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The Activation of ‘Deborah’ – a Prophetess from the Old Testament


“The reawakening must happen first in your heart and in the way you live your life.”

The Prophetess Deborah, Channeled by Jonette


Activating our Personal Power


You can feel it. You read about it. This is a time for re-awakening the Divine Feminine — in ourselves and in our world. It is a genderless transformation that includes the re-birth of uniquely feminine power. In the tradition of Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, Ishtar, Ashtatara, Diana, Artemis, Venus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene… the Great Feminine is coming forth.

I’ve been a channel for White Eagle and MARK for nearly 30 years, so it was a surprise that in Malta in 2007 I began to channel Ashtatara— a goddess, a queen of Atlantis. She came forth through me to “activate the Grail Codes” that are sleeping in all of us. We understood that this was a re-awakening of our dormant DNA, a necessary step in holding the Light and higher frequencies that we are seeking. Her power was so strong that her words and the energy field she channeled through me were absolutely transformative. This gave rise to my ‘discovering’ Soul Body Fusion — a simple tool for strengthening the connection between spirit and matter in our life. (See other Blogs on Ashtatara.)


The Initiation of Deborah

It happened again… This time in Israel. A strong feminine entity spontaneously channeled through me at a power spot. I had been told by my guides that it was very important to lead a spiritual tour to Israel in 2015.

Jonette-in-IsraelWe were at a small synagogue in the religious town of Tsfat where the Kabbalah—an ancient Jewish mystical teaching had originally been taught. The Rabbi who greeted us welcomed our group and invited me to sit in a rather worn but throne-like chair known as the ‘Chair of Elijah.’ Next to it was a small crib for infant boys to be placed prior to their ceremonial circumcision.  The group was gathered around the synagogue, meditating or taking pictures. The moment I sat in the oversized chair I closed my eyes and went immediately into a kind of trance state that only happens when I am transmitting sacred initiations. Surprised, I could only allow it to happen. It is as if my left brain closes down and my right brain, the part of us connected to wholeness and the cosmos opened up. I traveled to a high but familiar spiritual space where there are no words or pictures. Tears poured down my face, but I could feel no emotions. For perhaps 10 minutes I sat. Impulsively I pulled the pink shawl that was around my shoulders up over my head, wrapping it like an ancient Hebrew woman would wear. I was without thoughts or explanation.

Deborah Ancient ProphetFinally, I could come back enough to open my eyes, and after some time I could walk with assistance back to the tour bus. I was fragile, but still had no idea what had happened in that synagogue or why.  Strangely, as we walked, I heard a loud and very insistent voice in my head repeating ‘Deborah, Deborah’ many times.

On the bus, I asked our tour guide Sarah, “Who is Deborah?” She answered that Deborah was a prophet. At that I burst into tears. Sarah went on to explain that Deborah was a leader, the only female Judge written about in the ‘Book of Judges’ in the Old Testament.

Here is a painting of Deborah, notice the position of power of her right hand.

The Activation of Power


Initiation-of-DeborahOur group was staying in the ancient city of Tiberius on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. It was clear to me that something very important was to happen as we gathered together for an evening channeling. I was told to organize everyone into ‘star-group’— groups of 6 people— that assist us in holding big energies. Deborah communicated that she would come through me and bring forth an ‘Activation of Power.’ She would activate our right hand—our hand of action— with codes and energies that would be individual to each person. This time I was prepared for the high trance that goes along with transmitting such initiations.

Each person came to me and offered forth their right hand. I clasped it between my/Deborah’s hands, imparting unique energies of activation into them. Then I/Deborah placed their right hand to their heart, holding it lovingly in place so the Activation could connect to their entire body through their heart.

The entire ceremony was incredibly powerful, though again we were beyond the realm of words and logical explanations for what was happening. At the end of the individual Activations, Deborah spoke these words through me:

“The codes you wear are Cosmic Codes, connecting you to a greater highway of Truth.  You are initiated as Cosmic Citizens, walking a Golden Spiral from this Earth to other realms.  The other realms are aware of you.  You will be receiving new teachers.  The aliveness of humanity comes through these codes.  Humanity has been as if walking dead.  The reawakening must happen first in your heart and in the way you live your life.”

