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“When you celebrate you are seeding Joy” – ‘MARK’, channeled by Jonette

Celebrate Yourself

This comes from a deep well of self-acceptance and self-love. Celebrating yourself is first because you cannot see what to celebrate in anything outside yourself— in nature or in your fellow man— unless you’re celebrating yourself first. Think of the word ‘triumphant.’ It lifts you to a place of being victorious without an enemy.

celebrate_yourselfWhen you celebrate you are seeding joy. Celebration is the way of ease in the New Earth. Your current world is one of work and burdens, filled with karma, guilt and sin. It is a very heavy world. The world you are bringing in, celebrating, playing and dancing in, is the world of ease and grace.

In your current world you work first, then celebrate upon accomplishment. In your new world, celebration dances in the accomplishments. So begin to bring in joy first — not only after the hard work. The joy opens the gate for magic! The magical worlds have always been there but they have been relegated to a world of make-believe that only children believe in. The kind of magic we wish for you to believe in begins by celebrating life.

Work is important but accomplishment shouldn’t be the only cause for celebration. Work gives you a way to express yourself in action. That’s why you are here. You sometimes think that work is more difficult than play. The difference between doing your taxes and running a marathon isn’t the amount of difficulty. Running a marathon is probably harder, but you choose to run a marathon because that’s an expression of what you want. The marathon becomes part of your self-expression. The effort to run is fueled by your heart and not by a need.

The Shift in Consciousness

celebration by J CianelliThis shift is beginning to open consciousness in new ways. You are relearning what humanity has once forgotten. The consciousness you see when you read the newspapers is the cracking up or crashing down of the old consciousness. It is not what you were born to bring in.

What you were born to bring here is what you see when you close your eyes and go into your heart or when you hug each other. That new consciousness is stronger than we’ve ever seen it. All of us in the higher realms are grateful for how much you are accomplishing in the new consciousness.

So when you look at the world please don’t just look at the world of the news. The breaking apart of the old is essential. You have to see darkness, you have to see violence, you have to see hate so that you can actually embrace them again. You understand that a denied or unacknowledged hurt in your body may eventually cause disease. So you must ask the darkness to come up, not to be denied. Bless the violence. Bless these events that show that humanity is not yet One. Feel that your hearts, your souls are one with each other.

loving the unlovableConsciousness is the expansion of awareness into love. There is nothing else. The more you are love, come from love, see love, the more your consciousness can expand. This includes loving that which is unlovable. This is the hardest lesson of expanded consciousness, the one Jesus came in to teach— love the unlovable.  When you see the unlovable you say, “Thank you. I’m ready now to see you.“

The others who you share your life— your family and friends, may not be able to love the unlovable and they’ll tell you how bad everything is. Love them for that, while in your heart you know the truth of celebration.

Meditation Process: Birth of the Eternal Human

Please close your eyes and move into the golden place within your heart where celebration lives and magic is your truth…

Like Alice through a looking glass, drop into that rabbit hole where everything is different and wondrous. Drop deeply into yourself…

Before you see anything find a silence there … moving into that quantum void of stillness now … There will be a moment in which the stillness pops open to a different kind of stillness. Once you find that, go through to a different sort of place…

expanded awakeningIt is a different world of stillness. Simply engulf yourself in the shift that has taken place and know that this shift is moving into your consciousness, reconfiguring you to a different base place… Notice that things change about you…. The emptiness is expanding. You celebrate this as you explore…

Allow yourself to lose yourself, losing your frame of reference… Allow yourself to be universal without a specific reference point… Be one with the infinite quietness of the Universe.

Relax even more so that you become atoms spread out throughout the Universe. Nothing to see. Nothing to do. It’s the quietness that rewires your consciousness…

The space or field you are in creates you in its image, not the other way around. The image is one of wholeness. Your individuality falls away and your wholeness is what is present. In this field there is no time… Your sense of time falls away and what is left is your knowingness of eternity… Allow yourself to know infinite eternity.

in this field there is no giving or receiving. There is only being. Anything that is other than being falls away. That part of you that is this eternal field becomes stronger…

You move past your need to do or to understand…  The parts of you that are eternal are strengthening, becoming more real as you simply be in the field of this eternal silence…

This vast field of quantum awareness brings you open to places that didn’t exist as part of you before. Birth of the universal human happens in silence in a deep field of expanded awakening…

We’re going to be silent for many minutes now and allow you to expand into this deep field of the universal human … trying to accomplish or understand nothing … letting yourself go.

(long pause)

universal beingDearest beings, imagine that you are on the other side, the side that you’ve been searching for, the side that you call awakening. Imagine that it’s done … the doors are open … the truth here is too big to be filled by things you think you know, or things you think you want to know.

