time of earth changes, political changes.

 Feel now as part of you being a portal of mastery, that there are special frequencies that are coming to you and people like you, frequencies that aren’t yet meant for the masses, but frequencies that are here to support you who are the seekers. Open up your cells, your heart, your soul to receive these frequencies, these codes, these catalysts, as answers to your prayers and your needs.

 Let yourself expand, where you lose reference, so that these codes, these frequencies are moving into an unlimited aspect of you, a part of you that’s beyond time. Be in your body even though you are expanded and filled with light.

 You are such an intrinsic part of quantum love. Someday we hope you know or you’ll experience that you are not just a receiver of love, not just a transmitter of love, but that indeed you create it. You always have. As you embrace the God that you are, may you embrace yourself as a creator of love?

Welcome to the kaleidoscope of being. This is Mark. 

Everything you can conceive of, when it comes from your heart, is the right thing at the right time. Invite your otherwise busy ego, the one that loves to make you wrong, to make you guilty, to make you second guess, to take a back seat to the spontaneous knowing of your spirit. You have been given gifts of consciousness. You’ve been given skills that you cannot even enumerate. Those skills are breathtaking lights for humanity. 

We begin with the essence of the kaleidoscope, where you are the center of the moment, but you see prisms of ever flowing, ever changing kaleidoscope of realities.

 Imagine now that you are the beautiful patterns in a kaleidoscope. With little turns, all kinds of flowers and forms and patterns create themselves, each one temporary, each one beautiful, never to be repeated, not to be held on to, because the next turn brings another beautiful, breathtaking pattern. See your life as the infinite beauty of a kaleidoscope. You must make the turn. You must turn it a few degrees each time, turn everything upside down. Be in awe and appreciation of what unfolds in the moment.

 Beyond the kaleidoscope is the place that you know as the 8th dimension, the place of quantum consciousness. What we hope to accomplish with this is that juxtaposition of the quantum nothingness and the organic ever-changing beauty of the patterns. When they’re brought together, something entirely new is created.

 Take yourself to that stillness, to the silence that calls forth even more silence. It is a placid place, a deep connection. This state might feel shiny because there is luminosity here. There’s a silence of light rather than the silence of darkness.

 In your quantum physics you talk of black holes which absorb all matter and energy and you hypothesize white holes in which that matter is spewed out into an unknown universe. Imagine yourself in that white birthing place. Imagine it as the whiteness, the stillness of anti-matter.

 Let yourself expand. There are no rules or structures. There’s only openness and more expansion.  Go ahead and lose your orientation. Lose yourself, or what you thought was yourself.  Let this space cleanse you; cleanse you of past and future, bringing you to the infinite now. Let the space itself reformat you like an old magnetic tape that is being erased, cleared, cleaned.

 You may feel a growing brightness, a brightness that happens sometimes in the sky after a rain. Deep resistance, deep places of being stuck are melting away. You find yourself quietly and solidly in the present infinite moment.

 There aren’t really words for this place, but it’s bright, it’s good, it’s simple, it’s clean, it’s clear, it’s love. It feels complete.

 The quietness is seeping into your cells, into your mind, into your mental structure, giving them a new pattern, a pattern of openness and clarity. Feel this moving, re-patterning your cells, your thoughts, your beliefs, cleaning everything, changing everything to this quantum stillness.

 One thing we hope you notice is that as the realities set up and tumble and then disappear into another reality, that there’s no holding on to any particular reality, any particular structure. There’s just the unattached witness of the beauty that unfolds, and then the ooh and ah as more beauty unfolds. There is no one reality, one picture of the future, one picture of the now that’s perfect. They all fold into each other. Move so that you are a witness to the beauty. You are awestruck by the patterns playing out. Let this un-structure you.

 Let yourself be cleaned and cleared of expectations. There’s no one pattern that’s better than another. Let the shifts, the opening, the cleaning, the un-stressing of expectations move into your body.

 Find that that quantum peace, that bright stillness, expanded and deep. Reality is there for you. It’s hardwired into your cells now. It’s not a journey you take or a meditation you do. The presence of this quantum reality, this quantum love is there in your cells.

 Remind yourself of your breathing. For a few minutes be still and notice how you feel differently inside yourself.

 There is a restructuring of how you can think, so your old way of your thoughts being sequential, being so connected to some old thought that you go down the same old ruts. This opens new pathways in your thinking so that your thinking is wired more broadly with much more acceptance and much less structure, because structure always goes to the past. It always goes to some past hurt or pain or memory or good thing. Blast open your mental structures so that you can be a spontaneous receiver of wisdom from the universe and not intercept everything with your steel trap mind that takes the universal wisdom and molds it to fit old structures of how you think. The best you can get is more evidence for what you’ve always had.

