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“You fear to give because you might not receive back. You fear to receive because you might not give back.” – ‘MARK’

In the many thousands of years of your history you have put your awareness much more in the outside world and your trust in the outside world than within you; and so you are more comfortable giving— which happens outside, than receiving— which happens inside. In order to receive you must trust. You must powerfully stand in yourself in this moment, not greater than anything else, but certainly not less than anything else, but interconnected to all else. As you receive without pause, without objection or resistance, you move into a flow of manifestation that is extraordinarily magnetic; but you cannot receive in order to be magnetic, simply receive because you are.

clouds over DCThere has been a great cloud over humanity— the fear of receiving because of the fear of indebtedness. It was a stroke of evil to put receiving and indebtedness together. Receiving is as natural as breathing in the air but when you feel you are indebted and must pay for what you receive, the entire flow of this system is shut down. Right now your culture, your banking and financial systems reflect this. It is a system of indebtedness. It is a system of monetary slavery. The service in this Creation class will work with the energies of freedom, receiving without indebtedness, sending new vibrations radiating through the cosmos to unhook the cloud over humanity that have been getting progressively worse— the cloud of indebtedness.

The energies of Creation in Service unhook indebtedness that has become institutionalized in the world. There is no longer pure creation. There is no longer purity and innocence in giving and receiving. There is fear at every step of those transactions. You fear to give because you might not receive back. You fear to receive because you might not give back.

radiating clarity through earthWe would like you as a group (for this takes more than an individual) to imagine placing a network—a continuously radiating network of piercing clarity and truth through the Earth, her people, your institutions, your banks, your governments, the past and the future so that however fear has clouded Creation, however indebtedness has stopped flow; it is henceforth unsupported and replaced by clarity. Trust yourself. We are unhooking fear from the cycle of giving and receiving— Creation.

Don’t focus so much on the fear that you are erasing but the clarity and truth that you are emitting. Feel the group of helpers who are also transmitting this growing from thousands to millions… and not all of them are incarnated right now. Feel the swell of energy, truth, and piercing clarity replacing all the cloudiness that has occluded the flow.

By the way, this is helping to remove some of the underpinnings of greed and corruption, because they are based in the same level of fear of flow. So this is a cleansing vibration of great potency moving around the planet now.

Feel how supported you are because you are easily receiving. None of this is happening on your own—this is bringing receiving in service to the planet. Nothing is effortful, nothing is difficult. It simply lifts you to a new level of receiving and radiating so much goodness, so much support. With all this, feel triumphant— know yourself as endlessly triumphant!

In your personal life see fear being replaced by clarity and truth. Fear of abundance and fear of lack of abundance go away. Fear of giving, fear of receiving, fear of not deserving—doesn’t exist in the reality you are seeding now. Allow yourself to go to your life feeling the differences, toppling the fear, bringing in the clarity and the truth, asking for insights.

Feel yourself free from the bonds that are not you, or yours, or useful simply by being in this space of clarity, of flow, of truth.

Your part in initiating this process has been appreciated. You can leave the space knowing that the intention has been planted, that clarity and truth will lift the cloud that has kept true creation from the hearts and souls of humans—creation in service that is not oppressive but is magnificent. Remember what this space feels like and whenever you feel the world spinning a little out of control with greed and corruption, with unfairness and indebtedness, just send a blast of this energy out, knowing that it will be picked up and magnified by many, many others.

There is nothing in this world so dark or so entrenched that it cannot be changed by groups who hold intentions and high frequencies of Creation based on love, based on wisdom, and based on true power.

From Mark’s Creation in Service — Part 3, Class 1.  Click here to purchase ‘MARK’s Creation Series


Playing in the Unified Field 1 CDcoverJonette has been channeling ‘MARK’— a cosmic energy source who only exists in relationship to our need for knowledge, for nearly 30 years.  His teachings are extraordinary, experiential and always, always on the leading edge of expanded consciousness.   ‘MARK’ is so powerful that he can only be channeled with a group present.   Jonette channels a weekly ‘MARK’ course to followers worldwide.  Beginning in July 2016, the current course The 9th Dimension: Playing in the Unified Field -Part I- Multi-dimensional Awareness will be available via live video stream.

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Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her cosmic guide ‘Mark’ she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of  consciousness.

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