Awakening is a field of awareness that needs nothing in it, that needs no explanation, no to-do lists. Continue to notice that it is as if your atoms have been atomized throughout the Universe of all time and space. You’re one with silence. If God had a name it would be silence…

Notice there is nothing to search for…  Your wise ones say enlightenment is the end of all searching. It is when you stop searching and fall into the silence here— where it has always been— waiting for you to stop.

In this final phase of the meditation you may feel a cosmic tingling as that which is opening you, begins to be embodied. Notice your body responding to the field, to the space, to this awakening event. Notice that you’re feeling softer and fuller. Your mind is blissfully empty…

Notice how your body feels different … It may feel that you are quantum, that you are non-local.  Although you know you have a body you actually can feel yourself existing universally.

Find that gateway in your heart once again and anchor the universal humanness of you into your heart. Draw yourself back into your body through your heart. Notice the radiance in your cells, in your spirit … This is a lightness of being that took the place of all of your thinking.

Now breathe your bright beautiful cosmic self, back into the room, back into your body …You are so magnificent when you let your self go! We thank you. This is MARK.

JONETTE:  ‘MARK’ isn’t a teacher who pushes knowledge to you. He is more like a cosmic taxi driver. He takes you somewhere and drops you off. There was a moment when he had us be universal. It was as if we were fine crystal and the cosmos took a little hammer and broke us apart. All the pieces fell apart and what was left was an essence that expanded even further into the Universe. You got it! You got it! You were on the other side! You were at awakening, looking back. Wow, what a powerful, universal group!  Thank you!

From ‘MARK’ Weekend Workshop “The Space Beyond…Using Multidimensional Awareness to Claim Your Mastery”  Berlin, Germany 2015.

 Jonette will be teaching her new ‘MARK’ workshop “Quantum Transformation-Creating our New Reality” in Europe in 2016

Spring – Denmark, Switzerland, Finland & Norway

Fall –  Poland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden

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Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,


 ‘MARK’ is a cosmic being channeled by Jonette since 1989. His goal is to lift humanity above the structures of our 3-D consciousness. “Your reality is a reflection of your level of consciousness.” He leads weekly recorded courses introducing us experientially to the higher dimensions of awakening. This is exploration at the very edges of human spiritual awareness. There is nothing like these on-going courses for expansion and transformation. To get a taste of ‘MARK’ for free, go to our ‘Listening and Viewing Room at  

Copyright 2015 Jonette Crowley.

“The foundation of being of service is being served. The foundation of being loving is being loved. The foundation of giving is receiving.

“The foundation of being of service is being served. The foundation of being loving is being loved. The foundation of giving is receiving. Service is so much more than giving. It is radiantly expressing your beingness without effort, without cost to you of any kind. But as we look at the human condition over the last few thousand years, there has been a shortage of receiving that has dried up the wells of giving. We want you to bust down all doors, all your hesitancy, resistance and deep karmic guilt to receiving and to being served.

Let a stillness come over you—a stillness that supports, that nourishes and nurtures, that you just can’t get enough of. This stillness feels like the quantum or the eighth dimension. There is creation and potential here but it’s all invisible. It is the stillness of the unmanifest world that you are aware of now. Feel how this stillness nourishes you. If you cannot receive stillness, you cannot receive. Disappear all resistance as you become the stillness.

Day 12 JC meditatingNow, with the same grace and finesse that you received stillness, we invite you to receive everything—grace, gifts, love, wisdom, power, abundance, creation—so much that there is no need to identify being served. Receive endlessly—and see what changes you have to make in yourself in order to endlessly receive infinity—everything being served. Let this transform you.

Lose yourself so there is no longer an inflow— you are that which you receive. There is no difference. You have changed. There is no movement from something outside yourself to yourself. There’s a presence, a beingness that has shifted. It is awesome, expanded, huge…Allow yourself to know yourself without needs, wants or desires, to be satisfied, to be sated, to not be yearning, seeking, trying—a triumphant sense of presence and completion in this moment.

Service without needs is the greatest service of all. The greatest creation is for you to have no need to create. You have no need to serve. There are no needs being met. There is simply the overflowing of your creation— that itself is of service.

Our objective is to help you close down the old initiators of being of service— which were usually guilt, or a need for acceptance, approval or appreciation.

In the quantum dimension giving and receiving are one thing. There is no movement from something to something else. Service is not giving something to someone else. It is something quite different. It is a radiant combustion of existence. It is endless creation experienced. Allow yourself to feel endless creation experienced. What’s created isn’t important. It’s the power of endless creation, and you are there… Creator, creation—you are endless. You are all of that!

25512078622650E2FA822650E2F827When your heart and your being is so full that it continually explodes with you across the dimensions of the universe, then you are a true giver and a true receiver. When charity is no longer a decision but is simply an outflow of you, then you are a creator. When you pause not in your thinking whether to receive or to give, then you are living in the moment of power. Our objective is to reset your ability to receive for it is flow that underlies creation, not giving. Flow is inflow and radiance out.

