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Ashtatara is an Atlantean Goddess who first came through Jonette in Malta



“Behold! Resurrection is upon us. I am Ashtatara, speaking always of the deliverance of the human race, reminding you of your innate and inescapable divinity, calling you to claim yourselves as Awakened Ones.

“There are dark shadows around this Earth, no darker than have been here before, but this time they can be seen; and you are great adversaries of the dark. We ask you to hold your Light so brightly that there is no hesitation or doubt when you face down darkness. Face it not as an enemy, but as Light waiting to be resurrected.

“You have been students of many spiritual paths. It is time to step into your maturity—students and apprentices no more. You are called forth in all aspects of your mastery. You have sometimes allowed your emotions to get stuck in immaturity because immaturity is what you see around you. You are called forth to stand in integrity with what you believe, with qualities of character that are not often acknowledged, yet you know what those qualities are. Juvenile emotional responses to juvenile emotional input is no longer acceptable in your spiritual maturity.


Resurrection is ascension beyond fear. We remind you that your divinity is so powerful, your hearts so magical that fear is not on the same plane as your divine self. You have been encoded with seeds of awakening. Those seeds have sprouted slowly, but they sprout more quickly now because your brothers and sisters on this earth are burying themselves in fear. The seeds of Light you carry are both ancient and unknown.

“You are remarkable. Keep your heads up high. Connect shoulder to shoulder with others who are remarkable. Do not let mass consciousness take you outside of your powerful truth. Behold! You resurrecting! Shalom.”


 After Ashtatara spoke, ‘MARK’ channeled this:

 treasures-from-beyondThe treasures from beyond are no greater than the treasures from within. You are some of the cosmos’s greatest treasures; and like any treasure, it requires a quest to find. Many become lost on their quest, but you are professional questers. You keep getting up and holding a vision for a better way.”

This is an excerpt from the 2016 course channeled by Jonette from MARK: Treasures From Beyond Part III – Awakening!, Class 7 – Inside the Inside.  Click Here. more information on this course and other ‘MARK’ classes

About Jonette

jcrowley-turquoise 22Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of onsciousness.

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‘MARK’ and Ashtatara channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2016.  (303) 689-9318






“2015 is the time for the Crucible of the Middle East to become the Grail.”  

JonetteYou were all part of our journey in May to Israel and Jordan. Are you feeling some tectonic personal shifts? We are all becoming stronger channels for immense light— living pillars of Light. We are beginning to hold forgotten keys and complex codes of higher dimensional frequencies. They restructure our DNA, reprogram the Earth’s crystalline grid and help bring deep peace to ourselves and humanity.

Whenever you feel expanded or in need of expansion do a small ceremony or meditation acknowledging the Earth, the sun, the cosmos and your personal interconnection to all. In your meditation envision a golden spiral staircase going up and one going down…as if our DNA is becoming golden. This begins to access doorways to a frequency field that some have called the New Earth. Ask to connect to your star roots and stellar Families of Light. Then ask to connect to the inner Earth beings, the Nature kingdoms and the guardians of Earth’s power places. Feel yourself stable and grounded. 

Continue this by spending 5-minutes a day radiating your divine essence into all dimensions and all times. (Do this simply by intention and visualization.) I’ve been doing this 5-minute connection daily for months and now I’m hooked. It has been part of the fastest period of personal and spiritual growth that I’ve ever experienced!

Israel 18 sunsetSeveral months ago I ‘saw’ what I thought was one of the 12 Sun Discs of Lemuria under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Later I channeled: 
“What you saw was the birth of the original Sun Disc. It is from the beginning of time on Earth and holds an imprint of spectacular mastery—the vibration so high that it has been fought over. No one or no religion has been able to hold the vibrations.  Your group is to access some of these vibrations, the outer layer of codes, that are ready to be released now. Some of the primary energies from the stars first came to the area around Israel, Jordan and Iraq. Those original templates have been misused, mis-coded and misguided. These areas hold much potential for peace on the planet, yet they hold so much dysfunction. It appears that darkness has won, but IT NEVER HAS. Below all the manipulation is the purity that was meant to be the footprint of the gods.”

This time is about alchemy. It is about the grail and very much about the goddess—not a singular goddess but the whole energy of goddess-hood and god-hood. The 12 Sun Discs, which are mirrored in our 12-chakra system — are exploding into the Great 13th — the 12 that become the One.

