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MARK Channeled by Jonette

“You all came consciously to be on this planet at this time because you have the skills and the compassion to be of service now, without being derailed by ego or fear.”

Welcome Lifeguards…
We would like to talk about your role in the big picture. So many times we take you on journeys and don’t explain why. There is a reason for that—because the why is never really the why. It’s just a “why” that your mind can grasp onto that gives you permission to be the Grand YOU.

Consciousness is a pool that needs lifeguards. You are the lifeguards while others swim around at various levels of skill in the pool. You know what they’re doing. You know when they’re in trouble. You know when they need help, and you know how to help when they need it. Most of the time you are in your place on your high chair and your presence gives safety to the ones in the pool, even if you never jump in. Your job is to be skilled and trained, not interfere with the swimmers. Help when you need to help but help always from your higher aspects, your higher self, and the parts of you that are not directed by the lower self.

FearYou’ve dedicated yourselves to having skills in the navigation of consciousness and in the creation of realities. You not only navigate consciousness but you help choose the realities that respond to humanity’s requests. You all came consciously to be on this planet at this time because you have the skills and the compassion to be of service now, without being derailed by ego or fear.  Ego, doubts and fear are disastrous to your skills.

In the big picture now, there is a lot of fracturing in human consciousness. The old illusion breaks into many shards. It’s as if someone is taking a mirror and breaking it. The broken shards then have access to universal consciousness that the flat mirror never could. You are taking the mirror of who you think you are and breaking it into multiple dimensions. This is why we work is the 9th dimension—multiple parallel realities. You are holographically existent in all the realities that you can see and cannot see.

You are like Alice through the looking glass; but the looking glass had to be broken for you to go in. It didn’t reflect truth when it was not broken into a million realities. The support for you and your spiritual growth is tremendous because of the role you are taking as lifeguards. You may think you are lost. You may think you lose your way. You may think you’re not supported financially or emotionally. None of this is true. You are a greatly supported group because you greatly support. You support in ways you know not.

Illusions are the hardest things to get beyond. 
WaterTreeThe illusion of separation from God has become paramount in human thought and so you live with broken self-esteem. Humans live with a sense of paranoia and fear. Neither are natural to God. 

Your entire world is based upon illusion. You are those who question the illusion, who break the mirror and walk through the broken pieces. It is important that you are normal and grounded with your normal ups and downs. This world has often been misled by religious hierarchy. True change has to come without a hierarchy at all, directly into the hearts and souls of you. And the “you” is not you as a MARK group; it is you as beautiful beings— as templates for what is so.

Do not seek perfection as a path to enlightenment. 
Perfection is also an illusion that is a distraction. Enlightenment is best conveyed by joy at the ups and downs of every moment, in meeting everything with joy whether it is an up or a down. This is the joy of knowing that what you see is simply an indicator of divinity creating itself. Who you are is divinity creating itself.

What we have seen in the last six months is that more people are opening to dimensions unknown to them before; perhaps the trees talk to them or the rocks talk to them.

God is tired of being personified and would rather have persons being Godified. 

We’ve taken you before to realms of support, to move higher to where the flow is. No matter what has you stuck, finding the cause of that stuckness will not unstick you. Rather acknowledge the stuckness and move to where the flow is— above that. There is always divine flow. Always. Plug yourself into the flow and unplug yourself from the stuckness.

The ancestors are you. 
You are the ancestors evolved. The ancestors look at you and pour their life force through you because you are the ancestors’ presence now. If you can imagine how supported you are, when all the ancestors— who’ve lived the best lives they could— see you proudly living the best life you can. You may think you ride upon their shoulders but they are happy to ride upon yours. The ancestors are more involved in human consciousness awakening now than they have been before because you have reached a level of attainment in which the interconnection is helpful. Why we say that is if you had a lower level of attainment and then connected to your ancestors, it would tend to draw you into the past at a lower level. You need a high level of personal and group and attainment in order for the ancestors to be able to come and not draw you into the past. They march forward with you.

