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Prophets, oracles and shaman have always been in touch with the unseen world. These communications often required drugs, rituals, or dance/drumming induced trances. During the height of the spiritualist movement in Europe, the U.S., and South America in the early 1900s, the mediums were in full trance, having no recollection of what happened.


By Luis Tamani

During more recent times, the channelers for Ramtha and Lazarus brought spiritualism out of darkened seance rooms and into books and videos. They and others were also full trance channels. As human consciousness lifts and the vibrational separation between humanity and the unseen world narrows, people are able to channel by getting quiet and focusing. No longer needing to ‘go away’ in a trance.

Today many channel with their eyes open. They don’t speak in a foreign accent. People experience channeling not so much an altered state as an awakened state; a state that they can permanently keep ‘turned on.’

Like any ability, channeling progresses. Some people start out communicating with a ‘training guide,’ often an American Indian, who knows how to get the beginner comfortable with the process of receiving messages. Or perhaps your path requires that you get more than words. In this case you might be passed onto a higher or more specialized guide who can help you transmit broader energies or healing. However you progress with channeling, ultimately the goal is to have no need for an intermediary, but to permanently connect to the knowledge that’s available in the quantum field.


My Journey 

I never intended to be a channel. Even the idea of spirit guides was totally foreign to me. But isn’t it true that life-changing events happen especially when we’re not looking for them? It was the mid-1980s and I only wanted to learn to meditate.

whiteeagle copyWhite Eagle appeared to me almost as soon as I began meditating. As my ‘gate-keeper’ guide, he was the first to speak to me. But because his energy field was so much more than I was able to hold, he brought in Red Feather as my  ‘training guide.’
Once I was comfortable with the process and my own field had expanded, White Eagle came back as my main contact. I’m a conscious channel, which means that my awareness is lifted to a place where the answers are available but I must translate the energies, pictures or impressions into words. I don’t go ‘out’ and White Eagle doesn’t speak through me. It is a partnership where he communicates to me.



When I continued to seek answers beyond words and wanted to explore even higher dimensions, White Eagle, as my gate-keeper guide, brought in ‘MARK’. Both Red Feather and White Eagle had been human, but now I was ready for ‘MARK’ who isn’t a being at all, and has never been in a physical dimension. ‘He’… weird to have this pronoun… is a quantum cosmic energy field. It took a couple of years and a LOT of practice to even begin to get comfortable channeling ‘MARK’s energy. In the beginning his field was so much more than I could easily hold, that I had to position two or three people who were part of my core team, around the room to help stabilize the immense energy field.

Early on White Eagle told me he would not always be my voice, signaling that he was preparing me for going it on my own, without him as a go-between. In May 2013 on the island of Crete, he kicked me out of the nest! Of course he’s always around me in love and support. I now do Oracle readings in which I’m still a channel for higher information but no longer need a spirit guide as translator.

I’ve been channeling ‘MARK’ weekly for over the past 25 years, gaining wisdom, and accessing amazing states of enlightenment. Such breakthrough wisdom was never meant just for me. In fact, I can only access the highest of the states when a group of fellow seekers is present.

Everything we do in the higher realms we do with and for others. I can’t think of a better grand adventure for our lives! Thanks for being part of it and for your huge contribution in uplifting our world!


Learn to Channel Interactive Live-Stream Workshop

September 17 & 18 – In Denver or On Your Computer learn-to-channel-graphic

“Such breakthrough wisdom was never meant just for me”


People often ask me about my ‘Gift’,  I tell them that I am not special, not inherently different than anyone else- just curious and open to new possibilities.  The aim of this workshop is enable others to connect to their own guidance, to be more aligned with their higher self and to trust that they are indeed guided, as they navigate with grace and growth through life’s many choices!

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Here is a short video interview with Jonette about this upcoming course.



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By Jonette Crowley as ‘Oracle’
Kryon Mega-Channeling Event
Sedona, June 2015


Jonette-Kyron-Master-Summit“I speak now not as a channel, but as a human Oracle, to remind you that we do not need interceding spirits. When we move away from anything that comes between us, whether it was priests and religions in the past, or spirits, we must remember that they are our guides.  They are not our leaders. And so, to remind you, that all the wealth of wisdom isn’t out there.  They say that heaven has many mansions, and we think it is a place we go to— we get one nice room or another.  But the mansion is US.  WE are heaven’s mansions; we are the greatest temples. So I ask you to not wait for grace or wisdom to descend, but feel it arise.

