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10 Steps/Guidelines for Channeling

Jonette CrowleyBy Jonette Crowley

 Copyright 2010 Jonette Crowley

 Jonette Crowley is an internationally known channel of White Eagle and Mark – both are high Masters from the White Brotherhood.  She has been channeling since the late 1980’s and has taught hundreds of people how to connect with their own guidance.  She gives talks and private readings with White Eagle.  She teaches regular courses in being a multi-dimensional human with her guide Mark.  For more information go to

 In order to encourage you and support you in strengthening your own guidance Jonette is providing these steps/guidelines for channeling.  There is so much more that can be said, but this can begin to help you along your way.

 Jonette is author of The Eagle and The Condor: A True Story of An Unexpected Mystical

1.  Create an Inner “Meeting Space”

Create a neutral, beautiful, clear and high vibrational meeting place in your mind/imagination in which to invite your guide(s) or highest self.  In the beginning it may be easiest to do this at a regular time and place in your day.

2.  Call in Your Guidance

Relax in this space until you feel aligned with its high energy field.  With intention call your highest and best guide (or aspect of your highest self) into this meeting place.  Ask that it makes its presence strong enough that you can “see” or otherwise sense it easily.

3.  Feel/Sense the Connection

Gently wait, without trying too hard, for an energy shift, a sense or an inner vision that indicates your guidance has entered the space.  Remember the feelings may be very subtle and you may feel that “it is just my imagination”, or “I am making it up”.  Your guidance will generally communicate to you through your random thoughts and flashes of pictures, in your own voice.  Be open and patient.  Play and trust.  Struggle and self-doubt will take you out of the high space you have established.  Guides often feel light with a good sense of humor. 

4.  Learn More About Your Guidance

When you do sense something ask it to come closer, connect more, get stronger.  Notice what you feel.  Do you feel expanded?  Open hearted?  A warm sense of reconnection?  Goosebumps?  Lighter?  Smiling?  With open minded curiosity observe/examine this being.  Remember it may be a separate entity, or a higher aspect of your greater self.  Neither matters because ultimately we are all one.  Ask inner questions.  Does it feel male?  Female?  Does it matter?  (Not all guides have a gender.)  What is its nature?  Is it angelic?   An earth/nature spirit?  Galactic/ET?  Part of you?  A Native or ancient Wise One?  Another kind of helping being?  What is its purpose working with you?  Have you known/worked with this guide before?  If more than one guide shows up, ask to work with the best communicator.

 5.  Is It The Highest and Best?

Once you’ve established a sense of connection test that it is the highest and best guide for you at this time.  Simply ask the question telepathically.  Feel/sense/listen:  is the answer yes or no?  Does the presence stay strong or shrink with this question?  Because you’ve established a high vibrational meeting place only the Truth can be communicated.  No being can lie to you here.  If the answer is no, thank this entity and go back to step 2.  (Sometimes the beings are testing you.)

 6.  Guide’s Name or Identifier

Ask the entity what its name is, or in what way you can identify it.  Sometimes no name pops in but you see a color, or sense a tickle or other sensation in your body.  That is its identifier to you.  If you just hear a sound or a part of a word, play with it until it feels like the right one for now.  Note:  You can’t get the wrong name.  Guides are energy fields and they don’t really have names.  It is as if you and it jointly agree to call it something.  Consider it a nickname established for comfort and convenience.  Don’t doubt or worry too much about this step.  If you don’t get anything simple, ask, “Can I call you ‘High Guide’ for now?”  Sense if you get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response.

7.  Gate Keeper Guide

I strongly advocate establishing this highest and best guide as your ‘Gate Keeper’.  White Eagle is my Gate Keeper, my main man.  No random entity, or passed-over-spirit can come to me except through White Eagle’s agreement and his high energy field.  This establishes strong, safe borders between you and the spirit world.  It prevents spirits from using you just because you’re open.  A Gate Keeper will keep you from dropping into a trance or open space when it isn’t safe or appropriate.  Ask the guide that you have established contact with, “Will you please be my Gate Keeper?”  Wait until you sense a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.  If it is ‘no’, thank the guide and state clearly that you are seeking the highest and best guide who can also be your Gate Keeper for now.  Go back to step 2.

