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Guest Blog By Betina Ekman

Merlin the Mystic Magician holds his golden staff of light casting out doubt, fear and confusion clearing the way for clarity and alchemical transformation from heavy physical matter energy into the golden energy of Higher-Consciousness and light of expanding awareness.

The first time I met Jonette Crowley, I knew something special was going to happen.

I became her agent and followed her on her Soul Body Fusion® path. I tended her Modern Shamanism class as well. That journey led me to the Woodman Merlin.

(Jonette is coming back to Denmark in April and she will be doing completely new stuff.*)

I must admit, at first I was a little disappointed because I wanted to meet a wolf or the great condor or eagle during my guided journey, but Merlin came up. He looked like an old man, with his walking stick dressed in worn, kind of brownish green clothes. At first I didn’t realize who the Guide was – so My Ego took a guess on a lot of different fear stuff and I kind of ignored old Merlin.

Nevertheless he hung around, he wanted my attention. A few weeks passed and suddenly I saw Merlin everywhere, books in the bookstore and Merlin stuff on the Internet would pop up and my kids would tell me about Merlin, and when picking my angel cards, he would always sneak his way in.

Finally I got it! Its Merlin….that Merlin!

I started to pay attention.

I started listening and followed his whispers.

And my abundance journey started. My manifests started to happen as I spoke and the impossible for the doubtful ego became obvious.

I have so many beautiful examples on manifesting and my Ego sill doesn’t comprehend how I got to where I am today. My soul knows its all good and that I deserve everything that’s coming to me. Merlin is still with me and if in doubt I tune in and Merlin’s loving advice is absolutely stunning. I am happy that I did do a lot of Ego work so it has been very easy for me to have faith in Merlin and one of his gifts, which have been very helpful and powerful are these words.

“Forgive and let go and receive these that were destined for you.”

Betina1When I use these words I get directed into my manifesting area and I have so much fun there. I feel like Alice in Wonderland.

For some it feels like being in transit and we need more than ever to hold hands and work together.  We suffer when trying to do it all by ourselves. At the same time we have to be able to claim and receive what is our birthright.

Sharing and loving are the key words. But the claming comes first. We need to feel that we deserve it!

I allowed to receive my summerhouse in a miraculous way? The price was so unreal to me, but I forgave and let go allowed to receive what was already my destiny. Merlin is laughing. You got it!

I could mention many other things as well. Very soon I will be tested because I just invested A LOT of money because I listened to Merlins Whisper. I can only say I forgive and I let go and I receive that – which is destined for me. Thank you.

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Merlin 2

It’s lonely to be more powerful than any man you know
and have to live like a shadow…
to be special… and have to pretend being a fool.

I wish you a magical day and I hope you forgive and let go.

Many loving thoughts and whispers from Betina

*Jonette will be teaching her new workshops: 2015 The Year of Manifestation: Making the Most of Your Life NOW; and her new MARK Weekend: The Space Beyond —Using Multi-Dimensional Awareness to Claim Your Mastery in Denver, Denmark, Norway and Germany this spring.

Check out for more information Betina Ekman and her events.

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Reflections from the 9th Dimension Classes Channeled from ‘Mark’

Guest Blog by Feichi Shih

(Note: Feichi attends our weekly ‘Mark’ group in Denver. Her insights are concise and may be helpful to you too. If you would like to order the audio or the transcripts of these classes click here.)

“Radiant Brilliance and Velvety Darkness”  Class 5 of Multiple Parallel Realities, the 9th Dimension Part I

In this class, Mark guided us to an altered state of consciousness where you can experience being the light and the darkness.

yin yangI could never describe darkness before, but this time it felt closer to me.  In an undistorted form, darkness was really nothingness and potential, it silenced the mind and brought us back to the state where the quantum waves haven’t collapsed.

I used to be afraid of darkness because I didn’t understand it, I equated darkness to negativity. Now I just feel that darkness is there to provide a space for light to show, and it is the purest thing in the universe because it is nothingness itself.