So, go into that beautiful heart, the holy of holies of your temple, and the way you feel grace (it doesn’t come with words).  The best description of grace is sweetness.  Feel that sweetness, that nectar, and give birth to you.  It is the most beautiful temple of the holy spirit, the most living, radiant example of God.

Yet perhaps when you look in that temple there is dust and little dark things that you hadn’t seen before.  Sometimes we approach those dark things with our shields and our swords.  What I have found is that the best way to approach the darkness—those boxes that are in your temple that have been denied so long, is with your innocence.  So, in that temple, feel that sweet innocence.  You don’t need to slay dragons or fix anything that is broken.  Those dark things are just fears, and fears are just your ego’s resistance to losing control.

So, in that temple with your sweet innocence and the beautiful column of light (I hope you can all feel it), feel that dust and those dark things simply diminishing in the brilliance of your truth.  Notice that real truth is empty; it has no words. As you get used to this room in the temple that is you, the truth will have words, it will have pictures, it will provide guidance.  You will have guests and you will have tea parties.  The Masters will come as your companions.  The only one who should be on a pedestal in your mansion and your temple is you.  And from those pedestals, we have already risen out of the density – for the density— (do you ever wonder what the density is?) It is not another element, it is not darkness.  Perhaps it is dark, but darkness is simply condensed light.  As you embrace the darkness, whatever it is, with that sweet innocence, the darkness gives way to the brightest light you have ever seen! Your darkness has been holding tight your beautiful light.   Thank you for being the amazing colors of light we see.  This world is in the best hands it has ever been in.   Blessings.”


Below is a video recording of Jonette’s talk along with other Master Channels at the Kryon Mega-Channeling event.  Jonette speaks about 12 minutes into the Sunday Group Channeling —— from 12:17 – 17:33

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Circle of Life Teachings… 2-day Workshop with Native Wisdom Keeper Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha and Jonette

Saturday and Sunday, May 7 & 8

Spend 2-days in Sedona learning about the native wisdom of these times. Bring back the sacred ways, connect to the ancient paths, touch into our star heritage and be inspired for  what we are here to do now.  Click here for details.

Below is a video recording of Jonette’s talk along with other Master Channels at the Kryon Mega-Channeling event.  Jonette speaks about 12 minutes into the Sunday Group Channeling —— from 12:17 – 17:33.  

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About Jonette

Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,  

2015 is ‘The Year of Manifestation.’ It has been more than 70 years since the potential for physical manifestation has been as strong as it is this year. We are ready and supported by the cosmos to move into our power as Creators — designing our life free from the limitations of the collective and our own past. We are asked to make the most of our life NOW!

Geometric spapeThis spring has an important energetic gateway — the equinox on March 20th is also a total solar eclipse. It is rare indeed to have these two celestial events coincide. The last time there was something similar was on December 21, 2010 when a total lunar eclipse occurred on the solstice. At that time I was guided to take a group into the Great Pyramid to meditate at dawn and dusk. The integration between heaven and earth that day opened up an immense diamond matrix, bringing unheard of Light and potential to Earth. Note the flower of life pattern and the diamond matrix of the tube torus or toric field. It was interesting that the Arab Spring started in Egypt just 10 days after our huge work in the Great Pyramid.

Why now? Humanity has reached a ‘tipping point’ where there are enough of us with well developed Light Bodies / Merkabahs / Toric Fields that we are literally becoming powerful cosmic portals ourselves. We connect through our prayers and intention to others around the world with similar vibrations. Together the grid of Lightworkers strengthens, sucking in the higher dimensions, greater gifts, possibilities, and also bringing in more great Beings into our 3-D reality. I can literally feel my atoms vibrating in a way I’ve seldom experienced before, and it’s happening almost daily in my meditations. (This is the reason our Oracle sessions and personal Soul Body Fusions® are vastly more vibrationally transformative than ever before. Click here to schedule a session.)

