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“Bring back the sacred ways, connect to the ancient paths, touch into our star heritage and be inspired for what we are here to do now.”

Join Jonette and Special Guest Grand Chief Woableza on a 10-day Spiritual Adventure Tour to Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada.  May 9 – 18, 2016.  Early Bird pricing ends January 5th. Click Here for Registration and Details.


Sedona, Arizona

Have you ever wanted to meditate at the Grand Canyon, visit the land of the Hopi, ride jeeps with the Navajo through Monument Valley, climb around the Anasazi cliff dwellings, see the charms of old Santa Fe, hike in breathtaking Zion National Park?

On the tour we will connect with the native Indians of today as well as the Ancient ones. We are invited as guests to the Hopi Mesa. Grand Chief Woableza will join us for the entire tour to share Native ceremonies and stories. Jonette will channel and lead meditations at sacred sites.

“All of us will feel the Great Spirit in our hearts and souls. The magic of the desert is like nothing else. God is everywhere!”


Here is a unique opportunity to take in all of the great sites with an international group with a spiritual purpose.

  • Begins in Sedona
  • Grand Canyon
  • Hopi Mesa
  • Acoma Pueblo Village
  • Old town Santa Fe
  • Bandelier Monument of the Anasazi
  • Chaco Canyon, spiritual hub of the Ancient Ones
  • Monument Valley
  • Antelope Canyon
  • Zion National Park
  • Ends in Las Vegas


The Great American Southwest Tour Itinerary (subject to change)

grand canyonDay 1, Monday, May 9 – The Grand Canyon.  Starts in Sedona, Arizona. Travel in an air conditioned bus through northern Arizona to the spectacular Grand Canyon! Lunch on your own. Ceremony with Chief Woableza and meditation with Jonette. Overnight in Tuba City, AZ. Welcome Dinner included. (D)


Hubbell Trading PostDay 2, Tuesday, May 10 – Navajo and Hopi Lands.  Cultural Visit the Hopi on their native land. We plan to be there with Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha’ a native Wisdom Keeper who is part of the Hopi family. (Jonette knew the now deceased Hopi matriarch, and is always welcome on Hopi land.) See the Hopi museum and have lunch at the Cultural Center where you can purchase authentic Indian art directly from the artist. Visit the fascinating Hubble Trading Post National Monument, the oldest continuously operated trading post on the Navajo reservation. Overnight in Grants, NM. (B, D)


Acoma Sky CityDay 3, Wednesday, May 11 – Acoma Sky City.  Morning tour of Acoma Sky City, the oldest continuously inhabited Pueblo village in North America, dating back to 1100 AD. Boxed lunches for the trip to Santa Fe. Free time in beautiful and vibrant Santa Fe to explore the historical sites and museums, art galleries, shops, restaurants and night life on the famed central Plaza. Overnight Santa Fe, NM. (B, L, D)

Bandelier CavesDay 4, Thursday, May 12 – Bandelier National Monument.  Morning tour of the Anasazi cliff dwellings at Bandelier National Monument and ceremony. Climb around the dwellings carved out of the soft volcanic tuff. Lunch on own. Dinner on own. Overnight Santa Fe, NM. (B)


Sante FeDay 5, Friday, May 13 – Santa Fe.  Mini-workshop with Jonette and Chief Woableza. Afternoon on your own to spend the day in Santa Fe wandering, shopping and perhaps going to Museum Hill, featuring four great museums about the arts and cultures of the past. Leave Santa Fe and drive to Grants, the jumping off point for Chaco Canyon. Dinner on own. Overnight Grants, NM. (B)


Choco CanyonDay 6, Saturday, May 14 – The “Great Houses” of Chaco Culture National Historical Park. Timeless Chaco Canyon was the major center of Anasazi culture, a hub for trade, religion, and administration. This secluded canyon preserves the magnificent ruins of the ancient buildings, ceremonial kivas, roads, and canals. The sites are part of the sacred homeland of the Puebloan people. Boxed lunches provided. Overnight in Farmington, NM. (B, L, D)


Monument ValleyDay 7, Sunday, May 15 – Monument Valley.  Have your cameras ready for iconic Monument Valley, the most famous and most photographed stone monuments in North America. It is still home to Navajo who raise sheep. The local Navajo’s take us on an exciting 4-wheel drive tour through Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park to see hidden stone arches, towers and amazing desert beauty. Have a Navajo lunch cookout in the valley. Star gazing and ceremony in the desert. Dinner on own. Overnight in Page, AZ. (B, L)


