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“Trust that you are already enlightened”


Channeled from ‘MARK’ by Jonette Crowley on Jan. 11, 2016


“Welcome, most Holy Ones, to the ‘Year of Emergence’—a year of vast  awakening. This is ‘MARK’. We begin this year with a Universal transmission to seed new levels of emergence. Lift off from that which has been so, into a more rarified stream of being. Your core adamantine particles are opening to a new Universal Intelligence and energy—and beyond energy. You are receiving a dose of your cosmic inheritance from all dimensions, bringing new possibilities to all that you are, including that which you do not know you are. This transmission removes filters and blinders from you. You are a connector to all knowledge. Your matter is turning into quantum matter, plasma matter, matter that can— if fully trained, walk through walls. You are really giving birth to a more amazing version of you…” 


“There is a greater potential in each of you to be that divinity which you seek. It’s not just that the potential has opened to you. It’s that much of who you thought you were has been transcended, giving you more space within yourself for your holiness and for that which you want to emerge. Your insights will be clearer because your brain is less clogged. We call it ‘Wizard Consciousness’. What happened is that your bodies changed their focus from receiving only electrical impulses to receiving these non-electrical, cosmic downloads…intelligence…beingness. With that, your body became holographic in a different way than you’ve ever experienced, because it’s responding to holographic, totally different stimuli than you’ve ever responded to before…. What this transmission did is reset your altimeter to a higher, different manifest reality.  It is permanent.

“What gifts it brings are unknown. Your biggest enemy is your ego’s doubt. Trust gifts of all kinds. Trust that you can heal. Trust that you can know the answers. Trust that you are already enlightened. What happened tonight is you flipped into the higher dimensions as your new base or foundation. You now can explore your projection on this Earth rather than being on this Earth exploring the higher worlds. It was a major shifting over into something profoundly different— that you are now anchored in. It’s permanent. It will be the background or the foundation for all your growth from now on. You don’t have to understand it, only accept it.


Let’s talk about emergence. The change that’s taking place at the higher levels is that the perspective of you being you has blasted open beyond singularity. It is the opportunity for you to be All That Is. Your spirituality will not so much be a pursuit as a given, as a come from, rather than a finding. You may find that you give up some of your spiritual practices in the next year because they are practices geared toward your ego being spiritual, rather than spiritual practices that already confirm your innate spirituality – there is no guidebook any longer.”

 Download the the entire channeling –  “Our Cosmic Inheritance Transmission by ‘MARK'”.  The January 11th ‘MARK’ class transmission was so utterly profound that we are making it available as an audio download or CD, without having to buy the entire 8-class. This could be THE spiritual gift you give yourself this year! Click here to order.

Jonethead shot white blog 300pxte is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion®method for healing and beyond. With her guide ‘Mark’ she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

MARK Channeled by Jonette

“You all came consciously to be on this planet at this time because you have the skills and the compassion to be of service now, without being derailed by ego or fear.”

Welcome Lifeguards…
We would like to talk about your role in the big picture. So many times we take you on journeys and don’t explain why. There is a reason for that—because the why is never really the why. It’s just a “why” that your mind can grasp onto that gives you permission to be the Grand YOU.

Consciousness is a pool that needs lifeguards. You are the lifeguards while others swim around at various levels of skill in the pool. You know what they’re doing. You know when they’re in trouble. You know when they need help, and you know how to help when they need it. Most of the time you are in your place on your high chair and your presence gives safety to the ones in the pool, even if you never jump in. Your job is to be skilled and trained, not interfere with the swimmers. Help when you need to help but help always from your higher aspects, your higher self, and the parts of you that are not directed by the lower self.

FearYou’ve dedicated yourselves to having skills in the navigation of consciousness and in the creation of realities. You not only navigate consciousness but you help choose the realities that respond to humanity’s requests. You all came consciously to be on this planet at this time because you have the skills and the compassion to be of service now, without being derailed by ego or fear.  Ego, doubts and fear are disastrous to your skills.