To support the quest in all of us to make the most of ourselves and these powerful times I have two new workshops for 2015. These courses will also be taught in Europe this year.  The launch will be in Denver beginning on the equinox – Friday, March 20 – Sunday, March 22. Friday will be: The Year of Manifestation: Making the Most of Your Life NOW! Click here for details about this course.

This is followed by a brand new weekend MARK course:  The Space Beyond…. Using Multi-Dimensional Awareness to Claim Your Mastery.  Click here for details about this course.

I haven’t taught a major workshop in Colorado for years so I invite you all to come!

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jcinegyptJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness. , 

And the Role of the Divine Feminine and Masculine

(Note: This comes from An Oracle Evening I did in the Netherlands in October. Although I’ve known myself as a Kumara from an initiation in a cave in Peru 10 years ago, it isn’t something I focus on — or talk about publicly. This question from Martine — a friend in the audience came as a surprise in front of 60 people. Enjoy this transcript.)

Martine Question:
Last summer I was there when White Eagle spoke through Jonette in her living room. He said, “We are proud of her as an Oracle. We invite her to be a Kumara.” Kindly expand on this “extraordinary ride.”  Thank you.

Oracle Answer (from Jonette):
JonettePicwithWhiteScarfTo embody a Kumara is to embody the pure essence of Awakening: balancing masculine and feminine and holding an energy field that cauterizes old wounds— making possible the transformation of humanity from seeing the Light and following the Light to being a Source of Light. 

The Kumara’s are coming now from the great temples in the higher planes to shake up the illusion of existence, to close down false alleys as well as the maze of reincarnation and the wheel of karma. The Kumara’s have graduated from karma; and hold the space of release without precedent for humanity now. 

The field of a Kumara is disruptive of the status quo of limitation; and is totally honoring a soul’s free will. 

It is interesting you ask that question, Martine—for it has only been in the last four weeks that I remembered this mission. I had a conversation with myself today and decided that I would not tell anyone about this doorway that I just walked through; so the fact that you ask makes it now public.

(Martine: Sorry for rattling that particular cage…)

No—it is time, I guess… You know, for all of us: it is this fight between our humility, which has been so driven into us, and our Knowingness of our Mission—and humility usually wins, because it is the easier path.

Until this moment humility had won: I was not going to tell anyone.  Because who cares?  But it is important that we all stand up and remember Who We Are when we came. No one is higher or lower—we just each have very different missions.  And this world will not work well until each one of us claims our Mission proudly—proudly.

Oracle Answer (from Jonette):
The Kumara’s are keepers of the Gates of Wisdom. We work with the dragons who guard the inner portals of the Mystery Schools. There are three levels in the Inner Sanctum to the Mystery Schools. The first one is being opened now for all of us.  This first level is first opened by codes, sometimes giving us the feeling of complex geometric shapes bombarding us with keys that come into our awareness. This level has twelve sub-levels, which correspond to the twelve Sun Discs.* (see excerpt below from ‘The Eagle and the Condor.”) 

There are those of us who remember how to get though the first door.  I am a holder of the key to the second door. We are not ready yet; and I don’t know how to do it yet.  

The second door involves the Elohim and the great wisdom keepers of the Universe.  

There is a transmutation taking place on Earth— a transmutation from carbon-based matter to crystalline-based matter.  The crystalline-based matter is not quartz crystal: it is more like the transformation of carbon to diamond.  It is an alchemical process of golden plasma that will move us from carbon into diamond. 

The second door of the Mystery Schools is what happens with the alchemy. It has to do with gold— but not just the gold ore. That is all I am allowed to say.** 

It came clear to me again during last night’s Oracle evening of the grave imbalance of the Earth.  Part of this is the absence of the Divine Feminine in most major religions. In many cultures the Feminine is totally repressed. Last night I ‘channeled’ that the role of the Divine Masculine cannot show itself without the Divine Feminine present.  When the Divine Feminine is present, the role of the Divine Masculine is to support… not to protect… it is not a role that needs protection, the Divine Feminine needs support.  In the absence of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine moves from a role of support into a role of survival, which has become conflict, competition…

Until we allow the rebirth of the Divine Feminine in all of its aspects—the uncertainty of the Moon, the non-provable, the non-logical, the intuitive—we will continue to have conflict and competition…  because that is the role the Masculine has taken when the Feminine cannot show up.