Antelope Canyon1Day 8, Monday, May 16 – Antelope Canyon. We will get a Navajo guided tour of Antelope Canyon. One of the most photographed landscapes in the U.S., Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon with photo opportunities that are beyond belief! We enjoy classic Southwest scenery on our way to Zion National Park and spectacular Zion Canyon. Dinner on own. Overnight near Zion National Park. (B, L)


Zion Grotto 2Day 9, Tuesday, May 17 – Zion National Park. Explore this American jewel —Zion Canyon National Park. Enjoy photography and hiking around the monolithic sandstone cliffs. See waterfalls and natural bridges along the trails. Lunch on own. Afternoon drive through the Virgin River Gorge on our way to Las Vegas. Farewell Dinner. Overnight on the Las Vegas Strip. (B, D)


Las Vegas SkylineDay 10, Wednesday, May 18 – Las Vegas – Schedule your flight out of Vegas today or extend your vacation for a couple of days in this buzzing adult wonderland! (We can help you extend your stay at our discounted group rate.)


ACT NOW – Early Bird Pricing Ends January 5th!

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Come to Sedona early and attend two of Jonette’s workshops:

Soul Body Fusion® 1 Day Workshop – Friday, May 6th

fullpage_logoLearn Soul Body Fusion®, the simple and powerful tool for being fully present in your body. In the workshop you will learn about Soul Body Fusion®, you will experience a Fusion, AND you will learn how to do Fusions on others. You will be certified as an SBF Practitioner!  Click here for details.

Sedona Workshop GMPPastedGraphic-2with Native Wisdom Keeper Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha and Jonette – Saturday & Sunday, May 7 & 8

Spend 2-days in Sedona learning about the native wisdom of these times. Bring back the sacred ways, connect to the ancient paths, touch into our star heritage and be inspired for  what we are here to do now.  Click here for details.

(Note: Jonette channeled this from White Eagle while camping with the Bedouins in the Sinai Peninsula in December 2010, just weeks before the Arab Spring hit Cairo. It especially has relevance for today.)

Lena_E_Egypt_2010-14White Eagle: There are beings here who live in other dimensions in the Earth who hail most recently from Mars.  Because of this Martian influence, this has often been a place of conflict.  It is the time now in these new ages for conflict to be sweetened by the love of the Mother, the love of the Great Feminine.

Aeons ago while the Earth was still creating an environment conducive for the humans and species that are here now, the Earth was an outpost for beings who had already settled on Mars. These Martian colonies were especially found in North Africa, the Middle East and in the Sinai Peninsula.  When the environment changed and became more oxygenated, it was good for your species but bad for the Martians.  The Martians changed their physiology and lived for a time underground.  They now exist in these areas in another dimensional world.  They were able to shift dimensions so they no longer live physically in the Earth.

They were tribal in their outlook, fiercely protective of their kin, their clan.  There was often conflict between clans or tribes.  So the energy of protectionism originally came from good, it’s not that they wanted to come here and have conflict, they just wanted to protect what was core to them. This tribalism created an energy of hostility.  Your military, your martial arts are a direct influence of these times.

These beings, most recently from Mars, are here now only in the etheric.  Acknowledge them – without fear – for they are comrades in the inter-dimensional universe. Invite   them to support a bigger tribe, a tribe that includes all species, all beings. This will show multi-dimensional and other dimensional beings that you walk in love and that you do not walk in fear.  This light and intention will help the vibration of the Martian energy to feel safe in the light and to begin to open up to their solar light loving energy. That loving energy has always been here for them but they had been hunkered down in their multi-dimensional bunkers and couldn’t access it. More inter-Martian, inter-planetary developments will begin to happen now.

Question:  What is the role of Egypt in the enlightenment of the world that is happening now? (Note, this was only weeks before the Arab Spring erupted in Egypt.)

Lena_E_Egypt_2010-76White Eagle: Egypt has always been a stellar anchor place.  It has actually been the first anchoring place for star-beings.  You may think that Atlantis or Lemuria were the first anchor places from the stars, but that is not true.  There were more ancient civilizations, such as the Martians who made this place home.  The Sphinx is older than Atlantis. It was an anchoring from the star brothers and sisters who came to this solar system through the portal of Sirius.  So Egypt is a juncture place of civilizations and times.  Much wisdom has been covered up, and much has been covered over in energy.  Your group and similar ones seek to dig below – not of tombs of pharaohs— but spiritual archaeologists who dig below the overlays of false civilizations that has been implanted over the true roots of humanity’s inception— which is love.

Egypt is an anchor point and therefore it is a trigger point for change.

During these times, it is more important NOW than ever to go the Middle East!  Jonette will be leading a trip to Israel in May 2015. Click here for details of the Israel Tour.

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jcinegyptJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,