Our journey this spring to Israel was the completion of a triangle of awakening journeys— the first two to Crete and Turkey— that created a vortex of upliftment. The essence of the Mystery Schools is hidden in the energies and encoding of the eastern Mediterranean area. Our journey was about awakening treasures of knowledge and the energetic potentials of these mysteries.

JC with Dr. Shraga

Dr. Shraga activating Jonette as a “pillar of light” Notice HIS light!

Before arriving in Israel I had an unusual channeling session in which neither Mark nor White Eagle came through. The beings identified themselves as coming from the White Brotherhood, thereby letting me know that it was the highest wisdom of light and love. At the end of the session they called themselves ‘The Speakers.’ (An internet search revealed that they are ‘The Speakers of the Sirian High Council.’) They talked about the Annunaki stargate in Jerusalem and about the golden Codes of Life accessible there. (Read the channeling in my blog ‘Israel Sacred Journey: Annunaki, Stone Circle, and Codes of Life’) 

We did receive these golden codes in a most synchronistic encounter with a Jerusalem scholar— Dr. Shimon Shagra, who works with the Kabbala and activates the healing Codes of the Temple.

I’ve never seen so much power in one human being. Jonette is giving so much light to the world now.   Dr. Shimon Shagra, Israel

So that you can share in our experience and get ‘upgraded’ at every level you can purchase the audio of our special Blue Moon initiation and Activation Transmission tele-seminar. On this special day I transmitted the codes and initiations that I have been receiving— especially in Israel.  Click here for more information.

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Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,  

White Eagle channelled by Jonette Crowley

There were two classes of original people throughout the ancient lands— two real races in the Second World and the Third World.  There were the Elder Race, the Luminous Sun Gods, and then the rest of humanity. The Sun Gods, the Elder Race were the race of Luminous Ones who came with knowledge from Sirius.  Some came from Venus. They all came originally from the Source where all souls come. They were the leaders of the leaders. They were the kings and queens. They were the priests and priestesses, the gods and goddesses. They were the leaders and the rulers.

temple_mountThe builders were ordinary people who could not yet hold the light and the energy.  The Sun Gods stayed pure by intermarriage. (You mistakingly talk about brother-sister marriage. It wasn’t really brother-sisters, it was marriage between the high race of the star beings.) They procreated between themselves until it was time to intermarry with the humans who were all over the planet. This brought the light and the lineage of the stars into the ordinary people.

Early on many of the progeny of the light beings and the human beings had elongated heads. The elongated shape of the head was most often found in those who had ancestry of the sun gods or of the Luminous Ones, because the shape of the head allowed for a resonance inside the brain that allowed them to hold the higher light. After some time the elongation of the cranium was no longer necessary, because the light was then diffused throughout the entire body and humans did not have to be born or disfigured in this way.

Throughout the early world, the original rulers, priests and priestesses of the Temples were the Light beings of Sirius. The original builders were human beings. They lived together in harmony.

The human body has only recently been able to be a Temple. The structure of light in the temples (speaking specifically of the temples in Malta) is tremendous.  Even when the temples have been broken apart by catastrophe, volcanoes, and floods, the energies of the temples are strongly planted in the etheric.

The human body has been preparing through growth and consciousness, through re-awakening of dormant DNA, to hold the energies of the Temples.  You are not yet full Temples of the Sun, but you are moving toward that, and it must be done in groups.  As you experience spiritual initiations and activations at sacred sites, two things happen – one, you are communicating to the land on behalf of mankind, telling the Earth that mankind has been listening and is consciously awakening.  As a group you communicate to the temples and to the inner world and the temples and the inner world communicate to you.  They vibrate a resonance of silence. The most important sound of the mythical Sirens was silence.  The sound of silence is the sound that will prepare more of your DNA to hold the codes and the energies that are now held by the temples. All of these energies are held in perfect form in the higher dimensions, in Shambala, in the world of Luminous Beings.

Now is the time to bring those energies that have been held in the temples back into humanity where they belong.  Once you hold some of the codes, some of the energies of the ancient temples, more activating codes will be attracted to as you are ready. You become a ‘lending library’ or reservoir of codes and energies that other humans can then access. You are ‘humanizing’ divine codes so that ordinary people who don’t necessarily care about spiritual growth, who think it’s strange to talk about divine codes, can have them too. You are bringing divinity into human form.

