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Ewa Foley (pronounced Eva), my dear friend and organizer in Poland bicycled quickly and confidently to her morning yoga class in Warsaw last month. It only took an instant miscalculation for her bike to hit the curb, catapulting her into the air in a spectacular crash. “It really does all happen in slow motion,” she told me on the phone the next day. “Everything was so clear. ‘This might be it. I can leave now,’ I thought, as I flew toward the concrete.” (Her only son had died in much the same way years before, having been thrown headfirst from his motorcycle.) “In the long moment that I was airborne I decided that I didn’t want to die. Automatically I turned away so the impact would be on the side of my head and not my face. I hadn’t worn a helmet that day.”

As we spoke on FaceTime Ewa told me about the skull fracture, the concussion, and showed me the huge gash in her head. “The headache is terrible. I’m so very weak. But it feels as if my ‘assemblage points’ are readjusting, my internal grid-work is being reorganized. It was an exit point from life that I wasn’t ready to take. It now feels that my life will be very different going forward. I’ll live it more for me and less for everyone else.”

Car-with-starsMany years ago my brother John was to climb Mt. Washington in New Hampshire—in the winter. It has some of the worst winds and weather in North America. For some reason I was uneasy with it, even though John is an experienced mountain adventurer. I even met him for a drink before, uncharacteristically saying, “Let’s get together in case I never see you again.” Now I realize that I sensed he was coming up on what I call a ‘pre-programmed exit point’. These are times in our life where we can easily go/die or stay/live.  A few weeks later while I was in Europe teaching, I got a message from my family telling me that John had been in a terrible, high-speed, head-on collision in which a car was barreling down the interstate highway going in the wrong direction. The other driver was killed. My brother walked away with fairly minor injuries. So, you see, I sensed that John could soon die—though I thought it was from mountain climbing…a climb he never did. Luckily for him and those of us who love him, he passed through this close brush with death relatively unscathed. As a result, John feels life more deeply and knows that he had important things to do.

soul ascedingIn another incident, I was leading a group tour in Turkey when one of the travelers, Rel, ‘died’ on the bus. Her heart stopped, she slumped over with staring eyes open… Yet, after a few minutes she returned from the other side, saying she had seen ‘Death’ coming for her and she decided she didn’t want to stay there. Once she had revived, I told her that she had just passed through an exit/death point that she didn’t take. “You will live to be a very old woman,” I confidently channeled to her. It was as if she was now on a new life-line, having made a quantum shift. Later she told me that before the trip her daughter had said, “Mom, you will either not come back or you will come back very different.” Rel wrote to me that even though her life looked the same from the outside, everything about her had changed after her trip with us and this experience. 

I have friends who recently lost their 27 year old daughter in a car crash. Later, through mediums in contact with the girl’s soul they learned that at a soul level she chose this end, as she would have soon been going through a long and difficult disease that would be a tremendous burden on her and her family. She chose to leave suddenly to spare her family a drawn out illness. In other words, at a soul level she chose her exit point.

On this topic,’ MARK’ channeled this: 


“Everyone has some pre-programmed exit points in their life where they can leave. There are many times where you’ve passed what could be a pre-programmed exit point. For instance, you got home safely when you shouldn’t have been driving when you were a teenager. There comes a time where there is an exit point, and your soul knows it. In some cases your soul picks a disease or an accident that will get you out at the time you’re supposed to exit. In astrology it’s very important the moment you are born and where you are born. Exit points are the same. In the bigger picture it is very particular when you die. A disease or an accident or an incident will happen so that you will take an exit point that has the right qualities for your entrance into the world beyond; just like your astrological sign indicates your qualities for your entrance into this world.”

 “At some level you’ll pick the disease that most suits when you need to go and also what you need to do. Some people choose a heart attack because they don’t need emotional preparation  time. Other people choose a long illness, so they and their families can come to grips with their death. There’s no one answer for why people choose accidents or certain illnesses that result in death, but it’s all orchestrated at a much higher, elegant level.”

‘MARK’ wants us to see however that even these so-called ‘pre-programmed exit points’ still respond to free will and are not predestined:

Predetermination is not an essence of the soul. Destiny might be likened to having draft architectural plans that you know will change a lot. It’s an idea that you’re going to build a house and not a factory that the soul comes in with. How that soul builds the house is up to it. At a broad brush there is a master plan, but all of the details are left up to you. You can take this exit point or that exit point. You could have been born here or born three weeks later and everything’s different. You could have moved somewhere else with your free will and met a different person and had different children. What’s possible is always changing spontaneously in the bigger world, and there is no right path. We’ve often said that the Universe would not make only one right path, and all other ways are the wrong path. When you are right with who you are, all paths are right and all destinies are equally magnificent. You could be a carpenter or a president and not one is greater than the other when you are grounded in yourself.  There is no predetermination.”

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PastedGraphic-2Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

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I Was Afraid of Everything…..
As a young girl I was afraid of everything—especially at night. Planes going overhead sounded like bombs. You might ask how a young Colorado girl even knew what a bomb sounded like. Probably past-life memories— unexplainable traumas that we all carry.) I was afraid of burglars, window-peekers, fires, and especially of witches.

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A Near-death Experience on the Tour Bus in Turkey:

The Road not Taken

 “The white-haired lady from Australia just passed out at the gate, “one of our group worriedly informed me as the Istanbul airport bus sped off toward our plane, with me and half our group on board. After getting checked out by the airport medics and a nice doctor from our flight, Narelle –in her 70s– was okayed to fly with us. Weak and sick, she sat with me on the short flight into central Turkey. Upon landing we took her to a hospital to be treated for dehydration and travel exhaustion. She took it easy for the next couple of days. That should have been it.

