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“2015 is the time for the Crucible of the Middle East to become the Grail.”  

JonetteYou were all part of our journey in May to Israel and Jordan. Are you feeling some tectonic personal shifts? We are all becoming stronger channels for immense light— living pillars of Light. We are beginning to hold forgotten keys and complex codes of higher dimensional frequencies. They restructure our DNA, reprogram the Earth’s crystalline grid and help bring deep peace to ourselves and humanity.

Whenever you feel expanded or in need of expansion do a small ceremony or meditation acknowledging the Earth, the sun, the cosmos and your personal interconnection to all. In your meditation envision a golden spiral staircase going up and one going down…as if our DNA is becoming golden. This begins to access doorways to a frequency field that some have called the New Earth. Ask to connect to your star roots and stellar Families of Light. Then ask to connect to the inner Earth beings, the Nature kingdoms and the guardians of Earth’s power places. Feel yourself stable and grounded. 

Continue this by spending 5-minutes a day radiating your divine essence into all dimensions and all times. (Do this simply by intention and visualization.) I’ve been doing this 5-minute connection daily for months and now I’m hooked. It has been part of the fastest period of personal and spiritual growth that I’ve ever experienced!

Israel 18 sunsetSeveral months ago I ‘saw’ what I thought was one of the 12 Sun Discs of Lemuria under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Later I channeled: 
“What you saw was the birth of the original Sun Disc. It is from the beginning of time on Earth and holds an imprint of spectacular mastery—the vibration so high that it has been fought over. No one or no religion has been able to hold the vibrations.  Your group is to access some of these vibrations, the outer layer of codes, that are ready to be released now. Some of the primary energies from the stars first came to the area around Israel, Jordan and Iraq. Those original templates have been misused, mis-coded and misguided. These areas hold much potential for peace on the planet, yet they hold so much dysfunction. It appears that darkness has won, but IT NEVER HAS. Below all the manipulation is the purity that was meant to be the footprint of the gods.”

This time is about alchemy. It is about the grail and very much about the goddess—not a singular goddess but the whole energy of goddess-hood and god-hood. The 12 Sun Discs, which are mirrored in our 12-chakra system — are exploding into the Great 13th — the 12 that become the One.

Our journey this spring to Israel was the completion of a triangle of awakening journeys— the first two to Crete and Turkey— that created a vortex of upliftment. The essence of the Mystery Schools is hidden in the energies and encoding of the eastern Mediterranean area. Our journey was about awakening treasures of knowledge and the energetic potentials of these mysteries.

JC with Dr. Shraga

Dr. Shraga activating Jonette as a “pillar of light” Notice HIS light!

Before arriving in Israel I had an unusual channeling session in which neither Mark nor White Eagle came through. The beings identified themselves as coming from the White Brotherhood, thereby letting me know that it was the highest wisdom of light and love. At the end of the session they called themselves ‘The Speakers.’ (An internet search revealed that they are ‘The Speakers of the Sirian High Council.’) They talked about the Annunaki stargate in Jerusalem and about the golden Codes of Life accessible there. (Read the channeling in my blog ‘Israel Sacred Journey: Annunaki, Stone Circle, and Codes of Life’) 

We did receive these golden codes in a most synchronistic encounter with a Jerusalem scholar— Dr. Shimon Shagra, who works with the Kabbala and activates the healing Codes of the Temple.

I’ve never seen so much power in one human being. Jonette is giving so much light to the world now.   Dr. Shimon Shagra, Israel

So that you can share in our experience and get ‘upgraded’ at every level you can purchase the audio of our special Blue Moon initiation and Activation Transmission tele-seminar. On this special day I transmitted the codes and initiations that I have been receiving— especially in Israel.  Click here for more information.