 I have only channeled 2 other energies.  Mark, a cosmic being who has never been on Earth, and Ashtatara, the Queen of Atlantis.  Both came in while or immediately after I channeled White Eagle.  When I teach a channeling class, or when you follow these guidelines, White Eagle also serves as your Gate Keeper…until you establish your own.  Use this Gate Keeper.  You tell it how you want it to work with you and keep you safe.

8.  Dialogue

Now start asking easy, perhaps yes/no questions and listening or feeling the answers.  Once this is going well move to questions with more complex answers.  Wait, sense the answers.  Often the answers will come in a flash of a picture, an association, a sudden remembering of something you’ve read.  Very rarely will the answer be a clear voice in your head.  Asking clear, concrete questions is the key.  The answers may come later. 

 9.  Multiple Guides or No Clear Guide

–         If several guides come in acknowledge them, ask them what their roles are but establish the strongest or best communicator as your key, Gate Keeper guide.  Not all guides are good talkers.  Some may be there just to heal you or love you.

–         If you don’t get a clear sense of a guide act as if you did, or address your questions to God or the Universe.  Everyone has access to guidance or wisdom even if you don’t find you can channel.

–         Changing of the guard:  Sometimes you will first get a ‘training guide’.  This is a guide whose energy fits you better in the beginning.  Their job is to prepare your physical body and energy field for a higher guide later.  My first guide was Red Feather.  He prepared me to hold the hugeness of White Eagle.  Both Red Feather and White Eagle are there to help you.  Feel free to call on them – they’ve done a great job for me.

–         Keep practicing and trusting.  Remember, this is all part of a bigger path of spiritual growth.

10.  Your Responsibility

–         You are always in charge.  These beings are guides, not directors or leaders of your life.  Do not make them into gods.  Do not give your power away.  They will always be there when you ask but they should not be running your life.  Ultimately the goal is for them to teach you how to find the love, wisdom and guidance on your own so you won’t need to rely on them.  Channeling is only a stepping-stone to not needing to channel.

–         Be careful giving others unsolicited guidance or messages.  Generally people do not want to hear what you have to say unless they’ve asked you.  The way I work with White Eagle is that he never tells things unless he is asked.  That way the person receiving the ‘reading’ is actively participating in the knowledge transfer.  They want to know the answers.

If this is helpful please let me know on Facebook or email  If I get good response I will consider creating a professionally produced video class on DVD: “The Channeling Course”.  What do you think?  Please feel free to share this with friends or use it in your own newsletters, however always keep my copyright, website and phone number.  Copyright 2010 Jonette Crowley,,


From The Gathering 2010
Solothurn, Switzerland

Mark, Channeled by Jonette Crowley

Copyright 2010 Jonette Crowley

‘Mark’ Channels about free energy

Your scientists believe that there are many forces in this physical world. Ultimately they will find that there is only one force. It doesn’t operate as a force; it operates as a primal principle. It’s a principal of gravity. To you it looks like things are attracting each other, but the truth is that since they are already one, they have already attracted each other. Free energy will mostly be looking at a new paradigm. The thinkers will need to come from a paradigm that everything is truly united, and all they measure are the intercessions of time and space. One the first applications of free energy will be the desalinization of water. There are already groups secretly working on this. This is actually an application that governments and corporations can get behind rather than smother. The next area of free energy will be in the transmission of something like electricity. Your current transmission of electricity has much loss in energy over the wires. Using entirely new concepts electricity can be sent through the air, without wires and without energy loss. There are groups working on this as well. Most of the groups developing free energy were Atlantean before, so their ideas come as spontaneous inspirations and they can’t prove them in the beginning. The way you can help, even if you’re not an inventor or scientist, is whenever you do your meditation or energy work you send out a wave of invisibility, transparency. What this does is support the uncovering of secrets. Can you almost feel that wave, just when we give it words? Imagine if many more of you did it more often – simply the intentional wave of transparency. You live in very exciting times, but many secrets have been kept from you. It’s not just the secrets of your governments and powerful corporations. There are some galactic civilizations that would keep you in the dark, but with your wave of transparency you affect even them. If they wore boots, they would begin to shake in their boots. Earth light has been under a cover, but you are piercing that cover with more confidence than you know. The higher beings of light see it, but so do the ones who would profit from having you ignorant. As you create this earthly light you in turn send light to these galactic dark brothers. They are not to be feared, for fear weakens you. Look in their faces with your truth and they will be vanquished by light. There is truth to the statement, “love something to death”.

