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 It is when you release yourself from the contrasts, the poles, the conflict, and the opposition, that you free yourself from the world of duality into the higher space. When you are freely in that higher space, you can choose to play in duality’s field, because it’s a fun field. It’s a field with food, family and friends, but you’re centered in the higher realm, the place that isn’t torn apart by opposition, but rather sees the color that opposition offers.

 Find that centered heart space, opening up a fiery sense of compassion. It is compassion that is alive, spontaneous, organic, and powerful. That compassion lifts you deeper into the realm of love, beyond the emotion of love. Follow your heart now. Allow your mind to still as the heart space eclipses the chatter.

 Notice that the still point becomes a doorway, a portal to the quantum world, the world without form, and the world prior to creation. Let that open up and the pre-creative spaces move through you into the world, reminding yourself that you are a portal of wisdom, a portal of truth, a channel of divinity.

 Remember the kaleidoscope. Every turn gives beauty and shift and change, yet every turn is perfect. Find the stillness, the openness to the infinite and the ever-changing beauty of this moment.

 Imagine your awareness slips above all of this to the sense of a presence that is you, you as awareness, you as witness and above all these truths all that can be beheld and known is an even higher presence of you.

 In this silent time that presence becomes more familiar, as if you’re reacquainting yourself with this high and almost omnipresent aspect of yourself. It is beyond your personality. It’s higher than you would normally call your higher self. It is genderless.

 The presence that is you has a vast knowingness. It’s clearly timeless. It feels more like spirit, the very, very highest reaches of your soul. It may not feel real to you so just be in this space and it integrates in its own way.

 You may notice that more of your self is becoming cognizant of this great presence so that more of your identification is moving from its normal plane to this higher, much more etheric plane. The shift is comfortable.

 Notice how seamless your presence is. It’s encompassing. It doesn’t seem to have edges, like this is you and this is somebody else.  It is your presence, but it’s also a presence that includes All That Is. Notice the expansiveness and inclusivity at this level. As you expand it simply nourishes you, touches you and fills you. There’s nothing you need to do.

 From this aware, consciousness space that is you, but more than you, begin to view the world, the 3D world you live in, as if you’re viewing a movie or projection. All of a sudden your 3D world doesn’t seem so solid. There’s room for miracles. There’s room for infinite, spontaneous change. There’s room for discontinuous transfiguration. When it’s merely the projection, change is so much easier than when you see it as solid. Let this concept of the 3D world as a projection be more clear to you.

 Notice that love then is really the only emotion you can have as you behold the 3D world. The conflict isn’t anything. The fears are just vapor. The struggles are scripts that need to be played out if you choose. Feel the vaporous-ness, the lack of solidity in the 3D world, as you view it from this high presence of you.

 Normally in your journeys you are in the 3D world looking up somehow at your higher self or soul self, but in this journey you are that spirit essence glancing down at the 3D play, putting more of your emphasis on the presence, the witness, the observer rather than the machinations of the 3D world. Notice the 3D world can be colorful, bold, bright, trying and wonderful, yet it’s not all that is.

 You being the witness presence, the higher spirit, actually empowers the 3D world. It empowers the choices because everything is freed up. Everything is more etheric. It’s easier to move. Matter can be formed and unformed. Money can be formed and unformed. Love can be formed and unformed. Notice that the reality of the 3D world is clearer, sharper, and more vital when you remove yourself from its chains.

 Sense the beauty, the light, the possibilities, the vitality, lifting above patterns and polarity, duality and its hostages, floating above to the real place of essence, to the starting place of the 3D world, the projector of the projection. Let this place be known to you so you can find it on your own.

 You are centered in your body yet you are much more centered in this so much more essence of you.

 To the extent you can do this you are in freedom. You are in light. You are in truth, in love, and it cannot be compromised. It’s invincible to the extent you can be in this high essence presence and yet grounded in your 3D world.

 Let your own teaching, knowing, wisdom words come into yourself in the perfect way for you.

 You’ve pushed open a doorway that will make a big difference, a difference of being more of your cosmic self and being comfortable with it, a difference of taking this physical life less seriously and still living it with all the gusto you can find, being in a space where there’s choice beyond polarity. When you move beyond polarity, which is the haves and have not’s, the yes and the no’s, you can have everything and yet not need to cling to anything. The freedom, the vitality, the creative potential that will be born out of this skill of being in this world and not of it is the creator space. The creator is also the creation at the same moment.

