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My journey walking from Porto Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Jonette has just completed the Camino walking to Santiago de Compostela along the Portuguese coastal route from Porto, Portugal to Spain. Here is a blog of her first six days from her daily Facebook posts. Next week we will post a blog of her last six days walking.

“You get to feel the trail without the blisters😉!”


Day 0 of my journey on the Camino Portugues

day 0 JC,A,M

I flew from Stockholm today, meeting my Norwegian friends Anne and Mikael here. I’m excited because my clothes are clean, my feet have no blisters, and I have yet to test the weight of my new backpack. I tried my hardest to get my belongings pared down to the bare minimum– but we will see.😀

We start walking the beach path tomorrow. Thank you for joining this journey with us!

Day 1 of the Camino to Vila Do Condi

Day 1 Beach boardwalk

“It will be interesting to see who I really am at the end of 14 days walking”

Day 1 groupWalked along the sea all day. Beautiful warm weather and bright blue sky. For a moment we were uncertain where the path led. Just then a man pulled up in his car and asked us where we were going. He told us that we were about to follow the old road which
was well marked but longer and less beautiful. He gave us clear directions to continue to follow the sea… a way not marked for pilgrims. This man appeared at the perfect time, an angel to us. It was a fabulous route, keeping the Atlantic Ocean to our left as we walked along the sand dunes. Tonight is our first night in a pilgrim hostel.Day 1 JC & M in surf

I’ve learned a lot already today, trying to carry as little as I can in my backpack. Vanity is gone… No make up, only 3 shirts for 14 days… Kind of smelly… Very simple. It is easy to see how busy my mind wants to be. It will be interesting to see who I really am at the end of 14 days walking.

Day 2 of the Camino to Marinhus, Portugal

day2“The pace of one step at a time is very slow, especially compared to how I usually race through life.”

day 2 sea shell sign

Walked along the sea again today. Sometimes we pass local people who smile and say “bom caminho” — wishing us well or ‘good way’. Passed through fishing villages and small farm plots growing vegetables. The pack felt heavier today and the feet more sore. Tonight staying in a pilgrim’s hostel. 16 bunkbeds all in one room, men and women together. (looking for my earplugs now). Good thing we’re all very tired. 😀

Day 2 Beach markerWe met fascinating people from many countries here tonight. Most people have walked the Camino before and are doing it again. I can see how freeing it is to step out of our ordinary life and slow our pace. The pace of one step at a time is very slow, especially compared to how I usually race through life.

We follow the yellow arrows with the yellow shell sign from town to town.

 Day 3 of the Camino – last day in Portugal


“It really is so great to just walk… No other expectations or jobs!!”

day 4 hostel

OK, I have to admit it was very difficult to share a room with bunk beds with so many people. ďżź Some went to bed late and made noise. Some people got up very early and made noise. I confess that I was one of the people who snored, says my friend Anne.

Day 3 JC&A

I had a small meltdown when I found we had to walk seven more kilometers to find a pilgrim’s hostel… after we had walked over 8 hours. My wonderful friends agreed to carry my pack. But then I had a better idea, let’s get a taxi to a hotel… Which turned out to be much further than 7 km away. We had a great dinner and enjoyed a bottle of red wine and wonderful deep conversation.

Anne and I are sharing a bed tonight, but it’s much better than the bunk room with 14 other people. It really is so great to just walk… No other expectations or jobs!!

Day 4 of the Camino from Portugal to Spain


“Yesterday while walking on my own I was so overwhelmed with joy”

A shorter walk today along the coast, then crossed by ferry from Portugal to Spain. Tonight the pilgrim’s hostel is an old school that has a small kitchen… For 5 euros a night!

Yesterday while walking on my own I was so overwhelmed with joy that I wanted to share it. So I am sending you all the love ❤

Day 5 of the Camino


“Life is reduced to its simplest form”

day 5 pathToday was our first rain day as we walked along the west coast. Our bodies are all pretty tired, so it will be an early night at the pilgrim’s hostel. Rain is not worse than sun, just different. Food was a problem today as it is Sunday and remote. Breakfast was bread and cheese, lunch was the same bread with half a banana, dinner was the same bread we’ve been carrying with some canned sardines.

Day 5 group selfieLife is reduced to its simplest form. You get up grab some bread and start walking. At the end of the day you shower, wash out some clothes, and go to bed early to the bunk room.

It is an adventure! Meeting great people and am getting strong! The people are: Anne and Mikael– friends from Norway, and. Nico–a Belgian guy who has adopted us on the way.  Our front door tonight faces the Atlantic Ocean!

Day 6 of the Camino from Mougas to Baionaday6

“If you would ask me why I am walking the Camino, I don’t really have an answer.”

Day 6 picnic lunchWalking along the coast in Spain. Began in Mougas. Sleeping in an old convent outside Baiona.

The spiritual breakthroughs are not so grandiose as I had hoped for. It is more the insight of observing my thoughts and noticing that I don’t always like what I think. But as I walk, I re-choose everything in every moment. Thinking quietly. Life is simple here. We follow the yellow arrows that lead us to the pilgrim’s hostel. We eat when we can. Stop where there is a cafe chair or a rock. Lunch was sardines on the rocks. Food never tasted so good!Day 6 Water from Fountain

Tonight 7 of us from 7 countries had a great dinner together sharing the camaraderie of the road.

If you would ask me why I am walking the Camino, I don’t really have an answer.  Except to walk it.

We will be posting Part 2 of Jonette’s journey next week – Find out if she has a different answer to that question after completing her 14 day Camino walk. 


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