Note: Jonette will be leading a spiritual tour to the sacred sites in Israel in May 2015. The Temple sites in Jerusalem hold the potential for tremendous personal and planetary awakening.  The group will do meditations and ceremonies in many power spots in the desert and throughout the country. The tour is sold out however we are accepting wait list clients.   Click here to see details of  the trip.

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jcinegyptJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

(Note: I found this letter to myself written in October 1987. I had been living in Australia for five years, and had spent six months traveling through Africa and Europe. I wrote it on the airplane as I was flying to my family home in Denver.)

Over six years ago I left—a girl, a seeker.

I’ve grown. I’ve changed. Changes have been rapid in the past few months as I’ve gotten to know White Eagle. (Note: At this time I didn’t know I could channel, I only knew that White Eagle was my guide.)

beauty girl in field under cloudsI’m coming home a woman. Full, abundant, wise, rich, mature, harvest-solid, harvest-spicy. Maybe it has been happening slowly, this acceptance of myself as a woman. But only now has it merged with the girl I was before today.

Funny how it happens. Meditating somewhere over New York, White Eagle was before me, holding my hands. I drank in his calm peace, his kind sparkle, his spirit. But what was that behind me? A female. She had what White Eagle has but different. She was woman manifest. Good and giving. A strength, a guide. I felt her hands on my shoulders. I absorbed her femininity, her motherhood, her fertility, her wealth… a goddess.

I am changed. She is now in me. In the last few miles of my 6 year journey, I am now that which I left to find, that which I somehow feared. I am now ready to accept the power, the attractiveness, the responsibility of being a woman.

Miracles are unexpected. I laugh to think that I’ve been chasing around the globe for this, and it happened as I waited for the flight attendant to bring me my Coke.

I have matured. I am a woman now. I am ready to go home and make a life, a home, a family. Welcome home Jonette!

(CopyRight 2015

Oracle at Didyma 3Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.

Channeled at the Soul Body Fusion Teacher’s course,

 Denmark, June 2014, by Jonette Crowley

(The group was only women.) 

August 10th is the ‘Super’ Full Moon and the Perseid Meteor Shower

Photo from: Michelle Karen Books

Photo from: Michelle Karen Books

Behold I am Ashtatara.

The full moon drips pearls of magic upon the waiting Earth. 

The Earth awakens and dances to the glory of the silver light. 

You are the silver moon of womanhood. 

You are the rich Earth of Motherhood. 

You are the golden heart of the goddess. 

Ancient lineages of priests and priestesses honor the maiden, the mother, the wise one.

Those energies, those lineages now pass into you…

As the torch holders of these times. 

Feel yourself in contact with ancient knowledge, truth forgotten. 

Lines of priests and priestesses support the Earth now.

All the magic and the wisdom that you have once known comes back to you now. 

With it comes a tremendous golden beam of compassion. 

Allow yourself to step beyond human compassion…

Holding compassion as a goddess holds it – 

A radiant compassion that rings true throughout humanity. 

You are helping move to a time beyond the need for temples, priests and priestesses.

You leave the temples behind, 

For all the Earth is your temple. 

The Milky Way is your crown of light. 

You are bigger than you ever imagined—

Because it is not the small ‘you’, 

But that ‘you’ who stands Awakening as goddess. 

It is goddess as the embodiment of compassion.

Take the goddess off the pedestal, 

Bring her within you. 

No need for priests and priestesses…

For the goddess is here in all of us. 

Feel her presence as part of your magnificent soul being reborn now! 

The frequency in your body changes…. 

There is an integration as you accept this state of your Awakening –

The embodiment of the goddess as part of life, 

As part of Earth, as part of the dance.

As this field of compassion becomes embodied by you, 

You understand that not only are you moving outside of temples, 

But you are moving the world outside of the paradigm of worship. 

You must stand strong, 

For there is so much of the collective consciousness that wants to knock you down. 

But these are the times for Awakening.

As we all hold compassion notice it’s connecting between us,

Creating a large force field, 

A more magnetic presence of goddess and compassion in our daily lives. 

The interconnection is so beautiful—like water to a parched soul. 