In the big picture now, there is a lot of fracturing in human consciousness. The old illusion breaks into many shards. It’s as if someone is taking a mirror and breaking it. The broken shards then have access to universal consciousness that the flat mirror never could. You are taking the mirror of who you think you are and breaking it into multiple dimensions. This is why we work is the 9th dimension—multiple parallel realities. You are holographically existent in all the realities that you can see and cannot see.

You are like Alice through the looking glass; but the looking glass had to be broken for you to go in. It didn’t reflect truth when it was not broken into a million realities. The support for you and your spiritual growth is tremendous because of the role you are taking as lifeguards. You may think you are lost. You may think you lose your way. You may think you’re not supported financially or emotionally. None of this is true. You are a greatly supported group because you greatly support. You support in ways you know not.

Illusions are the hardest things to get beyond. 
WaterTreeThe illusion of separation from God has become paramount in human thought and so you live with broken self-esteem. Humans live with a sense of paranoia and fear. Neither are natural to God. 

Your entire world is based upon illusion. You are those who question the illusion, who break the mirror and walk through the broken pieces. It is important that you are normal and grounded with your normal ups and downs. This world has often been misled by religious hierarchy. True change has to come without a hierarchy at all, directly into the hearts and souls of you. And the “you” is not you as a MARK group; it is you as beautiful beings— as templates for what is so.

Do not seek perfection as a path to enlightenment. 
Perfection is also an illusion that is a distraction. Enlightenment is best conveyed by joy at the ups and downs of every moment, in meeting everything with joy whether it is an up or a down. This is the joy of knowing that what you see is simply an indicator of divinity creating itself. Who you are is divinity creating itself.

What we have seen in the last six months is that more people are opening to dimensions unknown to them before; perhaps the trees talk to them or the rocks talk to them.

God is tired of being personified and would rather have persons being Godified. 

We’ve taken you before to realms of support, to move higher to where the flow is. No matter what has you stuck, finding the cause of that stuckness will not unstick you. Rather acknowledge the stuckness and move to where the flow is— above that. There is always divine flow. Always. Plug yourself into the flow and unplug yourself from the stuckness.

The ancestors are you. 
You are the ancestors evolved. The ancestors look at you and pour their life force through you because you are the ancestors’ presence now. If you can imagine how supported you are, when all the ancestors— who’ve lived the best lives they could— see you proudly living the best life you can. You may think you ride upon their shoulders but they are happy to ride upon yours. The ancestors are more involved in human consciousness awakening now than they have been before because you have reached a level of attainment in which the interconnection is helpful. Why we say that is if you had a lower level of attainment and then connected to your ancestors, it would tend to draw you into the past at a lower level. You need a high level of personal and group and attainment in order for the ancestors to be able to come and not draw you into the past. They march forward with you.

Along with the ancestors, there is also more engagement with non-Earth beings. It might not be sightings of spaceships, but it will be at on an individual basis where you connect with brothers and sisters who are not necessarily human. In order to connect with you they have to come in on the line of compassion— because compassion is your base frequency. When we want to help you change, we always start with love. When you want to change yourself, you always start with love. The line of compassion keeps you safe from any extraterrestrial brothers or sisters whom you may not like. Only ones who come in compassion can connect to you. Open yourselves in the multiplied dimensions to other worlds personally without waiting for mass consciousness to have sightings.

Stay in your power. 
As lifeguards, you must be the ones who stay in your power, even when others are flailing around learning to swim. Just because they’re flailing around does not mean they are drowning. It means they are learning. Stay in your power. Do not feel sorry for yourself. The world turns around your bright lights, and more bright lights come in support of this grand illumination.