CopyRight 2016

Treasures-2-CD-cover-600x600This is excerpted from MARK’s channeled class: “Creation Part 3, Class 1“.  You can join Jonette on select Monday evenings for ‘MARK’s current series “The 9th Dimension of Multiple Realties”

‘MARK’ is a cosmic being channeled by Jonette since 1989. His goal is to lift humanity above the structures of our 3-D consciousness. “Your reality is a reflection of your level of consciousness.” He leads weekly recorded courses introducing us experientially to the higher dimensions of awakening. This is exploration at the very edges of human spiritual awareness. There is nothing like these on-going courses for expansion and transformation. To get a taste of ‘MARK’ for free, go to our ‘Listening and Viewing Room.’ Click here to order current or past ‘MARK’ courses as audio links, CD’s, or simply get the transcripts.

JC Columbian Statue OPT


“The wonderful thing about travel is the different perspective you gain.”


JC, Mark & Gustavo OPTMark and I have been spending the last few days visiting a Colombian college friend of mine in his hometown of Cali. Society is stratified here, though there is more of a middle-class than there was when I visited here in 1980. Gustavo’s family is wealthy– sugarcane and lately residential development. Luxury cars with drivers, maids, cooks… a city apartment and a country home.

JC Cali OptimizedIt has been a fun indulgence for a few days to ring in the New Year. Yet the good life here has its drawbacks. Colombia is still a rough and sometimes lawless country. Up until a few years ago you weren’t safe leaving the city. Armed gunmen would set up roadblocks to rob you, or if you were wealthy enough you could be kidnapped for ransom. It is illegal for a man to ride on the back of a motorcycle with another man– because the back guy could be the shooter.

Gustavo and his neighbors have high fences, locked gates, guard dogs, a reinforced ‘panic’ room for hiding in case of attack… and lots of guns.  But inside the gates it’s like the holidays anywhere– family, food, laughter, music and fun!

As visitors we get to enjoy Latin hospitality and awesome Colombian food. We get to go home to a place where we are relatively secure. We have to realize that the world for us is different than the world for most people. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here, to be embraced by a big South American family for the New Year’s celebration. It makes me more in love with life and the magnificence of people. Whatever our circumstances we do adapt, and at our core we are all the same. 

Gustavo drove us to the airport in his armored SUV, welcoming us back any time. You know, I will be back. The good and the beauty here far outweigh the concerns.

Off to Cartagena!

Copyright 2015 Jonette Crowley.

Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, Jonette Crowleyand author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,


What would Jesus DoIn the Christian community there has been a movement to ask yourself “What would Jesus do?” before saying something or taking an action. I find it’s a good guide to live by.

whiteeagle copy

Some years ago a woman I knew…the artist who did the White Eagle painting that I use “Through the Portal”, called me from a mental hospital. I hadn’t seen or heard from her in years. She was an acquaintance, not a friend. She requested if she could stay with us for a few days as she needed a place to go in order to be discharged from the hospital. Her sister couldn’t take her in. I hesitated… I really didn’t know her or her mental condition. In that momentary silence, the question: “What would Jesus do?” came to my mind. Considering the question, I answered the only thing I could have… “Of course.”

She arrived ragged, unkept and unwashed. She was grateful and kind. Evidently she had been homeless, living in her car for some time, endlessly walking the aisles of a grocery store, talking to her voices.

Once we got her settled she said, “Oh, I have something in my car I’ve been carrying around. I’ll give it to you.”

I couldn’t begin to imagine what it might be. She returned with a large, framed watRobin2ercolor of a robin in an autumn tree—a beautiful piece that she had painted in her better years.

Humbly I accepted the unexpected gift. The Universe might have been thanking me for acting favorably on the question: “What would Jesus do?” (WWJD?)

The painting hangs proudly over my mantle, reminding me that what I receive is always so much more than what I give.

WWJD? Came up last month in response to a young woman’s question during an Oracle reading. “I’d like to get a tattoo. Should I get a cross or lotus flower?” The question “What would Jesus do?” immediately came to mind. “Get a lotus,” was my answer. I felt quite sure that Jesus wouldn’t wear a cross.

While I thought about it, Jesus would probably be appalled if he popped into the middle of the Vatican today. (I’m happy that at least to some extent we appear to have a Pope who is asking himself that question.)

So, what would Jesus do?

My journey walking from Porto Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Jonette has just completed the Camino walking to Santiago de Compostela along the Portuguese coastal route from Porto, Portugal to Spain. Here is a blog of her first six days from her daily Facebook posts. Next week we will post a blog of her last six days walking.

“You get to feel the trail without the blisters😉!”


Day 0 of my journey on the Camino Portugues

day 0 JC,A,M

I flew from Stockholm today, meeting my Norwegian friends Anne and Mikael here. I’m excited because my clothes are clean, my feet have no blisters, and I have yet to test the weight of my new backpack. I tried my hardest to get my belongings pared down to the bare minimum– but we will see.😀

We start walking the beach path tomorrow. Thank you for joining this journey with us!

