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Which way do you want to look at it?

We are guided by two maps:

2headed-coinA vision map— a deliberate plan for our future.
A default map—which is made up from our past.

Our world is a direct result of our focus. There are four factors unconsciously guiding our focus.

  1.  You can only focus on one thing at a time.
  2.  Avoiding something attracts it to you.
  3.  You get more of what you focus on.
  4.   In the absence of a positive goal, we tend to focus on what we don’t want.

I have an example from years ago where I learned about focus the hard way. It was an unfortunate mishap when I was learning to skydive. This was so long ago there was no such thing as tandem diving with an instructor. You step out on the plane’s strut and let go all by yourself, hoping to God you remember everything you learned in ground school. It was my first jump. When the instructor gave me the instruction to jump I was paralyzed with anxiety. When he yelled “JUMP” even louder, I still couldn’t let go. Finally realizing I couldn’t climb back in the plane, and the pilot couldn’t land with me hanging onto the wing…I had to let go.

pastedgraphic-2We were supposed to land as near as we could to a target, a big white ‘X’ painted on the ground. Well, it had taken me so long to finally decide to jump that I wasn’t anywhere near the field where the target was. Remember my four focus factors? There was no ‘X’. I had no goal. As I was dropping to earth, I noticed that the field where I would end up was mostly clear…except for a barbed wire fence that ran through it.

The closer I got to landing, the more I focused on avoiding the fence. Focus Factor #3— You get more of what you focus on. Yep. You sure do. With unbelievable accuracy, I landed right on the barbed wire fence!

Let’s look at a model for how much time we are focused on our goal or Forward Focused. Versus how much time we are trying to avoid or protect ourselves from what we don’t want—which inadvertently takes us backward, away from our goal.


Our perspective, our focus determines our attitude. Our attitude determines the outcome. So which way do you want to look at it—stressed or desserts? it’s all up to you.

Chocolate anyone?


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jcrowley-turquoise 22Jonette is a spiritual adventurer and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is the founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.

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 The journey of truth is straighter than you imagine, yet the call of truth and wisdom is not for everyone. There is a sense of courage required and a sense of responsibility.  Each bit of wisdom that is known requires a reassessment of the habit patterns that you’ve become comfortable with. You must be flexible and willing to reassess. The ability to reassess will determine the immensity of the wisdom that comes your way. If you shun making changes in your belief systems and in your actions, you will not be given the keys.  If you are willing to question, to change action, to get rid of sacred cows, then the doors will be opened for you.

 You can connect with wisdom when you lay down at night.  First clear your mind so it is not filled with all of the things about the day and all of the things about the next day. Get as clear, neutral and heart centered as you can. Ask to receive a word. Perhaps it’s a thought. Perhaps it’s a quality. Perhaps it’s a feeling and no word at all. Ask to receive it rather than thinking of it. Say you get a word like “transcendence”.  Just be with that word. Connect to it. Spend a moment so that you really connect to “transcendence” and it’s opened all of its doors. Then go to sleep. In the morning, try to remember what your dreams were, what insights you had.  Perhaps there are no dreams that you remember, or there are no insights.  However, during that day, the energy of transcendence seems to be present for you and some insights and wisdom come. Your dreamtime is an important time to work with wisdom.

The most important element of wisdom is perspective.  When you work with the holographic universe, and  the quantum energies beyond the 8th dimension, your perspective  becomes greater than a singular you. Your perspective is now interconnected with the hologram of All That Is.  Not that you can process it yet. The perspective of the quantum space, the 8th dimensional space beyond the black hole is a still sort of wisdom. It is wisdom with no information, just connection.

 As you train yourselves to connect to true wisdom or knowledge, you will find that it is so much more than data. The energy of true knowledge has a power to it, so that the knowledge and the power that the knowledge requires are intertwined.  From these high levels, if you are clear to take an action, then the energy, the connection, and the requirements that that action will need are in place.  This is because the wisdom or the knowledge is in accordance with the entire Universe.  Wisdom will be an important part of having your life be easier, because you will make the right choices at the right time and the universe is set up to support that.  

Mastering this will require some vigilance in noticing what it is you notice; and paying attention to your intuition and your thinking.  Also paying attention to your habits and when you break out of them. There’s no going back when these doors open.  When wisdom or knowing is provided and action is called for, you must be willing to take the action that aligns with that knowing. It may not be difficult action, but it may be action that is not your habit. The channels that will be opened are precisely for you.

 Imagine there is a realm, and it is actually stored holographically, but we’ll use metaphors of temples and libraries because all wisdom is actually embedded everywhere in the universe.  Imagine there’s a grand city of libraries and temples and that all of your beacons are somehow focused there and received. Imagine there are great librarians or wisdom keepers and they can feel the strength of your locator beam. Imagine there is, in these temples or libraries, wisdom that perfectly fits your frequency.  It ultimately contains wisdom about your soul, your soul’s journey, your soul’s past, your soul’s power, your soul’s gifts, and maybe information about souls that are close to you.

 Imagine now that your locator beam is somehow finding the frequency of where knowledge and wisdom that is personally interesting to you is stored. Maybe it’s a library room. Maybe it’s a room with holographic CD’s or DVD’s, whatever it is. Use your imagination here because it’s all a metaphor that somehow your locator beam is connecting to a treasure chest, to the place where most of your records are kept. You don’t have to see anything. Just make it up with your imagination.

 Imagine that when your locator beam hits the area where there are records that are of interest to you, then a connection is made. There’s a little vibration that’s sent back to you that says, “Ah, we got it,” and a response e-mail says “ah, you’ve connected.” Wait and feel, and work with your energies and your guides until there’s a sense that you’ve connected.

 Imagine that this place where your personal records are, that the energy of this knowledge, this wisdom has its own special frequency, its own special sound waves, its own special signature. Imagine that these frequencies, perhaps move down the locator beam into your body, into your mind, into your awareness so that you are opening up to pulses, frequencies, communications really that are energetic. You’re opening them up into your body, into your mind, into your brain. Some of you may sense this and others may just assume it and use your imagination. What we want is communication through this beam; through this connection,  from the place of your records into the place where you normally live; your body, and your world. They feel like codes, frequencies, communications, nothing.

Be expanded. Be true to your core frequency. Feel clear.