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Legions. That is how much help we have, no matter what our need. I recently asked my guide ‘MARK’ about the increasing interactions that many of us are feeling with the Masters, specifically: How are the living elders working with us now?


Mark:  “The spirits of living elders that make up a High Council are available to you all more than ever before. You are able to convene councils of elders on the inner planes whenever you need them.  You can just call whoever is your elder liaison when you need specific help for yourself or mostly for the world.  These councils of elders meet in service to the world.  Because there is no time or space in these levels of consciousness, you are able to convene these councils and ask questions and receive council – all of you.  The matrix of living masters is very real.” 


My advice is: Don’t pussyfoot around. (Please excuse the American saying.) In your meditation and prayers ask for the Council. Ask for them to help you in specific ways. Ask to send them to serve your family and friends, the world leaders, those who suffer. Who cares if you can actually feel the Masters with you? Who cares if you can ‘see’ them? Do it anyway. You will feel better if you “Just Do It”, letting go of your doubts. This morning in my meditation I dispatched angels and masters to tasks all over the world. I asked the guides, “How many can I send around?”…I didn’t want to run out. The answer: “As many as you need.”


On another note,trinity-statue-santiago-cimg1638 I just returned from a vacation with my 18-year old stepdaughter to Guatemala and the highlands of Belize. In a 500-year-old Catholic church, in the traditionally Mayan village of Santiago on Lake Atatlan in Guatemala, we saw a very unusual statue of the Trinity—father, son and holy spirit. Behind the head of god-the-father was…not a halo…but a triangle with a single eye! It is an ancient mystical symbol based on Egyptian myths and the eye of Horus. A similar symbol is on the U.S. $1 bill, and is used by the Masons. Amazing isn’t it?

CEOs or Captains?
By Jonette Crowley

A recent Denver Post, highlighted the courage of two heros: one, U. S. Airways Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger who successfully landed his plane on the Hudson River after the engines became disabled; two, Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama, who allowed himself to be taken by pirates to save his crew. Both of these men demonstrated courage and skill, while taking total responsibility for their people in a situation that could have been beyond their control. These men are not captains in the military. They are civilians. They are managers. Like managers everywhere they are in charge of capital equipment, employees, customers, safety and goals.

Contrast them with the story earlier this week of ex-Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio beginning to serve his 6-year prison sentence for insider trading. His name, adds to the list of wealthy CEO’s of huge companies sentenced to prison for fraud and other crimes, executives such as Bernard Ebber of WorldCom and Jeffrey Skilling of Enron.

These CEO’s and the captains each faced extraordinarily difficult situations—the CEO’s faced (helped create?) the financial meltdown of their companies. The captains faced imminent, perhaps catastrophic danger. The CEO’s acted like emperors, grabbing riches and surrounding themselves with lawyers. The captains assessed the situation, behaved as heroes, and in the case of Captain Phillips, put his own life in danger to protect his crew.

As managers we each decide daily if we have the true grit to behave as these captains did, taking full and complete responsibility for the situation and their charge. We can take seminars in accountability or we can read the newspapers and decide who are the real leaders and who we want to be.

by Jonette Crowley

copyright Jonette Crowley 2008


I’ve been thinking about group decision making and reflecting that it just doesn’t happen in the work setting, but also in families. I saw this play out several years ago when my Dad died at age 74 from a staph infection that resulted from heart surgery. All six of his children were at his side.


Participating in the family decision making that led to removing Dad from life support taught me so much about the group process of reaching consensus. I watched as the decision unfolded one sibling at a time. Before this I had assumed that a decision was the outcome or the actual choice itself, in this case “to unplug Dad”. But what I deeply understood that day in the ICU waiting room is that the decision is also the process. Why this seemed so clear in this case was that the outcome – to unhook him and allow him to die—was probably already known in each of our minds, yet we still needed to engage in group decision making.


Perhaps by virtue of being the oldest or because I was less emotionally distraught, I assumed a leadership role. I “called the question” with the data: Dad became brain-dead the night before with no hope of recovery. I then stated my opinion of a course of action in order to put the issue clearly in front of the family, “I think we should talk to the doctor about removing Dad from life-support.” Then I sat back, as this was not my decision to make. I held a space for the real process of decision making to occur.


We all took turns expressing our feelings, our opinion, our very raw emotions around the question. One brother expressed anger “You can’t just schedule a death.” Our youngest sister was ready to begin getting things organized. For her and for me, we deal with loss or major change by digging in to the tasks at hand. Two other sisters bickered at each other – that had always been their reaction to stress. Another brother silently wept. We all honored each other’s processing to get to the ultimate conclusion. By taking the time for such a discussion and expression of feelings the real decision was made. What I now understand is the decision wasn’t about getting mental agreement or buy-in to the course of action, but in allowing the space for the emotional agreement to evolve.


As leaders our job is to call the question, to be emotionally unattached to our opinion as we hold a potent neutral field for the evolution of a group decision. In this way we serve by power, not by force.

