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White Eagle, channeled by Jonette Crowley

From the ‘MARK’ Course – “Joy, Bliss, Happiness”

Blessings Beloved Ones, this is White Eagle.

Happiness isn’t something that happens to you; it is a choice at every moment. 

So the first great leap is into happiness without proof, without support, without evidence – just because you choose it as the pattern for your future. 

You may say, “Sounds great, but I would be happy except for what happened yesterday and what might happen tomorrow.”  In this present moment, let go of the weight of yesterday and the burden of tomorrow to make you feel weightless. Weightlessness is much more joyful than you are used to.

Happiness Quote by White EagleSo – how shall we begin? We realize that in order to get humans to joy, bliss, and happiness, we first need to get you to neutral—to being not, not joyful; not, not blissful; and not unhappy—to unwind and unburden you from the truths, the memories that hold you back and make you weary. We begin with a journey of unwinding – of unwinding those bits of yourself that keep you stuck in the ruts of unhappiness.  We lift you on a pogo stick, a magic carpet, above mass consciousness and its waves of unhappiness.

First of all we would like to talk about the history of “Unhappiness 101.”  Unhappiness has been used to justify action—“I will do this so I become less unhappy.”  Humans actually move more quickly from unhappiness to happiness.  Unhappiness has been a way of rulers having power.  If they hold the keys to happiness or the illusionary keys to happiness, and you are feeling unhappy and powerless, the rulers then can take the power and the joy that is yours.  It has a history from the beginning of mankind.

Unhappiness is a weight from yesterday so let us first unwind yesterday, and then we will help you unwind tomorrow.  So move into that secret passage in your heart that seems to be the place of magic.  It seems to be the door that you say “open sesame” or the lamp that you rub and the genie comes out.  So find that space of magic and happiness.  {pause}

The space can feel a bit frivolous rather than serious.  There’s no gravity here.  It feels weightless.  {pause}

alice-in-wonderlandPerhaps it feels like a tea party with Alice in Wonderland.  So right now we’re going to transmit some energies of release—some energies of magic, of make-believe. Believe in magic. Just believe. Move into that secret passage in your heart that is the energy of magic. Go to a space of colors and silliness!  Be a frivolous ‘Alice or Alex  in Wonderland.   Unwind the unhappiness of yesterday. Make space for happiness and a foundation for creating the future.  Arrive at weightlessness, neutral freedom! Ready?  Get Set!  Go!

These energies will help unwind the heaviness, the drama, the things that you worry about, the things that you believe keep you from smiling all of the time.  And even if you are happy all of the time, we ask you to be part of this for the rest of mankind who are not quite as happy as you are.  So we’re asking you to take this journey—not just for you but for opening joy, bliss, and happiness for your brothers and sisters.  So make believe in magic. {pause}

Remember things are weightless.  {pause}

fairy-dust-on-pathYou are a time traveler. Turn and look at your path behind you. See great stones along the path that you have already trod.  The stones are all the things that have caused you upset or anger, disturbed your equilibrium, or taken away your happiness.  Now from the point of view of the here and now, imagine that you are spraying light, rainbows, golden fairy dust upon the path you’ve already walked, releasing you from the burdens you have carried along that path.  Turn the stones into fairy dust and watch them change and drift away – either one at a time, or whole groups of stones at a time.  Use all the magic and imagination at your disposal; sing or laugh the past away, blast it into outer space – whatever works!  Just do it! 

Now, look at your feet on a clean, clear path.  You are free!  Feel the perfection of your soul! Celebrate! 

We’re noticing, actually, that a lot of other souls—a lot of other humans are putting their stuff, their past, in your path so you can clear it too.  So with no effort and only ringing joy clear their path—their past path of their heaviness and worries and burdens that they’ve carried. Bring any helpers you wish.  There is no need to do it alone.  {pause}

Even while this is happening, focus on your body.  Feel how your cells are lighter.  The colors, or fairy dust, move into your cells repelling the heavy burdens of the past—the worries that you’ve carried for so long.  Brighten your cells with a vibration that attracts only joy and transforms that which is not.  {pause}