When ‘Mark’ asked us to go into a shaman space of clarity, I saw a crystal clear lake reflecting the stars in nighttime.  I was sitting by the lake and my body is formed by the water of the lake, I have a crystal body and a white swan was floating in the center of the lake.

The lake was one of creation and healing, it felt that from nothingness came the lake of clarity. Consciousness emerged from it and materialized in various forms.

To me, the stars in the night sky were portals into time and space, they existed simultaneously in the spacious now.  ‘Mark’ then asked us to form synapses into these simultaneous times and dimensions and see that new potentials were being created.  I saw all of the class rotate around me, we were all connected, all times and spaces were connected, all was one, and one was all.

“New Awareness from Disruption” Class 6 of Multiple Parallel Realities, the 9th Dimension Part I

The topic this week was about new order, ‘Mark’ gave an analogy of a jig-saw puzzle. Every time we took the pieces apart, we always put them back in the same way.  He challenged us to break the puzzle apart and put them back in a brand new order.

Mark FeiChi BlogThe exercise started with sensing and feeling the attractors and stimulants that interest us.  In my mind eye, the attractors were like flight path guiding lights that spread randomly across the universe, flashing at times. I expanded and extended myself like an amoeba to reach out and touch them while feeling every sensation, probability and complexity of the universe that was out there.

‘Mark’ then asked us to multiply ourselves like fractals, and to expand even deeper and further into the universe and the multiverse.

At the peak of it the tone changed, ‘Mark’ now wanted us to bring in chaos, destruction, and demolish everything that was there.  In the flow, I felt that I was in a gigantic whirlpool. I lost my bearings, didn’t know where I was.  I was broken apart, spun around, and disintegrated.  The universe was as chaotic as can be. I felt meaningless itself.

After a while the chaos gradually receded.  As the dust settled, it gave way to a calm and peaceful feeling, a new awareness emerged and a brand new order was created.  I sensed the cleanliness of the universe, like standing under a clear night sky right after the rain was over. There was freshness and clarity. I felt that the bonds between molecules and atoms were broken up in the chaos, form became formless, consciousness that was locked within the form was freed.  That was where the new awareness arose from.  In the rising, I saw the bonds between consciousness units, between atoms and molecules re-formed again, this time forming crystals that extended beyond the universe, it was truly magnificent and beautiful.

I realized meaning is structured, but for new meaning to arise, the old structure that has shaped and contained it has to be demolished.

‘Mark’ said to bring the awareness and vibration from the higher dimension back to the lower dimension and integrate it into our daily life, but what does that mean?

In my personal truth it means breaking the usual habitual patterns of thoughts, emotions, and reactions; breaking the usual way I see people, things, and events; breaking the limitations I set for myself, and start forming the new pattern of thoughts, emotions, reactions; new ways to see people, things, and events, having new dreams, and go beyond limitation to define the new meaning of life for myself.

The experience is like the shamanic tunnel, where you go through, meet your soul and see your new self.

(CopyRight 2015,

9th Dimension CD ‘Mark’ is a cosmic being channeled by Jonette since 1989. His goal is to lift humanity above the structures of our 3-D consciousness. “Your reality is a reflection of your level of consciousness.” He leads weekly recorded courses introducing us experientially to the higher dimensions of awakening. This is exploration at the very edges of human spiritual awareness. There is nothing like these on-going courses for expansion and transformation. To get a taste of ‘Mark’ for free, go to our ‘Listening and Viewing Room.’ Click here to order current or past Mark courses as audio links, CD’s, or simply get the transcripts.

