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Israel tour with Jonette Crowley

Ceremony at the Goddess archeological site of Megiddo, May 6, 2015 

Channeling from the Atlantean Goddess: Ashtatara

JC with Palm treejpegWe call in the Goddess as we begin our journey— bringing in the Divine Feminine.  I channeled recently that until the Divine Feminine stands strong, the Divine Masculine has no counterpart.  Without the divine Feminine standing strong, the default of the Divine Masculine, instead of support (his normal role), is survival.  And so we have seen thousands of years where the masculine, in default, had been operating in survival, conflict and competition.

So no matter what our gender, we first must bring the Divine Feminine power back— the Divine Mother Earth, the Mother Stars… leaving room for the Divine Masculine to match her power.  Our entire journey in Israel is part of the balancing.  One of the reasons there is conflict here and throughout the world is that there isn’t the balance between stars and Earth; between male and female; or between Masculine and Feminine energies— beyond male and female.

Scenery Ashtatara is waiting here to come in. (Ashtatara is a goddess/queen of Atlantis. She held the ‘Grail Codes’ that she released to Jonette and a group in Malta in 2007.  These codes or energies became the basis of the DNA activations that led to Soul Body Fusion®. She is a powerful being, whose very presence touches people. Jonette channels her from time to time… always on Ashtatara’s terms.)


Channeling  Ashtatara:

Golden Flame“Beloved Ones, welcome to the womb of the Goddess, the birthplace of humankind.  Welcome to the birthplace of you, rebirthing you in balance and in light.  Welcome to the Codes of Life that are waiting.  Welcome to the fire of transmutation, the fire of transfiguration, the fire of alchemy —that which is lead —leaden and heavy, transmuting to that which is golden.  Begin to see within yourselves the Golden Truth, the Golden Flame.  As you find that resonance, you will find the energies of the Golden Tablets on our journey.  You will find the hidden Gold in the hearts of mankind and in your heart.  So find now the golden light of your essence within you.  Let it be supported by the Mother Goddess.”  

“When the resonant field within you begins to build, your heart becomes a Golden Disc.  Each of you has codes inscribed upon that disc that are your unique patterns, your unique soul-song. Feel now the clarity of your codes, your song.”  

“Feel the vibration shift in your solar plexus, quickening you, lifting you to a higher resonant field.  It may be uncomfortable.  Lift into this quickening.  Be settled strongly on Mother Earth, feeling support and connection from the stones upon which you sit.  The quickening that you feel is not individual.  It begins to vibrate as a chorus with each other and with the stones.  Begin to be lifted now in the chorus of the quickening of light.  (pause)  You will know you have reached the intended level of this intended harmony, this new found grace of higher, more complex, frequencies because the entire field— the disc within you and the disc of this entire group begins to sprout wings and becomes the winged disc.  Feel that now.  The Winged Disc is about resurrection of the Christ within.  Feel every part of the energy field and your unique codes, the feathers on the wings, feel everything now.”  

“It is this higher level of truth that is to be your base for the flights that we will take together on this journey.  I— Ashtatara— am your guide.  I stand for all Goddesses and Gods. Beyond the polarity there is just goodness. I ask as you move through this site to pick up a stone and infuse it with your energies and then put it back down somewhere on this site.  You are welcomed!  Shalom.”

Jonette:  And so our journey begins already on a high level of light, already on a high level of frequencies dancing together.  The winged disc is an ancient symbol of a major initiation in the mystery schools.  Welcome.

Golden wings

The mysteries are the mysteries only because they are unknown, not because they are unknowable.  We open up our knowing by letting go of what we think we know.  We walk as holy pilgrims in this holy land, reflecting back the divinity and grace that this land has given birth to, asking for Peace to be seen here again.  Peace has never left this land, it has been covered over.  Our job is to find that peace— first within ourselves, with our own unique codes. Then vibrate it collectively so peace can be programmed in the crystals here.  It is important that we remember that we are uncovering peace, not bringing it, not creating it anew— simply uncovering it. In our cells as well, we uncover it.  In your own way feel the Gods and Goddesses welcome you and welcome us.  Feel the doors open and feel the softness of our welcome.  Tenderness and innocence are the lost keys of grace; striving, struggling are not the keys of grace.  So let us walk in tenderness and innocence.  Kadoish, kadoish.  Adonai Saybayoth.