Along with the ancestors, there is also more engagement with non-Earth beings. It might not be sightings of spaceships, but it will be at on an individual basis where you connect with brothers and sisters who are not necessarily human. In order to connect with you they have to come in on the line of compassion— because compassion is your base frequency. When we want to help you change, we always start with love. When you want to change yourself, you always start with love. The line of compassion keeps you safe from any extraterrestrial brothers or sisters whom you may not like. Only ones who come in compassion can connect to you. Open yourselves in the multiplied dimensions to other worlds personally without waiting for mass consciousness to have sightings.

Stay in your power. 
As lifeguards, you must be the ones who stay in your power, even when others are flailing around learning to swim. Just because they’re flailing around does not mean they are drowning. It means they are learning. Stay in your power. Do not feel sorry for yourself. The world turns around your bright lights, and more bright lights come in support of this grand illumination.

Move into a universe of divine grace. Once you get the frequency and the beauty of this place to your liking, invite in the ancestors. Only those with compassion will come. Invite in your loved ones who are alive or those who are passed into this place of compassion. 
Invite the Devas of the Nature Kingdom into this place of grace. Invite the material elements of earth, wind, fire, water.
Invite the souls who are yet to incarnate upon this Blue Planet into this place of grace.
Invite the beings who live at different vibrations, the Inner Earth Beings, the Lemurians. Bring them into this place of grace.
Invite the Angels, the Archangels, the Seraphim, the Cherubim, the Kumaras, the Guardians, the Elohim.
Invite the star beings, the extraterrestrials, the ones from other universes into this place of grace.
Invite the living souls of all humanity, every single one, into this place of grace. Feel how everyone here is helping, supporting, assisting and loving every other entity invited here. There is only love and support. Only
In the frequency of compassion, we all welcome not just the new human and the new Earth but the new universes.
With that, we thank you for your existence. This is MARK.

Excerpted from ‘Treasures from Beyond: the 9th Dimension’, Part I, class 6.  
Copyright 2015 Jonette Crowley. Feel free to share, giving credit and including the copyright.

Treasures 1 CD cover(CopyRight 2015

‘Mark’ is a cosmic being channeled by Jonette since 1989. His goal is to lift humanity above the structures of our 3-D consciousness. “Your reality is a reflection of your level of consciousness.” He leads weekly recorded courses introducing us experientially to the higher dimensions of awakening. This is exploration at the very edges of human spiritual awareness. There is nothing like these on-going courses for expansion and transformation. To get a taste of ‘Mark’ for free, go to our ‘Listening and Viewing Room.’ Click here to order current or past Mark courses as audio links, CD’s, or simply get the transcripts.

MARK channeled by Jonette Crowley

From MARK’s new course: The 9th Dimension: Treasures from Beyond – Part I

Note: The focus of this new 8-class course is to upgrade our consciousness to be aware of multi-dimensional self. Treasures from Beyond will bring these 9th Dimensional skills into practical applications in our lives.*

Welcome, historians. This is Mark. Historians—ones who live and search in their history for the answers.

In the activating of the new human, your history will give you many false leads. True leadership reverts back to your spirit— but not your small spirit, your greater multidimensional, multiply-accessed spirit.

Visualization Exercise:
We ask you first to put your energy in your body starting from your feet. Then energetically from the inside out caress your body. Bring grace and appreciation starting from your feet, up your legs, feel appreciation swirling around your knees, through your thighs. Notice that your awareness is waking something up. It’s reconnecting your tissue to your awareness.

You’ve been on automatic pilot a very long time. Feel now your hips, your pelvic area, embracing, acknowledging from inside out, cherishing, polishing. Moving up through your gut, your abdomen, the back of your spine, reconnecting your organs to your awareness. Moving up through your diaphragm, your lungs, your chest, your heart. Waking up from inside out. Your throat, your neck, your shoulders, your collarbone and down through your arms, especially your wrists, especially those fingers. Putting your awareness, again, through your neck, your vertebrae, your skull, your jaw, your mouth and teeth, your eyes and ears and nose. And inside now, acknowledge and touch your brain, your pineal gland, your pituitary. Now from the inside feel your entire body as a responsive whole, connected, no longer just on autopilot. We’ll give you a few minutes to be in this space to let it become richer, fuller, and more detailed awareness.

Close view of a dna strands. 3D rendering with raytraced textures and HDRI lighting.