“You are asked to be of extraordinary service.  You are asked to step outside the realms of that which is ordinary.  If you do not step, you will not keep being asked.  The Golden Ring moves on to someone who will step boldly.  This is a time for change.  It is a time for action.  It is a time to step into a higher flow.  It is only the first few steps that are needed.  The flow will carry you beyond that.  DO NOT look over your shoulder for yesterday’s answers.  DO NOT look side to side for other people’s permission.  Follow your heart, your inspiration vibrates in you, creating pathways of support, pathways of miraculous opening.  Do not require reason for confirmation.  Get confirmation in that which is miraculous, and sometimes move without confirmation.”

“The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Flow.  One cannot hold on and flow.  These days have been planned at a higher level — for you to witness, to release, to clear, to accept, to behold, to BE.  In your being you carry a rod of lightning.  Speak that which vibrates to a Golden Heart, and you will be led true.  Heaven is here; it arrived when you were busy.  Notice it now.  Notice it in the clarity of your gaze, as you walk through nature’s fields.  Notice it in the beauty of your friends.  And notice it in the mirror.  Notice it.” 

“Holy.  Holy.  Holy.  Shalom.  We are complete.”

Since that day on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Deborah has often come through when I’m teaching workshops, to activate the right hands—the hand of action—of the participants.


Blue Moon Activation & Golden Fire Codes of Life Transmission

July 31, 2015 was a rare celestial event— a ‘Blue Moon.’ On that day I brought through Deborah to do a remote activation that was recorded in our ‘Blue Moon Activation’ CD and audio.  

In addition to the ‘Activation of Deborah’ there was also the transmission of the ‘Golden Fire Codes of Life’ that were related to the ancient energies stored in the Temple of Jerusalem; and a ‘Baptism,’ that some of our group experienced in the River Jordan at the place where John baptized Jesus. These Initiations continues to be a bestseller, bringing the rich activations as powerfully as if you were with us in Israel. (Click Here to purchase the CD or audio download of these powerful initiations). 

As if to give more confirmation to Deborah’s powerful intention to help us awaken, I learned that at the same time our group was in Israel last year, a Dutch spiritual teacher and channel was also there. And who do you think he spontaneously channeled as he was working with the Divine Feminine? You got it—Deborah!

Since the recording of our ‘Blue Moon’ Activation, there have been 2 more powerful Transmissions/Initiations that I strongly suggest you work with. Taken together, these 3 processes will provide a quantum leap for your spiritual growth and personal empowerment. This Initiation Package is our April featured product.


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About Jonette

untitled-6132 26 Jonette, known as a ‘Spiritual Indiana Jones’, is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She has traveled to over 80 countries and has led spiritual tours to almost every continent.  She is an internationally known channel, oracle, spiritual teacher and author of the best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide ‘MARK’ she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.  Please see her websites for more information,

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(Note: We are asking you to be part of the support team for this work of light. Please see the itinerary at the end of the blog so you can follow our movements. Thank you for continued support and light.)

The scope of our mission in Israel is becoming more clear. The channeled words below only hint at the importance of our visit in Israel. I ask you to hold me and all of us in your powerful hearts and join with us in sending Light through the Stargate in Jerusalem into earth and all realms.

I channeled this on April 29 in Oslo Norway. We were seeking more information on our spiritual mission to Israel which starts this week. What was unusual is I went to an extremely high place. It was not Mark or White Eagle who spoke. But they did identify themselves as coming from the White Brotherhood, thereby letting me know that it was the highest wisdom, coming from only love and light. At the end they identified themselves as “The Speakers.” A Google search shows that the Speakers of the Sirian High Council is a group that has been channeled by Patricia Corey, a channel whose work I respect. Because I know that I’m from Sirius, it makes sense to me that they would be bringing me an important message at this time as we prepare for our mission in Israel. This is from notes taken as I channeled.

“Jerusalem is a Stargate used by the Annunaki — who have influenced so much on earth, both good and bad.”

(The message is a surprising one because I have never channeled anything about the Annunaki.)

(I was told in and earlier channeling that in Jerusalem we would find a ‘treasure’, not a physical one. So we asked about that.)