Imagine that somehow with your imagination and with magic you can blast everything that’s heavy away from the future—yours and from people across the globe. Using whatever helpers, whatever magic comes to mind, being silly and childlike as you unwind and release the future from the burdens that you sometimes carry.  {pause}

igniteFind yourself becoming brighter, fiery, weightless, ignited—whatever words are there for you.  Feel it in your bodies.  {pause}

Our goal and that of ‘MARK’ is to unhinge the conditions upon your happiness because the world might never be operating just perfectly. So, if your happiness is dependent upon the perfect operation of the world, it might be a long life.  So we’re going to work to help you find and strengthen this pillar of joy and bliss and happiness within you of uncaused well-being, of divinity— so that no matter what the vicissitudes of life bring you, this core is unchallenged and always supported. 

By the way, your core is happy, and you just let go of unhappy.  Tap your inner Joy!

This is White Eagle.

Copyright 2015 Jonette Crowley

Excerpted from the course “Joy, Bliss, Happiness” channeled from White Eagle and ‘MARK’  to purchase the audio download or CD of the entire 8 week course click here

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Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

“Truth doesn’t emerge from words, rather descends from grace.” – White Eagle

A Note from Jonette:

consciousness expanding

Please enjoy the wisdom here as we enter 2016 — The Year of Emergence!

Before White Eagle channeled this, I had been spending a day in meditation. My intention was to become a ‘Nirvana Node.’ To me this means that I am a continuously open and active channel or gateway for the energies of heaven, bliss, Nirvana… whatever you want to call it. This ability to ‘transmit Nirvana’ would be irrespective of any actions…it would happen without my doing anything.


Journey to the Golden Gates

 pearly gates 2

My original journey this weekend took me to the Golden Gates that for me were guarded by… you guessed it… White Eagle. As I went through the gates I passed into an extremely high vibration, like golden plasma. Once I embodied that, I became aware of another set of gates. They were sparkly and white. During the meditation my mind saw them as made of alabaster, but later (with a smile) I understood that they were the Pearly Gates! It made me laugh to realize that the Pearly Gates are real and I didn’t have to die to go through them! They were guarded by the white dove of peace, the Holy Spirit. It was a soft feminine energy. As I transitioned through the white gates—still not realizing they were the Pearly Gates, I was met by my Mother who is deceased. Beyond the gates was a white, peaceful, fluffy nothingness/allness. No wonder we picture heaven as a beautiful place in the clouds. All questions dissolved at the door.

At the end of White Eagle’s channeled answers here, you will find a short journey where he guides you through the Golden Gates.

White Eagle on Truth

White eagle truthWelcome guardians of the portals of light. This is White Eagle. You stand on the cusp of a great awakening. This is the time where illusions are rent asunder and that which is true gives form to itself in a new emergence. This emergence doesn’t whisper itself into reality but rather crashes into that which has gone before, toppling that which holds old forms and limitations.

The new is expressive, unpredictable and undeniable. It shows up as transition and upheaval, but always with the strong sense of right and light. The masks are removed so the true beauty can show itself once again. The question to ask at all levels is “What is truth?” Even that truth isn’t with a capital ’T.’ It will change the next second or day. So you can’t guide this journey by knowing the end, for even that truth will surely change. You must look for truth in the moment without attachment to outcome. Outcome sets a direction for movement but doesn’t give rise to the purpose of the journey.

spiritual-waves-jacob-kanduchFlow is the most important personal aspect to cultivate in these times. This especially means flow in your thinking patterns. These are only hard times if one is attached to that which has been pre-conceived. In times of major creation there is no pre-concept available or possible. Rather witness an emergence of spectacular proportions at all levels. Don’t determine that which is possible or impossible by the merits that you ascribe to it, rather let the Universe surprise all that is.


 Question:  How do we reconcile the perception that consciousness is expanding with all the conflicts we see in the world now?

implosionImplosion is always more powerful than explosion. The weight of that false reality implodes upon itself and when the old plaster is cracked apart, the inner core of gold of high consciousness, of human’s true worth and self has always been there. The covering plaster is being removed from the golden Buddha inside. The truth is unalienable.


Question:  Talk about absolute truth versus changing truth.

There are no absolutes in a creative Universe except creation. Truth must expand beyond itself or it isn’t in alignment with an expanding Universe. Anything that is absolute is comfortable but limiting.