There is history in your body. Some of the history is useful and some of it has been misleading. From awareness inside your body allow your cells, organs, DNA and the morphic field of your body to begin to release history so that you as a beautiful multidimensional being can be fully present now. Allow an energetic purging of history as it has manifested physically in your body.

As you simply rest here with this intention, notice that your consciousness has shifted. It’s not your normal rational consciousness that’s present here. It’s something different, more complex, softer, higher.

Again, be aware of the shift in your consciousness, the shift of you as an observer. You’re very aware of your body as you observe it; but you aren’t your body, and you aren’t your thinking self. You are something else, a different platform of being.

Notice your consciousness is set free. It may no longer be earthbound even though we began this by being observant and aware of your body from inside out. Notice that your body can still be very connected; and yet, there might be a sense of flight or of greater awareness. Allow yourself to morph into that which is being presented.

Somehow your consciousness has expanded to encompass a wisdom part of you, a knowing part of you, different strands from other lives or other worlds. As you continue to observe your body, something far beyond your normal reasonable self is making itself known— perhaps quite subtlety. It’s not another being. It’s you with access to greater portions of you.

Notice that you’ve lifted beyond a linear world. The landscape is not linear. It probably is very ill-defined but you’re tracking it; and as you track it, your consciousness updates itself with the ability to track multilinear aspects of you. Relax and observe what’s there with a soft sort of expanded focus.

doorwayPerhaps you notice that there are somehow many realities open. Perhaps many doors open at the same time. In the past when you left the 8th dimension of the quantum void, you usually left out from one doorway. But we want you to begin to sense many doorways open from where you are now—not to go through them but know that they’re all equally enticing, all equally available. No choices need to be made. This is all in the process of updating your brain and your consciousness to perceive in an awakened way.

What’s happening now is new channels of awareness are being opened. So often you only look for the data, the pictures, the information that comes through the channels. We don’t want you to do that. We want you to see, to feel, to sense, to expand many channels open for you without needing to have information coming down those channels.

Now at the same time these channels are open—that your consciousness has shifted from something it’s not usually aware of—be aware of your entire body from inside out so that your body is connected to the channels that are opening. There’s no separation between physicality and the doors in your consciousness.

Now feel yourself filling up—that somehow something, not data, not pictures, but something, some essence is coming from all these channels that are open directly into your body replacing the history, the linear history that your body held. It is as if you are infusing your body with its multidimensionality. It might be very subtle. Try not to get your mind in the way.

Channels from AboveEvery cell in your body is connecting to all the channels that are opened into you and are pouring essence and openness into your body. The ability of your body to sense multidimensionally is growing. It’s as if you are a satellite dish woken up, following a myriad of satellites all at the same time, and your body’s tracking it. Your body’s absolutely able to hold this greater reality but your mind can’t be the governor. Your mind cannot be the intermediary. Just your body in this space.

Now just let loose and let happen whatever needs to happen for you. You don’t direct it. You simply allow and observe.

Notice that your body is online. It’s really alive. Your body, your physicality was meant to be a supercomputer. It was meant to feel impulses from the Earth, from your loved ones, from faraway galaxies but that has been shut down for tens of thousands of years of not using your body as a sensing organ. It has forgotten, and it has come to the dead end of linear sensing where everything goes through your brain, your mind, your rational self. So now give permission to your body once again to be awakened as a supercomputer to all the dimensions, all the aspects of knowing. Let your body be awakened again.

You might notice that as your body moves back into this supercomputer space, this multidimensional sense organ that it should be, notice that you’re grounded yet you may feel holographic. You may feel that you are present in many realities at the same time; and yet, it feels perfectly normal—maybe a little strange but it feels good.

You might feel as if your body is a bud that’s opening in 360 degrees. It’s connecting in all dimensions not just in a linear history but in worlds you can’t fathom. Your body is touching in. It was always meant to remember.

Once again put your intention inside your body—caressing it, cherishing it from inside out and notice how it feels different. It no longer feels like physical tissue, something empty. You can feel its intelligence and its interconnection to the galaxy. You can feel its wisdom and its knowing.

Remember enlightenment is not simply a spiritual state. It encompasses all of who you are.

Feel the life force energy within you, the vast intelligence within your body. Your body’s intelligence has been subsumed by the dominance of your reasoning mind. Now you’re going back to the kind of wisdom that makes the birds know what to do, the plants know how to produce. You’re going back to that multidimensional knowing—physical, endless and yours.

