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Remember the lyrics to the song, “Looks like we made it …”? This week will be our 15th wedding anniversary. As in any relationship, Ed and I have had our ups and downs. Can I confess that last year I was about done with it? I loved so much about Ed … who he is, what he does, that he is committed to learning and spiritual growth ….  BUT … the way we were together had me confused. At times I didn’t even like him, and I’m sure he felt the same about me. I told the Universe that I wanted a kind and considerate husband. I hoped it was Ed, but I tried to be unattached to the outcome. In my mind I gave myself from March 2010 to March 2011 to get clear what to do.

Then a minor miracle happened. In late January Ed started working with a personal coach and an inner spiritual “team” from the White Brotherhood. I was teaching in Europe all of February, but could sense the change in him. His emails and texts to me were warm and even romantic! I loved it and told him so! After receiving a particularly loving text from Ed, I texted him back: “To whomever stole Ed Oakley’s cell phone and is sending romantic messages … keep it up! PS. Are you married?” I came back home to the husband I had married 15 years ago. Our relationship is stronger and each of us is growing and laughing. We are both kinder and more forgiving. The miracle is that I had given the issue up to the Universe and gave the Universe a year to let me know what to do. My deadline was March. The huge changes began in February. I am so grateful to have the husband I have and the marriage we are creating. Guess we’ll sign on for another 15 years … for starters.