Question:  How do we use the concept of truth and expansion to help us manifest possibilities?

Always choose options that expand. Options that are born of fear or lead to fear will never expand. Whatever choices that leave the most doors open are the choices to look for. They feel sweet and complete. They’re not complete forever. They’re only the option until tomorrow when you might sense another option.truth is the door
You will feel when you want to really examine a decision tomorrow. We don’t want you re-examining everything. We just want you to know that fluidity is vital. Just because a decision was perfectly right today, it doesn’t mean it is perfectly right if a different set of circumstances come in a week. You have to be such a spiritual warrior standing on fluidity not on a position. It is the difference between a wave and a particle. Particles hold positions; waves hold flow. Waves always manifest more choices than do particles. If your enemies are particles and stakeout strong positions, don’t you also stake out a strong position. Maintain the fluidity of that wave. Then ask for insight in the moment.

Make choices from knowing rather than thinking. Thinking can lead you to the knowing but is never a substitute. The knowing comes from the feelings. It’s not rationalized or explained, nor does it need to be.

Is a grand times for the Earth, though they’re not easy times for humanity. Each of you must go back to your core values and make sure you’re making decisions from your core values and not the fears that have been promulgated upon you.


door to expansivenessQuestion:  Since everything changes how do we recognize real truth?

Truth is a doorway into expansiveness. So the closest indicator of truth is when truth opens into that which can’t be explained. Anything that is not truth in that moment feels sticky or limited to you. So you can recognize truth by considering several options, wearing them inside your heart until you feel which option is most expansive, most holy, most pure and has less rationalization or words to it. Truth is a space not an item in that space.


Question:  Is truth always related to our highest and best?

Yes, but truth is so much beyond you as an individual. It is part of the expansion of the cosmos. So truth isn’t personalized, yet your sense of action and decisions can be aligned with truth. When you find truth it is you touching into eternity. Truth is beyond the individual but you can ascertain you’re part of it through your feelings. A quiet mind is essential to sensing it. Truth doesn’t emerge from words, rather descends from grace.


Question:  How can we use this knowledge in making decisions?

Become as clear and clean and grounded as possible, taking away extraneous thoughts until you are well centered in your golden heart. Then put forth the options that your mind creates for your decisions and choices. Feel each one-at-a-time until you know which one feels most expansive. If none of them do, ask your guide at that moment what other options are you not seeing? Feel the energy of the expansion first and then see what option brought that expansion.


Your Journey Through the Golden Gates

gate to heavenFly now to the Golden Gates and see what Guardian is there for you. Noticing whether the gates are open or closed. If they’re open, you’ve been expected. If they’re closed you must ask what else do you need to understand.

Move through them now. Let yourself become the vibration that’s on the other side of the Golden Gates. Please give yourself a few minutes of silence.

Now you are asked, “How ready are you to be sacred?” The word is better as a verb—“sanctifying”— so you are a wave and not a particle. How ready are you to be sanctifying?

Imagine living your life in a way that sanctifies all that is.

Blessings.  This is White Eagle. (channeled by Jonette Crowley, Jan. 10, 2016


Jonethead shot white blog 300pxte is a globally known spiritual teacher and best-selling author. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” In order to help people truly embody their divinity Jonette has created the powerful Soul Body Fusion® technique for healing and wholeness.  With her guide ‘Mark’ she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

Copyright 2016

What would Jesus DoIn the Christian community there has been a movement to ask yourself “What would Jesus do?” before saying something or taking an action. I find it’s a good guide to live by.

whiteeagle copy

Some years ago a woman I knew…the artist who did the White Eagle painting that I use “Through the Portal”, called me from a mental hospital. I hadn’t seen or heard from her in years. She was an acquaintance, not a friend. She requested if she could stay with us for a few days as she needed a place to go in order to be discharged from the hospital. Her sister couldn’t take her in. I hesitated… I really didn’t know her or her mental condition. In that momentary silence, the question: “What would Jesus do?” came to my mind. Considering the question, I answered the only thing I could have… “Of course.”

She arrived ragged, unkept and unwashed. She was grateful and kind. Evidently she had been homeless, living in her car for some time, endlessly walking the aisles of a grocery store, talking to her voices.