Let yourself really feel supported, 





The goddess that is you holds such supreme love that what she sees is only love.

Where there is hurt and harm she sees LOVE. 

Where there is danger and fear she sees LOVE. 

Through what she sees – the world transforms.


This was followed by an initiation of compassion where Jonette touched everyone’s hearts.

(CopyRight 2014

Oracle at Didyma 3Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,


The Great Shift

Yucatan, Mexico

December 16 – 22, 2012

No matter where in the world you were on December 21, 2012 we were all together. In the channeled words of Ix-chel, the main goddess of the Mayans, we are truly “weaving a tulumbasket to hold the sun.” My heart still dances when I remember over 60 of us gathering before dawn on the solstice, wearing white, holding white candles, under the trees and the stars, listening to the waves, connecting to groups all over the world. We all did something special, didn’t we?

We are happy to share with all of you some of the special events during our Gathering conference. Feel free to share them also with your friends.

pa ris ha  Please enjoy the video recorded talk that Grandmother Parisha did on Dec. 18.  Grandmother is truly a world teacher, an elder who holds medicine bundles and sacred knowledge from many tribes and people. You will be under the spell of her love immediately.

coba pyramid   Here is a link to the audio recording of my meditation, channeled from Mark, on Dec. 21 at the pyramid of Coba. I promise this one will levitate your spirit.

sarah mclean

Sarah McLean is generously offering her meditations to all of you.  Here is the link to enjoy her lovely energy:


Larry and Tryna 2  Larry & Tryna Cooper and I did an hour internet radio show on “What happened in Mexico?” on Awakening Zone. It has already been one of my most popular shows. It is part of my monthly program called “Journeys with Jonette.”

Don’t miss my next show is on Thursday, Jan. 24, it will be a Meditation for 2013 channeled from White Eagle.

Gma Elizabeth tulum 2012  If you would like to watch a beautiful video with a message from the Mayans, including Grandmother Elizabeth and Wandering Wolf – the chief elder in Guatemala (who was Grandmother Elizabeth’s husband at one time.)

You can find out about your Mayan astrology here. . Click onto the link and click on calculator. Go to the bottom of the page and put your birth date. Return to first page and find out more about YOU. Enjoy!

Our photos are on Photo Bucket. Go to     Log in is GatheringMexico2012, Password is Mexico2012.

I have a story to share about our time in the Yucatan.

As he was leaving our sea side hotel on the 22nd, Manny (one of our participants from Colorado) got an inner message from the Mayan ‘goblins’ or Aluxes (small beings who are often guardians of Mayan sacred sites) who were angry that the Aventura hotel complex was not honoring the sacredness of the land. These beings were creating havoc with the hotel. Manny asked me to do some spiritual work since he was leaving and to look for a ‘stone with a sign on it.’ I grabbed Marika and we sat out on the rocks by the sea. Marika got a similar message to Manny so we asked forgiveness and cleansing. I ‘saw’ a sea dragon that seemed like the water aspect of the great feathered serpent Kulkulcan or Quetzalcoatl. He was huge. From the sea he protected the coast.

Later that day, Thomas Junker came by and asked me, “Did you see the area with sweat lodges? It is beyond the zen garden.” Taking that as a cue, Ed and I grabbed offerings of candy and tobacco to go to that area to do some clearing and praying. We did see a stone with strange markings on it. Although it wasn’t ancient, it indicated that we were at the right spot. A hotel worker was sweeping the area, so we explained that we were doing some cleansing offerings. He probably wondered why we were throwing pinches of candy and tobacco around.

As we completed our offerings we saw a man standing there dressed all in white. I told him what we were doing and asked if he was a shaman. “Yes,” he replied, “I bring people here for ceremonies.” I asked him if the hotel honors the sacredness of the land. The shaman explained that the owners didn’t really get it, but then he invited the managers to a ceremony and now they have decided to keep the sacred areas such as the zen garden and the sweat lodge area. I asked him about the sea dragon I saw in my vision. He said, “Yes, that is Kulkulcan. For centuries he has protected the entire coast from hurricanes, but lately, because he has not been recognized or honored, hurricanes have hit up by Cancun.”