Guest Blog by Kasia Gwiazdowska

 A Certified Soul Body Fusion® Teacher in Poland

DSC05352I would like to share an incredible story that took place a few days ago during my Soul Body Fusion® workshop in Gliwice, Poland. The organizer of this event was supposed to pick me up from the station the evening before the workshop.  However, tragedy struck on the way to the station.  She was walking with her partner, as they entered the pedestrian crossing and she was struck by a van.  She somersaulted through the air and landed on her head.  She lost consciousness for about 10 minutes.  When I arrived on the scene, I saw an ambulance taking her to the hospital.  Her partner was completely in shock and couldn’t say a word.  He felt guilty that he had not done enough to protect her. We both went straight to the hospital to find out what had happened to her and if she was even still alive!  Meanwhile, I sent a text to all my friends who know Soul Body Fusion® and asked them to do some fusions– IMMEDIATELY and CONSTANTLY.  When we arrived at the hospital, she had regained consciousness but she was having problems with her memory.  She did not know what happened or why she was in the hospital.  The doctors ordered a Tomograph or CT scan of her brain.  Luckily, everything looked all right but she had to stay in a hospital for another 3 days for observation.

The next day, I lead the Soul Body Fusion® training for 9 wonderful women.  When they heard about the accident they immediately wanted to help.  We started the workshop with a group fusion for her.  We could feel very strong vibrations of healing; many participants felt heat, tingling and inner peace.  Even though some of them had never done Soul Body Fusion® before and it was their first fusion ever!  Afterwards we continued with our regular material: Ashtatara reading, Soul Body Fusion® presentation, lectures on how souls fuse, etc.. During the whole workshop, I had a strong feeling that it wasn’t me who was conducting the training.  It was the Energy Itself!  Energy that was manifesting through me and my words.  I felt guided as never before. Everything went very smoothly and there was no “difficulties” or “obstacles”. Everything was completely perfect and all the participants were very engaged in the process.

DSC05356We were having a lunch break when suddenly my organizer entered the classroom!  We were in shock because we thought that she would still be in the hospital! She said that she was doing well, the doctors determined that everything was all right and she left the hospital on her own request.  We were all so happy to see her alive! During the second half of the workshop, I did a fusion on her and the whole group made a circle around us holding the energy field.  We felt strong energies coming in and light surrounded us.  It reminded me of a scene in the film Avatar when the whole tribe was sitting together rescuing one Avatar.  We all felt united and part of the Big Holy Net.

It was one of the most amazing workshops I have ever taken part in.  I wrote “taken part in” and not “conducted” because I felt that there was something bigger than me that was leading us through this experience.  I thank my soul that guided me to Gliwice, I thank my organizer for her tremendous courage to go through this difficult experience, I thank all the participants that held the field bravely, and finally I thank all my friends who did Soul Body Fusion® remotely and supported us.

Click here to learn more about Soul Body Fusion.

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Guest Blog by Rhea Powers

I met Rhea on a flight from Denver to Frankfurt. The Universe worked hard to seat us together! She is a spiritual teacher, a channel, an author, she lives near Denver and most of her clients are in Europe! (Check out her books in German.) We never heard of the other. We strongly connected and decided to create a ‘Witches group” to meet monthly. You will appreciate her practical wisdom. Please visit

RheaI have been noticing a huge sadness in the human collective consciousness.  Many of my clients have been reporting feeling sad and yet when they look into their lives for the source of the sadness, they can not find anything that would explain the reason for the feelings they are experiencing.  So, I wonder if you have been feeling sad lately?  I am.

When I tune into the collective I sense a lot of chaos, fear, violence and a sense of helplessness.  We don’t know what to do.  We want things to be different but it all seems to much for us and so there is also a feeling of hopelessness.  Now, if you do not resonate with what I am saying — stop reading right now and go about enjoying your life.

However, if somewhere in your totality, you understand what I am pointing to, I have a few suggestions:

The first is the same as above: Enjoy your life.  Appreciate the abundance of gifts, however small or large, that we are given each day.  Gratitude helps chase fear away.

Second: If you have a meditation practice, meditate.  This helps lift our individual consciousness above our personal concerns and gives us access to, and influence on, the collective consciousness.  It is a small way of bringing Heaven to Earth.

Third: Make positive contact with the people you encounter in your daily life.  Your positive energy will impact everyone you interact with — whether that is a salesperson or one of your own family members.

