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By Jonette Crowley as ‘Oracle’
Kryon Mega-Channeling Event
Sedona, June 2015


Jonette-Kyron-Master-Summit“I speak now not as a channel, but as a human Oracle, to remind you that we do not need interceding spirits. When we move away from anything that comes between us, whether it was priests and religions in the past, or spirits, we must remember that they are our guides.  They are not our leaders. And so, to remind you, that all the wealth of wisdom isn’t out there.  They say that heaven has many mansions, and we think it is a place we go to— we get one nice room or another.  But the mansion is US.  WE are heaven’s mansions; we are the greatest temples. So I ask you to not wait for grace or wisdom to descend, but feel it arise.

So, go into that beautiful heart, the holy of holies of your temple, and the way you feel grace (it doesn’t come with words).  The best description of grace is sweetness.  Feel that sweetness, that nectar, and give birth to you.  It is the most beautiful temple of the holy spirit, the most living, radiant example of God.

Yet perhaps when you look in that temple there is dust and little dark things that you hadn’t seen before.  Sometimes we approach those dark things with our shields and our swords.  What I have found is that the best way to approach the darkness—those boxes that are in your temple that have been denied so long, is with your innocence.  So, in that temple, feel that sweet innocence.  You don’t need to slay dragons or fix anything that is broken.  Those dark things are just fears, and fears are just your ego’s resistance to losing control.

So, in that temple with your sweet innocence and the beautiful column of light (I hope you can all feel it), feel that dust and those dark things simply diminishing in the brilliance of your truth.  Notice that real truth is empty; it has no words. As you get used to this room in the temple that is you, the truth will have words, it will have pictures, it will provide guidance.  You will have guests and you will have tea parties.  The Masters will come as your companions.  The only one who should be on a pedestal in your mansion and your temple is you.  And from those pedestals, we have already risen out of the density – for the density— (do you ever wonder what the density is?) It is not another element, it is not darkness.  Perhaps it is dark, but darkness is simply condensed light.  As you embrace the darkness, whatever it is, with that sweet innocence, the darkness gives way to the brightest light you have ever seen! Your darkness has been holding tight your beautiful light.   Thank you for being the amazing colors of light we see.  This world is in the best hands it has ever been in.   Blessings.”


Below is a video recording of Jonette’s talk along with other Master Channels at the Kryon Mega-Channeling event.  Jonette speaks about 12 minutes into the Sunday Group Channeling —— from 12:17 – 17:33

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Soul Body Fusion® 1-Day Workshop

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Circle of Life Teachings… 2-day Workshop with Native Wisdom Keeper Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha and Jonette

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Below is a video recording of Jonette’s talk along with other Master Channels at the Kryon Mega-Channeling event.  Jonette speaks about 12 minutes into the Sunday Group Channeling —— from 12:17 – 17:33.  

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About Jonette

Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,  

From Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, Native Elder and Peace-keeper of the Eastern Cherokee Tradition, Sundance Leader, International Wisdom-keeper

Greetings and behold 1000 beautiful things and the feeling of 100 sacred creations!!

Things are moving and forming in the intent of our Dances and Ceremonies for every atom of Earth Mother’s body altar to have wholeness and peace and all Her inhabitants to reflect that in their lives here.

GMPGetting to the Ceremonial plazas and arbors (editor’s note: plazas and arbors are the locations of the sacred dances and ceremonies) to seed each solar cycle in our Earth’s matrix is not the challenge, it’s the day to day living of it fully that takes us to it!! The world is a programmed environment of infested rat consciousness, programmed for horror, survival, deceptions, greed, and denial. Weakness and limitation has been taught and programmed into your beautiful brains!!!! And there is little or no resistance.

Remember we exist in these Body Altars in the field of duality! Contrast, Beloveds, it is just a field of opposites for reflection so we can have clear minds of what is!! Stop yourself and adjust your thinking and get on with it!!! That’s what We teach. The message is to stimulate your mind and meet the challenges that create the resistance charge that creates the outcome. Are you remembering any of this? Have you read Fred Allen Wolf’s book, Mind into Matter? If not reread with intent to understand.

Fear blocks memory. So what are you scared of in being your purpose!??

Even if you believe your purpose is not to serve in this world, but to take, and be comfortable and stagnant in meager income jobs with no time to do anything else, you are living that misery now. What is so addictive to it is that you continue to deny or doubt your being of Truth and your part of the world’s transition to beauty and all good things?!!!

The challenge is choice Beloveds. When given free will it is the test and challenge of choice. Do you serve for the many or the self? So holding to the daily challenge is making that conscious choice that says you matter and in that you are on the mission!!

Anything or situations you are creating in the field is to support your choices. There are no circumstances but your thinking! There is no illness or problems of nature and environment — just your thinking!!!! We are in Truth. There is nothing, and the reality is that in nothingness we create the matter of some thing. Look at what you are creating!!

Your egos are huge and by ego I mean your insanity. If it’s comfortable you’re not changing anything, remember? Some are doing things of ego in the day and it feels great and your ego is inflated and you convince yourself that is real and on course!! That’s self deception!

True reality is changing the field and charging it with new energy and life force. That’s the life of a spiritual athlete here to hold the championship field.

So self-importance is the lizard’s game all have learned well so you cling to it daily. It’s reinforced in subliminal commands all around you!! Hold your ground and keep on course!! That’s the winning and that serves all good things for all!! If it’s going to change it is up to you and in that you must realize you count!! You have a formula, a chemistry to create certain things that become a whole of what we are here to do!! We must gather to do that!!

Jesus went about the country until he found each of the codes God had embodied in a formula called ‘savior’ and he awakened people to their calling. They left family and what was familiar to them, their lives changed. They walked from villages and towns teaching and gathering in two or more to enhance what is know as Christianity. Even Judas had a purpose to the whole of the mission. Jesus lived knowing the end!!! Do you think that was comfortable!!? Every code was needed and barely succeeded!! And today even as misrepresented as His teachings have become, it still stands and delivers when commanded so!!!

Wake up! I have the same test you do!! I make my choices from my pure determination of being that code God sent into this world!! Of this world I am a no thing, of God I AM and all is my power!! I did not enter here in Earth to place and show, neither did you!!! We came to win!! Our time is now and the challenge is powerful and each of us makes it whole!! We must gather when the call comes. Seek no static field to hide in, it kills. It has to be active and resistance is its element, it’s the satisfaction at the completion that is the only peace that is real.

Pa'Ris'HaHome is your heart, not a place of dwelling in a field of matter. Enjoy the Global home and know your code is relevant to our getting it done. I walk away when I teach and do Ceremony and Dances, always looking into what more could have been if you had showed. The difference of thousands served!!! It is a WE not a ME thing Beloveds!!

I am heading back to Arizona base and will complete some matters there if everyone has been diligent in what needs be done, and then I head out again!! You are loved and spoken of in high places!!!

Let’s make thunder and awaken the minds and hearts of the many to the reality of possibilities!!! See Beloveds this is who we are!!

I send you love and all good things!!!



‘Journeys with Jonette’ Internet Radio Show

“Native Wisdom on These Current Times” with Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, Thursday, August 28, noon central time
The topic of our discussion will be Native Wisdom on These Current Times. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, Elder and Peace Keeper of the Eastern Cherokee tradition who has been acknowledged as a Tibetan reincarnation of TARA, a Bodhisattva Buddha. As a holy woman, with close ties to the Hopi, the Mayans and other indigenous groups she brings an ancient perspective to current times. She wholly believes in each of us living in abundance and will talk about some of the steps she teaches. Listening to Pa’Ris’Ha opens your heart.  Click here for details.