2-pathsIt was a long morning on the bus and Narelle felt weak. “Why don’t you sit up front with me and I can do some energy work on you,” I offered. She was very pale, dutifully sipping her water as I did Soul Body Fusion with her.

“I think I’m going to faint,” she said, slumping over onto my shoulder, her face chalk white. Her eyes –fixed and empty — were wide open. I knew that stare. She had died.

“Get us to a hospital!” I called to our guide across the aisle, knowing we were at least an hour from a town. “Do I do chest compressions?” I asked myself silently. Then the part of me that is the shaman took over with its own ancient knowing. I began to loudly tone sounds I had never heard before– focusing the sounds and all my will on the non-responsive Narelle. Two of our group, who were nurses, happened to sit behind us on the bus, they sensed what was happening. One began doing Reiki and the other came forward to check Narelle’s pulse.

doorway“Do you want to stay?” I asked her. Her staring eyes closed and began to flicker. She was returning. Slowly she ‘woke up.’

I told her she ‘had left,’ and asked her, “What happened?” She replied that she was walking up a path as a man was coming toward her.

“Was he an angel?” I queried.

“No, I didn’t feel good around him. I wanted to get away from him… He was death. Then I heard you ask if I wanted to stay. That brought me back and he disappeared.”

I held her hand. Natalie helped her to elevate her legs and said her pulse was returning. Kay and another continued with healing energy. “You were at a crossroads. Sometimes our lives have exit points that we can choose or not. You chose to stay here. You’re going to live a long time.” I was certain of this; just as certain as spontaneously knowing what sounds to make to sing her soul back to her body.

We got her to the nearest hospital and the next day she flew to a seaside resort where she rested until our group caught up with her later.

My understanding is that in these times of rapid change, karma is being cleared exponentially. We are suddenly presented with major nodes, decision points, or even exit points. Choices are instant, not processed through our brain, but known –simply known –from the depths of our being.

The road not taken dissolves and we find ourselves in a newly chosen reality. It may seem like we are the same person as before, but we’re not. We are suddenly stronger, clearer. The decision point isn’t always to live or die. It may be the sudden knowing to leave a job, or a marriage, or quit an addiction, or instantly release a limiting belief.

That morning on the tour bus in Turkey was a test. For Narelle it was an opportunity to re-choose this life, even though consciously it wasn’t a question. For me it was proof that my higher self can handle any situation, accessing knowledge and powers I didn’t know I had.

Consciousness is becoming more multi-dimensional. Many timelines and realities are converging. Our job is to stay focused, stay true to ourself, and stay in the flow.

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Oracle at Didyma 3EAGLECOVERSHADOW1copy_001Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

ImageAs our skill in navigating quantum consciousness grows, we can reach into non-ordinary states that were previously inaccessible. We can travel intentionally through space/time —opening and closing portals, changing timelines to avert disasters, bringing about miracles, experiencing grace. This presented me with a profound gift.
Recently I was having my regular energy/clearing session with James Pinkel ( Lying on his massage table, I told him, “James, I feel I’m in a sarcophagus … something to do with death, rebirth and resurrection.” I continued, “It feels like I should cancel everything and go to bed for a day or two. I don’t understand this at all.”
“Oh,” James replied, “I kept seeing you in bed but I didn’t say anything before.”
 Following an inner impulse I canceled all my plans and went to bed in the middle of that afternoon. I wasn’t sick. I wasn’t even tired. For 18 hours I laid there meditating and dozing off. The meditations were deep, taking me around the cosmos it seemed, but nothing was particularly noteworthy. I was disappointed. Had I wasted 18 hours? Did I do it right?
A friend emailed me that perhaps it had to do with a past life. She offered to do a regression on me. In all these years I’ve never had an individual past life regression.
I laid on her couch as she guided me to another time and place. Instantly I was in an open sarcophagus in an underground crypt in Thebes. I was  the subject of an ancient healing ceremony, as evidently I was on death’s door. I was a young, working woman with husband and children, all of whom were distressed by my state.
As soon as I identified with the dying woman my awareness left her and floated into the void between life and death. Waiting. Waiting. I waited for the decision to become clear: do I die or return to my body and the healing circle? The heavens opened up and light poured through. Even in the regression I thought this was kind of cliché. No beings came to get me. No life review. In a moment it was infinitely clear that I wouldn’t be returning to that human body. That was that.
The transition out of human life was seamless, no sharp edges between here and there, living and dead. I wondered how it could be so easy to die, to leave my anguished husband, children and community behind? To not feel one bit of remorse or sadness? I was especially astonished by the complete lack of guilt for leaving a life unfinished, and loved ones behind. How could that be? The answer was immediate and wordless, so excuse my attempts to formulate it into words. There is absolutely no difference between this life and all life. The transition is seamless. There was no guilt because I didn’t leave anything or lose anything by dying. The separation and my family’s suffering over my death is an illusion.
So many times we’ve been told that life is an illusion. I logically trusted this to be true, but I never implicitly understood how something so seemingly real as our life could be an illusion, that is until I consciously experienced death in this past life regression. It wasn’t a near death experience. It was the experience of death itself.
We can’t see the illusion when we’re embedded in it, but the moment we are released, our perspective changes to oneness and peace — the only truth there is.
The lidless sarcophagus in that past life vision was opened to the stars. When we leave the box our separation is ended. Let’s do it through the limitlessness of our consciousness so that when we do die it can be the easy way. And more importantly, we don’t have to die to be released from the illusion of separation and the suffering that it brings. Let us all become navigators in quantum consciousness and its possibilities.
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