Transcribed by Jarla Ahlers 5/29/15

CopyRight 2015

Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,  

The Goddess and the Grail Codes
By Jonette Crowley, copyright 2009,

One of the most important things we can do for our spiritual growth is to prepare our physical bodies to contain more spiritual light and power. Scientists have mapped our genome, and have found that they understand the function of only about 10% of our DNA. The other 90% they don’t understand at all, sometimes calling it ‘junk’ DNA. I believe that at one time we humans were well-developed beings of light, using all of our DNA. But over the eons we lost our gifts. Our light and our power diminished. The unused parts of our DNA atrophied.

This article is given to you as a gift. Read the words from the Goddess Ashtatara slowly and deliberately, intending that your DNA becomes reactivated. Now it is time to awaken our DNA so that we can all once again be vessels of light—Holy Grails! You may not feel anything, but trust the process. Enjoy the awakening!


In May 2007, I was guided to lead a group of spiritual pilgrims to the Mediterranean islands of Malta. One of our spiritual missions was to activate the element of air or wind. Different groups of us had already activated the elements of earth, fire and water at power places around the globe.

The second mission that was given to me by my spirit guide White Eagle was “To awaken the Grail Codes.”

“What are the Grail Codes”? I asked White Eagle, having no idea what he was talking about.

“The Grail Codes are the other half of the Sun Disc that you uncovered in Peru. * Together they form a new foundation for human consciousness that is halfway between the current state and the state of enlightenment,” White Eagle replied.

Malta’s three tiny islands have been home to early temple-builders, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, pirates, Turks and Arabs. St. Paul was shipwrecked on its shores, and the crusading Knights of St. John settled there. Malta’s immense prehistoric temple complexes are older than Stonehenge or the pyramids of Egypt. This is a sacred place where the Goddess has been worshipped from ancient times.

Malta is considered by some to be the location of the administrative center of Atlantis. The honey-colored sandstone temples were ancient at the time of Egypt. The temples’ locations around the islands and sunk in the nearby sea indicated that the builders had a masterful knowledge of astronomy, and understood the complex phenomena of the precession of the equinoxes. We learned that linguists had finally deciphered a pre-Sanskrit language thought to be from the Atlantean period. Some of the writings told the tale of a goddess, the Queen of Atlantis, who was buried in those islands. Her name – Ashtatara.


A small stone statue, often called ‘the sleeping goddess’, found in the underground temple known as the Hypogeum, caught our attention. Did she have something to do with the dormant Grail Codes? Were we to awaken the goddess? We all wondered how and where our mission to activate the Grail Codes would unfold.

Astonishingly, the awakening took place, not in a wind-blown temple, but in a hotel meeting room on the shores of St. Paul’s Bay. I had just finished channeling White Eagle for our group. But instead of coming out of my normal light trance, I went even further out. My head pitched back. Guttural sounds came out of my mouth. It felt that my consciousness was somewhere very deep, that I was climbing out of the dense earth itself. Part of me was scared, because I had never experienced such a far-away state. Another part trusted that all would be fine. I could hear people speaking to me, but I was too far away to respond. I hadn’t felt such power since the first time I brought through my guide Mark.

After a few minutes of struggle I spoke, bringing in the energy and the words of the Goddess. All who were present could feel the immense presence and compassion that filled the room. It was electrifying and exquisite. She spoke with commanding authority:

The Goddess:

I am She who was called.
I speak with great difficulty
for the distances are too large
and the forgetting too deep.
I come because you called.
I come to bring you home.
I come to bring home here.
The world is nothing like you think.
You cannot think this world.
I have too much to say but perhaps I speak better without words.
I carry with me . . . . a field of awakening that requires no words.
Everything you think you know about our people is wrong
and it does not help you if you get it right.
This earth is precious beyond measure.
The grail you seek cannot be understood,
but known only through your heart.
The grail codes are in you . . . asleep in you.
And you have called me to awaken them.
It has started.
The awakening of the codes has started.
You will not feel them.
You will not see them.
You cannot study them.
Only your heart knows them.
I have been protected by dragons for over 18,000 years.
They are now released.
The gates to my world are open.
Stand with all your power and receive.
STAND with all your power.
I am She who has awakened.
You are they who have awakened.
I dismiss you now.

Those in the room stood. Many felt cellular shifts. Some felt nothing at all. But all stood in silence in the knowing of the enormity of what had just happened.