Day 1 of the Camino to Vila Do Condi

Day 1 Beach boardwalk

“It will be interesting to see who I really am at the end of 14 days walking”

Day 1 groupWalked along the sea all day. Beautiful warm weather and bright blue sky. For a moment we were uncertain where the path led. Just then a man pulled up in his car and asked us where we were going. He told us that we were about to follow the old road which
was well marked but longer and less beautiful. He gave us clear directions to continue to follow the sea… a way not marked for pilgrims. This man appeared at the perfect time, an angel to us. It was a fabulous route, keeping the Atlantic Ocean to our left as we walked along the sand dunes. Tonight is our first night in a pilgrim hostel.Day 1 JC & M in surf

I’ve learned a lot already today, trying to carry as little as I can in my backpack. Vanity is gone… No make up, only 3 shirts for 14 days… Kind of smelly… Very simple. It is easy to see how busy my mind wants to be. It will be interesting to see who I really am at the end of 14 days walking.

Day 2 of the Camino to Marinhus, Portugal

day2“The pace of one step at a time is very slow, especially compared to how I usually race through life.”

day 2 sea shell sign

Walked along the sea again today. Sometimes we pass local people who smile and say “bom caminho” — wishing us well or ‘good way’. Passed through fishing villages and small farm plots growing vegetables. The pack felt heavier today and the feet more sore. Tonight staying in a pilgrim’s hostel. 16 bunkbeds all in one room, men and women together. (looking for my earplugs now). Good thing we’re all very tired. 😀

Day 2 Beach markerWe met fascinating people from many countries here tonight. Most people have walked the Camino before and are doing it again. I can see how freeing it is to step out of our ordinary life and slow our pace. The pace of one step at a time is very slow, especially compared to how I usually race through life.

We follow the yellow arrows with the yellow shell sign from town to town.

 Day 3 of the Camino – last day in Portugal


“It really is so great to just walk… No other expectations or jobs!!”

day 4 hostel

OK, I have to admit it was very difficult to share a room with bunk beds with so many people.  Some went to bed late and made noise. Some people got up very early and made noise. I confess that I was one of the people who snored, says my friend Anne.

Day 3 JC&A

I had a small meltdown when I found we had to walk seven more kilometers to find a pilgrim’s hostel… after we had walked over 8 hours. My wonderful friends agreed to carry my pack. But then I had a better idea, let’s get a taxi to a hotel… Which turned out to be much further than 7 km away. We had a great dinner and enjoyed a bottle of red wine and wonderful deep conversation.

Anne and I are sharing a bed tonight, but it’s much better than the bunk room with 14 other people. It really is so great to just walk… No other expectations or jobs!!

Day 4 of the Camino from Portugal to Spain


“Yesterday while walking on my own I was so overwhelmed with joy”

A shorter walk today along the coast, then crossed by ferry from Portugal to Spain. Tonight the pilgrim’s hostel is an old school that has a small kitchen… For 5 euros a night!

Yesterday while walking on my own I was so overwhelmed with joy that I wanted to share it. So I am sending you all the love ❤

Day 5 of the Camino


“Life is reduced to its simplest form”

day 5 pathToday was our first rain day as we walked along the west coast. Our bodies are all pretty tired, so it will be an early night at the pilgrim’s hostel. Rain is not worse than sun, just different. Food was a problem today as it is Sunday and remote. Breakfast was bread and cheese, lunch was the same bread with half a banana, dinner was the same bread we’ve been carrying with some canned sardines.

Day 5 group selfieLife is reduced to its simplest form. You get up grab some bread and start walking. At the end of the day you shower, wash out some clothes, and go to bed early to the bunk room.

It is an adventure! Meeting great people and am getting strong! The people are: Anne and Mikael– friends from Norway, and. Nico–a Belgian guy who has adopted us on the way.  Our front door tonight faces the Atlantic Ocean!

Day 6 of the Camino from Mougas to Baionaday6

“If you would ask me why I am walking the Camino, I don’t really have an answer.”

Day 6 picnic lunchWalking along the coast in Spain. Began in Mougas. Sleeping in an old convent outside Baiona.

The spiritual breakthroughs are not so grandiose as I had hoped for. It is more the insight of observing my thoughts and noticing that I don’t always like what I think. But as I walk, I re-choose everything in every moment. Thinking quietly. Life is simple here. We follow the yellow arrows that lead us to the pilgrim’s hostel. We eat when we can. Stop where there is a cafe chair or a rock. Lunch was sardines on the rocks. Food never tasted so good!Day 6 Water from Fountain

Tonight 7 of us from 7 countries had a great dinner together sharing the camaraderie of the road.

If you would ask me why I am walking the Camino, I don’t really have an answer.  Except to walk it.