Once we got her settled she said, “Oh, I have something in my car I’ve been carrying around. I’ll give it to you.”

I couldn’t begin to imagine what it might be. She returned with a large, framed watRobin2ercolor of a robin in an autumn tree—a beautiful piece that she had painted in her better years.

Humbly I accepted the unexpected gift. The Universe might have been thanking me for acting favorably on the question: “What would Jesus do?” (WWJD?)

The painting hangs proudly over my mantle, reminding me that what I receive is always so much more than what I give.

WWJD? Came up last month in response to a young woman’s question during an Oracle reading. “I’d like to get a tattoo. Should I get a cross or lotus flower?” The question “What would Jesus do?” immediately came to mind. “Get a lotus,” was my answer. I felt quite sure that Jesus wouldn’t wear a cross.

While I thought about it, Jesus would probably be appalled if he popped into the middle of the Vatican today. (I’m happy that at least to some extent we appear to have a Pope who is asking himself that question.)

So, what would Jesus do?

White Eagle channelled by Jonette Crowley

There were two classes of original people throughout the ancient lands— two real races in the Second World and the Third World.  There were the Elder Race, the Luminous Sun Gods, and then the rest of humanity. The Sun Gods, the Elder Race were the race of Luminous Ones who came with knowledge from Sirius.  Some came from Venus. They all came originally from the Source where all souls come. They were the leaders of the leaders. They were the kings and queens. They were the priests and priestesses, the gods and goddesses. They were the leaders and the rulers.

temple_mountThe builders were ordinary people who could not yet hold the light and the energy.  The Sun Gods stayed pure by intermarriage. (You mistakingly talk about brother-sister marriage. It wasn’t really brother-sisters, it was marriage between the high race of the star beings.) They procreated between themselves until it was time to intermarry with the humans who were all over the planet. This brought the light and the lineage of the stars into the ordinary people.

Early on many of the progeny of the light beings and the human beings had elongated heads. The elongated shape of the head was most often found in those who had ancestry of the sun gods or of the Luminous Ones, because the shape of the head allowed for a resonance inside the brain that allowed them to hold the higher light. After some time the elongation of the cranium was no longer necessary, because the light was then diffused throughout the entire body and humans did not have to be born or disfigured in this way.

Throughout the early world, the original rulers, priests and priestesses of the Temples were the Light beings of Sirius. The original builders were human beings. They lived together in harmony.

The human body has only recently been able to be a Temple. The structure of light in the temples (speaking specifically of the temples in Malta) is tremendous.  Even when the temples have been broken apart by catastrophe, volcanoes, and floods, the energies of the temples are strongly planted in the etheric.

The human body has been preparing through growth and consciousness, through re-awakening of dormant DNA, to hold the energies of the Temples.  You are not yet full Temples of the Sun, but you are moving toward that, and it must be done in groups.  As you experience spiritual initiations and activations at sacred sites, two things happen – one, you are communicating to the land on behalf of mankind, telling the Earth that mankind has been listening and is consciously awakening.  As a group you communicate to the temples and to the inner world and the temples and the inner world communicate to you.  They vibrate a resonance of silence. The most important sound of the mythical Sirens was silence.  The sound of silence is the sound that will prepare more of your DNA to hold the codes and the energies that are now held by the temples. All of these energies are held in perfect form in the higher dimensions, in Shambala, in the world of Luminous Beings.

Now is the time to bring those energies that have been held in the temples back into humanity where they belong.  Once you hold some of the codes, some of the energies of the ancient temples, more activating codes will be attracted to as you are ready. You become a ‘lending library’ or reservoir of codes and energies that other humans can then access. You are ‘humanizing’ divine codes so that ordinary people who don’t necessarily care about spiritual growth, who think it’s strange to talk about divine codes, can have them too. You are bringing divinity into human form.

Note: Jonette will be leading a spiritual tour to the sacred sites in Israel in May 2015. The Temple sites in Jerusalem hold the potential for tremendous personal and planetary awakening.  The group will do meditations and ceremonies in many power spots in the desert and throughout the country. The tour is sold out however we are accepting wait list clients.   Click here to see details of  the trip.