It feels like we all certainly lifted the vibration of the places we stayed and visited. I love the fact that everyone, working as a team, provided clues as to what needed doing and where. Again thank you all!!! As proof that what we all did in Mexico was noticed by the Universe, as we were waiting for our luggage at the Denver airport, we saw a young man who was aEAGLECOVERSHADOW1copy_001lso on our flight from Cancun. He was holding a lovely feather and a copy of my book “The Eagle and the Condor”! Yes, in our way we united the eagle and the condor to fly in peace and to give birth to a new golden age!

   If you feel called, my next journey is to Greece and Crete in April! We will continue the spiritual Picture7work from Mexico. Specifically White Eagle is guiding us to work with and release knotted time and energy lines under Crete that have become a a portal or negative labyrinth for energies that don’t belong in our current time/space. These hindering energies have been influencing the Earth since well before the time of Atlantis.

Greeting from Europe!  Magic is everywhere!  The response to the Introduction to Modern Shamanism Class and the Soul Body Fusion Workshops  in Germany and Denmark has been just incredible!   There is still time to join us here in Oslo, Norway and I look forward to the wonders that await us.

A recent email that I received from Marjolein in Holland illustrates that wonder and magic are indeed everywhere!  This is an amazing story of premonition that involves Malta’s underground Hypogeum Temple and my book Soul Body Fusion. Enjoy the magic. It will leave you with goosebumps!

            “I am a woman from Holland. I have a special story for you. Last February I made a drawing. I ‘saw’ the picture in my head. That’s the way I always paint my drawings/paintings. This time I saw a kind of ‘home’ in a rock or cave. I painted the picture that was in my head.

In March, I was in a bookstore and your book was flirting with me. But when I read the short writing on the back, I thought, ‘no’ this is a book is another healing method, and I know a lot of them. So I let it be. After that, a friend of mine suggested the book as exactly something for me. I, again decided to let it go.

A week later, an online bookshop e-mailed me that a new book was selected for me, and again, your book came along. This time, three times in a row, I decided to buy it.

On a rainy Sunday I began reading your book. I was moved by the first page, so I read on. Just following your journey and story how you came to do Soul Body Fusion. In chapter 3, I was shocked when I saw the photo of the Hypogeum at Malta! It was exactly the picture I had seen in my head and painted earlier! I didn’t believe it. ‘Is it true?’

So I searched for the painting. I was shocked. THE SAME!!

I threw the book on the ground. I looked at my painting. It wasn’t the ‘cave’ I thought it was… it was an EXACT copy of the photo of the Hypogeum!

I began reading at the beginning again, asking myself ‘What was the meaning of this?  Should I go to Malta? Should I do Soul Body Fusion?’

Your words from the Goddess were present energetically when I read them. The meaning of the junk DNA is something I was thinking about… so everything you were writing was resonating with me. But the feeling I had when I turned the page and saw the Hypogeum….. shocking! I know that heaven can talk to you in this language. But this was so clear!

I am reading the book again, and doing the Soul Body Fusion. Although I have done a lot of energetic work, I feel what was happening. So, I am very enthusiastic about the Fusion too. Thanks!  But the most magical thing is my drawing and the picture in the book!”

Are you ready to be truly amazed by how the Universe communicates?

Take a look at the photo of the Hypogeum in Malta,

and Marjolein’s painting that she had done months before seeing the photo in my Soul Body Fusion book.

It had been a hard night, as all of us were cold and wet from our long hike. Most slept crammed into a bunk room with 30 other hikers. I slept poorly, experiencing a dream vision that lasers from a massive American military vehicle were pointed at my head, causing pain and strange sensations that seemed to be scrambling my brain. In the dream I tried to hide behind boulders to stay away from the destructive laser beams. The feeling that I had been ‘messed with’ was with me for weeks. It seems that my concentration and memory were affected.

It was clear to me that the dream vision was about frequencies being beamed from a huge, rather sinister looking, red and white antennae that was positioned on a peak not far from our hut and the Romanian Sphinx. (This photo doesn’t indicate how massive the antennae is.)

Others in the group felt negative energies, that they also assumed was from the tower. A small group of us did what energy work we could to try to mute the harmful frequencies.

We meditated in the bunk room of the hut, high atop one of Romania’s sacred mountains, asking White Eagle what our spiritual tasks were for that day. Following his channeled guidance, we began with a meditation to bring the 12 Solar Discs of Illumination into this reality.