We will be posting Part 2 of Jonette’s journey next week – Find out if she has a different answer to that question after completing her 14 day Camino walk. 


head shot white blog 300px

About Jonette:  Jonette, known as a ‘Spiritual Indiana Jones’, is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She has traveled to over 80 countries and has led spiritual tours to almost every continent.  She is an internationally known channel, oracle, spiritual teacher and author of the best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide ‘MARK’ she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.  Please see her websites for more information,

Last month Jonette led a group of 40 healers, lightworkers and spiritual adventurers to Bosnia’s Valley of the Pyramid.  The group toured the pyramids, tumulus and tunnels experiencing the electromagnetic and healing energies of the ancient pyramids.  On the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, Jonette held a meditation–tapping into the powerful energies of September’s eclipse.  She also did a special channeling which the group was able to ask questions of ‘MARK’s’ ancient wisdom.  Please see the October 20th blog  ‘The Origin of the Bosnian Pyramids’ for Part I of MARK’s message.  Below is Part II of ‘MARK’s’ extraordinary Q & A session.

“There is nothing that cannot be accomplished when you bring your consciousness together with others of similar vibrations.”

 ‘MARK’, channeled by Jonette Crowley



QUESTION 1:  Is there something we can do with the knowledge and the energy that we are feeling to carry it in our surroundings?

geometric art‘MARK’:   No. You did it. You came. It is that simple. You are transformers. You are generators. When you come in contact with a field that’s of high harmony, high frequency, naturally as a biological generator, you begin to generate at that higher field unless you stand in the way by moving back into fear or back into lack or back into what you know doesn’t work.

As you stand in your power and your grace, there’s nothing you have to do but be your presence. Go where your presence commands you to go. Sing the songs your presence commands you to sing, and enjoy your world. Doing becomes less and less important. Showing up is important but doing is less important. Other questions? We will have more answers than you have questions anyway.


QUESTION 2:  Is there more that is helpful now for us to know about the Hopi prophecies?

clouds daniel holeman

‘MARK’:  The Hopi prophecies were written from and for a linear world—a world that was based upon 3-D time. When that thundercloud that Jonette was talking about is distributed into fluffy white clouds, the prophecy is no longer the thundercloud but all the manifestation of each of the fluffy white clouds. So there is no prophecy possible. There is only unlimited manifestation and free will. Humans have not had free will. You have free will with three choices which is not free will because you have had only 3-D free will. As you move into your multidimensional magnificence, you’ll know that free will is you as Creator Gods, Creator Beings.

Prophecy is no longer possible when you move into creation. Many times you go and say, “What’s going to happen?” This is not an important question anymore. The question is, “What do you want to be?” You want a celebration. You have the celebration now. You be it now, and then the Universe creates the causes for your celebration. It creates it backwards from your celebration because the Universe has no clocks.


QUESTION 3:  We are in a group of masters and healers. Can you speak a bit about the other groups and the reason for the blockages and what their purpose is?

bosnia-group-meditation-W‘MARK’:  You want to know what the purposes of the groups that are not so masterful or masterful in not healing or masterful in blocks? You want to know why are they there?

You do not learn mastery by being hatched from an egg. You learn mastery by moving around blocks. Every block that is here is given fine tuning to mastery, to healing, and to claiming a world without blocks. You are all blockers as well. You have lived lives as poisonous ones and that has given you the ability to be the antidote to poison.

You’ve all lived your life as dark ones in blocks. That gives you the mastery for dark ones in blocks. It’s just you are not blocks and dark ones now. It all is harmony already, and harmony has many manifestations both the freight train and the kitten’s whisker. Thank You


QUESTION 4:  What about the water in the tunnels in the Bosnian Pyramids?

 ‘MARK’:  One of the purposes of the tunnels and one of the reasons they were closed off is the tunnels hold the consciousness and the biological energetic atmosphere that supports high human consciousness. It is a time capsule. When you go there, you feel your high consciousness. The water and the crystals in the rocks hold the high consciousness and hold pristine, high human—well, hold the environment for high human awakening. When you go there, it’s as if you go into the most pristine past that humanity has ever had; and it has stayed pristine and one of the reasons is the water.

That water is important because it will take you back to the energy of this space, and the energy of this space takes you back to humanity’s wonderment. Do you see it had to be closed off to stay unpolluted so that it could be found now, and through your hearts channeled out as you did today to all hearts? You will always be grounded in this place because you are here. It can always find you. You don’t have to come back. You don’t actually have to be the water, have the water, because the water in your body has already transformed. The water you buy in their bottle helps them, and it helps you, and it’s not even needed. You are your water source.

red-blood-cellsClose your eyes and feel the health of your red blood cells right now. Now you can’t tell because you’ve never checked to see how they are normally, but just ask to feel the resonance of your red blood cells. They are the ones that carry oxygen. Tomorrow when you’re in the tunnel, feel once again the health of your red blood cells. And when you’re feeling generous, see everyone’s red blood cells this way. You are masters. We see it. We feel it.


