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Twas the night before Christmasmouse

and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring,

except for my mouse.


It was clicking and scrolling,

I only could stare.

It was shopping and ordering

like a madman was there!



computerOn-line shopping carts were filling.

The purchases thrilling.

The keys kept on clacking.

The FedEx boxes stacking

I wondered out-loud “Who is doing this hacking?”


But no one could be seen as my computer popped.

Opening more websites, it couldn’t be stopped

As I was spying,

The orders were flying.

There was no limit to what my computer was buying!


credit-cardsI yelled into the night “Enough is enough!”

“What ever will I do with all of this stuff?”

Then the truth hit me hard,

As I thought of my card.

But alas, it was too late, my MasterCard was maxed,

My Visa and AmEx were next.


ups-truckThis has to stop and it has to stop soon.

At the rate it is going, I’ll be broke by noon!

So I raced all around, going room after room,

unplugging my iPad, my iPod, my phone.

But the boxes kept coming, by van, by truck and by drone;

And men in brown shorts were lined up at my home!




I needed to hustle and I needed to hurry,

So I turned on my phone and said, “Hey Siri”!

“Is it you who’s been doing the shopping online?”

She replied, “The weather today in Sheboygan is fine.”


echoArrgh! What man or machine is controlling my mouse?

What demonic Bluetooth is loose in my house?

And just then I saw it, a blue circle of light…

It was Alexa on my Amazon Echo all right!


crowley-christmasSo please heed my warning, if just for one day!

Unplug your devices and put them away!

Shut down the internet, your gaming, your Mac’s.

Talk to real people or just sit and relax!

Refrain from your Facebook, from Twitter;

Don’t text and don’t call,

Just bask in your Blessings —

Merry Christmas to All!