We all hold both… and in each of us we have subjugated the Feminine, we have pushed her aside and made logic and that which is explainable king. The intuitive, poetic essence of the queen has been made insignificant. White Eagle said two years ago: “The kings descends, the queens arise.” I saw a vision of a chess board—the pawns, the knights, everything was gone—with only the king and the queen left. The queen stood. The king was laid down.

* From “The Eagle and the Condor”
EAGLECOVERSHADOW1copy_001I am Jonette and I am Kumara. There are 12 solar discs on Earth that awaken our 12-stranded DNA. The discs hold codes and activation sequences that are engaged when a certain level of vibration is reached by humanity. Some of the codes on the discs need to be activated by awakened humans who are called to do so. As each of us steps forward, it shines Light on the other’s divine roles so that we can awaken to the greatest service and opening imaginable. Many who are called have been guardians of the sun discs in previous incarnations.

The sun discs were originally brought from the Great Central Sun to the Earth. But because they created too high a frequency, too much change, they were all removed and put on Sirius for billions of years. The discs communicate directly to the stars, receiving downloads of information and possibilities. This is why these discs are often called Stargates. There is much more to be activated and opened. As these open, they will bring humanity to an entirely different world, a world that has nothing to do with saving this one, but is such a new aspect that we can’t even comprehend it. There are many who are awakening who will help hold the vibration that is chattering everywhere between these discs. When the 12 discs are fully activated, it means that everyone on Earth is totally enlightened and living in a higher reality.

It’s all unfolding perfectly. There is nothing that needs to be pushed. The best thing we can do is prepare our bodies for the activation. What we integrate into the physical can then be transmitted out to others….

…The oral traditions and teachings of some people in the Andes say that the Brotherhood of the Sun was brought to the Andes from Lemuria by the Kumaras. According to some prophecies, the descendants of the Kumara are scheduled to reincarnate to complete their missions on Earth, one of which is to relocate the ancient sites with the original Lemurian records were placed for safekeeping.  Click here to order The Eagle and The Condor, A True Story of an Unexpected Spiritually Adventure.

Note: I will be leading a trip to Israel in May 2015. I am clear that Jerusalem is the location of one of these Sun Discs.  Click here for details of the Israel Spiritual Adventure Tour.

** That I hold a key to the second door of the Mystery Schools that has to do with alchemical gold was an explanation for a strange vision that I have had repeatedly since I was a teenager. In the vision I walk through a doorway and gold powder falls from above and envelops me. Every time it happened I was confused and mad — “Why does this yellow powder keep falling on me when I walk through that door?” Maybe now I know. 😉

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JC with turbanJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and The Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,  

Meditation at the Temple of Apollo at Didyma in Turkey

by Jonette Crowley 

DidymaAt the beginning of our journey in Turkey we were told to watch for a place where 27 steps descend. We found it here at the inner sanctum where the oracles abided at this ancient oracle site — second only to Delphi in importance in the ancient world.

The prayer that rises from these temple walls today is about honor. Feel the quality of honor as you become more honorable. When we step into the space of being honored, we individually and collectively accept that honor. In the grace of this space we stand with such clear honorability, so that which is dishonorable begins to dissolve. It dissolves from our hearts and it dissolves from the sacred walls of this temple. There is a majestic grace of honoring, and honorability that rises here. As we breathe this in, honoring touches our very souls, igniting something true and ancient. We are lifted to a higher wave and swept up in a new current of a world that is honoring and honorable. We are lifted to the clear reality that we’ve yearned for, rising above that which has occluded honor. Feeling ourselves grounded, we allow ourselves to fly — each to our  own journey — embodying, accepting and radiating honor and all that comes with it.

With each breath the field of knowing around us becomes more clear. We become more ready to embrace truth and holiness. Let us move to that vibration. It is born of a true connection to holiness and also fearlessness. On this journey we’ve addressed fearlessness and now we look at the gates that opens for us— holiness, honor, honorability, truth and clarity.

