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“You fear to give because you might not receive back. You fear to receive because you might not give back.” – ‘MARK’

In the many thousands of years of your history you have put your awareness much more in the outside world and your trust in the outside world than within you; and so you are more comfortable giving— which happens outside, than receiving— which happens inside. In order to receive you must trust. You must powerfully stand in yourself in this moment, not greater than anything else, but certainly not less than anything else, but interconnected to all else. As you receive without pause, without objection or resistance, you move into a flow of manifestation that is extraordinarily magnetic; but you cannot receive in order to be magnetic, simply receive because you are.

clouds over DCThere has been a great cloud over humanity— the fear of receiving because of the fear of indebtedness. It was a stroke of evil to put receiving and indebtedness together. Receiving is as natural as breathing in the air but when you feel you are indebted and must pay for what you receive, the entire flow of this system is shut down. Right now your culture, your banking and financial systems reflect this. It is a system of indebtedness. It is a system of monetary slavery. The service in this Creation class will work with the energies of freedom, receiving without indebtedness, sending new vibrations radiating through the cosmos to unhook the cloud over humanity that have been getting progressively worse— the cloud of indebtedness.

The energies of Creation in Service unhook indebtedness that has become institutionalized in the world. There is no longer pure creation. There is no longer purity and innocence in giving and receiving. There is fear at every step of those transactions. You fear to give because you might not receive back. You fear to receive because you might not give back.

radiating clarity through earthWe would like you as a group (for this takes more than an individual) to imagine placing a network—a continuously radiating network of piercing clarity and truth through the Earth, her people, your institutions, your banks, your governments, the past and the future so that however fear has clouded Creation, however indebtedness has stopped flow; it is henceforth unsupported and replaced by clarity. Trust yourself. We are unhooking fear from the cycle of giving and receiving— Creation.

Don’t focus so much on the fear that you are erasing but the clarity and truth that you are emitting. Feel the group of helpers who are also transmitting this growing from thousands to millions… and not all of them are incarnated right now. Feel the swell of energy, truth, and piercing clarity replacing all the cloudiness that has occluded the flow.

By the way, this is helping to remove some of the underpinnings of greed and corruption, because they are based in the same level of fear of flow. So this is a cleansing vibration of great potency moving around the planet now.

Feel how supported you are because you are easily receiving. None of this is happening on your own—this is bringing receiving in service to the planet. Nothing is effortful, nothing is difficult. It simply lifts you to a new level of receiving and radiating so much goodness, so much support. With all this, feel triumphant— know yourself as endlessly triumphant!

In your personal life see fear being replaced by clarity and truth. Fear of abundance and fear of lack of abundance go away. Fear of giving, fear of receiving, fear of not deserving—doesn’t exist in the reality you are seeding now. Allow yourself to go to your life feeling the differences, toppling the fear, bringing in the clarity and the truth, asking for insights.

Feel yourself free from the bonds that are not you, or yours, or useful simply by being in this space of clarity, of flow, of truth.

Your part in initiating this process has been appreciated. You can leave the space knowing that the intention has been planted, that clarity and truth will lift the cloud that has kept true creation from the hearts and souls of humans—creation in service that is not oppressive but is magnificent. Remember what this space feels like and whenever you feel the world spinning a little out of control with greed and corruption, with unfairness and indebtedness, just send a blast of this energy out, knowing that it will be picked up and magnified by many, many others.

There is nothing in this world so dark or so entrenched that it cannot be changed by groups who hold intentions and high frequencies of Creation based on love, based on wisdom, and based on true power.

From Mark’s Creation in Service — Part 3, Class 1.  Click here to purchase ‘MARK’s Creation Series


Playing in the Unified Field 1 CDcoverJonette has been channeling ‘MARK’— a cosmic energy source who only exists in relationship to our need for knowledge, for nearly 30 years.  His teachings are extraordinary, experiential and always, always on the leading edge of expanded consciousness.   ‘MARK’ is so powerful that he can only be channeled with a group present.   Jonette channels a weekly ‘MARK’ course to followers worldwide.  Beginning in July 2016, the current course The 9th Dimension: Playing in the Unified Field -Part I- Multi-dimensional Awareness will be available via live video stream.