As a side note, notice how undefended your body is right now. It no longer needs the protection and the armor that linear history has given to you. Notice the abundance of openness, no defenses, no fences—simply unfiltered access. It’s back to direct access to the cosmos—as a supercomputer.

Feel that you can trust yourself. You can trust the sensing of your body. Let anything that gets in the way of you being your physical supercomputer dissolve now.

Once again pay attention to the state of consciousness that this has taken you too. Notice that you feel different from your normal linear self. Something has shifted and opened, has become fine-tuned or more true. As you sit here, your newly-opened, physical supercomputer consciousness is being fine-tuned and polished.

As we build this course Treasures From Beyond, the treasure is always you. The treasures are always yours, and the changes will be permanent. They may be hard to grasp and catalog. They do not live in the world of grasping or cataloging.the changes will solidify you and your beautiful awakening as a universal being. So begin to come back. Well, not really… begin to bring this reality to where the new you is. Lift your normal self to the space you have created without losing the universality, without losing that awakened physicality that’s been happening.

We thank you, new fledglings! This is Mark.

* To purchase the CD’s, audio downloads, or transcripts of The 9th Dimension: Treasures from Beyond Part I Click here.

(CopyRight 2015

Treasures 1 CD cover‘Mark’ is a cosmic being channeled by Jonette since 1989. His goal is to lift humanity above the structures of our 3-D consciousness. “Your reality is a reflection of your level of consciousness.” He leads weekly recorded courses introducing us experientially to the higher dimensions of awakening. This is exploration at the very edges of human spiritual awareness. There is nothing like these on-going courses for expansion and transformation. To get a taste of ‘Mark’ for free, go to our ‘Listening and Viewing Room.’ Click here to order current or past Mark courses as audio links, CD’s, or simply get the transcripts.

A Message From Mark…

Quantum Consciousness & the 8 th Dimension – Part 3, Class 5, January 4, 2010

Mark, channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2010


Welcome enlightened ones. This is Mark.

The Phoenix rises not when the Phoenix is ready, but when the world is ready for the Phoenix. You are ready, and you have been preparing this world for its readiness. You have had many births and many rebirths, and you will have many more. You will notice now that your births are not linear, that they don’t take place in time, and they don’t take place in one space. You burst forth in many dimensions, on many levels and many ages. In this beginning, this inception of the decade, you will again have a rebirth.  You may choose to listen again and again, so we are implanting in today’s transmission, enzymes that will create rebirth again and again.  Today you will only encounter that which you are ready to encounter in terms of opening up, but the seeds are there, the energies are there, the doors are there.  If you revisit tonight’s recording, it will take you much further, much deeper, much more developed.

Move now to your experience of the holographic universe, where you are not a singularity, but a multiplicity. That in itself, to quote one of you, lifts you above the fray. Notice the expansion. It’s faster than we expected, but you don’t surprise us anymore. All times, all spaces of who you are, all past lives and future lives, all probable realities are open and networked at this time. Imagine, or experience in your soul that there are no closed doors. There are no bottlenecks. Imagine an open network of you, of access to all you are, have been, will be, can be, and will not be. Notice how that expands you even further. We will use the pronoun you, but it no longer fits.

In a few minutes you may experience an ignition, as if a spark takes off across the cosmos, igniting all this access, all these connections; lifting them, burning them, up to a higher plane, or to a different plane-a quantum plane, pushing things that have been heavy out of physical manifestation, and through its own black hole doorway to a white hole universe.  Imagine that there’s a stuck bit about your belief systems, and you can’t get it unstuck from your other belief systems. Imagine that. You’ve been trying, but imagine that this stuck belief system has access to a doorway that un-sticks it.  It moves it through the quantum threshold to an expansive universe where all is healed, all is whole and holy, and each item in your life that is too small, too dark, too stuck, has its own doorway – has its own quantum threshold.  This ignition, when it comes, it will push everything, every life, every idea, every smallness, every not working in the whole cosmos, through the quantum threshold to this greater light possibility. Words fail us in describing it, and you may not even be able to follow it very well, but imagine that that’s what’s happening, that everything is moving to its own highest unscripted, unphysical, un manifest potential.  After this ignition takes place, you will be left floating in a world that makes no sense. Some of you will think you are asleep. We’re just giving you these impressions now. We invite you to appreciate that state, and not look for a graspable reality, and at that place we will see what is next, because we don’t know how you will take this, so the outcome will be similar to what this channel described as the fairy, the Tinkerbell, lifting above that heavy, uncorrected self, and as if the light body was emerging from the not so light body.  That will be what’s happening, but it won’t feel as linear as that description this channel gave. It will be a massive, instantaneous, non-linear, non-physical experience.