Fourth: As much as possible, practice being present moment to moment in your daily life.  If you do, you and those whose lives you touch, will be more in the here and now.  We all remember that fear is a projection my our minds into the future.

Sadness, also seems based on fear and a loss of trust in the intelligent unfolding of the Universe.  So, instead of contracting and saying an internal “no” to what is happening in the world right now, let’s see what happens if we can relax, open, and trust that although we may not understand all that is happening on our planet, or why it is happening, we can live our daily life with trust in The Universe, and joy in the many gifts of being given a human life.

(CopyRight 2014

10 Ways to Know When A Breakthrough Is On Its Way!

Guest Blog By Randy Ferguson

The notion of enlightenment, conjures images of an old sage perched upon a mountain top.  In flowing robes he or she preaches life altering wisdom to the masses.

I’d like to share a more practical perception.  Consider the possibility that an enlightened individual doesn’t have to be old, perched or preaching.  They’re just ordinary folks like you and me who have had a particular experience; an awakening of sorts that has impacted every dimension of life.


So here’s what I’m discovering in having done this work for a while.  Something wonderful is happening.  You may not read about it yet in Google News but it is a vitally important social phenomena.  There is an awakening taking place in our culture, an awareness coming forward that there is more to life than the physical.  When I ask audiences, “How many of you believe that what we create on the outside begins with what is taking place on the inside?” – I notice more and more hands are raised.

When people realize and apply certain fundamental life-principles, they enter into a process of becoming free from emotional burdens.  They get unstuck.  Their relationships improve.  They become less stressful, more creative, more prosperous.  They live more congruently with their nature, more peaceful, more in the flow.

I once heard a great definition for enlightenment.  It was described as an inner awareness that manifests in one’s ability to simply “lighten up.”

Sometimes the way this enlightenment begins is through the resolution of a major challenge.  I recently counseled a client who had harbored a resentment for her daughter for decades.  When I asked her where she felt the resentment in her body, her eyes opened wide, an expression of shock on her face.  As the tears began to flow, she said, “Randy, that’s the exact location where they just removed my cancer!” In her realization, she was more than ready to release her resentment.  The result?  She went through the steps and lightened up in a big way!

So how do you know if you are on the path of enlightenment?  Here are 10 questions to try on:

  1. Have you noticed a series of coincidences that are so blatant, there’s no way they are coincidental?
  2. Are you noticing that many of the rules that worked for you in the past, are no longer working?
  3. Do you suspect there may be a common denominator in the challenges you face that is trying to send you a meaningful message?
  4. Do you find yourself being deeply moved emotionally more so than in the past?
  5. Have you noticed that what used to motivate you doesn’t fuel your passion like it used to?
  6. Have you experienced a traumatic loss or two that has shaken your world?
  7. Have you been collecting realizations but are unable to bring them together in a way that makes sense?
  8. Do you feel a yearning to connect with yourself and others in authentic loving way?
  9. Do you suspect there is untapped talent in you, the expression of which will move you into a fulfilled life purpose?
  10. Do you suspect there is a very real power in the Universe beyond your 5 senses?

If your answers to these questions touch something inside of you, perhaps you’re ready for the greatest transformation of your life.  Here’s my counsel; reach out!  Follow your intuition.  Look for sources of wisdom that speak to your heart.  When the power of your yearning becomes greater than your fear, your quest begins in earnest.  Then get ready for good you can hardly imagine.

I love this quote from the Bible.  “Ask and it shall be given unto you.  Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.”

Please visit Randy Ferguson’s website at, the Love, Courage and Achievement Project

By Cynthia G. Piano

The transformation to Full Truth is an individual decision.  Do it, or not. I feel that it is the only way to full freedom.


The Antennae Galaxies in Collision by NASA Davide Coverta

As we purge the last lies from our being

THE lies we tell ourselves

Every day

The TRUTH appears



Overcoming all

That was

For All



The Last Best Question

It mattered not if I heard a judge, a press agent, a journalist, a sports reporter, a lawyer, a priest, a “lover”, a teacher, a corporate executive, a child, a scientist, a government leader, a parent, a police officer…

“Ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies,” says the famous quote.

