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Reflections from the 9th Dimension Classes Channeled from ‘Mark’

Guest Blog by Feichi Shih

(Note: Feichi attends our weekly ‘Mark’ group in Denver. Her insights are concise and may be helpful to you too. If you would like to order the audio or the transcripts of these classes click here.)

“Radiant Brilliance and Velvety Darkness”  Class 5 of Multiple Parallel Realities, the 9th Dimension Part I

In this class, Mark guided us to an altered state of consciousness where you can experience being the light and the darkness.

yin yangI could never describe darkness before, but this time it felt closer to me.  In an undistorted form, darkness was really nothingness and potential, it silenced the mind and brought us back to the state where the quantum waves haven’t collapsed.

I used to be afraid of darkness because I didn’t understand it, I equated darkness to negativity. Now I just feel that darkness is there to provide a space for light to show, and it is the purest thing in the universe because it is nothingness itself.

When ‘Mark’ asked us to go into a shaman space of clarity, I saw a crystal clear lake reflecting the stars in nighttime.  I was sitting by the lake and my body is formed by the water of the lake, I have a crystal body and a white swan was floating in the center of the lake.

The lake was one of creation and healing, it felt that from nothingness came the lake of clarity. Consciousness emerged from it and materialized in various forms.

To me, the stars in the night sky were portals into time and space, they existed simultaneously in the spacious now.  ‘Mark’ then asked us to form synapses into these simultaneous times and dimensions and see that new potentials were being created.  I saw all of the class rotate around me, we were all connected, all times and spaces were connected, all was one, and one was all.

“New Awareness from Disruption” Class 6 of Multiple Parallel Realities, the 9th Dimension Part I

The topic this week was about new order, ‘Mark’ gave an analogy of a jig-saw puzzle. Every time we took the pieces apart, we always put them back in the same way.  He challenged us to break the puzzle apart and put them back in a brand new order.

Mark FeiChi BlogThe exercise started with sensing and feeling the attractors and stimulants that interest us.  In my mind eye, the attractors were like flight path guiding lights that spread randomly across the universe, flashing at times. I expanded and extended myself like an amoeba to reach out and touch them while feeling every sensation, probability and complexity of the universe that was out there.

‘Mark’ then asked us to multiply ourselves like fractals, and to expand even deeper and further into the universe and the multiverse.

At the peak of it the tone changed, ‘Mark’ now wanted us to bring in chaos, destruction, and demolish everything that was there.  In the flow, I felt that I was in a gigantic whirlpool. I lost my bearings, didn’t know where I was.  I was broken apart, spun around, and disintegrated.  The universe was as chaotic as can be. I felt meaningless itself.

After a while the chaos gradually receded.  As the dust settled, it gave way to a calm and peaceful feeling, a new awareness emerged and a brand new order was created.  I sensed the cleanliness of the universe, like standing under a clear night sky right after the rain was over. There was freshness and clarity. I felt that the bonds between molecules and atoms were broken up in the chaos, form became formless, consciousness that was locked within the form was freed.  That was where the new awareness arose from.  In the rising, I saw the bonds between consciousness units, between atoms and molecules re-formed again, this time forming crystals that extended beyond the universe, it was truly magnificent and beautiful.

I realized meaning is structured, but for new meaning to arise, the old structure that has shaped and contained it has to be demolished.

‘Mark’ said to bring the awareness and vibration from the higher dimension back to the lower dimension and integrate it into our daily life, but what does that mean?

In my personal truth it means breaking the usual habitual patterns of thoughts, emotions, and reactions; breaking the usual way I see people, things, and events; breaking the limitations I set for myself, and start forming the new pattern of thoughts, emotions, reactions; new ways to see people, things, and events, having new dreams, and go beyond limitation to define the new meaning of life for myself.

The experience is like the shamanic tunnel, where you go through, meet your soul and see your new self.