 Can any of you feel the release of power when you let go of the structure? What we know is that the boxes that you have your thoughts structured in become ruts, become channels in your brain where if you have this triggered it always goes into this box. Those boxes themselves require a lot of energy to hold them together. They’re always based on past programming and also collective pain. When you open up the structures, which is always difficult to trick you into doing, it releases phenomenal power for spontaneous reaction, spontaneous receiving of a greater width of universal signals than you would allow before. As we work with this there will be more energy, more spontaneous creativity that is at your fingertips.

A Message From Mark…

Quantum Consciousness & the 8 th Dimension – Part 3, Class 5, January 4, 2010

Mark, channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2010


Welcome enlightened ones. This is Mark.

The Phoenix rises not when the Phoenix is ready, but when the world is ready for the Phoenix. You are ready, and you have been preparing this world for its readiness. You have had many births and many rebirths, and you will have many more. You will notice now that your births are not linear, that they don’t take place in time, and they don’t take place in one space. You burst forth in many dimensions, on many levels and many ages. In this beginning, this inception of the decade, you will again have a rebirth.  You may choose to listen again and again, so we are implanting in today’s transmission, enzymes that will create rebirth again and again.  Today you will only encounter that which you are ready to encounter in terms of opening up, but the seeds are there, the energies are there, the doors are there.  If you revisit tonight’s recording, it will take you much further, much deeper, much more developed.

Move now to your experience of the holographic universe, where you are not a singularity, but a multiplicity. That in itself, to quote one of you, lifts you above the fray. Notice the expansion. It’s faster than we expected, but you don’t surprise us anymore. All times, all spaces of who you are, all past lives and future lives, all probable realities are open and networked at this time. Imagine, or experience in your soul that there are no closed doors. There are no bottlenecks. Imagine an open network of you, of access to all you are, have been, will be, can be, and will not be. Notice how that expands you even further. We will use the pronoun you, but it no longer fits.

In a few minutes you may experience an ignition, as if a spark takes off across the cosmos, igniting all this access, all these connections; lifting them, burning them, up to a higher plane, or to a different plane-a quantum plane, pushing things that have been heavy out of physical manifestation, and through its own black hole doorway to a white hole universe.  Imagine that there’s a stuck bit about your belief systems, and you can’t get it unstuck from your other belief systems. Imagine that. You’ve been trying, but imagine that this stuck belief system has access to a doorway that un-sticks it.  It moves it through the quantum threshold to an expansive universe where all is healed, all is whole and holy, and each item in your life that is too small, too dark, too stuck, has its own doorway – has its own quantum threshold.  This ignition, when it comes, it will push everything, every life, every idea, every smallness, every not working in the whole cosmos, through the quantum threshold to this greater light possibility. Words fail us in describing it, and you may not even be able to follow it very well, but imagine that that’s what’s happening, that everything is moving to its own highest unscripted, unphysical, un manifest potential.  After this ignition takes place, you will be left floating in a world that makes no sense. Some of you will think you are asleep. We’re just giving you these impressions now. We invite you to appreciate that state, and not look for a graspable reality, and at that place we will see what is next, because we don’t know how you will take this, so the outcome will be similar to what this channel described as the fairy, the Tinkerbell, lifting above that heavy, uncorrected self, and as if the light body was emerging from the not so light body.  That will be what’s happening, but it won’t feel as linear as that description this channel gave. It will be a massive, instantaneous, non-linear, non-physical experience.

Now we’ll be silent while some things set up. We invite you to make your mind fluid. Vaporous would be good. Hold on to nothing. Have no expectations, so you can even erase everything we said. We’ll tell you when it’s getting close.

Stay non-linear. Stay holographic.

You may begin to pass through a field, an experiential field that feels electric. If you do, just notice it, and again, you is the wrong pronoun, but it’s all the multiplicity of you.  It’s as if you pass through a magnetic world, or state of being, or it passes through you, and then there is a quantum state of being, quantum meaning existence blinks in and out, the threshold of black holes, white holes, opposite universes, unpredictability, quantum probability, yourself move here, or this move through you.

Some of you might be moving from this quantum place, this quantum field, to a subtle experience of non-harmony, of disharmony, of dissonance, of heaviness, of clamor and clatter. Don’t worry. For a few moments your greater self will find its balance in this vast multidimensionality that you’re holding, and then we will let you know when the ignition begins to happen. It might be as if we’re moving to the countdown of the liftoff, the ignition, and count it down. It’s already starting: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Ignition. Just let go.

Grasp onto nothing.

Please don’t try to label or understand or even know what you’re feeling or not feeling.

You may be experiencing paradoxes such as stillness and spinning, knowingness and not knowing anything. That’s fine, and it’s fine if you grasp nothing, that the experience is empty for you.

Begin to feel as if there’s a dawn, the sun coming up over a horizon of fusion, a strong birth of a feeling of peace.  From the non-graspable, you’re moving to a state of comfort, of peace, of light, of connection, of rejoicing, something that your soul can actually feel, a oneness, a wholeness, a blessing. Let yourself move into this at all the levels of your multiplicity. Moving into the light, not as a visitor to the light, but as the light reuniting with the light, that you are not at an objective, but at a source.