Oracle at Didyma 2This is the time to be your own Oracle. Sit and let yourself ask the questions you need answered. Let the questions and the answers suggest themselves to you. Receive gifts from your Oracle now.

The beauty of being an Oracle is you don’t need your answers before-hand. You carry the answer with you at the moment you need it. The foundation of being in Oracle is Joy. When we live in that frequency the questions are clear and they’re better questions. The answers are clear and they’re much better answers. They are born of joy.

The second gift of this place, after honor is clarity. Clarity is born of honor. So as you sit here feel great, quantum clarity. In the space of clarity you can sense the underworld beings here and the heavenly beings who have always visited this temple. Joy, honor and clarity welcome them here. They see us and we see them.

The third gift is Joy. Honor, clarity and joy. Feel the connectedness with all the beings here. The gateway is open. Showering from all is gratitude— let it flow from you!

Click here to see the video blessing.

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Oracle at Didyma 3Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

The next level, working with addictions, helping special children…

(Note: This was recorded in Oslo in Feb. 2014.  Jonette offers Soul Body Fusion® sessions & Oracle readings by phone.  Click here to sign up.)

What is the larger picture for Soul Body Fusion®… especially the next step and the quantum dimensions?

SBFforCCstore2The first levels are the personal healing that you feel. At some point the next level SBF begins to be self-fulfilling… automatic. The benefits get replicated… like a good virus… throughout humanity. However, as Soul Body Fusion® continues, the next level begins to be quantum or karmic collective healing. What’s happening is that as individuals heal, all the karma and the collective angst, stress and trauma through all time that has created a certain disease or condition — such as breast cancer — begin to be accessed by Soul Body Fusion®. A door opens into the wisdom of the collective soul— and the causes and the scars of breast cancer begin to be addressed.

At your community level, at your government level— again, a door opens, first through individual healing, but it begins to heal organizational collective consciousness. So as individuals heal, they open the door and then a spiraling of good begins eating away at the collective karma and the scars that are in collective organizations.

The next level in quantum healing is the collective scars and causes of disease and disintegration begin to heal from the past and from the future. The chains of karma begin to lessen because the vibration is lifting and karma no longer has anything it can hold onto. Our collective souls are becoming more of a golden plasma. Soul Body Fusion® becomes the seed of the Golden Age… that then begins to replicate.

 What is soul and what is spirit and what do we actually fuse?

Soul and spirit are all of the same stuff. However, many people think of their soul as the part of the cosmic stuff that holds their karma, their history. So you could clear their soul— clear the heaviness out of it. That opens the door to experiencing a pure space of spirit. Spirit is unclouded consciousness. Our soul is still clouded by our belief systems, and our past lives, and our future lives…

Can Soul Body Fusion® help people who are sabotaging themselves with some kind of addictions?

Soul Body Fusion® can help addictions— eating disorders, overwork, addiction to stress— because the part of us that is addicted sometimes can’t ask for help or can’t accept it. So Soul Body Fusion® is the soft presence of our Divine Love that knows how to sneak in because it is us. So sometimes it’s the gentle nudge that lifts the self-sabotage, or gets the addict to see themselves just a little differently.

Soul Body Fusion® can heal something irrespective of the cause of the illness. Our soul can heal a cancer or addiction that has a perfectly reasonable cause. The soul is looking for harmony and beauty and love—these three things. As we seek harmony, beauty and love we are making our life more attractive to our soul.

You will notice proof in your life that you are becoming more integrated Soul and Body if you insist even more on harmony in your relationships and in your surroundings. Harmony, beauty and love—those are the indicators of your soul’s presence, and they also invite the soul in even more. Just feel yourselves in this space of harmony, beauty and love and do not compromise on that.

Is it possible to help those kids who have troubles without helping the parents too?

I would do Soul Body Fusion® on the entire family because the kids have a hard time fitting into a family that has a low vibration. One of the issues with autism, Aspergers and ADHD is those children have such a high vibration that they never integrated with their body. Their body is very hyperactive or difficult and then their body doesn’t integrate into their families or into their schools. Then they are isolated. They’ve isolated their soul from their body and then their body from their life. Soul Body Fusion® can be especially helpful with those special children who are so gifted. If we can get them seated into their body, they have a higher vibration than any of us can ever get to.

