White Eagle on Sexuality

Jonette Crowley, Center for Creative Consciousness —  January 2, 2012 — 2 Comments

Q:  What do you think about the human excesses of sexuality?  Is it part of human nature, or are we in a decadent society, leading to our destruction?

 A:  Well, the answer is somewhere in between human nature and destruction.  In the first phases of mankind, sexuality was only an expression of creativity and energy.  Especially in this fourth world, the connection with creativity has been lost, and sexuality is playing the game of power and control.  When we look back at humanity, it isn’t the men who started taking power and control, and the women were victims; the women actually lost their connection and gave up their power and control, and the men were there to take it.  It is a sign of the imbalance of power and control, and both sexes are responsible.  It is coming to light now more.  It’s not more decadent than it’s always been.  It is part of a massive healing of imbalance and the use of sexuality to degrade women rather than to adore women.  Women have played the part of allowing themselves to be degraded, and not feeling adorable themselves.  Men and women must adore the feminine.  That is what the feminine is about.  The masculine is about protecting that which is adored.  In that way, protection and adoration make an amazing sexuality that leads to the creation of beings who are conceived in love.

Jonette Crowley, Center for Creative Consciousness


Jonette is a spiritual adventurer and modern-day shaman who leads spiritual tours to power places around the globe. She is a gifted channel, oracle, and author of the internationally best-selling books “The Eagle and the Condor” and “Soul Body Fusion®.” She is the founder of the Soul Body Fusion® method for healing and beyond. With her guide 'MARK' she teaches people to reach multi-dimensional and quantum states of consciousness.

2 responses to White Eagle on Sexuality


    this is so useful and makes absolute sense….. spells ONLY BALANCE



    This message is from Lady Sekhmet, an Egyptian Goddess of inner power and peace sees this article to be very important. The writer is Tuula Jaatinen, a woman from Finland Joanette you may remember…

    Lady Sekhmet wants to say few words about this article…There are certain reasons why feminine is weak and maskuline is powerful. Our divine plan was…we needed to built up first the maskuline so that the body is strong enough to carry the feminine part of us – our divine creative power and gifts.

    We have found out that woman can bless and purify her sexuality only by finding her soul love and reaching the oneness that way. This is ancient wisdom and is easy to find out from different sources.
    The most important thing is to find the soul love and if your customers ask us to help them we do it with great gratitude.

    This is Tuula and Lady Sekhmet sending lots of love to everyone and to White Eagle also. All the best for 2012.


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