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jcinegyptJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

An Interesting Explanation From White Eagle


Art by Toby Evans

The fat lady or Mother Goddess shape that represents the Atlantean Goddess Ashtatara very much represented Mother Earth. Her body was as round as it could be. The ancients knew the Earth was round. Her shape symbolized Mother Earth but it was also for grounding or ‘earthing’ the star energies. Her head was not in proportion to her body. Her head represented the star. The body represented the Earth.  It was the star energy becoming earthed.  Ancient people used her as a fertility goddess. That was not her original intent.  It really is to ground star energy into Earth. So in that way she is the original Earth Mother.

The Earth Mother does not come from Earth. The Earth Mother needed to be grounded into the Earth to give Earth consciousness. The Great Mother, the Great Goddess is not of Earth’s original consciousness. In the beginning Earth really was just hot rocks. It had potential but it required the huge high consciousness of great awareness of what you call Mother Earth to be embedded into the Earth so she could eventually harbor life. Earth herself was the first energy seeded on Earth. The fat lady is the best representation of that stage. This all happened before humans, but the dreamers, the oracles, the ones who could go into time could best represent the seeding of consciousness as the ‘fat lady’ who became Mother Earth, who became the Goddess, who became the symbol for motherhood and fertility. Interesting theory, we know.

(CopyRight 2015,

Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

(Note: Jonette channeled this from White Eagle while camping with the Bedouins in the Sinai Peninsula in December 2010, just weeks before the Arab Spring hit Cairo. It especially has relevance for today.)

Lena_E_Egypt_2010-14White Eagle: There are beings here who live in other dimensions in the Earth who hail most recently from Mars.  Because of this Martian influence, this has often been a place of conflict.  It is the time now in these new ages for conflict to be sweetened by the love of the Mother, the love of the Great Feminine.

Aeons ago while the Earth was still creating an environment conducive for the humans and species that are here now, the Earth was an outpost for beings who had already settled on Mars. These Martian colonies were especially found in North Africa, the Middle East and in the Sinai Peninsula.  When the environment changed and became more oxygenated, it was good for your species but bad for the Martians.  The Martians changed their physiology and lived for a time underground.  They now exist in these areas in another dimensional world.  They were able to shift dimensions so they no longer live physically in the Earth.

They were tribal in their outlook, fiercely protective of their kin, their clan.  There was often conflict between clans or tribes.  So the energy of protectionism originally came from good, it’s not that they wanted to come here and have conflict, they just wanted to protect what was core to them. This tribalism created an energy of hostility.  Your military, your martial arts are a direct influence of these times.

These beings, most recently from Mars, are here now only in the etheric.  Acknowledge them – without fear – for they are comrades in the inter-dimensional universe. Invite   them to support a bigger tribe, a tribe that includes all species, all beings. This will show multi-dimensional and other dimensional beings that you walk in love and that you do not walk in fear.  This light and intention will help the vibration of the Martian energy to feel safe in the light and to begin to open up to their solar light loving energy. That loving energy has always been here for them but they had been hunkered down in their multi-dimensional bunkers and couldn’t access it. More inter-Martian, inter-planetary developments will begin to happen now.

Question:  What is the role of Egypt in the enlightenment of the world that is happening now? (Note, this was only weeks before the Arab Spring erupted in Egypt.)

Lena_E_Egypt_2010-76White Eagle: Egypt has always been a stellar anchor place.  It has actually been the first anchoring place for star-beings.  You may think that Atlantis or Lemuria were the first anchor places from the stars, but that is not true.  There were more ancient civilizations, such as the Martians who made this place home.  The Sphinx is older than Atlantis. It was an anchoring from the star brothers and sisters who came to this solar system through the portal of Sirius.  So Egypt is a juncture place of civilizations and times.  Much wisdom has been covered up, and much has been covered over in energy.  Your group and similar ones seek to dig below – not of tombs of pharaohs— but spiritual archaeologists who dig below the overlays of false civilizations that has been implanted over the true roots of humanity’s inception— which is love.

Egypt is an anchor point and therefore it is a trigger point for change.

During these times, it is more important NOW than ever to go the Middle East!  Jonette will be leading a trip to Israel in May 2015. Click here for details of the Israel Tour.