“The treasure is the golden Codes of Life accessed through this Stargate. These Golden Codes impart much power. Power has been taken away from normal people in the past for good reason, for protection. The power must be claimed again by humans and taken out of the hands of greed. This is done by pure hearts, powerfully standing together. The process of this is to access the Stargate and through it send love. The love moves through earth dimensions and shakes up powerful greed. It is therefore a clearing in all dimensions and times that impact human welfare.” (I saw a seismic wave of bright light moving throughout earth.)

SriYantra(Last night in my meditation I was imprinted and rebalanced with a complex geometrical shape based on triangles. I knew that it was an important upgrade and we asked about it.)

“The geometric overlay is a universal template of energy– a continual energy source.”

The group is supported. The time is now! Do not be surprised to see artificial structures supporting greed collapsing. Compassion and that which is righteous replaces the false stories.

(I had channeled earlier that there were many levels of false stories in Jerusalem.)

“The codes of life are golden fire symbols.”

“This will not be a battle but more a clearing.”

“There is money in war but there is power in peace.”

(What is the Ark of the Covenant? We asked this because it is known that Solomon’s Temple, now the Dome of the Rock was built to house the Ark of the Covenant.)

“The Ark of the Covenant is advanced technology from the stars that can reverse gravity and can create wormholes in time/space. Your science has duplicated this ability, not always for good. Advanced humans using the Codes of Life can embody the properties that this technology holds. Jesus was such a being. The Ark of the Covenant has been taken apart. The pieces and the knowledge are in safe hands.”

(I meditated on the golden energies beneath the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem I kept feeling interfering energies from the Vatican. So we asked about that.)

“The current structure is greed and not love and compassion. This work of Light will reverberate through the Vatican, resulting in massive changes, and leaks about the secrets. The interference you feel is protecting wealth.”

(How do we do this?)

“Hold innocent, powerful, pure Light. The cosmos will take that light and amplify it. Light always lights darkness. You cannot be afraid. Darkness attaches through fear. Be truth, harmony and good.”

“You are all protected by the winged serpents. The highest angels. You are ready.”

“We are The Speakers.”


Here is the itinerary of the tour so you can join energetically where ever you are:



May 6 – MEGIDDO-HAIFA-DRUZE VILLAGE – Drive to Megiddo an important site dedicated to the goddesses. Travel north to Haifa to experience the Ba’hai Gardens on Mount Carmel. Visit an Israeli Druze village.

May 7 – MOUNT CARMEL and TSFAT – Mt. Carmel tour. Visit Stella Maris Monastery.  Then off to Akko (Acre). Explore Tsfat. Visit an important synagogue then drive to Tiberius on the shores of Lake Galilee.

May 8 – GALILEE, MT TABOR and GOLAN HEIGHTS – Visit Mount Tabor. Return to the Sea of Galilee. Visit the Mount of Beatitudes. Walk through the Tel Dan nature reserve and site. Travel through the Golan Mountains.

May 9 – NAZARETH and JERUSALEM – Explore Nazareth and the Church of the Annunciation and Mary’s well. Then drive to Gerasimus.  Visit the canyon of Wadi Keit. Then drive to Jerusalem.

israel picMay 10 – JERUSALEM OLD CITY – Explore the Old City. We begin our pilgrimage on the Temple Mount. Visit the Dome of the Rock Shrine. Visit the Wailing Wall. Visit the Mount of Olives.

May 11 – PALESTINE, BETHLEHEM – Visit Bethlehem a Palestinian town.

May 12 – The TREASURES of JERUSALEM – Visit the Christian Quarter and follow the Stations of the Cross. Experience the church of the Holy Sepulcher. Walk along Byzantine streets then we ascend to Mount Zion. Walking tour through the Jewish Quarter. Visit the Western Wall Tunnel and the Temple Mount.

May 13 – DEAD SEA AND MASADA – Travel to the Dead Sea. Visit Qumran the home of the mystical Essenes. We visit Masada a wilderness mountain fortification. Return to Jerusalem.

May 14th – ARRIVAL in PETRA – Drive to the Jordanian border, and then continue on to Petra. Visit Petra’s most famous monument—The Treasury (EL-Khazneh).

May 15th – PETRA IN-DEPTH – In-depth Petra visit.

May 16th – DEPART PETRA – Drive back to the border return to Tel Aviv.



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Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,