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Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her cosmic guide ‘Mark’ she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of  consciousness.

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by Jonette Crowley

Have you ever woken up in a euphoric state, then struggled to hold onto it? Since I was a child I would upon rare occasions find myself in ‘that special feeling place.’ It felt holy and transcendent. As a kid I associated it with the stars and with Mother Mary. The feeling was infinitely delicious, I knew myself as One with everything. Yet it was elusive. I couldn’t hold it and I could never find it again by trying. Perhaps it is the memory of that state that propelled me on my spiritual search. The last time this ‘space / feeling’  happened was a year ago in Warsaw, I woke up in love, well not just in love, but IN LOVE!!!!!

But last week, it happened EVERY SINGLE DAY, beginning after our last MARK class (Class 6 of Exploring Dreamtime). I could actually ‘see’ and be part of a shimmering ‘New Earth’! Before this, the possibility of being part of a heavenly world that is still connected to this world was just an idea to me. But now I grasp it! It is here! It is so real!! (Can you tell I’m excited?)

10599316_692879777457809_3123268842872261004_nMARK, a cosmic energy being whom I’ve channeled weekly for over 25 years, focused last week on re-establishing and strengthening our individual electro-magnetic fields, then he connected us to the crystal gridwork of the Earth. I’ll share some of MARK’s words from this class, but please understand that it isn’t the words that change us— it is the field that MARK transmits. It is an experience rather than something we think about. We are changed without our need to understand what changes or how. We simply appreciate how different we become… almost by magic.

So, I quote some of MARK’s channeled words here hoping that you can feel a bit of the bliss and ecstasy that I experienced over the next days following the class. I really urge you to consider getting the audio downloads or CD’s of this current series (The 9th Dimension – Part II – Exploring Dreamtime. See links at the end of this blog.) so that you can participate in the upgrades that we are going through.

MARK, channeled by Jonette:

Years ago we began taking you to a magnetic state of consciousness calling it the 6th dimension. What is different now is you’ve become a magnetic being. Your signature vibration, your signature self still exists; yet, it exits virtually throughout the cosmos as this magnetic profile. It’s more sophisticated than the one you had last week. It’s more resilient than the magnetic field you have ever had. Notice its qualities. Notice how you feel. Do you feel resilient? Do you feel bouncy? Do you feel cosmically alert, effortlessly awake? ….

The wisdom of the universe is coded in magnetism. As you upgrade your magnetism, you carry the codes that open doors that reveal wisdom and secrets of the Universe. You flow more with health and healing. You flow more with abundance and well-being because you are more at that level, that Universal level of flow….

The next phase of this electromagnetic upgrade is an upgrade of your personality to help those parts of you that are beautifully human, to come to grips with those parts of you that are beautifully divine so that your human parts are not so much in resistance to your divine aspects. As you just felt perhaps a shining or a smoothing of your electromagnetic core in your atoms, imagine that the patterns that are your personality contain your karma, contain your issues, contain your potential, contain your patterns of response— that all of those are accessible by this electromagnetic illumination that you now hold. Allow yourself to be wide open for the light of your new foundation to recreate lovingly and divinely your personality. And you don’t have to decide how it happens. You simply be present with yourself and notice your shininess….

MirrorOur next journey is going to be a delightful journey. It will seem more real than somehow adjusting your electromagnetic field. Once this electromagnetic field is adjusted as you have been doing with the Earth and with yourself and with the Great Central Sun, all of Nature comes alive. It is as if a lid has been taken off on the flow, the universal flow that touches the Earth, touches the rocks, the oceans, the animals, the seas, the forests.

We wish for you to take your Shaman eyes and move into the Earth and begin to feel the delight and the aliveness as Earth, the soil herself, the rocks, the mountains, the lakes, the vegetation and the animals begin to respond to this updated grid. We wish for you to play and be delighted in the interaction of Nature, the aliveness of Pan. We wish for you to see the unseen worlds of Nature, the magical beings of Nature and allow yourself to play, to be, to dance, to sing, and to feel aliveness and connection with Nature that you never were capable of knowing before. Use your imagination to find more and more delight. Noticing that you interact in a way much more free, much more connected, much more intimate to all the aspects of Nature; and they are so much more alive and so much more recognizing you.