Then we hiked to a nearby peak where the ancient Dacian people built altars of white rocks to honor the Divine and the nature spirits. We constructed a 5-pointed star, connecting with Venus; and updated the 6-pointed star…the sign of the Great White Brotherhood…that I had made there on a visit two years before. It was a movement of energies between heaven and earth as well as a rededication to the principals of the Goddess.

During our early morning channeling in the bunk room, I asked White Eagle how we would know if we were doing the work that was needed of us. “Nature will give you a sign,” was his reply. Through the cold, and rain and mist we didn’t so much as see a bird to let us know we were on the right track. Speaking of being on the right track, as you can see from the photos, the fog could easily swallow us up as we walked on rocky tracks, traversing high mountain peaks. More than one time I was grateful that Cosmin, our guide, had suggested that we each bring a whistle. Several times the whistles signaling to each other was the only way we knew where others of the group were, as they were all but invisible in the clouds.

Years ago, young Cosmin first told me of the legends of a huge cavern buried under this mountain…the mountain itself marked by a sphinx. According to Radu Cinamar, a journalist who was allowed to visit this rediscovered secret, the complex had 3 tunnels — to Egypt, Tibet and the inner Earth, and a ‘projection room’ containing ancient high technology and holographic records some 50,000 years old. All of it now a top secret facility operated jointly between the U.S. and Romanian military. (Hence the nasty-feeling transmitting tower nearby.)*

At that time I was unable to physically travel to the mountain, so instead, with Cosmin’s assistance,  I did a shamanic, inner journey into the top secret facility. Using my inner site, I met with a group of goddesses who seemed able to bring light and lightning to clear the negative energies I noticed in these underground tunnels and caves. On that journey, as a symbol that our mission had been accomplished and that I was protected in that underworld, a female white wolf journeyed with me. We emerged together from the cave. In my vision, shared also by Cosmin, the white wolf was always beside me, just to my left. Her presence through the years as a power animal to me has given me confidence that I am protected even when I enter hostile spiritual territory. (You can read about these stories in my Soul Body Fusion book.)

In this trip, Cosmin directed our group to a rock, below which he intuited was a ‘library crystal,’ a library that held information important to many stellar civilizations. At this crystal power place Nature did indeed give us the sign that we were accomplishing our spiritual mission. Nature couldn’t actually produce a white wolf, so She did the next best thing…. out of the fog appeared a large, white, female dog! I ask you, how ofter do you see pure white dogs anyway?

I jumped for joy as this was such a personal and clear signal that we were doing what needed to be done and that the Universe was taking notice and supporting our spiritual endeavors!

As 40 of us gathered in a circle at the Sphinx to clear the energies that were buried in the underground caverns below, our ‘white wolf’ took up her position. She put herself directly to my left, between Cosmin and me. This again was a striking confirmation  that we were well guided, protected and doing what the Universe was asking of us!

*For more information read “Transylvania Sunrise” by Radu Cinamar and Peter Moon, )

Ashtatara came through unexpectedly on September 23, 2011.  Here is what she said:


Behold! I am Ashtatara!

 There comes then a time when night cannot deny the dawn.  There comes a time where man cannot be hidden under.  There comes then a time when masquerading is ended and the light gives birth unto itself.

 Humanity has been chained of your own making.  Energy of cosmic good renders those chains into dust.  You will not be saved by extraterrestrials but by the extraterrestrial part of you.

 It is eleven o’clock.  The toll rings loudly at midnight.  Reach for all, you children, into the depths of your goodness rising up your compassion and grace.

 Welcome the darkness through a battle of wits.  The darkness is real and has had a long run.  It is not governed by Satan, but rather created from disconnection from good.  There is no Satan except ignorance and fear.

 Joining together lifts the veil.  Teach yourself to travel to the other dimensions to see truth for yourself.  Teach yourself to read the records so that you cannot be misled.

 Do not support economic fear by adding your own personal fear.  It has become a world where he who controls the money controls the world; but in God’s world there is always work to do and money is not the energy of exchange.  Do what work is there regardless of the money and so bring in more power to the economic system that has gone on falsely.

 The dark cannot deny the dawn!