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Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,  

White Eagle channelled by Jonette Crowley

There were two classes of original people throughout the ancient lands— two real races in the Second World and the Third World.  There were the Elder Race, the Luminous Sun Gods, and then the rest of humanity. The Sun Gods, the Elder Race were the race of Luminous Ones who came with knowledge from Sirius.  Some came from Venus. They all came originally from the Source where all souls come. They were the leaders of the leaders. They were the kings and queens. They were the priests and priestesses, the gods and goddesses. They were the leaders and the rulers.

temple_mountThe builders were ordinary people who could not yet hold the light and the energy.  The Sun Gods stayed pure by intermarriage. (You mistakingly talk about brother-sister marriage. It wasn’t really brother-sisters, it was marriage between the high race of the star beings.) They procreated between themselves until it was time to intermarry with the humans who were all over the planet. This brought the light and the lineage of the stars into the ordinary people.

Early on many of the progeny of the light beings and the human beings had elongated heads. The elongated shape of the head was most often found in those who had ancestry of the sun gods or of the Luminous Ones, because the shape of the head allowed for a resonance inside the brain that allowed them to hold the higher light. After some time the elongation of the cranium was no longer necessary, because the light was then diffused throughout the entire body and humans did not have to be born or disfigured in this way.

Throughout the early world, the original rulers, priests and priestesses of the Temples were the Light beings of Sirius. The original builders were human beings. They lived together in harmony.

The human body has only recently been able to be a Temple. The structure of light in the temples (speaking specifically of the temples in Malta) is tremendous.  Even when the temples have been broken apart by catastrophe, volcanoes, and floods, the energies of the temples are strongly planted in the etheric.

The human body has been preparing through growth and consciousness, through re-awakening of dormant DNA, to hold the energies of the Temples.  You are not yet full Temples of the Sun, but you are moving toward that, and it must be done in groups.  As you experience spiritual initiations and activations at sacred sites, two things happen – one, you are communicating to the land on behalf of mankind, telling the Earth that mankind has been listening and is consciously awakening.  As a group you communicate to the temples and to the inner world and the temples and the inner world communicate to you.  They vibrate a resonance of silence. The most important sound of the mythical Sirens was silence.  The sound of silence is the sound that will prepare more of your DNA to hold the codes and the energies that are now held by the temples. All of these energies are held in perfect form in the higher dimensions, in Shambala, in the world of Luminous Beings.

Now is the time to bring those energies that have been held in the temples back into humanity where they belong.  Once you hold some of the codes, some of the energies of the ancient temples, more activating codes will be attracted to as you are ready. You become a ‘lending library’ or reservoir of codes and energies that other humans can then access. You are ‘humanizing’ divine codes so that ordinary people who don’t necessarily care about spiritual growth, who think it’s strange to talk about divine codes, can have them too. You are bringing divinity into human form.

Note: Jonette will be leading a spiritual tour to the sacred sites in Israel in May 2015. The Temple sites in Jerusalem hold the potential for tremendous personal and planetary awakening.  The group will do meditations and ceremonies in many power spots in the desert and throughout the country. The tour is sold out however we are accepting wait list clients.   Click here to see details of  the trip.

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jcinegyptJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

Sri Lanka BeachHe was a huge Sri Lankan man. It took eight people to carry the stretcher from the beach, across the busy street to the courtyard of our hotel. They put the stretcher with the groaning man on the floor of our veranda, as the milling group waited for a cab to come to take him to the hospital. He had been thrown by a wave, twisting and injuring his back in the process. I watched the chaos from our hotel balcony, immediately hurrying down to offer healing to the victim. As I approached with my hands uplifted a huge energy surge poured through me, sending electrical shivers through my spine. A massive field of healing opened up like I’ve never experienced before. “I’m a Healer,” I declared to the group and to the silent but now conscious man. The crowd made room for me. A local woman, the man’s mother, replied “We’re Christian. We believe in healing.” His relatives thanked me as I touched him and the powerful energy field got even stronger. My knowing was that this was much more than just healing this man for this accident. The healing went deep into every part of him and opened a field that helped heal everyone … and I mean everyone. His family thanked me as they climbed in the back of the truck bound for the hospital. (There are apparently no ambulances here.) What can I say? The energy field was so tangible that it kept going for a long time after the crowd dispersed.

On the positive side it felt that I was exactly at the right place at the right time to provide help and comfort. On the negative side, in the chaos I laid my purse on the table and when I retrieved it all my local money was gone.