For this evening this is all we had planned—to introduce you to new gateways, to delight to the phenomena of beingness, for in this new vibration— the new electromagnetic field that you’ve touched, the New Earth that you sense and recreate— you can know it is all founded on joy and delight. These interactions are continuous and all the interactions and the fun that you’ve had in your imagination will continue to interact, will continue to create fun, joy and delight. Even when you’re sleeping, even when you’re working, even when you’ve totally forgotten about this journey, all these interactions continue infinitely building more and more energy, more life force, more beingness.

Know that delight remakes you in every moment, and let us set your default to delight rather than effort.

Mark channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2015, (303) 689-9318

9th Dimension – Part II – Exploring Dreamtime, class 6.  

(CopyRight 2015

9th dimension2 CD cover‘Mark’ is a cosmic being channeled by Jonette since 1989. His goal is to lift humanity above the structures of our 3-D consciousness. “Your reality is a reflection of your level of consciousness.” He leads weekly recorded courses introducing us experientially to the higher dimensions of awakening. This is exploration at the very edges of human spiritual awareness. There is nothing like these on-going courses for expansion and transformation. To get a taste of ‘Mark’ for free, go to our ‘Listening and Viewing Room.’ Click here to order current or past Mark courses as audio links, CD’s, or simply get the transcripts.

Guest Blog By Betina Ekman

Merlin the Mystic Magician holds his golden staff of light casting out doubt, fear and confusion clearing the way for clarity and alchemical transformation from heavy physical matter energy into the golden energy of Higher-Consciousness and light of expanding awareness.

The first time I met Jonette Crowley, I knew something special was going to happen.

I became her agent and followed her on her Soul Body Fusion® path. I tended her Modern Shamanism class as well. That journey led me to the Woodman Merlin.

(Jonette is coming back to Denmark in April and she will be doing completely new stuff.*)

I must admit, at first I was a little disappointed because I wanted to meet a wolf or the great condor or eagle during my guided journey, but Merlin came up. He looked like an old man, with his walking stick dressed in worn, kind of brownish green clothes. At first I didn’t realize who the Guide was – so My Ego took a guess on a lot of different fear stuff and I kind of ignored old Merlin.

Nevertheless he hung around, he wanted my attention. A few weeks passed and suddenly I saw Merlin everywhere, books in the bookstore and Merlin stuff on the Internet would pop up and my kids would tell me about Merlin, and when picking my angel cards, he would always sneak his way in.

Finally I got it! Its Merlin….that Merlin!

I started to pay attention.

I started listening and followed his whispers.

And my abundance journey started. My manifests started to happen as I spoke and the impossible for the doubtful ego became obvious.

I have so many beautiful examples on manifesting and my Ego sill doesn’t comprehend how I got to where I am today. My soul knows its all good and that I deserve everything that’s coming to me. Merlin is still with me and if in doubt I tune in and Merlin’s loving advice is absolutely stunning. I am happy that I did do a lot of Ego work so it has been very easy for me to have faith in Merlin and one of his gifts, which have been very helpful and powerful are these words.

“Forgive and let go and receive these that were destined for you.”

Betina1When I use these words I get directed into my manifesting area and I have so much fun there. I feel like Alice in Wonderland.

For some it feels like being in transit and we need more than ever to hold hands and work together.  We suffer when trying to do it all by ourselves. At the same time we have to be able to claim and receive what is our birthright.

Sharing and loving are the key words. But the claming comes first. We need to feel that we deserve it!

I allowed to receive my summerhouse in a miraculous way? The price was so unreal to me, but I forgave and let go allowed to receive what was already my destiny. Merlin is laughing. You got it!

I could mention many other things as well. Very soon I will be tested because I just invested A LOT of money because I listened to Merlins Whisper. I can only say I forgive and I let go and I receive that – which is destined for me. Thank you.

If you want to hear more of Jonette’s visit sign up for Betina’s newsletter with more details on Jonette´s magical Journey coming to you very soon.

Merlin 2

It’s lonely to be more powerful than any man you know
and have to live like a shadow…
to be special… and have to pretend being a fool.

I wish you a magical day and I hope you forgive and let go.

