About Jonette

Jonette in Egypt

Jonette in Egypt

Jonette glowing at Kyron

Jonette at Kryon Masters Channeling Summit in Sedonia 2015

Jonette is an explorer – both in the inner planes and in her travels to nearly 80 countries around the world.  She is a ‘spiritual Indiana Jones’, a modern-day mystic, with gifts of clairvoyance, healing, and the ability to lift others to experience their own spiritual truths.  Since the late 1980’s, Jonette has shared the teachings of her spirit guides: White Eagle and ~MARK~.  She is currently exploring and mapping the higher dimensions of Quantum Consciousness through her channels of ~MARK~, her cosmic spirit guide.

Jonette is the author of 2 best-selling books, now in 12 languages:  The Eagle and the Condor and Soul Body Fusion.  She is the founder of  The Center for Creative Consciousness, a community to serve the spiritual expansion of humankind by supporting personal growth and advanced consciousness development.  She is the creator of the Soul Body Fusion® technique for healing and wholeness.

Jonette teaches workshops around the world and leads spiritual adventure tours to sacred places.  She has an MBA and is firmly rooted in the corporate world – where she taught leadership to Fortune 500 companies for 20 years.  She is single, lives in Denver, and loves to ski and hike in the Rockies.

One response to About Jonette


    Hello, Jonette. I am just today listening to your videos, your interviews, enjoying your trip to Malta and essentially honoring you for your dedication and intention to share your discoveries and energies so generously to all who travel with you. In many ways, I feel as if you are a soul sister; I’ve recently started to really get into shamanism and finding out that I’ve been a shaman most of my life without naming it so!

    I heard about you from a woman in Oslo, Norway, whom I met a few years ago at a workshop to learn how to enter the akashic records. Two day ago she pointed to you when I emailed to her a copy of a paper I had written: “The Soul Speaks – – A Healing Manifesto.” It’s about consciously including the soul in our healing processes. I almost cannot claim to have written it all myself because I felt so compelled by an inner energy to write it! By the time I’d finished it, I wanted to shift the word “soul” to “quantum self” or “quantum soul.” I’ve decided to just leave it for the time since I just wanted to give my paper to my family and friends who were going through health difficulties.

    I hope I find out more about you for instance where you might have taken your shamanic training. Soon, I’ll be ready to do some training — doing the research for now. I think of myself as an archeologist of consciousness…..and if I’m courageous, I’ll put that title on my next business card.

    My question is: why did I not hear of you sooner? Do you prefer not to become more widely known? I watch Lilou Mace, GIAMTV, and other such sources. I’m not new to the consciousness network having done workshops and read books for 3+ decades. I’ve been trained in Buddhist meditation, and have had some near death experiences as well as other seemingly “mystical” moments that are not easily described in words. I hope I’m not “showing off” for you….simply want you to know I’ve had a taste of non-consensual reality.

    A very big thank you for your beautiful heart!

    Thank you also for listening.

    Pam Kennedy
    Nashua, NH, USA


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