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jcinegyptJonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

  Jonette Crowley, Feb. 2013,

IMG_5327Greetings, I finally got this transcribed and I think you will find it fascinating. After reading this you might want to search on some of the strange statues and other items that have been found in the area. Some of these are housed in the Gympie Museum. The drawings are from papers Peter brought with him. They are an artist’s impression of the original detailed 1863 descriptions by cultural historian James Green of the mysterious and unexplained carved symbols on stone columns at the entrance of the terraced walkways leading to the summit of the hill. There was a 5-ringed terraced ‘pyramid hill’ with a circle of 13 stones and ‘altar’ on top.

Jonette: We are sitting on a very overgrown and difficult place to find, on the Queensland Sunshine Coast near the town of Gympie. The structure is been known as the ‘Gympie Pyramid.’ It isn’t a full stone pyramid, rather a hill terraced by a spiral of stones with an altar stone on top. The structure has been bull-dozed and does not resemble what John Green, a local man who was an initiate into the secrets of the area Aboriginal clan, originally described in his diaries in 1923. It is on private land. I am taken here by Peter, a local who has done much research into the area. It is Peter who asks White Eagle the questions. The Aboriginals thought of this place as sacred and would not come here. They felt it was built by the star people. We are asking White Eagle questions to see what is going on here:

photo-5White Eagle: Welcome brothers and sisters this is White Eagle. You truly sit on a vortex, weaving together sky and sun. outer reaches of your solar system. It carries the energy of Pluto and beyond. For some time it has anchored what have been called the dark brethren thousands of years ago. This place is now a place of shadow, a place of transition.

You have been called here to connect, to bring it out of shadows – to finally close the door on the dark brethren, to neutralize this place into formidable light.  Let yourselves be aligned to your highest spirit, feeling only good and courage.  Ask your inner eyes to open so that you can see into the past and actually connect with the dark brethren, not in fear but in understanding.

The wind brings the opening of the gate, building tall strong pillars, like the rocks that existed here, surrounding an inner portal.  In that portal you see truth.  It won’t give you form, it won’t give you answers.  It is a feeling of redemption, of ancient redemption and forgiveness.  You feel only love here for the ancient people here and the guardians.  We come humbly and in service.  There is a spiral rising up and down, into the earth and into the heavens.  Spiraling counterclockwise up Image 1and clockwise down.  Feel yourselves being very, very steady.  Feel in your heart that truth and goodness escapes this place.

The hold of the dark brethren is released by acknowledgement and by love.  Feel a pouring forth, both from the earth pouring out and from the stars pouring in as we ask this portal, this anchor spot, to be cleared.  Turn your hands palms up and receive the deep healing into the land, into you.  The four of you sit representing the four directions – calling forth deep peace, resolution and most of all neutrality.  Your request to claim this portal and open it again to light and goodness has been heard and has been answered.  Feel the energy now of the inner earth beings as they send their appreciation. We will now take your questions.

Peter: What is the meaning and origin of the word that the Ka’bi people called Dhamuri?

White Eagle: The land of Mu, beyond that is the people of the starships.  The aboriginal people came much later, they were guardians of this place.  They understood that it had been high-jacked by darker energies.  They did their prayers and stayed away.  It is ruled by Pluto, which is Hades, which is the underworld.  To them this would have been an opening to the underworld or the dark world.  It has been moving away from that for a long time and now is in shadows but not in darkness.  You are here to help this transition, neutralizing it so that it can be an anchor for light.

Peter: Why were the Ka’bi-speaking Aboriginal people so afraid of this area of stone structure?

White Eagle: They were guardians of it, but it was not a good place.  It was a place to be feared.

photo-6Peter: What was the meaning of the 2 entwined snakes on each of the entry columns to this site? (See the artist’s drawing made from James Greens original descriptions of the site in the 1920’s. The figure about the snakes is a 6-pointed star with a spider in it.)