Many loving thoughts and whispers from Betina

*Jonette will be teaching her new workshops: 2015 The Year of Manifestation: Making the Most of Your Life NOW; and her new MARK Weekend: The Space Beyond —Using Multi-Dimensional Awareness to Claim Your Mastery in Denver, Denmark, Norway and Germany this spring.

Check out for more information Betina Ekman and her events.

(CopyRight 2015

The 9th Dimension and ‘Exploring Dreamtime’

Channeled by Jonette Crowley

Welcome, overachievers! This is MARK.

Oh, we are delighted when we watch you! You are flexing your muscles, testing your mastery and using your wings. Congratulations!

Gambar-Animasi-Bergerak-DP-BBM-Selamat-Tahun-Baru-1-Januari-2015Jonette wants us to talk about 2015—the year she calls “The Year of Manifestation.” Manifestation is simply the ability to bring the vibration of intention so strongly into physical matter that physical matter begins to vibrate in accordance with the key of that intention. This begins to create the circumstances for fruition, manifestation, and physical appearance. Your spiritual evolution has led you to the place where you are masters of vibration. Although you don’t always act as if you are. Everything we’ve been doing for 20-plus years is about vibration.… and sometimes beyond even that. Manifestation is opening the gateways, lifting the veils between the unseen realms of intention, of thought, of prayer with that which is physical.

We encourage you to hold the power of yourself, to see yourself not always as a student. It’s been a long time since we said “Welcome Students”— but to see yourselves as masters. See what you already master. See what you’re in the process of learning to master. Know what you will become and will master. You are all at a point where you can claim that mastery—not put it off into the far-off future. A master of manifestation is first of all a master.

Manifesting in this year should not be looked upon as a job. Manifestation is simply the result or the effect in which your mastery is the cause. There are so many people who read every book about manifestation. They do every affirmation about abundance. This is not how manifestation works. Manifestation is a by-product of first, the purity of your intention, second, the groundedness of your spirit in this physical world, and lastly, your ability and willingness to receive, your ability and willingness to trust that the Universe is benevolent, and you are well tended, not forgotten.

We have talked about creation and uncreation. This is a year for both. Uncreation usually proceeds creation; and in the last few years, you’ve been uncreating an awful lot. We want to congratulate you because you have not lost yourselves in the uncreations. You have willingly disattached yourself from that which was being uncreated, and you have moved forward as masters. This would be a good time to perhaps select some of the meditations from our previous Creation Series— the 8th Dimension.

Just randomly follow your heart, so that the energy can be more apparent to you.

Hold your dreams strongly but softly—strongly in that you deserve that which you can dream, softly in that you are unattached to how and when the dreams manifest. The Year of Manifestation requires generosity for manifestation is never to you, excluding everyone else. Manifestation is a tide that lifts all ships. So see creation, miracles and manifestation for you, your loved ones, your enemies, strangers.

For a few moments we will lead you to a pool of vibration where you jump into the warm waters of this vibration, where you allow this vibration to recalibrate you. So for a few minutes, you will each be in your own pool of recalibration—gentle, sweet and, oh, so thorough. Allow yourself to really surrender and open. Do nothing here.

As you become recalibrated, it’s almost as if you’re becoming neutral, perhaps invisible, easily able to move between dimensions.

balance2There is such a rebalancing. It’s as if all your sharp edges are falling away and there is left only softness, only purity.

Those of you who’ve been with us for many years remember the 6th dimension that we called the ‘Truth Space.’ Imagine that this is the Truth Space but it’s no longer a space apart from you, that you have filled this space. You are the Truth Space. You are something transcendent— much more than your human self. You are free and open. One with truth.

For a few minutes we are going to take Jonette higher than she can speak. Feel free to follow the space that we’re opening up. She will not be able to narrate, and you will be lifted beyond words as well. This is an immersion in dreamtime.

[Jonette tones a sound.] Follow the sound you find —following it as a thread as you time travel to the ancestors. Allow the ancestors to appear to you— probably at first energetically. Then there may be a sense that they may not be human ancestors. Be open to anything as you follow the sound that you hear like a thread to the ancestors.

You do not visit them so much as become them. Allowing your recalibrated consciousness to become the ancestors (whatever that is for you) take on that knowledge, that form, that vibration as a way to learn.