Now quit trying. Quit expanding, being, holding, efforting at all. Move yourself to a place of buoyant surrender, no doing, no effort, because it is this stage where the biggest change happens, when you are pure being in the light and the joy.  If you don’t feel it, please don’t look for it, because then you’re doing. Just surrender to whatever is so for you at this moment.

There is a new aspect to matter that is making you up, the matter that is you. It’s a timeless, non-physical matter, if that makes any sense. It’s a flexible, nimble, moving matter. It’s nothing you’ve ever really experienced. Perhaps you’ve glimpsed it, a sense that you are reborn in a world of matter that isn’t the material world. It’s quite different, a new sort of matter, and it is you, and it is your experience. Quantum matter.

Imagine that the part of you that knows no bounds is somehow fusing quantum matter with ordinary matter, that you are replacing what you think you are, your body, your beliefs, your history, with this new stuff of the universe.  You are giving yourself a quantum, atomic, transfusion, substituting every atom of what you think you’ve been, for this new matter.  It doesn’t matter if you can feel it or know it, just be here and trust.

Begin to notice now that you feel different. You feel real and not linear. You feel more solid in those other dimensions. This new sort of matter is connected, is whole, is accessible, is different, wordless.

Expand into the beauty of all of this. It’s been a splendid rebirth. If we asked you to try to worry, you wouldn’t be able to fathom it. If we asked you to try to be upset, it would be incomprehensible. Let’s try to keep it that way.

Feel it strengthening, like the butterfly born from its cocoon, it sits in the sun and lets its wings dry, so it’s ready for its new world.  Imagine that at this moment, as a group of splendid emerged consciousness, you’re letting your wings dry.

Connect yourself to the greater reality in your body by being conscious of your breath. To mix metaphors we will say, the eagle has landed, and you are not in Kansas anymore.

We will leave now to give you a moment or so to regroup without our presence.

We thank you.

Quantum Consciousness and the 8th Dimension,

 “Mark” channeled by Jonette Crowley


April 2009 Copyright 2009 Center for Creative Consciousness

Feel free to share this, retaining the copyright. Thanks!

This is an excerpt from class #4 of the Quantum Consciousness series

To learn more, to listen to a sample audio, or to order the series go to our website.

The thing that stands in the way of spiraling toward this tipping point is fear.  Fear is a hard thing to talk about because you’re afraid of fear.  Fear has been your core; it has been your motivator and still is.  You can think you’re not afraid, but look at all your motivations.  Your motivations for abundance, your motivations to serve, your motivations for relationships, your motivations to be loving – often times the core of those is fear.  Every day, you as way-show-ers of the new human are asked—sometimes  in huge ways to eradicate your fear.  You haven’t been doing so well on this, but we understand. 

 April 2009

Copyright 2009 Center for Creative Consciuosness

Feel free to share this, retaining the copyright. Thanks!

To learn more, to listen to a sample audio, or to order the series go to our website.

Our work with my guide “Mark” has reached a new threshold. This is truly the doorway to other Universes. We are learning tools for changing this world; bringing in wisdom, magic and all times and places in a way that gives us infinite possibilities. Consciousness and our abilities to navigate in the higher worlds are growing very quickly now. Mark is helping us connect with the “Shamanic super-highway” of living masters so that our skills can grow and our light can have a much greater impact. We are exploring the 8th Dimension, which is best described as the universes on the other side of black holes in the new course, Quantum Consciousness and the 8th Dimension. (Available on CD or downloads.) 


Here is a drawing from Barbara Hand Clow’s book “The Mayan Code” that truly gives a visual for the place we are playing in the world of energy and consciousness.  I believe that what Mark is calling the threshold of the 8th Dimension is the line between black holes and white holes—the other side of matter—the dividing line between current consciousness and what we will see after 2012.  This is significant because only by changing the foundation and structure of how we experience consciousness, can we create the world we want.  Join us in not just waiting for 2012, but in actually co-creating the consciousness that the Mayas foretold.


 Here are some Questions and Answers that Jonette channeled from Mark during our first class.


Q. “What do we need to know about this time and the near future?”


Mark: “ This too will pass.  Remind yourself that in your life your greatest spiritual gifts and your greatest personal growth, has happened after a period of falling apart in your life.  Realize that if that’s true in your life it could well be true in the life of the world.  Know that you are called upon to integrate more with the earth, the elementals, and the energies of trees, plants, water and nature.  Mankind has been so alienated from its very roots; it was only a matter of time before the tree dies with the root system disconnected.  This is really a time to connect more deeply to Mother Earth.  Spend that time in your garden, sitting and looking at the moon, the stars, the sunrise, the sunset, and find the simpler part of you that touches the Earth.  You will have more power and life force coming through you and you will be guided in better day-to-day decisions that keep you and your families financially safe.”