The next day the story continued…

We went whale watching. As I walked to the front of the boat a Sri Lankan woman approached me with a question: “You’re the Healer, aren’t you?” It was the injured man’s mother from last night!

photo 1“I can’t believe you’re on this boat!” she said. “Later today we were planning to go back  to your hotel to try to find you and thank you for what you did for my son. They checked him out at the hospital and he is okay. We wanted to thank you because he could feel your healing! He told us that as soon as you came up, his pain went away. He felt your prayers! We were so worried about him at the time that we forgot about God. When you came we knew that God sent you. Thank you!”

So as we sailed to find some blue whales, the injured man’s mother, aunt and cousins all posed with me and asked me about the healing. I told them it was Soul Body Fusion®.

What are the chances that I would just happened to learn the fate of the man I helped? What are the chances that he could actually feel the healing? What are the chances that we are always in the right place at the right time?

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JC with turbanJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,  

Recent words from MARK:   “We’re thinking about this 2012 Solstice. We are so grateful that you are going to be working on your “Power” before the 2012 December Solstice. This quantum power that you hold, begins to vibrate throughout the collective, because you are now good at expanding into the collective. It begins to dissipate all structures, fears, emotions that aren’t in alignment with this quantum, authentic personal power. It begins to support the free flow of everything; actions, societies, and education- ideals that support the resonance of this sort of field.  As you intend that the collective is impacted, you’re acting as Gods would act. You are acting to hold a space of infinite good, wisdom, love, and power. It is making changes. God doesn’t deal in the details. You don’t have to deal in the details. You deal in the creation energies that support this love, wisdom, power sort of state, and the universe will take it from there. How will it support the great shift? Immensely, making it smoother, because the dark parts will be harmonized by you whenever you think about it.

 Everything you are doing is helping this shift and beyond. It’s supporting the new children. It’s supporting the people who are awakening. It’s also supporting the people who refuse to awaken, so that they have a gentle time too. It is those who hold the most power that afford themselves to be the most kind, compassionate, and gentle. The old power was about being tough and strong. This sort of power based on love and wisdom, is immensely graceful, gentle, some might say feminine, and it fits into the small corners where the old, hard kind of power could never go.

 You’ve been given a gift of yourself, and we will only continue to build upon this, for you, for all of who you are, and have been, and for the world.   We acknowledge the beauty, the beauty of your power.”

Note from Jonette:  Give yourself a fabulous gift of a lifetime by joining Light Workers from around the World to celebrate The Great Shift: The December Solstice 2012…We will be enjoying luxury, fellowship and amazing energies in the land of the Maya.

Ashtatara came through unexpectedly on September 23, 2011.  Here is what she said:


Behold! I am Ashtatara!

 There comes then a time when night cannot deny the dawn.  There comes a time where man cannot be hidden under.  There comes then a time when masquerading is ended and the light gives birth unto itself.

 Humanity has been chained of your own making.  Energy of cosmic good renders those chains into dust.  You will not be saved by extraterrestrials but by the extraterrestrial part of you.

 It is eleven o’clock.  The toll rings loudly at midnight.  Reach for all, you children, into the depths of your goodness rising up your compassion and grace.

 Welcome the darkness through a battle of wits.  The darkness is real and has had a long run.  It is not governed by Satan, but rather created from disconnection from good.  There is no Satan except ignorance and fear.

 Joining together lifts the veil.  Teach yourself to travel to the other dimensions to see truth for yourself.  Teach yourself to read the records so that you cannot be misled.

 Do not support economic fear by adding your own personal fear.  It has become a world where he who controls the money controls the world; but in God’s world there is always work to do and money is not the energy of exchange.  Do what work is there regardless of the money and so bring in more power to the economic system that has gone on falsely.

 The dark cannot deny the dawn!