Allow yourself to transfigure, to be something different than you think you are. It’s not frightening. You are simply moving your consciousness around. Dreamtime has different rules. The less thinking the better.

Find now the neutral space, that recalibration pool, returning there. It is not important that you remember anything about the ancestors. Return now to this pool of recalibration—balancing, becoming neutral once again.

[Jonette tones again.] Follow the vibration of the sound that you feel into a world of geometry, of shapes where you become the geometric template, the form, the pattern of you—not a vibration, not a human but you move to the very form and pattern that has become you in every life. It’s a complex pattern. It may be moving. Allow yourself to become it—whatever shows up for you. This is now a geometric recalibration. It speaks to your atoms.

There is an energetic value that this geometric pattern imparts to you. It’s not something that you can find an adjective for or you can describe; but notice that onto the neutrality that you’ve been, there’s an added spin, an added value, a vibration or pattern that’s being impregnated into you now—something vast and beautiful and ultimately you. It’s being nurtured and re-seeded back into you—on the plane of primal template.

Relax. Let the mind go. It is as if your spiritual structure is becoming more of you at the ultimate highest level of creation. This re-patterning is a spiritual rite of passage.

Now follow a sound, a vibrational thread that you can’t even hear but somehow you know; and it takes this part of you that is now geometrically re-patterned to be even more of you, and it projects it on a much more cosmic screen—a much more cosmic field. In this journey, that which you are becomes truly cosmic— beyond your ability as a human to comprehend but infinitely rich and still infinitely you.

At this level, who you are defies definition. Do not try to grasp anything that is here. Simply know that this is a cosmic representation of you. Allow yourself to really expand until you are not the self you know any longer.

earthBe aware of this cosmic element of you — so much bigger than the Earth, now gently connect the Earth and all your lives here with this cosmic value that somehow you can sense. It’s as if you are fusing the cosmic value of you to all that you have been and will be that’s related to Earth. You may feel vibrations merging. You may feel geometries dancing around. You may feel nothing.

The fundamental concept in dreamtime travel is to be willing to lose yourself in order to find a greater sense of you, a greater value of who you are. We’ll ask you to move back into that pool of recalibration, that soft and sweet place, gentle—so balanced, it’s almost as if you disappear.

Rest a little longer in this pool of recalibration. So now the word recalibration is much too small for that which is being recreated in you, around you, about you. Imagine that dreamtime is not so much a place you visit but something you become. All the spaces that you have visited, you now can become. You move from being an object to being a field.

There are a significant amount of complexities that are rebalancing now, but for you it feels quiet, sweet and neutral. The complexities know how to format themselves in a perfect way for you. There is so much Divine Intelligence as part of your journey right now.

[Jonette tones again.] Now find rest, perfection at a new level of you.

Remind the mind and the self-judge that they have been superseded for now. There may be nothing you remember and nothing you can correlate, nothing you can explain. That is all as it should be—feeling yourself more deeply present in yourself, yet knowing the vastness of space, knowing that you own dreamtime, that you are ready for magnificent journeys, and it is all to you—journeys of you to you.

The word for your homework is ‘allow.’

Allow a few more minutes. You’re much less settled than you think you are. Or should we say there’s so much more of you to settle?

Just drift your way back into a reality that you’re familiar with but without leaving these greater spaces. Know yourself as fully imprinted with the geometric pattern of you; but somehow you’ve been reborn at an atomic level—reborn to you but in a cosmic sense. This journey had to be mostly beyond words.

Some of you are trying to come back by making yourself smaller. We invite you to make yourself bigger instead, and then remain as that bigness. There! Yes! It’s much more comfortable to be cosmic than it is to be you in the small sense.

One of the secrets of making this a Year of Manifestation is to be so much bigger than your wants and your needs so that they are included within you already. That is why we say that what you wish to manifest is a by-product of your spiritual growth. Do not make manifestation a goal in itself. Float in your now well-tested wings back to this reality… somehow.

Now perhaps you understand why we started by calling you “overachievers.” Take your time. Notice your body and your breathing. Notice that your mind is still quite empty.

Notice the complexity and the cosmic size of your Being now. Perhaps you can even sense the geometric patterning that is you. Please see if you’re ready to open your eyes.

With great appreciation for the brilliance of your skills, we thank you. This is Mark.