 Notice that your thoughts don’t form in the way they did before. It’s almost as if they land in the space or the garden or the field of your mind rather than get churned up or created there.

Welcome to the kaleidoscope of being. This is Mark. 

Everything you can conceive of, when it comes from your heart, is the right thing at the right time. Invite your otherwise busy ego, the one that loves to make you wrong, to make you guilty, to make you second guess, to take a back seat to the spontaneous knowing of your spirit. You have been given gifts of consciousness. You’ve been given skills that you cannot even enumerate. Those skills are breathtaking lights for humanity. 

We begin with the essence of the kaleidoscope, where you are the center of the moment, but you see prisms of ever flowing, ever changing kaleidoscope of realities.

 Imagine now that you are the beautiful patterns in a kaleidoscope. With little turns, all kinds of flowers and forms and patterns create themselves, each one temporary, each one beautiful, never to be repeated, not to be held on to, because the next turn brings another beautiful, breathtaking pattern. See your life as the infinite beauty of a kaleidoscope. You must make the turn. You must turn it a few degrees each time, turn everything upside down. Be in awe and appreciation of what unfolds in the moment.

 Beyond the kaleidoscope is the place that you know as the 8th dimension, the place of quantum consciousness. What we hope to accomplish with this is that juxtaposition of the quantum nothingness and the organic ever-changing beauty of the patterns. When they’re brought together, something entirely new is created.

 Take yourself to that stillness, to the silence that calls forth even more silence. It is a placid place, a deep connection. This state might feel shiny because there is luminosity here. There’s a silence of light rather than the silence of darkness.

 In your quantum physics you talk of black holes which absorb all matter and energy and you hypothesize white holes in which that matter is spewed out into an unknown universe. Imagine yourself in that white birthing place. Imagine it as the whiteness, the stillness of anti-matter.

 Let yourself expand. There are no rules or structures. There’s only openness and more expansion.  Go ahead and lose your orientation. Lose yourself, or what you thought was yourself.  Let this space cleanse you; cleanse you of past and future, bringing you to the infinite now. Let the space itself reformat you like an old magnetic tape that is being erased, cleared, cleaned.

 You may feel a growing brightness, a brightness that happens sometimes in the sky after a rain. Deep resistance, deep places of being stuck are melting away. You find yourself quietly and solidly in the present infinite moment.

 There aren’t really words for this place, but it’s bright, it’s good, it’s simple, it’s clean, it’s clear, it’s love. It feels complete.

 The quietness is seeping into your cells, into your mind, into your mental structure, giving them a new pattern, a pattern of openness and clarity. Feel this moving, re-patterning your cells, your thoughts, your beliefs, cleaning everything, changing everything to this quantum stillness.

 One thing we hope you notice is that as the realities set up and tumble and then disappear into another reality, that there’s no holding on to any particular reality, any particular structure. There’s just the unattached witness of the beauty that unfolds, and then the ooh and ah as more beauty unfolds. There is no one reality, one picture of the future, one picture of the now that’s perfect. They all fold into each other. Move so that you are a witness to the beauty. You are awestruck by the patterns playing out. Let this un-structure you.

 Let yourself be cleaned and cleared of expectations. There’s no one pattern that’s better than another. Let the shifts, the opening, the cleaning, the un-stressing of expectations move into your body.

 Find that that quantum peace, that bright stillness, expanded and deep. Reality is there for you. It’s hardwired into your cells now. It’s not a journey you take or a meditation you do. The presence of this quantum reality, this quantum love is there in your cells.

 Remind yourself of your breathing. For a few minutes be still and notice how you feel differently inside yourself.

 There is a restructuring of how you can think, so your old way of your thoughts being sequential, being so connected to some old thought that you go down the same old ruts. This opens new pathways in your thinking so that your thinking is wired more broadly with much more acceptance and much less structure, because structure always goes to the past. It always goes to some past hurt or pain or memory or good thing. Blast open your mental structures so that you can be a spontaneous receiver of wisdom from the universe and not intercept everything with your steel trap mind that takes the universal wisdom and molds it to fit old structures of how you think. The best you can get is more evidence for what you’ve always had.