White Eagle: In the time of Lemuria and Atlantis and Egypt the intertwined snakes represent the awakening of the DNA.  The snakes were the guardians of the place so that only those with the correct DNA could enter. Some of the Aboriginal clans had the DNA of the star people.  They often became the medicine men or medicine women of the clans.  They could come here because in their DNA they remembered this portal or this post.  So in one way it was a warning and it proclaimed this place as a star portal.  The spider is the guardian of the portal.  The snakes are the guardian of the spiral – the energy, the vortex- but the spider guards the portal itself.  You passed the test, the four of you, because you saw her (the spider) and would not break through her web because you understood her significance.  You passed the test of ones who carry light and are able to sit here and not be molested by bugs or rain.  This is a special grace that you have been allotted.  Thank you.

Peter: Did the people who built these stone structures also mine for gold in this area called Gympie?

White Eagle: Indeed, the people who built the structures were human people.  Some of them had the DNA of the star people. Those with the DNA of the star people were the leaders and rulers; they used the local people as workers.  Gold was mined here and to this day there are rich sources of gold deep within the earth.  They built this under the instructions of the people with the star DNA.  The gold is what attracted the star people here.

Peter: Are the writings of the two men John and James Green accurate to the best of their knowledge?

White Eagle: The writings of the Green’s are mostly accurate, about 70% of it was accurate but by then even the legends, even the native people did not have the truth.  There was an old Aboriginal woman here in the early 1800’s, you would call her a witch.  She was the last one to really know this place and know of its energy.  She will be reincarnated and come back, if she has not already, to help see this through from its movement, its transition from darkness to light.  Her name meant snake mother.

Peter: What was the mineral antimony mined for in these old times?

White Eagle: It is a mineral that is very light and strong. It may have been mixed with other mineral to create living metal that was used in spacecraft.  It was almost as if it was mixed with something organic.

(All of a sudden the wind began to blow and dogs all around began to bark, the energies changed significantly.)

White Eagle: We need you now, it is as if there is a surge of energy that has just arrived.  We need you to let go of your questions and create a very strong vortex of light, a rainbow vortex.  Call in the spider and stand strong in the energies.  What you have been doing here has just been discovered.  Stand strong.  Can you feel once again the peacefulness has returned?

Peter: Who was the entity called Ma’Kura by the Ka’bi Aboriginal people?

White Eagle: Ma’Kura was the snake guardian of the dreamtime doorway.  That energy belonged especially to this place but it was regional.  It was an entity of initiation claiming the power of the rainbow serpent.  It was very much a gatekeeper to the higher dimensions, the other worlds.  It wasn’t always a nice entity.

Peter: Is the planet known as Mormodellar by the Ka’bi people the same one also known as Marduk?

White Eagle: Indeed, that is true.  This planet, Marduk in your language, must be loved.  It carries much darkness yet love is the only antidote.  Love is the redeemer of even the greatest darkness.  This portal and many across the face of the earth have been held in shadow.  There has been a dark matrix over this earth.  The darkness is lightening.  As we said, this portal is in shadow but not in full darkness.. and it is moving, it is in a transition.  Humanity has turned the corner regarding portals held before in darkness to be now held in light.  Jonette is being taken to portals in Crete to do similar work as you are doing here.  There were many portals that before were dangerous for even the most big-hearted light workers.  Now the shift is different, the frequency range is higher and light workers such as you can go to portals that before were dangerous and give them a push into the side of light.  Many people are called to do this work now.  You have shown up and the universe will find ways to reward you.  Love – not fear – is the answer.  Among native people, some were wise and many were simply superstitious, which is not too different from the people of today.  You have been welcomed on this portal.  We thank you for your service.   Shalom



Copyright 2013, Jonette Crowley, Center for Creative Consciousness

Drawings courtesy of Brett Green, The Gympie Pyramid Story(copyrighted)

I wanted to share with you all some lovely blessings channelled from White Eagle last year.


This is a message for the Belgiums

Beloved brothers and sisters.  We see the brilliant light of your heart.  Yet we see that you have spent much of your energy in self doubt.  As a nation, there is, there must be more steadfastly moving forward and less questioning yesterday’s steps.  Hold true to the power of fairness, the power of forgiveness, and the power of an idealized vision moving forward. That power diminishes self doubt, anxiety, and moves you out of the rat hole of criticism to the place in the sun where you truly dwell.  There has been too much intrigue and secrecy in which you have turned the other cheek.  Raise your voices now, whether it’s your voices as a nation or it is you voice in your relationship, in your families, with your friends clearly stating what it is you stand for and the future you seek.  There is strength here that we have not seen in hundreds of years.  True strength, let it shine dear brothers and sisters, let it shine.