Move into a universe of divine grace. Once you get the frequency and the beauty of this place to your liking, invite in the ancestors. Only those with compassion will come. Invite in your loved ones who are alive or those who are passed into this place of compassion. 
Invite the Devas of the Nature Kingdom into this place of grace. Invite the material elements of earth, wind, fire, water.
Invite the souls who are yet to incarnate upon this Blue Planet into this place of grace.
Invite the beings who live at different vibrations, the Inner Earth Beings, the Lemurians. Bring them into this place of grace.
Invite the Angels, the Archangels, the Seraphim, the Cherubim, the Kumaras, the Guardians, the Elohim.
Invite the star beings, the extraterrestrials, the ones from other universes into this place of grace.
Invite the living souls of all humanity, every single one, into this place of grace. Feel how everyone here is helping, supporting, assisting and loving every other entity invited here. There is only love and support. Only
In the frequency of compassion, we all welcome not just the new human and the new Earth but the new universes.
With that, we thank you for your existence. This is MARK.

Excerpted from ‘Treasures from Beyond: the 9th Dimension’, Part I, class 6.  
Copyright 2015 Jonette Crowley. Feel free to share, giving credit and including the copyright.

Treasures 1 CD cover(CopyRight 2015

‘Mark’ is a cosmic being channeled by Jonette since 1989. His goal is to lift humanity above the structures of our 3-D consciousness. “Your reality is a reflection of your level of consciousness.” He leads weekly recorded courses introducing us experientially to the higher dimensions of awakening. This is exploration at the very edges of human spiritual awareness. There is nothing like these on-going courses for expansion and transformation. To get a taste of ‘Mark’ for free, go to our ‘Listening and Viewing Room.’ Click here to order current or past Mark courses as audio links, CD’s, or simply get the transcripts.

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“Welcome trouble-makers, pack-leaders, way-showers. This is MARK.”

So began MARK’s most recent channeled course on The New World — The 9th Dimension. He then directed us to notice our omnipresence rather than our material or physical existence. “Rather than losing yourself notice what you gain. Part of humanity’s great pain is your intrinsic sense of separation and all the work you do to try to identify, to try to belong, to try to connect. Humanity’s insecurity is based on separation. Separation is based on the identification of yourselves as objects, as things… When you let your ‘objectness’ fall way you are left with the infinite interconnectivity that is the Universe… You are access to all knowledge, all wisdom, all things, all love and what begins to fade away is the ever present human idea of lack, of missing something.”

Betina1The greatest leaps forward in our personal evolution are always firmly guarded by our ego cautioning us to be safe, to stay inside the box, and of course to worry about what others will think. Our ego trades our power for its security. My friend Randy Ferguson reminds us that “We are committed to our comfort, whether or not it’s fulfilling. God is committed to our fulfillment, whether or not it’s comfortable.”

Please don’t squander the energy available in this Year of Manifestation by playing it safe or playing small. The equinox of March 20th —  a day of balance between light and dark was also a total solar eclipse — where Earth, moon and sun lined up. Two weeks later it was a super full moon and a total lunar eclipse falling on Passover and Easter Saturday. From now until the June solstice we are in a magical window of opportunity. Please recommit to your spiritual growth and to taking the steps that your Soul yearns for.

Remember that the more dangerous side of ego is to pretend to be less than the greatness you are.

(CopyRight 2015

9th Dimension Part 3 CD Cover‘Mark’ is a cosmic being channeled by Jonette since 1989. His goal is to lift humanity above the structures of our 3-D consciousness. “Your reality is a reflection of your level of consciousness.” He leads weekly recorded courses introducing us experientially to the higher dimensions of awakening. This is exploration at the very edges of human spiritual awareness. There is nothing like these on-going courses for expansion and transformation. To get a taste of ‘Mark’ for free, go to our ‘Listening and Viewing Room.’ Click here to order current or past Mark courses as audio links, CD’s, or simply get the transcripts.

Danish nurse and Soul Body Fusion® practitioner volunteers at an Ebola clinic.

Follow her story, share it with others… Help by doing remote Soul Body Fusions® along with her…

Guest Blog by Tine Dideriksen

(The blog is taken from emails from Tine to Jonette)

The last week has been somewhat different from the week before. Perhaps it has simply been a week where my soul—me—has been doing divine work, with a different focus. Last week, I did a lot of Soul Body Fusion® (SBF) at the Ebola Treatment Center (ETC) and the patients. This week, I had a vision of my purpose here. And it was different than what I thought up until now. When I left Denmark I was sure my primary purpose here was to be a nurse doing SBF wherever possible.