Last month I was in Europe teaching a workshop called “Divinity School: The Next Step in Human Consciousness”.  It has been the highest, most powerful workshop I have ever taught.  In the past our guided meditations and journeys began with us as individuals then expanded into a soul space of oneness.  But in October, during a weekend workshop in Oslo, everything turned upside down.  We began with a space that felt like the birth of the cosmos – the birth of all souls.  Then from that wholeness we divided and separated until we experienced our individuality.  Our divinity wasn’t so much achieved or even remembered – it was a given once we changed our perspective from our humanness to start with our wholeness.  It was a HUGE shift in realization for me and for everyone there!  I have in the past been trying to find my god-ness by starting from my small self and then expanding.  Maybe that is all wrong.  Now I understand that we start from our god-realization and then find our indivual self.

Although I understand the concept mentally that we are a soul with a body, rather than a body that has a soul – I never felt it so clearly before.  This has already begun to have an enormous impact on my sense of well-being, even during these difficult times.  We can explore the higher dimensions of God Consciousness and receive initiations that increase our spiritual capacity and potential.  We can change at a core level, finding our power and our soul’s vision.

Let’s talk about the Goddess for a moment. It is a misnomer to think it is the female aspect of God, that it is just another side of the male. It is not. The Goddess energy is the Void, is the energy of the space of All-that-is. Originally God was energy…stuff… particles and waves, light, sun… Goddess is the space, the context, the universe through which the energy or God moves. Goddess is first. So Goddess is not a feminine aspect of God. It is another element entirely. It is the field, un-manifest.


Question: Could you say that God is the active part and Goddess is the inactive part?


Yes, however, once you compare it to the active and the non-active, it seems like it is part of that same God, and it isn’t. It is true it is inactive… … this is a fine delineation that we don’t expect all people to understand. So they understand the feminine aspect as the being aspect, and the doing aspect as God. However, being has always been given a second seat to doing. What is so is the space, the void, the non-manifest, holds much more than the manifest. The Goddess is so much more than the manifest. The Goddess is so much more than God. So, yes the metaphors are true and Goddess is more. Goddess is all the rules of the universe. It is all the possibilities. It is all the dimensions. It is the many worlds. It is every possibility. Once God is manifest as light and energy, all the other potentials collapse. Goddess is all the uncollapsed potentials. So the Goddess energy isn’t even Goddess and it isn’t even energy, it is space. But metaphors and personifications are very important in human understanding. Humans personified everything and in that they lost their God. God personified cannot hold God reality. Humans personified cannot hold God.


(Jonette’s note: It is important here not to get hung up on God as male and Goddess as female. It might be easier to think as God 1–energy and matter: God 2 –as the field of possibilities.)


God and Goddess should work together, not fighting for control and not fighting to be rebalanced. Sometimes feminists fight in a masculine way to regain balance. That isn’t the way it’s done. You cannot have goddess-ness push, because it does not push. It is the space. People wonder why feminism and goddess-work sometimes fail. It is because they’re using masculine approaches, which already obscures their vision. The vision is difficult: from a masculine world it’s impossible to see the goddess-world. Beause the masculine world gives you all your filters, you can only see a masculinized goddess or personified goddess. Yet goddess is unmanifest. She doesn’t want to be manifest, that’s not her job. So manifesting the goddess is wrong too.



By White Eagle

Grace is best spoken in the words of a poet. Grace is the hushed silence you feel as you look out over a moonlit snow. Grace is that encompassing love you feel as you see a newborn babe. Grace is the majesty of a giant sequoia as it raises its head above the forest. Grace is the still pool, and the rushing of the falls.

Grace is the melting of season into season. Grace is the unexpected thunderstorm. It is the space between your breaths. It is the sound between the notes. It is the space in which love expands into infinity. You often feel it in the quiet times. But it is there too, in the loudness and laughter of life. It is the blessing of God upon mankind. And it is mankind’s blessing back to God through joy, passion and enthusiasm for life.


Grace is the energy of love. It is the essence of your life. It is the active energy of spirit. You are grace. You are touched with it and you touch it. Grace is love so true, so strong that it grows. You may ask, “How do I get it? And how can I keep it? What do I do with it once I have it?” Grace is beyond those words. Be open and you live in it. For grace is the power of life. It is the blessing of spirit.


The Earth is now being bathed in grace at levels before un experienced. You will feel it more often, and once you begin to feel it, you will recognize it in those places that it has always been. My blessing to you is that grace and its power and majesty will be recognized in all that you see.