Now we’ll be silent while some things set up. We invite you to make your mind fluid. Vaporous would be good. Hold on to nothing. Have no expectations, so you can even erase everything we said. We’ll tell you when it’s getting close.

Stay non-linear. Stay holographic.

You may begin to pass through a field, an experiential field that feels electric. If you do, just notice it, and again, you is the wrong pronoun, but it’s all the multiplicity of you.  It’s as if you pass through a magnetic world, or state of being, or it passes through you, and then there is a quantum state of being, quantum meaning existence blinks in and out, the threshold of black holes, white holes, opposite universes, unpredictability, quantum probability, yourself move here, or this move through you.

Some of you might be moving from this quantum place, this quantum field, to a subtle experience of non-harmony, of disharmony, of dissonance, of heaviness, of clamor and clatter. Don’t worry. For a few moments your greater self will find its balance in this vast multidimensionality that you’re holding, and then we will let you know when the ignition begins to happen. It might be as if we’re moving to the countdown of the liftoff, the ignition, and count it down. It’s already starting: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Ignition. Just let go.

Grasp onto nothing.

Please don’t try to label or understand or even know what you’re feeling or not feeling.

You may be experiencing paradoxes such as stillness and spinning, knowingness and not knowing anything. That’s fine, and it’s fine if you grasp nothing, that the experience is empty for you.

Begin to feel as if there’s a dawn, the sun coming up over a horizon of fusion, a strong birth of a feeling of peace.  From the non-graspable, you’re moving to a state of comfort, of peace, of light, of connection, of rejoicing, something that your soul can actually feel, a oneness, a wholeness, a blessing. Let yourself move into this at all the levels of your multiplicity. Moving into the light, not as a visitor to the light, but as the light reuniting with the light, that you are not at an objective, but at a source.

Now quit trying. Quit expanding, being, holding, efforting at all. Move yourself to a place of buoyant surrender, no doing, no effort, because it is this stage where the biggest change happens, when you are pure being in the light and the joy.  If you don’t feel it, please don’t look for it, because then you’re doing. Just surrender to whatever is so for you at this moment.

There is a new aspect to matter that is making you up, the matter that is you. It’s a timeless, non-physical matter, if that makes any sense. It’s a flexible, nimble, moving matter. It’s nothing you’ve ever really experienced. Perhaps you’ve glimpsed it, a sense that you are reborn in a world of matter that isn’t the material world. It’s quite different, a new sort of matter, and it is you, and it is your experience. Quantum matter.

Imagine that the part of you that knows no bounds is somehow fusing quantum matter with ordinary matter, that you are replacing what you think you are, your body, your beliefs, your history, with this new stuff of the universe.  You are giving yourself a quantum, atomic, transfusion, substituting every atom of what you think you’ve been, for this new matter.  It doesn’t matter if you can feel it or know it, just be here and trust.

Begin to notice now that you feel different. You feel real and not linear. You feel more solid in those other dimensions. This new sort of matter is connected, is whole, is accessible, is different, wordless.

Expand into the beauty of all of this. It’s been a splendid rebirth. If we asked you to try to worry, you wouldn’t be able to fathom it. If we asked you to try to be upset, it would be incomprehensible. Let’s try to keep it that way.

Feel it strengthening, like the butterfly born from its cocoon, it sits in the sun and lets its wings dry, so it’s ready for its new world.  Imagine that at this moment, as a group of splendid emerged consciousness, you’re letting your wings dry.

Connect yourself to the greater reality in your body by being conscious of your breath. To mix metaphors we will say, the eagle has landed, and you are not in Kansas anymore.

We will leave now to give you a moment or so to regroup without our presence.

We thank you.