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One of our favorite words is elastic.  We would like you to consider your life as elastic, time as elastic, and your wants and needs as elastic.  They can be stretched, shrunken or shortened.  Feel the possibilities of a much more elastic world.  Feel the possibilities of limits that are elastic and so they are not limits at all.  Feel the possibilities of thoughts that are more than just words, thoughts that actually accomplish work and change in this world.  Think of the possibility of darkness kneeling before light, and light reaching out its hand in compassion and lifting darkness into its bosom.

Quantum Consciousness and the 8th Dimension,
 “Mark” channeled by Jonette Crowley
April 2009Ó
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This is an excerpt from class #4 of the Quantum Consciousness series
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This world is meant to be a creating vortex, an open door of endless possibilities.  Not just a moving around of furniture on the Titanic, but actually more and more energy building into this world…more form, more possibilities, more realities.  You might think of humans as an experiment gone wrong, but wrong in a good sense.  Humans in many ways were an experiment in slavery, but humans had this determination, this sense of something bigger, this sense of emotion, this sense of power, this sense of compassion. Humans outgrew a slavish sort of role and began to create a destiny outside the test tube, a destiny that wasn’t in the cards.  The rest of the universe is watching you create this destiny.  They don’t know where you’re going.  It is not predetermined.  You are not following a cookie-cutter approach to the evolution of the species. You are creating it as you go.  The rest of the world is in awe of your struggles and your breakthroughs.  The possibilities of what you can become as a race are unwritten.  There is a threshold that when humanity crosses it, it is a sort of tipping point, and more power, wisdom, light, miracles, more of what you can’t even understand, will burst into this reality, transforming it.  Not more of what you have, but a totally different reality than you can even appreciate.