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Over the past month many people have asked me this question. So here are my thoughts and some quotes that I’ve channeled from my Spirit Guide, ‘MARK’

I heard the news of Trump’s surprising win from our tour guide while we visited a floating fishing village on a lake off the Mekong River in Cambodia. Our group was spending the night in the floating home of a family who raises crocodiles. The crocs were literally in pens below the house where we slept. The symbolism seemed apt.
Like most Americans—those who didn’t vote for him, and even those who did, we were in shock.

Yep, we were thrust headfirst into the classic grief process:

1.  Denial. The shock is initially too great to believe it could have happened.

2.  Bargaining. We handle the shock with ideas that might mitigate the outcome. How could this be? Maybe there will be a recount? The results must be wrong. Didn’t Hillary win the popular vote? Could I cast a spell, or say some reality-shifting prayer and have some other candidate be our next president?

3.  Anger. You got that right! Anger at all those who voted for Trump. Anger at those too lazy to vote. Anger that women’s rights, minority rights, and the plight of the poor might not be honored. Anger is a strong emotion that isn’t ready to be taken in, so it is projected. Anger is the initial mask for the more painful emotions of Grief and Fear.

4.  Grief/Fear.  Just plain pain. Sadness. Feeling the hurt. The disappointment. The loss. Feeling your Fear. Many people are talking about their Fear these days.

5. Acceptance. Honestly, I’m not fully there yet. I do accept the premise of our democracy. I do honor the office of the presidency. I am staying out of the drama, and am getting better at remaining neutral. My fingers are crossed. I’m looking for ways to remain hopeful. I am an optimist.


Considering the Anger and Fear phases, ‘MARK’ channeled this:


“You believe that righteous anger is admissible. We say that all anger is destructive. The imbalance you see in the world is a call to rebalance. It’s a call to be neutral, not to another side of the pendulum swing. A pendulum swinging back and forth is not the way to create a stable society. An expanded neutral space is inclusive and active. Hold that in yourself.

“Positions, no matter how righteously held, always have the prospect of disavowing an alternate position. Disavowing of someone else’s position or their right to their position is the foundation of all conflict. It’s hard. It takes someone to stand in the flow of their own life-force to also see everyone else’s life-force as beautiful, brilliant, and having the right to be shining, and to not be threatened by it.

“Your society is currently one of powerlessness to inauthentic power—often the power of money or the power of position. This is not humanity’s highest expression. Feeling sorry for or feeling angry at things outside yourself keeps the illusion wrapped around your throat.

“When you see people standing loudly in inauthentic power (many of your politicians), it is a call to stand more fully in your power. As millions of you do that it creates a tipping point where those who live in inauthentic power can never take power from those who stand fully in their life force.”


There is a lot to look at in Trump’s election. What is the message?

trumppenceChopra says that Trump brings out the dark side of humanity. “He represents a state of collective consciousness that is in fear, that has dormant prejudice, hatred… It’s a moment of sobriety for all of us to see that this is part of our dark side… our shadow.”

We need to ask ourselves, “What is this showing us that we’ve been afraid to acknowledge?  Where is our hidden racism, isolationism, anger and fear?” If we never see it, we can never address it. Acknowledging what we haven’t wanted to look at is a good thing. It is the film’s processing in the darkroom that allows the negative to give birth to a beautiful photo. The dark room is vital to the process.

Trump isn’t just showing us our collective angst. He promises to fix it. “I can do this. I can Make America Great Again. I’ll create jobs, keep out immigrants, bomb the hell out of ISIS.” We want to believe everything he says. We want him to make it all OK for us. We want a savior. We want change… at all costs.

Hillary Clinton represented the mask, the continuation of the illusion, the status quo.  Journalists have called Trump the ‘Master Illusionist’; building his brand, his billions. I see him as a Master Diss-Illusionist. Through his unpredictable brashness his role may be to challenge the illusion, breaking it apart. Or perhaps he is a Dissolutionist, dissolving what was there before.

All empires decline. The question I’m asking myself is: “Does it begin first with  an economic decline, or is it a fundamental decline in values that triggers the fall?”

mark-the-real-trumpAs part of my acceptance, I choose to believe that some of the things Trump is challenging absolutely need to be called into question, broken down so that a new and different world can emerge.

I actually used to like politics. Back when idealism wasn’t trumped by reality.

This photo of my boyfriend Mark was taken in October 2016. As a Hillary supporter I wasn’t thrilled. I teased him that it was just cardboard cut-outs, but I have to admit: It is a good photo of both of them. 😉

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by Jonette Crowley

“Welcome ex-martyrs,” was MARK’S opening line in our first class of the ‘Awakening Your Multi-Dimensional Gifts’ trilogy of courses.* The theme of the class was to help us alleviate pain and suffering. This came in response to my request earlier that week, okay, it was a temper tantrum to Spirit, asking vehemently: “Why can’t we alleviate at least some of each human’s suffering???”

denialMARK pointed out that before we can access the deepest levels of suffering— so we can release it, we first have to address 2 formidable challenges. The first is denial, which covers over the second challenge, which is fear. We’re afraid to see the pain, so we deny and stuff it. We have to rip off the Band-Aid of denial to see the wound that we are afraid of. Only then can the suffering be released. MARK gave us the homework to be relentless in digging below denial and facing the fear to bring light to that which was hidden.

Like most of us, I am so good at denying pain that I’ve forgotten that I’m still carrying it around. I wasn’t focused on doing the homework.

Last week, Mark (my physical guy—-it truly is confusing to have both physical and spiritual Marks) and I attended a lovely event and then settled down on my patio for a cup of tea. Tenderly he rubbed my feet, but something jolted me into an “icky” feeling from my past. “Oh no, it’s triggered some childhood trauma,” I said as tears welled up. I was four years old at an in-home daycare. I was scared of the babysitter’s husband. “That bad man hurt me,” I said in a young voice, though I couldn’t and didn’t need to remember what he did.

Wrenching sobs erupted without prelude, taking both of us by surprise. Mark held me as I curled up in a fetal position, sobbing, hyperventilating—feeling deeply repressed pain. My body remembered the emotional pain, it didn’t need rational confirmation to move through the denial and the decades of repression. It took nearly an hour of gut wrenching sobs, wordlessly comforted in Mark’s arms for the suffering to be released. Today I feel empty but lighter. My body vibrates differently. I can only hope that there has been a chink in the armor of my chronic tension, hyper-vigilance and the need to protect myself.

I’m grateful that my body was ready to do the homework of digging through my rational denial of emotional pain. I feel considerably healed from a drama I forgot I carried.

As ugly as it might be, please give yourself the opportunity to purge your deepest suffering and to rejoice in the lightness it’s departure grants to you. This reminds me that denial is not a strategy of healing, it is merely a strategy for survival.

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