QUESTION 5:  What about the wars here. What we can do from this place of a relatively recent war to go back into time to heal all war and to go forward into time and heal war — so much that it is prevented. – Jonette

tumulusW‘MARK’:  As light generators—when your heart goes to a place of war and your heart stays open not judging the war, the goodness, the badness, it’s only bad, there are no good guys, there are only victims. So there are not even bad guys. We want you to hear there are good guys and everyone is a victim. Everyone. Those of you who sit in your nice houses in your safe countries are too.

Come to this place where war was enacted and where people temporarily lost their humanity. Feel that golden heart light and put it on the accelerator—the heart light of the accelerator that you felt in the tunnels or on the pyramid because that ray, those rays (it was many), it was a vortex of rays, that’s an accelerator. Put your heart light, your love, your compassion, your truth and trust in the benevolence of the Universe into that generator and feel it go through all time and all space in such a vortex of harmony that war is impossible.

photo credit Daniel B Holeman

photo credit Daniel B Holeman

The scars of war are healed going back into time, and the scars of war are healed going forward into time, and traumas begin to dissolve. It is right that you are in this country that was relatively recently embattled, and when those of you who choose to go to the exhibition, see it not through the eyes of a student learning about it but see it rather through the eyes of a master participating in recreating those pictures and that harm and that danger going backward through all wars and forward through all possible conflicts.

There is much to celebrate.
Thank you. This is ‘MARK’


Jonette in a cave

About Jonette:  Jonette, known as a ‘Spiritual Indiana Jones’, is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She has traveled to over 80 countries and has led spiritual tours to almost every continent.  She is an internationally known channel, oracle, spiritual teacher and author of the best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide ‘MARK’ she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.  Please see her websites for more information,

Copyright 2015 Jonette Crowley.

ImageAs our skill in navigating quantum consciousness grows, we can reach into non-ordinary states that were previously inaccessible. We can travel intentionally through space/time —opening and closing portals, changing timelines to avert disasters, bringing about miracles, experiencing grace. This presented me with a profound gift.
Recently I was having my regular energy/clearing session with James Pinkel ( Lying on his massage table, I told him, “James, I feel I’m in a sarcophagus … something to do with death, rebirth and resurrection.” I continued, “It feels like I should cancel everything and go to bed for a day or two. I don’t understand this at all.”
“Oh,” James replied, “I kept seeing you in bed but I didn’t say anything before.”
 Following an inner impulse I canceled all my plans and went to bed in the middle of that afternoon. I wasn’t sick. I wasn’t even tired. For 18 hours I laid there meditating and dozing off. The meditations were deep, taking me around the cosmos it seemed, but nothing was particularly noteworthy. I was disappointed. Had I wasted 18 hours? Did I do it right?
A friend emailed me that perhaps it had to do with a past life. She offered to do a regression on me. In all these years I’ve never had an individual past life regression.
I laid on her couch as she guided me to another time and place. Instantly I was in an open sarcophagus in an underground crypt in Thebes. I was  the subject of an ancient healing ceremony, as evidently I was on death’s door. I was a young, working woman with husband and children, all of whom were distressed by my state.
As soon as I identified with the dying woman my awareness left her and floated into the void between life and death. Waiting. Waiting. I waited for the decision to become clear: do I die or return to my body and the healing circle? The heavens opened up and light poured through. Even in the regression I thought this was kind of cliché. No beings came to get me. No life review. In a moment it was infinitely clear that I wouldn’t be returning to that human body. That was that.
The transition out of human life was seamless, no sharp edges between here and there, living and dead. I wondered how it could be so easy to die, to leave my anguished husband, children and community behind? To not feel one bit of remorse or sadness? I was especially astonished by the complete lack of guilt for leaving a life unfinished, and loved ones behind. How could that be? The answer was immediate and wordless, so excuse my attempts to formulate it into words. There is absolutely no difference between this life and all life. The transition is seamless. There was no guilt because I didn’t leave anything or lose anything by dying. The separation and my family’s suffering over my death is an illusion.
So many times we’ve been told that life is an illusion. I logically trusted this to be true, but I never implicitly understood how something so seemingly real as our life could be an illusion, that is until I consciously experienced death in this past life regression. It wasn’t a near death experience. It was the experience of death itself.
We can’t see the illusion when we’re embedded in it, but the moment we are released, our perspective changes to oneness and peace — the only truth there is.
The lidless sarcophagus in that past life vision was opened to the stars. When we leave the box our separation is ended. Let’s do it through the limitlessness of our consciousness so that when we do die it can be the easy way. And more importantly, we don’t have to die to be released from the illusion of separation and the suffering that it brings. Let us all become navigators in quantum consciousness and its possibilities.
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 Channeled from “MARK”, copyright 2013 by Jonette Crowley, For more about MARK and current audio courses on Creation go to

For all of you there is a great deal of “refining” happening.  Of course, when gold is refined, it is even more shiny.