During a meditation I was told, that I am the spiritual leader of this mission. That message made my ego go crazy. Telling me how stupid it is, that I have no leading skills, that I am too young and must have heard it wrong. I felt stupid and was not ready to listen. How could I be the leader of something so important?! I kept thinking, that you, Jonette, have been doing this for so long, you can lead and I thought I was sent here to do SBF with you as the lead. Never the less, signs kept coming my way. People coming to me for advice and situations that called for spiritual guidance. I was very reluctant and in doubt.

Something changed for me last night. I was on the night shift, (12 hour shift) with a female colleague, whom I have had some difficulties with. Actually I was fearing that shift, because of her behavior earlier. She is on my team, and during last week, she had been arguing with all team members, making herself someone nobody wanted to come near.

For some time my ego was in charge, telling me, that she was not worth talking to and that I of course was right all the time. At one point I felt so out of tune with myself, that I decided to take a closer look at the situation. One morning I was guided to “Speak from my heart, and allow myself to say the truth I felt. To open myself up to hearing and feeling truth. And to let myself feel a deep connection to another person.” And I saw an image of her. After a small discussion with myself, I decided to listen and give it a go.

TineAt the Ebola Treatment Center I raised my energy while focusing on her. I did Soul Body Fusion® on her, without asking, and all of the sudden angels appeared around her. They were trying to get her attention, whispering to her. She was not able to hear. I could see her — her divinity— and she was so beautiful. Before knowing what I was doing, I went to her and asked her to step out with me. Words started to come out of my mouth, words coming from the divine. I told her what I saw and asked her to allow herself to listen. To remember her divinity. To raise her energy and her soul started talking to me. Telling me to tell her that the reason she does not feel at home on earth, is because she is an earth angel, remembering what it is like “in heaven.” When I said that, she just looked at me and in her eyes I saw that she was remembering. Her Soul asked me to do SBF with her setting the intention. We did that during our night shift. She was crying but this time it was happy tears.  Now we understand each other and she said thank you many times.

After this experience, my ego was still telling me how wrong I am and that I should stop this right now. Whenever I feel doubt, I ask for guidance. However I am not sure I have been paying attention. Then yesterday another colleague came to me. I was sitting alone. She sat down and I just smiled. She started talking and crying about her day. The same thing happened again. I started giving advice coming from the divine. This time I managed to ask for guidance to help her. However it was not really necessary, because it just started. We spoke for a long time. I mostly listened and gave the advice I was told to. I did SBF on her, again just with my intention. This morning she came to me telling me, that she was so happy about it, and that she now knows what to do.

Jonette, I just stood there, and I have no idea what is going on. I feel confused and scared. It is like there are two sides. The divine telling me to speak my truth, not being afraid to offer to do Soul Body Fusion. And the other, telling me I am stupid and that everyone will laugh at me, thinking I am crazy. I even feel afraid to tell you all this, because who am I to say, that I should lead anything?

At the ETC one of the children I have been doing SBF on is now well and discharged.  We see so much sadness. We have an 11 year old boy, who was admitted with his family. He has seen his mother, father, brothers and sister die. He just lies in his bed, looking. He refuses any help. The doctors argue about how to treat him. To let him die or to force him to eat and take medication. Last night I stood by his bed doing Soul Body Fusion®. Telling him whatever he was guided to, was right for him. That he was not alone. That they were waiting for him, if his time had come. Everyone expects him to die. The doctors who want to treat him, do it because they cannot handle doing nothing. However he clings on to life. Angels are around him all of the time. I just stand beside and know the divine will help him. His soul has a master-plan, and I just pray, that the SBF will help them to be in tune.

I do not feel sad when they die. I know they are not alone, and I pray for them all to find peace and I can see that the SBF makes their passing peaceful and beautiful. Dying is just another wonderful journey. Not one to fear, but one to greet with love. Many of my colleagues cry when our patients die, because they think the dying ones are alone. I try to comfort them.