For the rest of our eight days on Malta our group visited temples, churches and historic sites. We did ceremonies and meditations. But nothing equaled the swift and silent transformation that we knew was the awakening of the Grail Codes…within us.

I was anxious to spread this activation to others, who hadn’t been fortunate to be with us in Malta. So, I organized a special event the next month for the summer solstice. My goal was to once again call in the Goddess, who we now knew as Ashtatara. 40 people sat in their chairs waiting for the words of this Atlantean Goddess. Once again, her power and strength were palpable as I brought through her words:


Through the cold darkness I have waited for the sun to come up once again on my human brothers and sisters.
It is past time.
Each of you holds secrets locked and coded within your consciousness and your body—closed and locked for your own good.
When darkness befell humanity, much of the power was removed,
The keys guarded closely.
The keys are where you never look; inside yourself.
My name is ASHTATARA.
It means mother of the world.
I am a goddess and a human,
one of a race that remembers that you are gods and goddesses too.
Once the doors begin to open, the growth moves very quickly.
Once the doors are open there is no closing them.

The activation sequence is given in silence at a level of consciousness that is barely awake in you.
I will move now into an initiation of silence.
I will speak again when it is done.
(Silence for about 15 min.)

Creating the possibility of a much bigger you and much more whole oneness, receive the Love of the field in a way that transforms everything you have been until now—
A Love far beyond the emotional love;
A Love that is the breath of God.
Receive now, deeply into your newly awakened cells of Light.
Be sanctified Beloved ones.
Be sanctified permanently now.
You now carry codes of awakening.
You do not need me anymore.
I leave you now, DO NOT CALL ME BACK!

Once again we sat in silence. Knowing that a profound change had taken place within us, and hopefully, through us to the rest of humanity. As Ashtatara spoke, I was shown a symbol. It seemed familiar, yet I was unsure where I had seen it. An internet search showed that it was an ancient Egyptian symbol—the crown of Isis. Sometimes also seen on Horus and Hathor.

It was then that I realized she was showing me the real meaning behind the crown of Isis. It is the merging of the Sun Disc—or our spiritual/light component, with our physical vessel—the Grail. The activation that we had received in silence was the awakening of our dormant DNA. The Grail was never just the cup of Jesus from the last supper, or even the bloodline of Jesus through Mary Magdalene. We are the Grail! What is happening now is the merging of our humanity with our divinity. The Grail Codes are our unused DNA!

Once the activation is given to us, it spreads throughout the human matrix, empowering each of us to become beings of light—Christed humans. Ashtatara’s job is done. She waited for 18,000 years for the time when humans would be guided to her and ready to receive her secret. Now it belongs to us, each of us.

I was disappointed that Ashtatara had delivered such a stern warning about not calling her again. Part of me had been looking forward to the rather glamorous possibility of channeling Ashtatara, the Queen of Atlantis. But it was not to be. She was not a goddess to be disobeyed.

However, she did come one more time….of her own bidding. I didn’t call her and I was surprised when she showed up. I was doing a channeled reading from White Eagle for a friend in the Netherlands. My friend had just asked White Eagle about the strong connection between her, me and two other Dutch women. All four of us were present in Malta when Ashtatara first came through. When the answer started coming through me we could both tell that the energy and words were not White Eagle’s. The words were poetic. The energy was powerful, yet feminine. We had the tape recorder running.

Daughters of Isis, daughters of Venus,
Sisters of the sacred ways,
Mothers of the times before,
Birthers of the times to come.
Holding patterns for perfection,
Holding true to wisdom’s light,
Opening the chalice of the Holy Spirit
Parting darkness into light.
Weavers of a greater pattern,
You walk with lightning on your shield,
Daughters of Isis and Venus,
A greater future is revealed.
I am Ashtatara
proclaiming the time,
the deliverance of the Goddess.
Bringing with me a pattern of transformation
discontinuous of the past.
These times will mark
a strong foothold of the Goddess
into a large circle of hearts.
I invite humans to give up
the vision of what you think you want,
so the vision of possibilities may be unlimited.
To hold in your hearts the reality
of a discontinuous transfiguration.
This is a time of Grail and Goddess.

*For more information on the Sun Disc and the codes of awakening that I discovered in Peru, read “The Eagle and the Condor: A True Story of an Unexpected Mystical Journey” Go to

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