So don’t hurry into your tasks, but allow yourself the downtime of refinement.  To jump into a task before you’re polished does not serve you.  Enjoy humanness.  Enjoy laughter, and silly songs, and camaraderie, and food, and trees with golden leaves – the joyfulness of humanness without thinking “Oh, I should feel guilty that I’m goofing off.”  “I should feel guilty that I’m eating this.”  That robs you of your most precious energy flow for creation, which is appreciating the color, even if it’s not always a great color, of being human.

Take yourselves less seriously during these times of refinement.  For it is that unpredictable, spontaneously loving, spontaneously humorous, part of humanity that makes ETs with a negative agenda shake in their green feet.  It is that – which you take for granted – that is your greatest gift and tool – and protection.  Can you feel that?  Do not discount the ordinariness of an ordinary life well lived.  We shudder when too many spiritual people believe that spiritual martyrdom is the way to the kingdom, and that guilt is the greatest teacher.  We’ve never seen those lessons come out too well.

Beauty is another teacher for you.  Because from human eyes and human senses beauty takes on a multiplicity of dimensions that other realms can only read about.

Thank you.

photo by Paul Monday

(Copyright 2013 Excerpted from Creation I course, class #5.    Click here to order audio downloads or CD’s of the 8-class Creation I course.)

The most important aspect of this setup tonight is complexity and multiplicity. Usually when you reach out for inspiration, you reach to a source, a higher place and you get a singular jolt of inspiration. But imagine now that inspiration is holographic and the source is everywhere. You can receive pulses of inspiration, of support, of help, of glad tidings from a zillion different places. You might feel a little busily bombarded but allow yourself to be soft.

You are absorbing from billions and billions of levels, dimensions, points, perspectives. Many channels open now. The first thing we wish you to be aware of is the complexity here. The next thing to notice is that the channels that are connecting or communicating with you are not necessarily sending you energy. It is awareness that is touching you rather than energy. A zillion channels of awareness touching you, knowing you, finding you, seeking you; but it’s calm because you aren’t receiving energy. You’re simply the recipient of awareness—lots of awareness.

Now notice that not only is awareness touching you from the complexity of the universe but your awareness is similarly multi-channeled. Usually it’s all you can do to be aware of one or two things. But now please be aware of all of the trillions of channels of awareness that are touching you. You are touching back. It’s not energy, it’s simply awareness or consciousness. 

Imagine now that through you every one of the zillions of channels of awareness becomes aware of the awareness. Each channel becomes aware of all other channels because of you. Again, complexity and relationship—these are the foundations of true creation.

Your job is simply to be calm. It’s really too much to notice so don’t try to notice anything. Allow yourself to lose the solidity of who you think you are, becoming a hub among hubs in infinitely complex relationships. Disregard yourself.

There becomes a moment that you can’t make anything happen and you can’t anticipate. It’s a similar shift to when you are looking at a black figure on white paper, and all of a sudden it switches to being a different figure when you see white on black. So it’s a spontaneous shift that all of a sudden catapults you out of yourself.

What begins to happen is your human limitation of 5 or 6 senses begins to expand so you are multi-sensory, multi-aware; therefore, multi-existing. Notice you might feel changes in your head, in your energy field. You might notice that your presence feels quite solid and it’s nearly impossible to think.

With every breath, you’re becoming a little less of an ordinary human. Your limitations are being transcended. What is interesting is it’s not the small you that is transcending your limitations. It’s the greater you that is becoming awakened. The greater you is already transcendental, already much more limitless. 

Intend that the knowledge, the sensing, the opening that you have achieved here goes out now and becomes available to all humanity. Imagine that you hold a fractal seed of the higher dimensions and you are gifting this seed into the minds and hearts of all humanity. And then, feel yourself stable and expanded as there is a tsunami of complexity, of softness and of joyful life force that begins to billow through humanity’s consciousness. Keep expanding and being stable because this experience can be explosive in a good way. Ride the ride. 

Your awareness is seeding fractals of potentiality throughout the magnificent consciousness that’s available to humanity now. You are realizing that humanity can choose from so many more options than it currently thinks it can. The potentiality that is now open is truly astounding. 

In the myriad and multiplicity of connections, there is embedded great love, great wisdom and great power. This love, wisdom and power knows a lot more than the small you. Imagine now that the loving, powerful wisdom of these universal connections intimately focuses on you. It intimately knows your needs, your path, your desires more than you can put voice to. Please lift into a space where you are the recipient of loving, powerful wisdom that knows you better than you know yourself, whose focus is creation in this now life. We don’t expect you to see anything, though you may feel touched. There is no need to visualize or to have any intentions. In fact, it is more powerful if you are high, stable and neutral, trusting the universal flow of creation to know you. Let your mind be as quiet and receptive as it can be.