A blessing for the Swiss

Beloved brothers and sisters of Switzerland.  Your mountains have to find you.  They have protected you and kept you safe.  And in some ways they have kept you contained.  This is a time to break through the container truly seeing your selves as global citizens of an ever unfolding creative world.  We urge you to touch back into the creativity that has always been at the heart of your people but has become too over shadowed by rules and constraints.  Go back to the heart of the mountains, the heart of the mother, the heart of creativity and let your passions arise from the truth of that heart.  Move a little more out of the mental programming back to the passion of the heart and especially back to the cultivation of the goddess.  At this time, your dreams call you forward.  Trust them beloved ones.  You have been preparing for millennia for a role in leadership and responsibility in this awakening world   What is your role?  What is your vision?  Ask yourself, what is your destiny?  Know that you are supported and loved and Mother Earth herself stands with you.  Blessings.

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Secret Stargates of Crete!

 Thursday Feb. 28th at  Noon CST


Jonette’s special guest will be  Vanda Osmon.   Vanda is spiritual sacred site historian, researcher, and co-founder of Quest for Atlantis on Bimini. She created Joy Travel specializing in sacred journeys for soul, providing opportunities to see, feel and explore Earth mysteries. Her extraordinary knowledge of ancient secrets allows her to ‘connect the dots’ giving a global perspective for the meaning and purpose of sacred sites. She helps Jonette create journeys to Egypt, Malta, Greece, Transylvania and Turkey.

Vanda and Jonette will discuss using the new possibilities  of 2013 to work with the Earth’s Grid Keepers and  unlocking energies that have been blocked for thousands of years. One very important  interdimensional portal can be accessed in Crete. It is a place where knotted energy meridians and timelines can be released and the stargate reversed.

The same blockage nearly caused the ruin of Earth during the destruction of Atlantis. This will free up a blast of power to be used for peace and good throughout the world.

White Eagle’s channeled perspective on this will be explained.

Global mission TirangleThis all ties in with the Three Part Global Spiritual Mission that begins in Greece/Crete in April and continues in Turkey and Israel.  For related Post click here.

There are still a few spaces available on the fantastic ten day sacred journey led by Jonette and Vanda to Greece and Crete in just a few weeks.  Hurry!

Email or call 303 689-9318 for more details.

DoggieHi! Wow ~ its my sincere pleasure to respond to Jonette’s generous and kind invitation to write for her blog “the top three most important things to know about animal communication”.  I met Jonette in the early 90’s when I began studying with her and White Eagle and soon after, Mark. I was then consciously practicing telepathic animal communication yet it wasn’t until the mid 90’s that I began to openly provide this service and to teach.

ALL humans (people) are animal (non-human being) communicators ~ it’s just that, like singing, only some rise to the performance stage. The below steps are meaningful for everyone, regardless of your real or perceived, known or unknown, abilities as an intuitive or if you’ve any animals in your daily life or not.

Animals have consistently told me over the years the single most important human step in hearing from them is to create blank spaces in your mind. To accomplish this, practice at least daily meditation and more frequent mind quieting techniques such as conscious breathing, single pointed visualizing, and thinking only in the “now” moment. It’s in these blank places that they send us their messages. We all receive from them yet relatively few are able to discern and acknowledge their effort. Their communicated messages to us appear as “different” from our own. It’s incumbent on us to be aware enough to notice what is often only a subtle difference.

The two most important points in sending them communication are using the power of intentional thinking to think only what you want them to do or know and to never say or think what you do not, recognizing the secret to success is to omit “no”, “never”, and “not” from your vocabulary. Literally, think only in the positive.

Here’s why: imagine a dog running into the road (not a dog you know, please). Now say out loud, “don’t go into the road!” What happened to your mental image? Nothing, you kept picturing the dog going into the road. Now say, “stay on the sidewalk!” Notice your mind then created a new image of the dog safely on the sidewalk.

Animals do pay attention to our voice, feelings, and body language, however most important is what we are picturing with our minds.

So, no worries allowed! Think happy outcomes and send blessings.


Barbara A Baker