To listen to the complete audio of this class for free, go to the Listening/Viewing Room by clicking here. To order the transcripts, audio downloads or CD’s of this and other recent MARK courses click here. This transcript is from Class 1 —Immersion in Dreamtime & Blessings, Joy and Bliss from Jonette channeling ‘MARK’ in a course called: The 9th Dimension Part II – Exploring ‘Dreamtime,’ January 12, 2015.

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The Space Beyond….

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‘Mark’ channeled by Jonette Crowley, Copyright 2015, (303) 689-9318

9th dimension2 CD cover‘Mark’ is a cosmic being channeled by Jonette since 1989. His goal is to lift humanity above the structures of our 3-D consciousness. “Your reality is a reflection of your level of consciousness.” He leads weekly recorded courses introducing us experientially to the higher dimensions of awakening. This is exploration at the very edges of human spiritual awareness. There is nothing like these on-going courses for expansion and transformation. To get a taste of ‘Mark’ for free, go to our ‘Listening and Viewing Room.’ Click here to order current or past Mark courses as audio links, CD’s, or simply get the transcripts.

by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2011

Walking on a white sand Florida beach this week, I smiled at other walkers…adults, every one… stopping mid-stride to pick up sea shells glinting in the sun. A black haired woman with a beach bag comes over to ask earnestly: “Have you found any starfish yet?” Another woman cradles a fragile but remarkably whole sand dollar in her palm. As she hands the treasure to her husband, her excitement at the find imbues the shell with value. It becomes a precious gift because it is appreciated. Their shared joy creates an exchange of positive energy, escalating the sand dollar’s worth.

 A paper dollar–you know, the one that will buy you a third of a cup of coffee– might not be as positively valued as the sand dollar made of shell. When we hand it over in payment– in any denomination, we might feel begrudging, angry or victimized, rather than the emotion of joy. I ponder how the exchange might be improved if both the giving and receiving of the money were acts of gratitude?

 One of my favorite sayings from White Eagle is, “ What you use to get there is what you get once you’re there.” In other words: the currency of the journey is the currency of the outcome. I read this to mean that if I make my way to my goal with anxiety and overwork, once I “make it,” I’ll still have anxiety and overwork. If I constantly have the feeling of lack as I travel along life’s path, the outcome…no matter how much money I have…will continue the feeling of lack. Conversely, if joy kindness and generosity are the qualities of my journey, the outcome will surely contain joy, kindness and generosity.

 So next time you hand over a dollar bill, feel that it’s a treasure you are sharing. Sand dollar or paper dollar. You choose.

A Message From White Eagle…

Quantum Consciousness & the 8 th Dimension – Part 3, Class 5, January 4, 2010

White Eagle, channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2010

White Eagle – Questions and Answers

QUESTION:  How can we best contribute to the world peace?

WHITE EAGLE:  The Miss America question. We’ve always liked that tiara, but it doesn’t go well with our feathered bonnet. The best and only significant contribution you can make to world peace is what you do now when you gather, and what you do when you don’t gather, but you gather virtually. When you bring your soul, your spirit, your wisdom, your uncertainty to these higher dimensions, you are opening the gateways for peace. Peace is the nature and essence of God. Peace is the nature and essence of the Universe. It’s just been obstructed in its clear flow to the human experience, so as you open the gateways of your own soul, you are opening the clear and unending flow of peace to humanity. You are not just light workers, you are peace holders, and you are not just opening the gateways to peace, you are creating the structure of peace in a human body that then becomes communicated to human bodies everywhere. You know genes change. They are not just a genetic imprint that stays the same from the moment you are conceived, and you are through the peacefulness of your developed spirit, creating an actual DNA genetic change in the peacefulness quotient of mankind.

QUESTION:  One time I got, in a fortune cookie, a little piece of paper, and I’m making this comment to Jonette’s question about peace, and how we can be part of the peace.  It said, “Be the change you want to see”, and maybe that’s what we need to do is be the peace. Start with ourselves, be the peace that we want to see, or hold a space for, for the planet, for all of us.

WHITE EAGLE:  That is the same thing as what we said earlier, which is, act as if.  Act as if you’re peaceful, act as if you are a Master, act as if you are already one with the earth, and you wouldn’t worry about waves under the continental shelves that way. It is very dissonant to worry, because you cannot be the peace or the change you wish if you worry, because who would wish for worry.