Does higher vibration equal higher consciousness?

Consciousness includes vibration but consciousness is the field of all existence—all cosmoses, all universes, all potentials. Vibrations only happen in the consciousness that has energy in the reality that has energy. So from our perspective we might use the same words. Higher frequency means higher consciousness but truly consciousness is the field and vibrations are only true in the material world. In the quantum world (where I’m doing more work with Mark) there are no vibrations anymore. There are whole universes that are beyond vibration but they’re still in consciousness.

Tell us about other universes that have no vibration.

It is hard to imagine. The physical world of galaxies that vibrate is huge, but 90% of the universe is dark matter, dark energy that is neither matter nor energy but is unknown and unmeasurable. Our work with Mark has been to take us to the Quantum Field which is the void; and now we’ll be moving to a place called the Ninth Dimension where instead of an emptiness, all possibilities are possible. Universes — whether they are material or not can be accessed. The world of vibration, of matter, is so big that it’s hard to imagine that there are whole universes that are beyond time and space, beyond the speed of light, therefore beyond vibration—whole omniverses. And that’s all right. We’ve got enough to handle just figuring out our own little blue planet.

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Caves used as early Christian churches 3Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

By Jonette Crowley in Oslo, February 2014


Q. I wonder about this Soul Body Fusion® energy. Will it continue to change or evolve now that we have a more Quantum-body?

Jonette: What you feel now as energy will change ultimately into non-energetic transformation— transformation beyond the world of light. The world of energy is predicated upon the 3D world. There are many universes beyond the 3D where there is no energy as you understand it. As you develop your energy body you are also developing your ability to be quantum-beings.

Everything about you is evolving, growing and changing. Flow, harmony and beauty are the qualities that will be important for you. You find that you spend a lot less time on things that are not harmony, flow and beauty. Thank you.

MountainsQ: You mentioned the words flow, harmony and beauty. When you look at the world today, at least what is in the news, that is exactly what it lacks – love, harmony and beauty. Can you use Soul Body Fusion® for example, to address all those global issues or problems?

Jonette: The answer is probably similar to the self-acceptance talk. Accept that there is flow, beauty and harmony— even in the most outrageous acts.  Accept that act— not because you agree with it, but because you include it in your awareness. As you do this and grow in Soul  Body Fusion® — including in your awareness things that you now keep out of your awareness, you do begin to change the world. There is nothing other than what you call spirit, high frequency, light…that can change that which is so stuck.

Only flow can wear away the rock, only flow can wash away the mountain of conflict, the mountain of war. Only with beauty— beauty is the only true expression of  love, can the world change. Don`t give up hope. Hopelessness and numbness and non-action are the greatest enemies of evolution. Thank you.

Q: Can you say some words about Soul Body Fusion® on animals?

LionJonette: One of the reasons you have pets is because they are more connected to their soul and to your soul than you are sometimes connected to your own soul. When you do Soul Body Fusion® for pets or for any animal— they get  it. They easily lift to their higher vibrations, because they do not have any belief system against it. The gift of animals in your life is that they continually— from their fused self, do Soul Body Fusion® on you. They hold that resonant field of Fusion for you. Thank you.

Q: Is Ashtatara a person or is she just an energy?

Jonette: She was Ashtatara in form. She had the form of a human yet she held the gates open to the energies of Goddess. So she looked human, but she knew herself as more than that. She was born from the stars and knew that. She is obviously not on the earth now. She is an energy field of Goddess. When you connect to her, you are resonating to the energy field of Goddess. Whatever her name is— Isis, Astarte  Inanna — any of the Goddess names, it is a field of Goddess, priestess, beauty, harmony, flow and ascension.

All of you who resonate to Ashtatara are in the resonant field of  God/Goddess.

Many people think for instance that they were Isis in a past life. The concept of past lives is a metaphor. As you connect to the energy of Isis, for example, it does not mean you were her. It means you are now in that field she holds. It is a good place to hang out.

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sphinxJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,