Creating the 2012 Shift – Part 1

Mark channeled by Jonette Crowley
copyright 2010.
(303) 689-9318

Class 1-The Next Big Thing

February 1, 2010

Welcome shifters. This is Mark.

 The consciousness that co-creates is the consciousness that is awake. Awake, intentional consciousness trumps asleep, unconscious consciousness. That is why it takes very few groups, percentage-wise, very few people to open up the consciousness of this world. In your intentional, awake consciousness, there is the energy of creation that can guide unconscious energy. Unconscious energy has a very slow stream or flow and it’s waiting to be enticed. It’s waiting to be awakened. Humans are waiting to be awakened. From the cosmic viewpoint, you’ve had very slow consciousness. You’ve been asleep, and so, the guides have been playing a role that you will—as awakened co-creators—begin to play more conscientiously on this earth. We have been holding this high frequency that actually gives rise to new energy, waiting for you to be enticed by the field of this higher, brighter, lighter energy that we’ve been holding. Now you are taking on the field of this higher, brighter, lighter, more enticing, more magnetic energy, and it will be so much faster for your human brothers and sisters to follow along, because you are humans. You are already in the same game.

We had to create many levels of transformation to get our energies communicating to yours, and that’s why not everyone can communicate with spirit guides. But now, the floodgates are open, and it won’t be so important that you communicate with spirit guides. What’s going to be important is that you communicate with spirit, all spirit, the spirit of all that is, the spirit that you are part of. It’s very important to understand that the Universe is not governed. It emerges. It evolves. It is created at every moment, in many, many, many levels. Now you can’t even understand that. Ultimately we will get you to a place where you can be aware of the cosmic multitude of connections that you have, and help you be aware of your connection to the planets, to the stars, to other civilizations. Right now that’s all a little too much, but as we progress in this series — co-creating the shift, we’re going to open up doors that are wild and wonderful. We know you always think, ah, how can we go further? How can there be more out there, but we’ve never failed to disappoint, and we won’t in this series either.

We have a bet with some of our colleagues, that many times in this series, you will pretty much be sure that you cannot go further, and the truth is, the old you—the binary, polarized, singular you, cannot go further, but that’s why you have been forming the new you—the multi-dimensional, trans-dimensional you. It’s this new creation of who you are that can transit through these places that were, and will remain inaccessible to your singular self. So it’s a change of consciousness enough to change you; then, as you access this greater consciousness, the greater consciousness begins to change you, and you change it. It this way there’ll be much more co-creation possible. You are actually emerging from the plaster cage. You don’t yet have solid wings, but you have the vision of wings, and you no longer have the constraints.

In the old world—the hierarchical, competitive matrix–there are some very stuck places. They are stuck because they choose to be stuck, not because the light hasn’t penetrated there. When an individual human being gets so attached to his/her individual ness and special ness, and wealth as an individual, or ability as an individual, s/he then resists giving up the notion that individuality is all that is. Many people are actively stuck, actively resisting transformation.

Now, this light will never trample on anyone’s free will. The new structure of cohesive oneness, and an emergent cosmology of reverence, will never interrupt a person or a soul. A person’s highest, multi-faceted self will never interrupt their choosing to remain blind and individual. When you run into people like that you’ll shake your head and think, “wow, that’s really dark, that’s really stuck”. That blindness may actively repel your efforts to welcome it into the greater brotherhood of unity. We ask you to honor that decision. Honor it as much as you honor those who are moving rapidly forward into this new consciousness, for if you dishonor even those who are stuck, even in small ways, you are not helping this greater cause. It is very important as you move in this rapidly accelerating path that you hold in reverence, everyone, wherever their path is.