The Goddess and the Grail Codes
By Jonette Crowley, copyright 2009,

One of the most important things we can do for our spiritual growth is to prepare our physical bodies to contain more spiritual light and power. Scientists have mapped our genome, and have found that they understand the function of only about 10% of our DNA. The other 90% they don’t understand at all, sometimes calling it ‘junk’ DNA. I believe that at one time we humans were well-developed beings of light, using all of our DNA. But over the eons we lost our gifts. Our light and our power diminished. The unused parts of our DNA atrophied.

This article is given to you as a gift. Read the words from the Goddess Ashtatara slowly and deliberately, intending that your DNA becomes reactivated. Now it is time to awaken our DNA so that we can all once again be vessels of light—Holy Grails! You may not feel anything, but trust the process. Enjoy the awakening!


In May 2007, I was guided to lead a group of spiritual pilgrims to the Mediterranean islands of Malta. One of our spiritual missions was to activate the element of air or wind. Different groups of us had already activated the elements of earth, fire and water at power places around the globe.

The second mission that was given to me by my spirit guide White Eagle was “To awaken the Grail Codes.”

“What are the Grail Codes”? I asked White Eagle, having no idea what he was talking about.

“The Grail Codes are the other half of the Sun Disc that you uncovered in Peru. * Together they form a new foundation for human consciousness that is halfway between the current state and the state of enlightenment,” White Eagle replied.

Malta’s three tiny islands have been home to early temple-builders, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, pirates, Turks and Arabs. St. Paul was shipwrecked on its shores, and the crusading Knights of St. John settled there. Malta’s immense prehistoric temple complexes are older than Stonehenge or the pyramids of Egypt. This is a sacred place where the Goddess has been worshipped from ancient times.

Malta is considered by some to be the location of the administrative center of Atlantis. The honey-colored sandstone temples were ancient at the time of Egypt. The temples’ locations around the islands and sunk in the nearby sea indicated that the builders had a masterful knowledge of astronomy, and understood the complex phenomena of the precession of the equinoxes. We learned that linguists had finally deciphered a pre-Sanskrit language thought to be from the Atlantean period. Some of the writings told the tale of a goddess, the Queen of Atlantis, who was buried in those islands. Her name – Ashtatara.


A small stone statue, often called ‘the sleeping goddess’, found in the underground temple known as the Hypogeum, caught our attention. Did she have something to do with the dormant Grail Codes? Were we to awaken the goddess? We all wondered how and where our mission to activate the Grail Codes would unfold.

Astonishingly, the awakening took place, not in a wind-blown temple, but in a hotel meeting room on the shores of St. Paul’s Bay. I had just finished channeling White Eagle for our group. But instead of coming out of my normal light trance, I went even further out. My head pitched back. Guttural sounds came out of my mouth. It felt that my consciousness was somewhere very deep, that I was climbing out of the dense earth itself. Part of me was scared, because I had never experienced such a far-away state. Another part trusted that all would be fine. I could hear people speaking to me, but I was too far away to respond. I hadn’t felt such power since the first time I brought through my guide Mark.

After a few minutes of struggle I spoke, bringing in the energy and the words of the Goddess. All who were present could feel the immense presence and compassion that filled the room. It was electrifying and exquisite. She spoke with commanding authority:

The Goddess:

I am She who was called.
I speak with great difficulty
for the distances are too large
and the forgetting too deep.
I come because you called.
I come to bring you home.
I come to bring home here.
The world is nothing like you think.
You cannot think this world.
I have too much to say but perhaps I speak better without words.
I carry with me . . . . a field of awakening that requires no words.
Everything you think you know about our people is wrong
and it does not help you if you get it right.
This earth is precious beyond measure.
The grail you seek cannot be understood,
but known only through your heart.
The grail codes are in you . . . asleep in you.
And you have called me to awaken them.
It has started.
The awakening of the codes has started.
You will not feel them.
You will not see them.
You cannot study them.
Only your heart knows them.
I have been protected by dragons for over 18,000 years.
They are now released.
The gates to my world are open.
Stand with all your power and receive.
STAND with all your power.
I am She who has awakened.
You are they who have awakened.
I dismiss you now.

Those in the room stood. Many felt cellular shifts. Some felt nothing at all. But all stood in silence in the knowing of the enormity of what had just happened.