In an earlier mail, I told you that I just feel more in tune with my soul here. I believe that is true. And I think that is why I have found the courage to send you this email. Perhaps I can also find the courage to listen to my soul and let go of doubt?!

(CopyRight 2015


Guest Blog By Betina Ekman

Merlin the Mystic Magician holds his golden staff of light casting out doubt, fear and confusion clearing the way for clarity and alchemical transformation from heavy physical matter energy into the golden energy of Higher-Consciousness and light of expanding awareness.

The first time I met Jonette Crowley, I knew something special was going to happen.

I became her agent and followed her on her Soul Body Fusion® path. I tended her Modern Shamanism class as well. That journey led me to the Woodman Merlin.

(Jonette is coming back to Denmark in April and she will be doing completely new stuff.*)

I must admit, at first I was a little disappointed because I wanted to meet a wolf or the great condor or eagle during my guided journey, but Merlin came up. He looked like an old man, with his walking stick dressed in worn, kind of brownish green clothes. At first I didn’t realize who the Guide was – so My Ego took a guess on a lot of different fear stuff and I kind of ignored old Merlin.

Nevertheless he hung around, he wanted my attention. A few weeks passed and suddenly I saw Merlin everywhere, books in the bookstore and Merlin stuff on the Internet would pop up and my kids would tell me about Merlin, and when picking my angel cards, he would always sneak his way in.

Finally I got it! Its Merlin….that Merlin!

I started to pay attention.

I started listening and followed his whispers.

And my abundance journey started. My manifests started to happen as I spoke and the impossible for the doubtful ego became obvious.

I have so many beautiful examples on manifesting and my Ego sill doesn’t comprehend how I got to where I am today. My soul knows its all good and that I deserve everything that’s coming to me. Merlin is still with me and if in doubt I tune in and Merlin’s loving advice is absolutely stunning. I am happy that I did do a lot of Ego work so it has been very easy for me to have faith in Merlin and one of his gifts, which have been very helpful and powerful are these words.

“Forgive and let go and receive these that were destined for you.”

Betina1When I use these words I get directed into my manifesting area and I have so much fun there. I feel like Alice in Wonderland.

For some it feels like being in transit and we need more than ever to hold hands and work together.  We suffer when trying to do it all by ourselves. At the same time we have to be able to claim and receive what is our birthright.

Sharing and loving are the key words. But the claming comes first. We need to feel that we deserve it!

I allowed to receive my summerhouse in a miraculous way? The price was so unreal to me, but I forgave and let go allowed to receive what was already my destiny. Merlin is laughing. You got it!

I could mention many other things as well. Very soon I will be tested because I just invested A LOT of money because I listened to Merlins Whisper. I can only say I forgive and I let go and I receive that – which is destined for me. Thank you.

If you want to hear more of Jonette’s visit sign up for Betina’s newsletter with more details on Jonette´s magical Journey coming to you very soon.

Merlin 2

It’s lonely to be more powerful than any man you know
and have to live like a shadow…
to be special… and have to pretend being a fool.

I wish you a magical day and I hope you forgive and let go.

Many loving thoughts and whispers from Betina

*Jonette will be teaching her new workshops: 2015 The Year of Manifestation: Making the Most of Your Life NOW; and her new MARK Weekend: The Space Beyond —Using Multi-Dimensional Awareness to Claim Your Mastery in Denver, Denmark, Norway and Germany this spring.

Check out for more information Betina Ekman and her events.

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Welcome to the kaleidoscope of being. This is Mark. 

Everything you can conceive of, when it comes from your heart, is the right thing at the right time. Invite your otherwise busy ego, the one that loves to make you wrong, to make you guilty, to make you second guess, to take a back seat to the spontaneous knowing of your spirit. You have been given gifts of consciousness. You’ve been given skills that you cannot even enumerate. Those skills are breathtaking lights for humanity. 

We begin with the essence of the kaleidoscope, where you are the center of the moment, but you see prisms of ever flowing, ever changing kaleidoscope of realities.