We would like to tell you a little bit about our vision for the end of this first course. We would like you to be very conversant, very comfortable with the new structure that was introduced in a rather uncomfortable, disorienting way earlier. Be comfortable with it and be able to follow thoughts and intentions through the synapses of connection to the all-that-is. You may actually watch as your prayers, as your intention, actually flows like ripples in a pond, throughout the all-that-is. Our goal at the end of this is for you to know so deeply in your cosmic bones of your power, and of the fact that nothing is hidden, that there are no secret thoughts, there are no dark corners in your mind to hide within. Our goal is that you will begin to live in a much greater degree of transparency, so much greater that you give permission to those dark bits that you feared in yourself to see the light of day. You give them permission to be freed. Those dark bits that you hide within yourself (that maybe you don’t even know are hiding) are like those individuals who are stuck and resist the light. At the end of this course we want such a level of transparency externally and such a level of transparency internally that the level of your deep healing is more than you can imagine; that things are healed within you that you didn’t know were broken or hidden, and that clarity, the power of that release, will create quite a vibrational stir in the whole collective consciousness of mankind. That’s our vision.

 This is only the end of part one of this course. There will be a level by the end of this year where you humans with guidance have pulled yourselves up by the bootstraps enough that there will be an overwhelming opening of cosmic support that has been walled off from you now. It isn’t because you don’t deserve more cosmic support, it’s because the frequencies that cosmic support comes to you is so huge that it would be disruptive if it came all at once. That’s why we, Mark, and the many guides who work with you in this way have had to undergo much training in order to have our vibration be able to teach you without burning you, without harming you. However, as your groups, and the groups who are similar, raise your vibration—and we do see a significant change at the end of this calendar year–the whole collective vibration will be strong enough that it is no longer necessary to keep such a shield of protection around you. Then cosmic support will be accessible to all humanity in a more unfettered way. People will see angels. People will be angels. People will be so much more awake. We use angels as a metaphor, because it’s so much more than that.

That will usher in a 2011 that will have your soul-self be so strong, so self-confident, that the doubts, and the lack of self-esteem, and these personal, individual issues that have become endemic in the human, individualized self, will begin to break apart. Our goal is to finally dissipate the harm caused by this lack of personal esteem, personal power and ability to be self-referencing. All of it, all of this lack of self-esteem is based on the false sense that you are an individual self. As you move into unity conscious, which you began to sense tonight, the false pretense that has given this endemic disease of lack of self-esteem, self-worth, self-value, will begin to wash away. That in itself will usher in such a level of being able to listen to your own truth, not being manipulated by others, and feeling safe—no matter the external circumstances. Wouldn’t that be nice? Fear has no grasp on those who have Higher-self esteem. You will never have pure self-esteem as long as you see yourself as individuals. Only when you are more connected to your cosmic unity consciousness will the joke of self-esteem be gone. The cosmic support will open up. We believe that the entire flavor of 2011 will be different than mankind has ever tasted.

So, at a personal, individual level, stay flexible. Do not take yourself too seriously. Do not believe your beliefs. Do not! They are temporary restraints that help you stay safe in a minimal world. As you move to a limitless world, your beliefs will falsely lead you back to the old. So let beliefs not be containers but rather leaves that blow by in a very strong wind. Do not take seriously the beliefs of others. The polarization in your religion, in your politics, in your cultural idioms and ideologies is poisonous. Remember that other people are not their beliefs either. Even if others take their beliefs seriously, you would help them a great deal by not taking their beliefs seriously–so that they can begin to un-hinge from beliefs. Beliefs are a shallow costume that encourage people to masquerade, rather than inviting people to their authentic core.

