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viet-womanWho is an Enemy?

Reflections from the Killing Fields

Last month Jonette led a Spiritual Adventure Tour to Vietnam and Cambodia. Her next trip will be to Australia and New Zealand in October/November 2017. These are her thoughts after visiting the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ prison in Vietnam and the Killing Fields in Cambodia.


Vietnam and its beautiful people welcomed our chef-in-vietnamgroup of spiritual adventurers with ready smiles. Young people whose parents would have been our North Vietnamese enemies in the 1970s were our waiters, our chefs, hotel clerks and guides. How could they be so nice to us after we Americans mined their fields, bombed their villages, killed their friends and relatives? Yet they smiled. They spoke to us in English. They quoted the prices of the souvenirs they sold in US dollars.

Who is an enemy?

People we declare as being different enough from us that we justify our disavowal of their right to happiness, to life. We disavow their very humanity.


Hanoi Hilton’ — The Prison


I was drawn to visit the prison known in the Vietnam era as the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ where American prisoners of war were held. Before that, it was the place where the French imprisoned and tortured ‘insurgents’— Vietnamese fighting against France’s colonial rule. One of our group’s spiritual missions on this trip was to help clear the betrayal, terror, war and loss from the energy field of Vietnam, Cambodia, and the world. This memorial/museum prison in the center of Hanoi was the place I chose to begin this work. It was reminiscent of the feeling I had when I visited the site of a Nazi concentration camp years ago. The heaviness of human cruelty hit me like a cold blade. Gray representations of skeletal Vietnamese political prisoners from times past gave rise to ghosts in my imagination. “I have to get through here quickly, then I have to find a place to pray,” I told my boyfriend Mark, almost as soon as I saw the first cells and shackles.
hanoi-hiltonOn the side of the prison was a tasteful outdoor memorial area—bonsai trees, an altar, flowers, and incense. Standing before it I allowed the pain of feeling my heart break. I prayed. Tears poured down my face. Endless unanswerable questions: Why do we do this to each other? How much suffering can humans take? Will we ever learn? How can we stop this? What is the point? What happened to our humanity?

I prayed. Even with prayer, I was overwhelmed with pain; not able to find peace. I nearly ran out of the place, my body in emotional shock.


The Killing Fields Cambodia

Outside Phnom Penh, our group visited the ‘Killing Fields’ —one of the many places where the Khmer Rouge executed over 1 million fellow Cambodians in the 1970’s. The victims were most often beat in the head with an iron bar or bamboo stick, in order not to waste ammunition. Acres of grass fields, shallow pits that were once mass graves, a memorial stupa with shelves of skulls.

Who is an enemy?


In this case, it was the Pol Pot Communist regime killing the old ones, the educated ones, the ones who wore spectacles or couldn’t work the fields.

img_6112We went to the Killing Fields as a group, committed to helping the souls of victims and executioners alike who still remained tied to the horror of this place. Like the Hanoi Hilton the energy was thick and dark—terror and death. I gave the group the assignment to walk around, absorb the feelings and find a way to transmute them, not just to neutral, not just to peaceful; but all the way to joy….and we wouldn’t leave until everyone had made the shift into joy for themselves, shifting the energy of the place along with us.

cambodia-treecambodian-butterflyWe did we achieve this momentous shift in one of the world’s darkest places? A few of our group connected lovingly to the trees that had “seen it all.” Some focused on the butterflies, some did Soul Body Fusion. Others meditated and prayed until they felt the shift in their hearts. Many cried, grieved and came through the other side.

We gathered together to say the Ho’oponopono prayer: I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

We left the place lighthearted, knowing that there is nothing that can’t be transmuted through love to joy. Nothing.



May we always remember that WAR stands for: We Are Right…

…and the last word in enemy is ‘ME.’



About Jonette

jonette-monument-valley-tnJonette is a spiritual adventurer and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness. www,

As we all know, December 2012 issued in a huge wave of elevated consciousness, blasting open new doors of possibilities. Rendering obsolete old ways of operating unconsciously.

photo 2In its wake — 2013 — for many was a time of personal turmoil. What used to work didn’t. What was hidden raised its head and asked to be seen and acted on. The farmer’s field must be plowed up, the soil overturned to make welcome new seeds.

2014 has been a year of consciously planting the seeds we want to nurture for our future and that of humanity. This year has required some deep diving, intense honesty, courageous action. All giving birth to 2015 — The Year of Manifestation.