For the rest of our eight days on Malta our group visited temples, churches and historic sites. We did ceremonies and meditations. But nothing equaled the swift and silent transformation that we knew was the awakening of the Grail Codes…within us.

I was anxious to spread this activation to others, who hadn’t been fortunate to be with us in Malta. So, I organized a special event the next month for the summer solstice. My goal was to once again call in the Goddess, who we now knew as Ashtatara. 40 people sat in their chairs waiting for the words of this Atlantean Goddess. Once again, her power and strength were palpable as I brought through her words:


Through the cold darkness I have waited for the sun to come up once again on my human brothers and sisters.
It is past time.
Each of you holds secrets locked and coded within your consciousness and your body—closed and locked for your own good.
When darkness befell humanity, much of the power was removed,
The keys guarded closely.
The keys are where you never look; inside yourself.
My name is ASHTATARA.
It means mother of the world.
I am a goddess and a human,
one of a race that remembers that you are gods and goddesses too.
Once the doors begin to open, the growth moves very quickly.
Once the doors are open there is no closing them.

The activation sequence is given in silence at a level of consciousness that is barely awake in you.
I will move now into an initiation of silence.
I will speak again when it is done.
(Silence for about 15 min.)

Creating the possibility of a much bigger you and much more whole oneness, receive the Love of the field in a way that transforms everything you have been until now—
A Love far beyond the emotional love;
A Love that is the breath of God.
Receive now, deeply into your newly awakened cells of Light.
Be sanctified Beloved ones.
Be sanctified permanently now.
You now carry codes of awakening.
You do not need me anymore.
I leave you now, DO NOT CALL ME BACK!

Once again we sat in silence. Knowing that a profound change had taken place within us, and hopefully, through us to the rest of humanity. As Ashtatara spoke, I was shown a symbol. It seemed familiar, yet I was unsure where I had seen it. An internet search showed that it was an ancient Egyptian symbol—the crown of Isis. Sometimes also seen on Horus and Hathor.

It was then that I realized she was showing me the real meaning behind the crown of Isis. It is the merging of the Sun Disc—or our spiritual/light component, with our physical vessel—the Grail. The activation that we had received in silence was the awakening of our dormant DNA. The Grail was never just the cup of Jesus from the last supper, or even the bloodline of Jesus through Mary Magdalene. We are the Grail! What is happening now is the merging of our humanity with our divinity. The Grail Codes are our unused DNA!

Once the activation is given to us, it spreads throughout the human matrix, empowering each of us to become beings of light—Christed humans. Ashtatara’s job is done. She waited for 18,000 years for the time when humans would be guided to her and ready to receive her secret. Now it belongs to us, each of us.

I was disappointed that Ashtatara had delivered such a stern warning about not calling her again. Part of me had been looking forward to the rather glamorous possibility of channeling Ashtatara, the Queen of Atlantis. But it was not to be. She was not a goddess to be disobeyed.

However, she did come one more time….of her own bidding. I didn’t call her and I was surprised when she showed up. I was doing a channeled reading from White Eagle for a friend in the Netherlands. My friend had just asked White Eagle about the strong connection between her, me and two other Dutch women. All four of us were present in Malta when Ashtatara first came through. When the answer started coming through me we could both tell that the energy and words were not White Eagle’s. The words were poetic. The energy was powerful, yet feminine. We had the tape recorder running.

Daughters of Isis, daughters of Venus,
Sisters of the sacred ways,
Mothers of the times before,
Birthers of the times to come.
Holding patterns for perfection,
Holding true to wisdom’s light,
Opening the chalice of the Holy Spirit
Parting darkness into light.
Weavers of a greater pattern,
You walk with lightning on your shield,
Daughters of Isis and Venus,
A greater future is revealed.
I am Ashtatara
proclaiming the time,
the deliverance of the Goddess.
Bringing with me a pattern of transformation
discontinuous of the past.
These times will mark
a strong foothold of the Goddess
into a large circle of hearts.
I invite humans to give up
the vision of what you think you want,
so the vision of possibilities may be unlimited.
To hold in your hearts the reality
of a discontinuous transfiguration.
This is a time of Grail and Goddess.

*For more information on the Sun Disc and the codes of awakening that I discovered in Peru, read “The Eagle and the Condor: A True Story of an Unexpected Mystical Journey” Go to

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