We invite you to laugh long, and often. We invite you to trust the strength of yourself, no matter what the external circumstances; to begin the process of un-hinging your happiness from the context of your life, or worse, the content of your bank account. In a word, we invite you to be free of these things. In that freedom, you are the consciousness that you’ve been training in yourself—this new consciousness has so many more opportunities than the old you.

We invite you, in this time of great growth, to polish your halos, and be willing to show others your deep goodness. It has for some time been out of style to be deeply good. The excuses are, “I might get hurt. I’m vulnerable.” But the reality is—you’ve been afraid of the power of good. You’ve been afraid to stand out in your radiant, exemplary goodness. So polish your halos, and let the world know, not by speaking, but by your acceptance of your whole, great self, that you are a great light!

Each of you in your own way is going to experience a much stronger opening of your third eye. It is not just receiving / seeing into your third eye, it will actually be a form of transmission out—from your individuality to the Universe. So your third eye will open in ways that it hasn’t been opened in the human experience.

Help the people who are living, and do not take death so seriously, your own, or your friends. The people who die are in very good hands, but the people who are alive are in your hands. For the most part you are stepping up to that responsibility. As you polish your halo and let your deep goodness show you will make decisions based upon truth, and not upon fear. Truth isn’t necessarily what was taught in the Bible. It isn’t necessarily what people speak from the pulpit. Truth is your own, but your own from your highest core of goodness. We challenge you to let your goodness show, and watch that transform your life. You’re all pretty good, but you all wear many clothes over that goodness.

You have come to earth at this time as missionaries. We know that word has a bad name, but you understand. You come to bring a new word, a new perspective, new choices, and you come by being immersed in the old. You have come from many stars to be alive now. You will begin to hear the inner harmonics that lead forth evolution. It will be in the urgency for you to do something, for you to befriend this person, for you to talk to this stranger, for you to read this book, for you to do… whatever. Listen to that urgency, because it’s coming from that core, your truth.

We, and our friends in the higher dimensions, feel like Santa Clause, bringing you gifts, waiting for Christmas, and with excitement, watching you unwrap them. It is an honor and a privilege to be admitted into your life as a teacher, and you, beloved apprentice Masters. You will have many tasks in this apprenticeship, and always, full support. We welcome you to this party, and we thank you for being who you are.

This is Mark.

Our work with my guide “Mark” has reached a new threshold. This is truly the doorway to other Universes. We are learning tools for changing this world; bringing in wisdom, magic and all times and places in a way that gives us infinite possibilities. Consciousness and our abilities to navigate in the higher worlds are growing very quickly now. Mark is helping us connect with the “Shamanic super-highway” of living masters so that our skills can grow and our light can have a much greater impact. We are exploring the 8th Dimension, which is best described as the universes on the other side of black holes in the new course, Quantum Consciousness and the 8th Dimension. (Available on CD or downloads.) 


Here is a drawing from Barbara Hand Clow’s book “The Mayan Code” that truly gives a visual for the place we are playing in the world of energy and consciousness.  I believe that what Mark is calling the threshold of the 8th Dimension is the line between black holes and white holes—the other side of matter—the dividing line between current consciousness and what we will see after 2012.  This is significant because only by changing the foundation and structure of how we experience consciousness, can we create the world we want.  Join us in not just waiting for 2012, but in actually co-creating the consciousness that the Mayas foretold.


 Here are some Questions and Answers that Jonette channeled from Mark during our first class.


Q. “What do we need to know about this time and the near future?”


Mark: “ This too will pass.  Remind yourself that in your life your greatest spiritual gifts and your greatest personal growth, has happened after a period of falling apart in your life.  Realize that if that’s true in your life it could well be true in the life of the world.  Know that you are called upon to integrate more with the earth, the elementals, and the energies of trees, plants, water and nature.  Mankind has been so alienated from its very roots; it was only a matter of time before the tree dies with the root system disconnected.  This is really a time to connect more deeply to Mother Earth.  Spend that time in your garden, sitting and looking at the moon, the stars, the sunrise, the sunset, and find the simpler part of you that touches the Earth.  You will have more power and life force coming through you and you will be guided in better day-to-day decisions that keep you and your families financially safe.”