What does this mean?

Should we ask Oliver Goldsmith, B. B. King, or Johnny Thunder?

How many questions do we ask in our daily lives, having to discern the truth?

How much time and energy is wasted trying to “figure it out” or FEEL it?

What if everyone told the truth, or we could automatically “know” it–without doubt?

Would we ask questions anyway?

How would that change politics, religion, education, government, business, relationships and life itself?

What lies do we tell ourselves?

The mind can deliberately tell a lie, spoken in word or deed.

Just WHERE did we learn that, anyway?

Can we pinpoint the exact moment we learned to lie?

Who taught us?

And then learned that it was accepted as a human practice?

Is it?

What IS the truth, really?

Is my truth your truth?

If they are not the same, when does yours become mine, and mine yours?

Can the heart tell a lie?

Can the deep knowing of the human soul misrepresent?

What if we turned the tables on everything we were taught about deception?

What if we could trust everyone?

What if all we had to do, was to go inside of our hearts to find all truth?

Why do we need to rely on mechanized soulless technology for truth?

When does the price become too great for untruth?

Must we spend trillions to save all the lies, just to discern the truth?

Will saving all the lies, mixed with the truth, cost us some harm?

Or total destruction?

When can we stop asking?

And just “know” all?

When will we trust enough, love enough, and BE enough, to go forward in peace and prosperity?

Perhaps THAT is the only question worth asking.

(c) 2014 Cynthia G. Piano:  Founder, Oneness House ~ A Spiritual Spa

By Crazy Al

(Note: Crazy Al is a man that Jonette meet in Cappadocia, Turkey in May 2014.  He shared this poem he wrote with a small group on the trip.)

Do you understand how large the world is?

Do you know what things are inside?

People, people, people

What they have done, what they will do…

Crazy Al and JCThey haven’t loved each other

They said your color is different, your shape is different

They said your religion is different, your rituals are different

They fought and fought…

Do you know what’s going to happen?

The world is so large how can I know?

Millions, millions of people,

But small minds can think bigger thoughts.

I see a small village

Cats with dogs, chickens with foxes

They live together

How can people learn to do the same?

The world is large inside your mind

The small village is there

Whatever is in your mind, If you wish it

Even the sun will rise there.

(CopyRight 2014

Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

(Please spread the word!)

This is an invitation to join Us on Thursday the 11th of September, 11.00 AM, during eleven minutes, for a Global Peace Meditation.

My heart is reaching out to every one of You in this great moment of need for social healing and social justice.

earthBy setting our shared intention to ease the pain and help lift the burden for those going through conflicts, war, trauma or other hardship all around the world, it is my deepest belief that we collectively are able to lift the energies into a state of calmness and stability, as well as open up space for empathy and inner reflections. And by so doing, we help bring forth opportunities to conflict solutions built on respect and trust and healthier dialogues of peace.

Wherever there is a group of people with shared intention, there is an opportunity to make a deep and profound difference – and this is such a time!

By joining Us on Thursday the 11th of September, at 11.00 AM, during eleven minutes, You will be an important piece of the global puzzle to make this shift possible for humanity.

It might be during your lunch break, sitting on a bus or you might even be able to sit comfortable in a garden. Please do whatever You can to join Us during this Global Peace Meditation, because You are all so very much needed.

I warmly appreciate if You have the possibility to pass this message forward to Your friends, via mail, Facebook or Twitter etcetera.

Will You join Us? I hope You do.

With much love and gratitude.

Helene M Stromberg & Jonette Crowley

(CopyRight 2014

Jonette is a spiritual adventurer, and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide “Mark” she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.,

From Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, Native Elder and Peace-keeper of the Eastern Cherokee Tradition, Sundance Leader, International Wisdom-keeper

Greetings and behold 1000 beautiful things and the feeling of 100 sacred creations!!