As December ticks over to January please take the time to ask yourself questions such as:

  • Are my current priorities really what I choose for my future?
  • Have I cluttered my life’s mission of being me with a thousand other goals and distractions?
  • Where am I holding resentment? Fear? Pain? Guilt?
  • What actions can I take NOW to be in alignment with my deepest truth? (Note: You don’t actually have to know the details of your deepest truth because everyone can feel when they are NOT in alignment with themselves.)
  • Am I a living example of my highest principles?
  • How specifically can I be more kind? Generous? Loving? Empowered? Confident? Trusting?

photo 1In order to manifest our desired reality, wishing is not enough. Meditation alone won’t hand it to you. In our 3-D world there is still homework to do. 🙂 Clear yourself of the emotional garbage, the karmic patterns. How? Spend time with yourself and really listen  to your heart and soul—not to those ego voices that keep trying to exert their control and limitations. Soul Body Fusion® helps. Journaling can give you insights. Our new Quantum Chakra Clearing series can help you clear garbage that isn’t even yours but got stuck to you from the collective. Use the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer: I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.

What’s the pay-off? A stronger you. A clearer future. A 2015 where you can really begin to reap the harvest, to manifest consciously the world we know we can create!

The celebrations of December are on our side-the Festival of Lights of Hanukkah, the birth of the embodied Christ Light, the solstice…

Please take a deep breath right now. Press your own ‘spiritual re-set button.’ Recommit your life to being you. Remember: You are your life’s only mission.😀

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JC with turbanJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

The autumn air in Estonia smells like apples. Morning fog wraps it’s arms around the land. The mythical stories here are similar to the ancient epics of the Finnish people. Buzzing from the weekend workshops, my organizers Agnes and Kristi, and I were drawn to a power place in the forest, known locally as the Witches Well. Under meadows and forests are limestone caves and underground water ways — often indicative of power places.

Faire The old man, whose ancestors have protected the place for 11 generations, guided us around, pointing out power spots. In the spring pressure causes water to a erupt out of the Witches Well, gently flooding the area. Now we drank the earthy brown water from the bucket.

“Where is the center of the power spots?” I ask as Agnes translates. Before the old man answers I see it — a collapsed section of earth, a robust bush growing from its sunken center. “That’s the doorway to the inner Earth, the fairy’s portal,” I channel. The energy of the beings are barely visible to my inner vision. It is as if they wanted to be noticed and at the same time were hesitant to be seen. “Why do you hide?” I ask them telepathically.

photo 2“We are pissed off at humans. We don’t trust you,” came their response. Well, I could understand that. We humans have done much that is not to be trusted.

Then the old man and we three women formed a circle around the spot, invoking the simple Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer on behalf of all humanity to all Nature beings: “I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

Tears washed our faces. We were so sorry for all the wrong done everywhere, harming these beings and the Earth they are committed to protect.

I ‘heard’ their response. “We would like to give your prayer back to you.” We stood in silence receiving into our hearts the same prayer we had just said. The reconnection, the emotions were timeless.

The old man then led us into the forest, “Here is the place we’ve always felt was the most sacred.” It was a high mound, boggy, without trees. To us the energy felt terrible, disturbed, yet the power was there.

“No wonder the Nature spirits have retreated back into the Earth,” I said. “This power place was used for black magic, for ceremonies of darkness and control.” I wondered how many energy spots on Earth have been hijacked this way, their power misused for purposes not of love. The Nature spirits and inner Earth beings retreating further and further from our world in their pain and horror.

photo 3So on this autumn afternoon the land’s human guardian, two beautiful young women, and me — a visiting shaman, cleared the place, banishing the chains of darkness and re-dedicating it all to the Light. Immediately the heaviness lifted. We heard the sing/song voices of the Nature spirits and Earth beings expressing delight, gratitude.

How many times and in how many places has the Earth’s energy been stolen, redirected by misguided humans? There is a stone here marking where a ‘witch’ had been murdered, the locals not understanding her world or her magic. How many times have we been those murderers? How often have we been the witch?

This is the time for forgiveness. Stand in our power in this present moment. Invoke love. Allow healing to flow through us. Energy lines to be repaired. Power places realigned in the service of goodness. A reconnection between humanity, Nature, inner Earth beings, star brothers and sisters. In our quantum world, wherever this healing occurs it effects universes.

photo 1Later my teaching brought me to Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands. As students go out into the land to do Soul Body Fusion, they feel the trees and Nature responding, the fairies showing up and asking for Soul Body Fusion too! We sense a loving, playful aliveness that was numbed or invisible to us before. Even extraterrestrial beings feel our openness to love and repair the past. In Stockholm I stood on the stage as the audience put their left hands to their hearts, right hands on another’s heart in a blessing I call the Himalayan Heart Activation. I extended my right hand out to no one in particular from the stage. Astonishingly I ‘saw’ an entire line of ET’s queuing up to do the Heart Activation with me! I’ve never seen ET’s* before so I was delighted. The veils are thinning between dimensions. Why? Because we step forward in our power and in love.

This month had a full lunar eclipse. October 31 is Halloween or Holy Eve before All Saints Day on November 1. Let’s feel the holiness and the magic every day in our lives… starting with this in breath.

(* A few days ago I realized that the ET’s were Arcturions. They are here to help protect our planet and solar system.)

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JC with turbanJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,