 Imagine now that you are the beautiful patterns in a kaleidoscope. With little turns, all kinds of flowers and forms and patterns create themselves, each one temporary, each one beautiful, never to be repeated, not to be held on to, because the next turn brings another beautiful, breathtaking pattern. See your life as the infinite beauty of a kaleidoscope. You must make the turn. You must turn it a few degrees each time, turn everything upside down. Be in awe and appreciation of what unfolds in the moment.

 Beyond the kaleidoscope is the place that you know as the 8th dimension, the place of quantum consciousness. What we hope to accomplish with this is that juxtaposition of the quantum nothingness and the organic ever-changing beauty of the patterns. When they’re brought together, something entirely new is created.

 Take yourself to that stillness, to the silence that calls forth even more silence. It is a placid place, a deep connection. This state might feel shiny because there is luminosity here. There’s a silence of light rather than the silence of darkness.

 In your quantum physics you talk of black holes which absorb all matter and energy and you hypothesize white holes in which that matter is spewed out into an unknown universe. Imagine yourself in that white birthing place. Imagine it as the whiteness, the stillness of anti-matter.

 Let yourself expand. There are no rules or structures. There’s only openness and more expansion.  Go ahead and lose your orientation. Lose yourself, or what you thought was yourself.  Let this space cleanse you; cleanse you of past and future, bringing you to the infinite now. Let the space itself reformat you like an old magnetic tape that is being erased, cleared, cleaned.

 You may feel a growing brightness, a brightness that happens sometimes in the sky after a rain. Deep resistance, deep places of being stuck are melting away. You find yourself quietly and solidly in the present infinite moment.

 There aren’t really words for this place, but it’s bright, it’s good, it’s simple, it’s clean, it’s clear, it’s love. It feels complete.

 The quietness is seeping into your cells, into your mind, into your mental structure, giving them a new pattern, a pattern of openness and clarity. Feel this moving, re-patterning your cells, your thoughts, your beliefs, cleaning everything, changing everything to this quantum stillness.

 One thing we hope you notice is that as the realities set up and tumble and then disappear into another reality, that there’s no holding on to any particular reality, any particular structure. There’s just the unattached witness of the beauty that unfolds, and then the ooh and ah as more beauty unfolds. There is no one reality, one picture of the future, one picture of the now that’s perfect. They all fold into each other. Move so that you are a witness to the beauty. You are awestruck by the patterns playing out. Let this un-structure you.

 Let yourself be cleaned and cleared of expectations. There’s no one pattern that’s better than another. Let the shifts, the opening, the cleaning, the un-stressing of expectations move into your body.

 Find that that quantum peace, that bright stillness, expanded and deep. Reality is there for you. It’s hardwired into your cells now. It’s not a journey you take or a meditation you do. The presence of this quantum reality, this quantum love is there in your cells.

 Remind yourself of your breathing. For a few minutes be still and notice how you feel differently inside yourself.

 There is a restructuring of how you can think, so your old way of your thoughts being sequential, being so connected to some old thought that you go down the same old ruts. This opens new pathways in your thinking so that your thinking is wired more broadly with much more acceptance and much less structure, because structure always goes to the past. It always goes to some past hurt or pain or memory or good thing. Blast open your mental structures so that you can be a spontaneous receiver of wisdom from the universe and not intercept everything with your steel trap mind that takes the universal wisdom and molds it to fit old structures of how you think. The best you can get is more evidence for what you’ve always had.

 Can any of you feel the release of power when you let go of the structure? What we know is that the boxes that you have your thoughts structured in become ruts, become channels in your brain where if you have this triggered it always goes into this box. Those boxes themselves require a lot of energy to hold them together. They’re always based on past programming and also collective pain. When you open up the structures, which is always difficult to trick you into doing, it releases phenomenal power for spontaneous reaction, spontaneous receiving of a greater width of universal signals than you would allow before. As we work with this there will be more energy, more spontaneous creativity that is at your fingertips.