Last month I was in Europe teaching a workshop called “Divinity School: The Next Step in Human Consciousness”.  It has been the highest, most powerful workshop I have ever taught.  In the past our guided meditations and journeys began with us as individuals then expanded into a soul space of oneness.  But in October, during a weekend workshop in Oslo, everything turned upside down.  We began with a space that felt like the birth of the cosmos – the birth of all souls.  Then from that wholeness we divided and separated until we experienced our individuality.  Our divinity wasn’t so much achieved or even remembered – it was a given once we changed our perspective from our humanness to start with our wholeness.  It was a HUGE shift in realization for me and for everyone there!  I have in the past been trying to find my god-ness by starting from my small self and then expanding.  Maybe that is all wrong.  Now I understand that we start from our god-realization and then find our indivual self.

Although I understand the concept mentally that we are a soul with a body, rather than a body that has a soul – I never felt it so clearly before.  This has already begun to have an enormous impact on my sense of well-being, even during these difficult times.  We can explore the higher dimensions of God Consciousness and receive initiations that increase our spiritual capacity and potential.  We can change at a core level, finding our power and our soul’s vision.

Several months ago, I visited the largest Buddhist stupa temple outside of Asia.  It is in, of all places, Red Feather Lakes in the mountains of northern Colorado.  I was with my sister, Erin, on a sunny, winter Sunday.  Much to our delight and surprise, we were the only visitors, save for a grazing buck.  Erin and I meditated, sitting on small cushions on the exquisite inlaid marble floor at the foot of the tiant, yet friendly looking golden Buddha.  I haven’t experienced inner peace for many months due to my concern about our finances following the near collapse of the leadership consulting firm that my husband and I own.

I prayed to the spirits of the holy place for help in lightening the load that has weighed so heavily on my well-being.  Immediately I saw a vision of myself walking on a gently inclining path, burdened by cares and worries represented by a huge, unwieldy load of firewood.  Pieces were falling everywhere as I struggled to carry them.  The pile in my arms was too high to see clearly where I was going.  Not able to see in front of me, I glanced to my side.  Quietly walking next to me, waiting for me to glance her way, was an angel easily pushing an empty wheelbarrow.  I smiled.

This is a time of POWER! In the outside world of finance and materialism things look fragile and perhaps frightening. However, when we get worried as we read the headlines, White Eagle reminds us to say: “This is not my reality.”


   A group of us just returned from 16 days in Peru where we hiked the Inca Trail, faced many fears – including doing a fire walk, and allowed love and support to be present everywhere. The theme of our trip, which is also the theme for October, is POWER. For us in Peru, it was to walk with the power of the Puma – an animal sacred in the Andes. As we sat at Machu Picchu on the equinox, White Eagle told us that there are 3 pillars for us. The first is LOVE. When LOVE is enough, we are given the second pillar, which is WISDOM. When we hold LOVE and WISDOM we are given the third pillar—POWER. Now is the opportunity for mankind to reclaim our power. We are asked to be different than we’ve been, but the same as who we are. With the triangular base of LOVE, WISDOM and POWER – a fourth and top point is enabled, creating a 3-sided pyramid. The top point that is supported by LOVE, WISDOM and POWER is SERVICE.


   White Eagle said: “You are missionaries. We invite you to be great and humble. The Unity Grid or Master’s Matrix needs those powerful enough to hold mastery and humble enough to keep your feet on the ground. Hold a vision of peace. Be co-creators and dreamers of a world that knows no limitations. When you ask for help it is there. When you ask for knowledge it is there. Do the work that masters do upon this planet.”


   Later, as we meditated by the river in the Sacred Valley of Peru, White Eagle told us: “The primer of power can only be love. Stop praying for abundance. Use that time being in power. Abundance is directional – it either comes or goes. It is linear. Power transcends linearity. Power IS. Power brings compassion, honoring, joy and lightness. Power never worries. Move into that non-dimensional place of power.”



My Dutch friend Berdine, told me the story of a fishing village in India that had been wiped out in the December 2005 tsunami. Before the disaster the fishermen worked alone in small, old and patched, wooden boats. These boats and much of their village were destroyed by the tsunami. With the tremendous foreign aid that poured into the area the local men were given large and modern metal boats with powerful diesel engine. These bigger boats required men to work together and allowed the fishermen to travel further from shore to fish. Because these villagers and their ancestors before them had fashioned their life around the old boats, and working alone they were not prepared to receive the new boats and the abundance they represented. One local man couldn’t handle the change that this gift brought him. He sold the boat and used the money to buy drink, ruining his life in every way.


I’ve come to think that maybe the gift of Enlightenment is the same. We could have it in a moment, but are we really prepared for it? Will we even know it when we are there? In workshops in Stockholm and Amsterdam Mark said that the Masters spend a lot of time figuring out how to slow down the Light so that we can receive it. White Eagle talked a lot about letting go of goals and living rather from clear intent. Goals still keep us focused on the future, thus disempowering the present. While our intent is something we have in this moment and can live from. Strong, clear and high intent has room for the manifestation of many goals – some great beyond our imagination. In taking the idea of Enlightenment from a future goal to a power of truth in the present, I have moved from focusing on Enlightenment as an end state, to the current state of which I am certain: I am Enlightening. While there is some doubt that I’ll reach Enlightenment in this life, or may not even recognize it, there is no doubt that every day I am becoming lighter and lighter, more peaceful, more joyful, more filled with grace – Enlightening!