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9th Dimension CD ‘Mark’ is a cosmic being channeled by Jonette since 1989. His goal is to lift humanity above the structures of our 3-D consciousness. “Your reality is a reflection of your level of consciousness.” He leads weekly recorded courses introducing us experientially to the higher dimensions of awakening. This is exploration at the very edges of human spiritual awareness. There is nothing like these on-going courses for expansion and transformation. To get a taste of ‘Mark’ for free, go to our ‘Listening and Viewing Room.’ Click here to order current or past Mark courses as audio links, CD’s, or simply get the transcripts.

Guest Blog by Rhea Powers

I met Rhea on a flight from Denver to Frankfurt. The Universe worked hard to seat us together! She is a spiritual teacher, a channel, an author, she lives near Denver and most of her clients are in Europe! (Check out her books in German.) We never heard of the other. We strongly connected and decided to create a ‘Witches group” to meet monthly. You will appreciate her practical wisdom. Please visit

RheaI have been noticing a huge sadness in the human collective consciousness.  Many of my clients have been reporting feeling sad and yet when they look into their lives for the source of the sadness, they can not find anything that would explain the reason for the feelings they are experiencing.  So, I wonder if you have been feeling sad lately?  I am.

When I tune into the collective I sense a lot of chaos, fear, violence and a sense of helplessness.  We don’t know what to do.  We want things to be different but it all seems to much for us and so there is also a feeling of hopelessness.  Now, if you do not resonate with what I am saying — stop reading right now and go about enjoying your life.

However, if somewhere in your totality, you understand what I am pointing to, I have a few suggestions:

The first is the same as above: Enjoy your life.  Appreciate the abundance of gifts, however small or large, that we are given each day.  Gratitude helps chase fear away.

Second: If you have a meditation practice, meditate.  This helps lift our individual consciousness above our personal concerns and gives us access to, and influence on, the collective consciousness.  It is a small way of bringing Heaven to Earth.

Third: Make positive contact with the people you encounter in your daily life.  Your positive energy will impact everyone you interact with — whether that is a salesperson or one of your own family members.

Fourth: As much as possible, practice being present moment to moment in your daily life.  If you do, you and those whose lives you touch, will be more in the here and now.  We all remember that fear is a projection my our minds into the future.

Sadness, also seems based on fear and a loss of trust in the intelligent unfolding of the Universe.  So, instead of contracting and saying an internal “no” to what is happening in the world right now, let’s see what happens if we can relax, open, and trust that although we may not understand all that is happening on our planet, or why it is happening, we can live our daily life with trust in The Universe, and joy in the many gifts of being given a human life.

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by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2011

 The Greek ideal of democracy was leadership by reasonable men (well, it was only men back then), reasonably discussing common issues with the goal of consensual problem-solving

 I close the newspaper with disgust: one political party stonewalling another–both parties equally guilty–better to have a colossal failure to blame on the other guys, than a workable solution. Good guys and bad guys. Complex issues boiled down to rhetoric in black and white sound bites. In the world of polarity, the center is never the goal. The dance becomes one of counter balancing extremes. Where are the reasonable men and women when we need them? If I stake out the position of saint, you must be the sinner in this binary game. In fact, being the saint requires the position of sinner be filled. From the extremities our brethren lob rocks at the other–saints and sinners both with equally deadly throws. From where I sit in the middle (maybe you’re there too?), I can only duck.

 I don’t know how to fix government, except to be a reasonable voice for leadership. Guess we have to look at ourselves, our relationships, our viewpoints. Have we slid into binary beliefs ourselves? Do we insist on the simplification of issues into right and wrong? Us versus them? Black and white? Or are we prepared to wade into the middle where things may not be as neatly defined, but there are infinitely more possibilities?


From The Gathering 2010

Solothurn, Switzerland


Mark, Channeled by Jonette Crowley


Copyright 2010 Jonette Crowley


‘Mark’ Talks About Chaos


Question:  You have some interesting views on the increasing chaos.  Please expand on that.