 Can any of you feel the release of power when you let go of the structure? What we know is that the boxes that you have your thoughts structured in become ruts, become channels in your brain where if you have this triggered it always goes into this box. Those boxes themselves require a lot of energy to hold them together. They’re always based on past programming and also collective pain. When you open up the structures, which is always difficult to trick you into doing, it releases phenomenal power for spontaneous reaction, spontaneous receiving of a greater width of universal signals than you would allow before. As we work with this there will be more energy, more spontaneous creativity that is at your fingertips.

Love is the path. It’s the markers. It’s the destination and the cause. We’re speaking specifically about connecting intrinsically, essentially to wisdom so that wisdom isn’t a journey to the Akasha and some insights gleaned there, that wisdom isn’t between the covers of a book, that wisdom comes from inside you. It’s actually integrated within your human cellular structure.

 Wisdom was meant to be an internal lantern. Over many decades, the millennia, the hooks that hook wisdom into you had been rubbed off and wisdom then hooked itself outside of you, then it could be meted out to you. It could be fed out slowly for just the right supplication, just the right payment, just the right pain.

 That is never how wisdom was meant to be organized, it was never external, it was never held only in the seat of an external God, but accessed intrinsically, much like the birds know intrinsically what foods to eat and how to care for their young and where to go. The reconnection of this intrinsic wisdom has been so long broken.

 We invite you to close your eyes and move your hands into a receiving position, palms up. You’re not receiving wisdom, you are receiving compassion. Find once again that fiery compassion where you are a solar source of compassion for the world and the world reciprocates sourcing compassion everywhere, focusing it on you. Take a few minutes to get into this compassionate state of love.

 Find yourself centered in your cosmic greatness more than ever before, shiny, enlivened, expanded, and deeply content.  For wisdom is attracted to contentment, not neediness. Find a rich aura of contentment around you. Draw it within you like a warm blanket.

 Move into yourself now, reminding your cells that they are content–deeply, perfectly so. Spend a few moments scanning your body, finding areas that might not remember they’re content and reminding your cells of this deep, physical wellbeing.

 Let us take a moment to explain something in technological terms that you might understand. Instead of being a wisdom keeper, imagine you are a wisdom go-finder. Imagine that every cell has an infinite capacity to Google everything. Each cell’s take on that everything is just one cell different. Imagine the capacity to download infinity and let your cells align to that possibility.

 Imagine that your cells have access to every secret that’s ever been secret-ed, that there are no mysteries. Your cells do not have the mental constructs that filter wisdom, so therefore your cells are like sponges accessing beyond the dimensions, wisdom that’s un-catalog-able, that is not organizable in the way you think, you think.

 Fill yourself with more and more with innate wisdom and the capacity for natural, innate, universal wisdom, wisdom beyond thinking.

 Be sure this journey is very much part of your body. It’s a cellular access.

 In many ways you may feel as if the electro-magnetic field around you has shifted perhaps just a half a degree or so, but that half a degree aligns you to something that you’ve been misaligned with, this natural, deep, instinctive, vast knowing.

 The alignment is growing.

 Please let your old mental constructs be superseded. Keep moving into your cellular knowing rather than your mental constructs. Let this be a physical absorption of innate wisdom.

 Pay attention. How does your body feel different? Are you shinier? Are you porous? Are you expanded yet crisper? How would you describe these physical gateways of wisdom? Has the sense of contentment been expanded, a sense of quiet certainty?

 Your mental capacity has been your greatest friend and biggest detractor. Think of your mental capacity as a filing system. Once you get a filing system set up, all the information you get goes into that sort of filing system. If you add different files, everything would be different. The same information may come in but you’ll put it in a somewhat different way. No matter what you do with your mental constructs, it’s a filing system and it limits the liberation, the freedom of coalescing new ideas and holding not just the wisdom of information but the power of it as well. In the natural way every thought has an energy, an intuitive thought has a power for its action.

 Because humans for so long have brought things into their filing system, the energy has been scraped from the thoughts and the energy for fruition is no longer part of the information or the data. All knowledge also has energy for creation. The creativity has been pulled away, stripped away from humanity. Your mental structures get stronger and stronger and your abilities as creation beings have diminished.

 Although we call this the gateways of wisdom, it is really a reopening of humanity as creator beings in love and in compassion.