QUESTION:  On that note of “be the peace” and “be the change” you want to be, can you give us another hint, exercise, or something where we can “be the wealth”? We’re just so programmed for thinking work, money, hourly, and all that stuff.  I just want to break away from that.

WHITE EAGLE:  Very good question. The work, hourly, money thing still is the address of humanity’s consciousness right now.  Mark has used the concept, if you have this old shack, and you have this new mansion, but while the new mansion is being built, you’re moving your furniture from the old shack.  At the higher levels, money, hourly, work, effort, is not the way of spirit. It is the way of the earth to some extent, so we’re saying the la-la land is ok, but it’s not 100% at your best address right now. It is always important for humans to see wealth in all its aspects, not just financial. That helps break out of the financial fear, that the wealth of friendship, the wealth of health, the wealth of beauty, that is probably the best heart opening that will allow the wealth of freedom, the wealth of money to come in. Focusing on money has never really worked. Focusing on the purpose and the feeling for the money is much more leveraged. Doing too much work on your abundance issues is counterproductive. We want to say that again, because we think you all have so many books, and so many things where you’re working on your abundance issues. It is counterproductive.

A degree of discipline that is required by human beings, the discipline that says, eat well, exercise, pay your debts, and not just your financial debts, but your friendship and emotional debts.  All of you might look at reclaiming and clearing up your relationship to discipline, because for many of you have determined that discipline equals punishment.  Discipline, and we’re not talking about discipline as punishment, we’re talking about discipline as in, ok, I know I have to get this done. I’ll do it by noon. Some sort of holding yourself accountable, and because many of you have connected that kind of discipline and holding yourself accountable to punishment, you’ve a very sad and unhealthy relationship to discipline. If you see discipline as a way to organize time, space, and effort, to receive what you want, it will be a much healthier relationship, and the flow for abundance and ease will be there.  Look at your relationship to accountability, all of you. Look at your relationship to discipline, and make sure that it’s not a negative.  If it feels negative to make yourself do something, or to hold yourself accountable, then use different words. Say, I’m choosing to be responsible because this is my goal. That is an underlying relationship that’s often broken to some extent in all of you, no matter how prosperous and abundant you think you are, so take a look at that relationship, and make sure it’s not negative or heavy.

Thank you.

Message from White Eagle

for the people of Denmark


Channeled by Jonette Crowley

Copyright 2009


Blessings beloved friends in Denmark, this is White Eagle.

 As I look at the energies of your people and your land, there are two words that come up.  One is urgency and the other is distraction.  It seems that there is urgency in getting back to your personal core principals and the core principals of your nation, but there have been distractions keeping you from your core values. 

 As individuals this means spending some time reflecting on: What do stand for? What do you value? And be ready to be radical in the removal of things and distractions that no longer serve you today and tomorrow.  It means finding your personal truth space and living from that in a way that creates more and more energy, abundance and power to enliven your life. 

 As a nation it means stop being distracted by events and incidents that are beneath you as a people.  There is a sense that over the last 8 years in many ways you have lost your way.  The urgency is to reclaim your power, reclaim your sense of identity, personally and nationally, and to stand tall as creators of change rather than reactors to change. 

 This is a call to create your future from your vision rather than from your past.  You have the strength and the wisdom.  You need to build the will power.

 You are beloved, and the great White Eagle, the power animal of the north, is there to protect and guide you.  Thank you.

 Jonette Crowley is author of

 “The Eagle and the Condor: A True Story of an Unexpected Mystical Journey.”

Five Steps to Abundance

As Channeled by Jonette Crowley

1) Go to a high, centered state and relax. Making your request or stating your goal from a very high space allows a clearer, more pure response.

2) Thank, feel, absorb the essence of what it is like to have it. Become it, visualize you with it.

3) Enjoy the space! Revel in your obtaining your goal, play with your imagination, embrace every nuance of the feeling that you are getting.

4) Visualize the feeling of what you want, but detach from the specifics. Detach from the outcome.

5) Always close with a statement such as: “I ask for this or something better for the highest good of all. I now release it to divine order.”