Mark:  If you imagine yourself as a Mayan astronomer thousands of years ago, you could sense into the future the linear progression of mankind’s consciousness.  Sunspots come and go, civilizations come and go, but consciousness only moves upward.  You can map a linear line going in one direction, and you can build a calendar based on that.  There comes a tipping point where reality is no longer experienced as linear.  You now have an edge, and everything is multidimensional, non-singular and non-linear.  It’s a lot like looking at fireworks that expand to be other fireworks, then other fireworks.  The non-linear experience of mankind makes it impossible to map or to foresee.  Rather than just making decisions on this time-space plane, you are choosing realities at all levels of your dimensionality.  You are making those choices even if the small you has no clue.  This fantastic chaos breaks apart all previous molds.  In the world that looks like a linear progression you saw Source as a singular force, because your idea of Source or God had to be singular and linear too.  As you become aware of your existence in multi-dimensional realities, what you now can see as Source is Source in every moment and every point of the Universe.  Source sources itself through everything with no plan, but is has at any moment, a comprehensive awareness.  When awareness is comprehensive you need no plan.  Part of the chaos is the moving from the idea of a linear singular God to an idea of the exponential sourcing of everything.  Welcome chaos.  It’s only the holding on that hurts.  One of the reasons it seems that there is more chaos is that there is more change concentrated in smaller space-time.  Imagine an Olympic figure skater spinning.  She is spinning first with her arms out and maybe a leg extended.  The energy has much room to swirl and much time because it takes much time for one rotation.  As she pulls herself in she spins faster and faster.  Each rotation has the same amount of energy, but it’s compressed in a smaller time and a tighter space.  What is happening in these times before 2012 and after is that all the great changes that took millennia are now happening very fast.  You will then, and you have now, access to that still point when all the spinning stops.  All creating is spiral based on the golden ratio.  When there is stillness the movement moves inter-dimensionally.  The still point is a threshold through all universes.  You don’t have to wait for solar flares or Mayan calendars.  You don’t have to go into a machine that increases your frequency to 8.3 megahertz.  You do not need the tools you used to need.  You can move by the wealth of wisdom in your intention to that still point.  You are at the threshold, the black hole that opens the door, to the 94 percent of the universe that is unknown.  Do not fear the spinning or the speed, for in its center is the doorway for all possibilities.  Thank you.

Q&A Session With ‘Mark’
From The Gathering 2010
Solothurn, Switzerland

Mark, Channeled by Jonette Crowley

Copyright 2010 Jonette Crowley

Question: What exciting things are coming in the future in the area of technology?

Mark: We’ll talk about two of the most exciting things that may be unknown to you. One is the use of mathematical principles that prove that time goes backwards. Sensing machines are being developed that know that something will happen a nanosecond before it happens. It’s perfectly logical given the physics of time. Right now it’s only a nanosecond, but that’s enough to have a pacemaker fix itself before it fails. As more research money is put into this, the time of knowing something before it happens will increase. In this way your machines are actually going to mirror consciousness intelligence. You don’t have to fear what you’ve seen in the movies that the machines will take over. Experiments with time have been done before, to the detriment of the time space continuum that softly envelops earth. There is much knowledge already that can use time for healing and well being.

The other major area that we would talk about is the crystalline cellular structure of physicality. You all know that crystals are the secret that make computers, telephones and radios work, and perhaps your TV has a liquid crystal display. Liquid crystal is crystalline in structure but plasma in feeling. Crystals are important because they amplify and store energies, and they can be programmed. The reason crystal healing works is because your cell walls are actually “liquid crystal displays”. The crystals of your cells are now operating at lower megahertz than will give you the threshold for enlightenment. That’s why your cells have been unable until now to hold the vast frequencies that you encounter in consciousness. There is a critical mass being reached – of you all, where you are transcending the old programming that keeps you small. Your actual crystalline structure in your cells will respond to the higher frequencies. Again, there is not so much money put into this research because we spend all our money on cancer. The way you can help is by aligning the crystalline structure of your cells, not just your DNA, with the highest crystalline structure you can reach in your meditation so you lift above the programming of the current operating system. In the beginning this creates much chaos. Just to remind you, chaos always precedes growth. With all this chaos and restructuring there begins to emerge a new operating system (WindowsInfinity.Infinity). You are doing it now. Thank you.