Things are moving and forming in the intent of our Dances and Ceremonies for every atom of Earth Mother’s body altar to have wholeness and peace and all Her inhabitants to reflect that in their lives here.

GMPGetting to the Ceremonial plazas and arbors (editor’s note: plazas and arbors are the locations of the sacred dances and ceremonies) to seed each solar cycle in our Earth’s matrix is not the challenge, it’s the day to day living of it fully that takes us to it!! The world is a programmed environment of infested rat consciousness, programmed for horror, survival, deceptions, greed, and denial. Weakness and limitation has been taught and programmed into your beautiful brains!!!! And there is little or no resistance.

Remember we exist in these Body Altars in the field of duality! Contrast, Beloveds, it is just a field of opposites for reflection so we can have clear minds of what is!! Stop yourself and adjust your thinking and get on with it!!! That’s what We teach. The message is to stimulate your mind and meet the challenges that create the resistance charge that creates the outcome. Are you remembering any of this? Have you read Fred Allen Wolf’s book, Mind into Matter? If not reread with intent to understand.

Fear blocks memory. So what are you scared of in being your purpose!??

Even if you believe your purpose is not to serve in this world, but to take, and be comfortable and stagnant in meager income jobs with no time to do anything else, you are living that misery now. What is so addictive to it is that you continue to deny or doubt your being of Truth and your part of the world’s transition to beauty and all good things?!!!

The challenge is choice Beloveds. When given free will it is the test and challenge of choice. Do you serve for the many or the self? So holding to the daily challenge is making that conscious choice that says you matter and in that you are on the mission!!

Anything or situations you are creating in the field is to support your choices. There are no circumstances but your thinking! There is no illness or problems of nature and environment — just your thinking!!!! We are in Truth. There is nothing, and the reality is that in nothingness we create the matter of some thing. Look at what you are creating!!

Your egos are huge and by ego I mean your insanity. If it’s comfortable you’re not changing anything, remember? Some are doing things of ego in the day and it feels great and your ego is inflated and you convince yourself that is real and on course!! That’s self deception!

True reality is changing the field and charging it with new energy and life force. That’s the life of a spiritual athlete here to hold the championship field.

So self-importance is the lizard’s game all have learned well so you cling to it daily. It’s reinforced in subliminal commands all around you!! Hold your ground and keep on course!! That’s the winning and that serves all good things for all!! If it’s going to change it is up to you and in that you must realize you count!! You have a formula, a chemistry to create certain things that become a whole of what we are here to do!! We must gather to do that!!

Jesus went about the country until he found each of the codes God had embodied in a formula called ‘savior’ and he awakened people to their calling. They left family and what was familiar to them, their lives changed. They walked from villages and towns teaching and gathering in two or more to enhance what is know as Christianity. Even Judas had a purpose to the whole of the mission. Jesus lived knowing the end!!! Do you think that was comfortable!!? Every code was needed and barely succeeded!! And today even as misrepresented as His teachings have become, it still stands and delivers when commanded so!!!

Wake up! I have the same test you do!! I make my choices from my pure determination of being that code God sent into this world!! Of this world I am a no thing, of God I AM and all is my power!! I did not enter here in Earth to place and show, neither did you!!! We came to win!! Our time is now and the challenge is powerful and each of us makes it whole!! We must gather when the call comes. Seek no static field to hide in, it kills. It has to be active and resistance is its element, it’s the satisfaction at the completion that is the only peace that is real.

Pa'Ris'HaHome is your heart, not a place of dwelling in a field of matter. Enjoy the Global home and know your code is relevant to our getting it done. I walk away when I teach and do Ceremony and Dances, always looking into what more could have been if you had showed. The difference of thousands served!!! It is a WE not a ME thing Beloveds!!

I am heading back to Arizona base and will complete some matters there if everyone has been diligent in what needs be done, and then I head out again!! You are loved and spoken of in high places!!!

Let’s make thunder and awaken the minds and hearts of the many to the reality of possibilities!!! See Beloveds this is who we are!!