Let us remind you that this space is receptive. You do not need to focus on receiving anything. All will be in perfect time and order. You may want to open your hands in a receiving posture. Allow the experience to be personal and intimate yet not specific. Please don’t introduce your wants or desires here. You’re at a much higher level. The knowledge and wisdom is much higher than you can control or direct. We know that’s hard for you.

Be in a state of knowing, loving, powerful trust. Trust in a much bigger picture than you can comprehend, with many more resources than you knew you had available. Use this opportunity to let your small worry-self explode into the progressiveness of the universe. Allow the very idea of worry to blow up in itself never to be found again.

You are now delightfully stable in a new creative matrix. In your human way of thinking you imagine that your small self decides and declares what it is it wants. You begin to visualize it, take action steps toward it, focus on it. That is clumsily effective to some extent. It keeps you busy in your life wishing, dreaming and attaining. However, wishing, dreaming and attaining are behaviors that are not the core of your creative self. What we aim to do in this course series is to reconfigure you from a receiver and often a victim, into a creator and never a victim.

The reconfiguration is immense. You may feel that there are more moments of softness, peace and ease in your life. These moments sneak up on you. As you allow yourself to be at ease with life, the entire universe begins to serve you in a way it cannot serve you or even see you before now.

Creation is more about letting go of bad habits than learning something new. Creation cannot be learned so much as experienced. This is all very frustrating to your personality. That part of you might be saying,  “But what good is creation if I can’t decide what to create?” Let’s look at that another way. What if creation is so big that creation creates you rather than you decide on something to create? At stake here is not what you produce in your life but how your greater life produces a greater you. That, in turn, produces a greater world. All this sounds like circular reasoning until the moment in which you get it.

For now we welcome you to the cusp of Creation. Thank you. This is Mark.


Dear Friends,

Reorienting to a new house and new ‘hood’  doesn’t just mean locating the nearest grocery store, coffee shops, and good restaurants; it means reorienting to a new me. I’m deliberately slowing my pace from my normal high setting… read ‘frenetic’… to something more moderate.  Seeking balance in time spent with myself rather than the bright shiny objects of busy-ness which easily distract me. Telling myself that no one cares if the newsletter is late, or our website isn’t perfect…and It isn’t my job to fix the world instead of sleeping at night.

All this put me face to face with an ugly inner driver — guilt. I never would have admitted to you just how much guilt has me by the throat… probably because I feel guilty that it is so :-).  I feel guilty slowing down. I feel guilty not producing.

 To begin my new life, today I took my first ‘calming yoga class.‘ (Wow, that’s a stretch!) My guilty self kept composing emails while I was supposed to be relaxed and breathing deeply. Who would have thought that breathing is so much harder than composing emails?

When I finally did breathe —  evidently in yoga my normal shallow breath doesn’t really count as breathing, a huge realization popped into my not-quite-quiet-mind — I have confused my work with me! Let me say that another way: I LOVE my spiritual work, my friends around the world, the miracles of Soul Body Fusion, the mysteries of MARK, but, as wonderful and fulfilling as it all is, it’s still only an outer layer of me. My true essence is inside of that. 

For the next few months I commit to finding her because I KNOW that she has some  wonderful, unbelievable surprises that she has been waiting to show me. It feels BIG! Now I’m giving myself the time to find those hidden treasures of me. The last time that I took a break was 24 years ago, that’s when White Eagle and Mark first came to me.


Humbling Moments

My new single life has had its humbling moments. I write this blog at my new coffee shop, just outside my new yoga studio. Next door is my new laundromat. I’m still recovering from the PTSD caused by my first visit there last week. You see, my current apartment doesn’t have a washer or dryer. In my old life, Ed was in charge of laundry… which he didn’t do very well. I was in charge of cooking… which I didn’t do very well either.

Never having visited a laundromat before, I arrived hesitantly with a bag of dirty clothes in hand. Of course I didn’t realize that I should have also brought: 1. laundry detergent, 2. dryer sheets,  3. LOTS of quarters, and 4. a basket for my clean clothes. I managed to wash my clothes with plenty of help from the teenager who works there. But when it came to drying my clothes, I failed. On hands and knees on the not-in-this-decade-scrubbed-floor, I did succeed in stuffing my soggy laundry into the lower coin-operated dryer. Then horror-upon-horror, I pumped my precious quarters into the wrong dryer–not noticing the arrow by the money-box that pointed UP to another person’s dryer!  I lost four quarters, but worse– his dryer was now going to dry for 20 minutes longer than he had intended because of the unexpected donation of my four quarters to his machine!

Ever chivalrous, this veteran of laundromats opened his wallet and gave me back a dollar, saying with a confident smile, “You’ll get the hang of this.”

 I couldn’t get out of there fast enough, towels still damp, two socks AWOL, and vowing to hoard quarters from now on.  🙂 🙂