I send you love and all good things!!!



‘Journeys with Jonette’ Internet Radio Show

“Native Wisdom on These Current Times” with Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, Thursday, August 28, noon central time
The topic of our discussion will be Native Wisdom on These Current Times. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, Elder and Peace Keeper of the Eastern Cherokee tradition who has been acknowledged as a Tibetan reincarnation of TARA, a Bodhisattva Buddha. As a holy woman, with close ties to the Hopi, the Mayans and other indigenous groups she brings an ancient perspective to current times. She wholly believes in each of us living in abundance and will talk about some of the steps she teaches. Listening to Pa’Ris’Ha opens your heart.  Click here for details.



Sarah McLean is the Author of Soul Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation.  

“Love yourself first and everything falls into line.” 

Lucille Ball, actress and comedienne

HEartHandsBeing kind to yourself, taking care of yourself, loving yourself, doesn’t always come naturally. In fact, many resist the concept of putting themselves first, because they are brought up to do the opposite: put yourself last and others first.

Becoming aware of how you care (or don’t care) for your body, mind, and soul is the first step on the path to self-love. And meditation can help. When your mind quiets, you can see things more clearly. You notice your internal monologue, and those habits of ignoring yourself or disliking some aspect of yourself are uncovered. With awareness and the intention to adopt a kinder, authentic, and more loving and compassionate attitude toward yourself, you can become transformed.

While meditation has long been known for calming the mind, improving focus and attention, and increasing contentment, only recently have researchers proven how it can foster compassion. It turns out that the areas of the brain related to empathy and compassion are more active in those who meditate than in those who don’t. And now there’s a new area of research: self-compassion, which is a compassionate attitude you direct toward yourself.

To cultivate self-compassion, you have to pay attention to yourself, like you’d expect a good friend to pay attention to you. Get to know yourself and be curious. It’s like being on your own team. Maybe you’ve forgotten your own inner loveliness. When you truly pay attention to yourself, you realize you are not simply your self-image and the roles you take on, the work you do, or the responsibilities you have. Instead, you come to know yourself intimately as a compassionate, wise, kind, aware, and peaceful being.

(Excerpted and adapted from WEEK 4 of Sarah’s book Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation. Order it here. 

Listen as Sarah talks about Compassion and Learning to Love Yourself. To order the entire 5 CD set Guidance for Living a Soul-Centered Life click here. )

Loving Yourself: Cultivating Self Compassion

How we treat ourselves can inform everything we say or do. We have to become aware of it first, we each have to expand our awareness. I’ve written about really listening to yourself, discovering your intuition, asking yourself what you really want, living in tune with nature, beginning your meditation practice, and remembering to be grateful. But it all comes down to loving one’s self – which is often more difficult than it sounds. It takes practice.

FlowerThere is a Buddhist meditation practice known as Loving Kindness (you don’t have to be Buddhist to do it). It has the immediate benefit of sweetening and changing old habituated negative patterns of mind. In this simple practice, one begins with truly experiencing love for themselves, and from there, one meditates on kindness to others. 

It goes like this:

Sit down and relax your body. Give yourself three slow, deep breaths through your nose and then let your breath return to a natural rhythm.

Bring your attention to your heart center. Gently place your hand there if you like.

Take some time to cultivate a warm and gentle feeling for yourself.

Silently say some sweet things to yourself, with a sense of sincerity, kindness and warmth.

Notice how your heart and mind respond. There is no need to hurry.

Experience your heart slowly fill with the warmth and bliss of your own loving intention.

After you give yourself the attention, you can then have the same intention for all beings to be well and free from suffering.

Keep your eyes closed for a few minutes and enjoy for a few moments your state of being.

Take three breaths through your nose, deeper than normal, and come back to yourself and the environment you are sitting in.

The more I practice Loving Kindness, the more I learn to know myself as a person capable of warmth, of sweetness, of love and a peaceful response to life. I trust myself more and have more to give. Each act of kindness to others then becomes an act of gentleness to myself and to my own spirit.